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It can be difficult to choose the best employee management software. Google search results make you feel like you’re shopping at a fair full of flashy wares and attention-seeking vendors. As a result, the procedure might become overwhelming in a short period of time. How do you locate the correct vendor in a market where every seller claims to be the greatest at what they do?
You must look for the appropriate indications, i.e. characteristics. Employee management systems offer a unique set of capabilities to assist you increase employee engagement and experience, ultimately lowering attrition and increasing profitability. So, what do you need to know in order to choose the perfect instrument for your needs?
Here’s a step-by-step guide to selecting employee management software that will amaze your boss.

What Is Employee Software?

Employee management is the management of employees in a business. Typically, a corporation appoints a single department, such as Human Resources, to manage the rest of the staff, though managing performance and well-being is not limited to HR. This is where employee software comes in.

Employee management software is a set of tools that a business requires to manage the information, engagement, and performance of all of its employees. It ensures that employees are giving their all in order to achieve the goals of their business. It also helps to maximize employee skills and make work processes more efficient.

What Is the Process of Using Employee Management Software?

Staff management software is used to ensure the seamless operation of companies, particularly ones that must scale. In a perfect scenario, an employee management system would have all-in-one features, allowing for the easy management of practically every area of employee management, from scheduling staff and tracking hours to expediting communication and addressing HR-related concerns.

Employee software assists human resource managers in keeping track of employee information such as medical information, compensation data, performance milestones, and more. It can be used to handle all employee-based HR operations, including recruitment, onboarding, and compliance, in addition to storing confidential employee information.

Why Should You Invest in Employee Management Software?

To begin, if your employees work in shifts or dispatch, you must (at a minimum) set their schedules, ensure they arrive on time and in the correct location, and then document and track these shifts and clock in/out times (how else would you get your payroll correct, let alone your employee scheduling and time tracking?)

Things get considerably more challenging if you work with field employees! Each employee requires scheduling across many locations, shift hours, jobs, and tasks…and you must keep everything under control while simultaneously focusing on your own daily tasks.

What about those daily tasks? What about client management? Customer loyalty? What about administration and other responsibilities? What are your HR-related obligations by default? How will you scale your enterprises if you’re immersed in the day-to-day operations?
The solution is to use employee management software.

The Benefits of Using Employee Management Software

#1. Increased Employee Engagement

You may use a strong employee management app like Connecteam to send out frequent surveys or newsletters to keep everyone on the same page. Increase employee engagement and happiness by instituting an open-door communication policy and providing a platform for employees to talk and cooperate on initiatives, as well as just for fun.

#2. Improved Internal Communication

Not all, but the majority of robust employee management apps have an in-app chat feature. Managers can keep their teams informed and engaged with real-time push notifications and updates, chat groups and channels, and improved internal communication. The Connecteam employee management app also includes an employee directory where you can simply discover the contact information of peers, supervisors, and others.

#3. Less manual error

It is no longer the Dark Ages, and we now have access to a wealth of technology to help us in practically every facet of our everyday life. With a digital employee management system, you may reduce the number of human errors caused by sloppy handwriting, piles of papers, or misplaced or missing documents. Keep in mind that fewer manual errors equate to lower labor costs.

What Is the Cost of Employee Management Software?

The software used for staff management varies from one solution to the next. Some software solutions, for example, 15five and Cornerstone, start around $4 and $6 per user/month, respectively. Employee Navigator, for example, starts at $445 per month. Then there are solutions that require you to contact a salesperson for additional pricing information.

While several solutions provide beneficial functionality at an affordable price, Connecteam provides the greatest bang for your dollar. Your employees may clock in and out of shifts, accept and claim shifts, fill out and sign any essential papers, and perform duties from the comfort of their mobile phones for free (for the first 30 users).

If you opt to subscribe to the Basic plan ($29/month for the first 30 people), you will gain access to all of the aforementioned tools as well as other add-ons that will make your employee management experience even more effective and efficient. If not, you can always remain with the free plan.

How Should I Go About Selecting Employee Management Software?

To get the best employee management software for your needs, evaluate the features of various employee management software. Then choose the ones that fit your needs. Finally, match these options to the size of your team and your budget. This straightforward procedure can assist you in locating the best product for your company.
In addition, use the software’s support team for questions, training, and clarification.

What Should Employee Management Software Systems Include?

#1. Employee Databases Management

Employee database management is required by employee management software systems in order to maintain track of employee data. This information may include contact information for employees, job titles, salary, and performance records.

Employers may better manage their staff by keeping this data organized and up to date, and employee database management can assist in identifying trends in employee behavior. For example, if there is a high turnover rate for a specific position, the employer may want to look into why this is happening.

#2. Self-service for employees

Employee self-service is an essential feature of any employee management software system.
Self-service decreases the administrative strain on HR professionals by allowing employees to view and update their own information. Employees may handle simple activities without having to contact HR thanks to self-service, which also offers them more control over their records.

#3. Management of leave, attendance, and time

This function can assist managers in keeping track of employee productivity and attendance, as well as preventing fraud and abuse by ensuring that employees are paid for the hours worked.

#4. Learning Management

Using data on skills, experience, and development goals, a learning management system (LMS) can assist firms in creating and delivering training content, tracking employee progress, and measuring the impact of learning programs.

#5. Performance Management

Regular performance reviews inform employees about what they need to do to succeed in their jobs and can motivate them to reach their maximum potential.

Employee Management Software Platforms List

#1. Monday

The best employee management software for employee engagement. is a communication platform, project management tool, and human resource software that enables managers and their direct reports to communicate in a secure and effective manner. The technology gives managers greater visibility into their employees’ day-to-day performance, allowing them to assure their success from the start.

The platform also contains a number of features that allow managers to easily track projects, deadlines, and tasks.’s templates and tools also make it easier for managers to plan and execute their operations.

The Best Features

  • Kanban: Tasks are moved from one stage to the next in the kanban system using kanban cards, which serve as a visual reminder of what has to be done. When used effectively, it can aid in increasing efficiency and avoiding bottlenecks in the manufacturing process.
  • Gantt: The Gantt chart is a graphical depiction of tasks that can be used to identify task linkages and manage project progress. The Gantt chart is useful for creating a schedule, tracking resources, and monitoring risks. It can also be used to determine whether a project is on schedule and to identify potential issues.
  • Forms: The built-in forms on allow you to collect and handle work requests in one place.

#2. Leapsome

Best employee management software for employee onboarding and hiring.

The goal alignment tool from Leapsome guarantees that your entire firm is working toward the same goals. You may see dependencies in goal trees and ensure that goals are automatically included in manager check-ins by setting up customizable metrics. As a result, everyone in your business is aware of the company’s goals and understands how their job contributes to these goals.

The Best Features

  • Employee onboarding: This feature gives new workers an organized manner to learn about the organization, their job obligations, and the policies and procedures they must follow. It also ensures that all new employees receive the same information, eliminating confusion and guessing.
  • Pulse Surveys: Pulse surveys are a sort of survey that is often sent out on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, etc.) to gather employee input. While they can be used to collect input on a wide range of issues, they are most commonly used to assess employee happiness or engagement.
  • Training Management: The training management function in Leapsome is ideal for keeping track of your team’s professional development. You may assign and track courses, create progress reports, and manage completion dates using an intuitive interface.

#3. Deel

Best employee management software for global payroll and compliance.

Deel is a top employee management platform and human resources management software provider. Businesses in a range of industries may manage payroll, benefits, compliance, and other HR issues better with Deel. Deel offers solutions for performance management and recruiting in addition to sophisticated HR capabilities.

The Best Features

  • Leave tracking: Employers can use leave tracking to keep track of employee absences and vacation days. This data may be utilized to discover absenteeism patterns, identify possible problems with employee morale, and track the financial effect of absences, making HR management a breeze.
  • Management of benefits: By taking a comprehensive approach to benefits, you can create a package that fulfills your employees’ requirements while also helping to enhance productivity and bottom-line results.
  • W-2 Form Preparation: With a few clicks, the W-2 preparation feature can complete the work. This capability can be a lifesaver for organizations that have a large number of employees or just don’t have the time or resources to generate W-2 forms themselves.

#4. Rippling

Best for global payroll and compliance.

Rippling allows you to manage everything in one location, from payroll and benefits to devices and apps. This means less time spent tracking down information and more time spent running your business.

Not to mention that Rippling is constantly improving its features to ensure that you get the most out of the workforce management platform.

The Best Features

  • Managing vacation time: This tool shows employees how many vacation days they have available and maintains track of how many days they have spent. This can be a useful tool for managing vacation time, as well as for planning future travels.
  • Payroll processing: A payroll input option is an excellent tool for tracking your employees’ hours and revenue. You can simply add or amend employee information, as well as see and print payslips, using this tool. This capability can also be used to generate reports, such as a payroll register or a payment history for employees. You may also set up direct deposit for your employees using the payroll entry option.
  • Benefits management: Rippling can assist organizations in determining which employees are qualified for particular benefits as well as calculating the cost of those benefits. Rippling can also assist in automating the enrollment process for new employees and tracking employees who change their benefits selections.

#5. Bonusly

Best employee management software for employee appreciation.

Bonusly allows employees to deliver candid and sociable recognition while also expressing their own personalities in real-time.

Furthermore, it basically runs itself! With Bonusly, your staff will enjoy giving genuine, passionate, and meaningful recognition. They will not only feel valued, but they will also feel that they are an important part of the team.

The Best Features

  • Employee incentive programs: As employees work together to win incentives, Bonusly’s employee reward program can increase morale and team spirit.
  • Rewards catalog: The Employee of the Month awards, spot bonuses, or gifts for which employees can redeem their points are made simple by the rewards catalog, which plays a vital part in employee morale and retention.
  • Social acceptance: Bonusly’s social recognition platform allows employees to recognize and support their peers’ accomplishments and positive contributions. It is an effective tool for creating collaboration, fostering relationships, and promoting a sense of belonging.

#6. Zenefits

Best for global compliance and payroll.

Zenefits automates onboarding, benefits, payroll, PTO, and other processes. You can manage all of your HR needs in one location thanks to their straightforward, user-friendly layout.

You can also be confident that you are always compliant because they are constantly updating their solutions to keep up with the newest developments in legislation and best practices.

The Best Features

  • Self-service Portal: The portal contains a variety of services, including the opportunity to examine benefit details, enroll in benefits, and update personal information. Employees appreciate the Self-Service Portal, and businesses appreciate how it simplifies the benefits administration process.
  • Regulatory adherence: Zenefits provides a full compliance program that includes internal controls, training & education, and continual monitoring. They have formed a team of compliance experts who are in charge of ensuring that all applicable regulatory requirements are met by their products and services.
  • The management of benefits: Zenefits offers a benefits enrollment tool, a benefits administration tool, and a data analysis platform to assist employers in managing their benefit programs.

#7. ManageEngine (ServiceDesk Plus)

Best for employee productivity.

ServiceDesk Plus gives businesses complete visibility and control over IT issues, guaranteeing that there is no downtime. ServiceDesk also streamlines employee communication and cooperation, allowing teams to work more efficiently.

The Best Features

  • Kanban: These boards will help your team get goods to the finish line faster by holding members accountable and bringing transparency to the process.
  • Personalized templates: Businesses may create and publish dynamic request forms with associated procedures, tasks, and approvals by using request templates.
  • Employee onboarding: This enterprise-ready employee management platform may assist you in onboarding, managing, and providing top-tier services to your staff.

#8. Oyster

Best for global payroll and compliance.

Oyster can assist businesses in reaping the benefits of global employment, such as larger talent pools and improved flexibility. Companies may have the best of both worlds with employee management software like Oyster: access to global talent and the ability to manage it easily from a single central platform.

The Best Features

  • Payroll on a global scale: This worldwide payroll tool guarantees that local requirements are followed and that errors are avoided.
  • Localized advantages and rewards: This feature enables firms to customize their benefits packages to the unique demands of their employees in various geographical regions. For example, a company having employees in both the United States and Canada may offer health insurance policies tailored to each country’s healthcare system.
  • Global conformity: Oyster can monitor employee data and changes in labor laws in several countries and send warnings when new compliance requirements are enacted. Furthermore, the function can generate reports that can be used to assess a company’s compliance risk.

#9. Bob

Best for employee onboarding and hiring.

Bob’s employee management software includes everything your team needs to run smoothly, from employee onboarding (including applicant tracking systems) to performance reviews and remuneration. The software is simple to use and assists your team in keeping track of employee data, onboarding new employees, managing processes, and other tasks.

Furthermore, Bob’s employee management software interacts with popular payroll providers, making it simple for your team to receive timely payments and manage employee compensation.

The Best Features

  • Management of vacation time: Keep track of employee time off for vacation, sick days, and personal reasons. Under this arrangement, each pay period, an employee accrues a set amount of hours that they can utilize at their discretion. Employees can roll over unused time from one year to the next and take time off without worrying about using up all of their earned hours.
  • A survey: Employee happiness, retention, and recruitment are some of the themes covered in the surveys. The website also provides a number of tools for creating customized surveys.
  • Payroll center: You may process payroll online, access employee records, and produce reports using Bob HR. Bob HR also makes it simple to comply with government requirements by supplying all relevant papers and documents for global payroll management, among other things.

#10. Remote

Best employee software for remote and hybrid businesses.

Remote provides a comprehensive suite of global employment solutions that assist businesses of all kinds in paying and managing full-time and contract employees worldwide. Their international payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance services are available in dozens of countries. Furthermore, their unrivaled intellectual property protections and industry-leading security guarantee provide you with peace of mind around the world.

The Best Features

  • Legal and regulatory issues: Organizations can use Remote to detect compliance concerns, track compliance-related training and communications, and monitor employee adherence to internal policies and procedures.
  • Contract Management: Remote saves you time and money by automating the process of onboarding new contractors, tracking their work progress, and assuring fair compensation. It can also aid in the reduction of the risk of fraud and mismanagement.
  • Payroll on a global scale: This tool simplifies payroll management for employees who work in different countries, which can be difficult owing to differences in tax regulations, currency exchange rates, and other considerations.

What Is the Purpose of Employee Management Software?

Any large business with 100s of deskless employees requires an employee management software solution to improve communication across departments, boost engagement and productivity, onboard new hires in bulk, conveniently control team calendars, and allocate assignments to many team members.


Employee management software improves productivity, keeps your staff engaged, and inspires them to achieve their best. It also manages the entire employee management process, from hiring, payroll, attendance, and performance to retention. Thus, choose the best employee management software from the list above and reap the benefits.


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