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HR Cloud provides everything HR teams need to enhance procedures, develop exciting new experiences, and redefine your corporate culture. Here’s all you need to know about HR Cloud, as well as how Cloud-based HR software works.

HR Cloud Overview

HR Cloud is a social human resource management platform for onboarding, employee engagement, and recruiting. It is a complete but modular solution that includes tools for database management, customization, automation, reporting, and analytics. With secure access and several connectors built in, the HR software enables employee self-service and easy information sharing.

Features, Advantages, and Strengths

Employee onboarding

With its employee self-service platform, HR Cloud provides quick and easy onboarding. For each onboarding phase, users can create communication sequences and comprehensive email or mobile app notifications. During onboarding and even before their first day, every employee can complete and manage their own profile. Users can design personalized new hire portals to provide them with the information they need to get started right away. Paperless e-sign processes, customizable forms and workflows, I-9 and E-Verify, automatic notifications, and progress reports are further HR software capabilities that help with onboarding.

Employee experience

Workmates is HR Cloud’s employee experience platform that promotes employee engagement, internal communications, rewards and recognition, and employee advocacy by providing particular tools for boosting employee engagement, internal communications, rewards and recognition, and employee advocacy. It has a centralized newsfeed for sharing company news and updates. Employees can share and receive information by uploading papers, photos, and videos. Users can award kudos to employees, a rewards and recognition tool with customizable badges and a point system. They can also set up group channels to help teams align, simplify communications, and focus efforts. Other employee engagement software features include easy push of shared marketing or corporate information, customized pages and folders, visual org chart and directory, in-app phone call, text, email, or direct message, reporting, and analytics.

People HRMS

HR Cloud provides tools such as e-forms, time-off monitoring, and an employee database to help businesses collect, manage, and use employee data more efficiently. It includes personnel profiles that may be customized, complete records, document trails, and reports. Approval workflow, custom checklists and forms, and automated PTO are all included in the cloud HRMS solution. Users can generate custom reports based on profiles or any job detail information, and access can be controlled through various user roles and permissions. Surveys can be used to collect feedback, and data can be imported and exported. It also interfaces with numerous apps and services for employee engagement, payroll management, ATS, background checks, job boards, performance management, calendars, and learning management systems.


HR Cloud has plans to meet a variety of company objectives and needs. Onboarding, offboarding, and key HRMS capabilities and features are included in the Onboard package to streamline the process and improve the new recruit experience. The Workmates bundle primarily focuses on social employee engagement. The combined Onboard + Workmates package is a popular bundle that combines the functionality of the two modules, while the HR Suite incorporates elements from both packages as well as time off management and recruiting. Integrations, enterprise-grade security, a dedicated support team, and an SSO functionality are included in all packages. Package prices are obtained directly from HR Cloud personnel.

Market Concentration

HR Cloud is a cloud-based human resources solution for businesses of all kinds, from SMBs to corporations. It is great for startups, rapidly growing businesses, and enterprises with dispersed personnel. The system has been successfully adopted and implemented by companies in the hotel, healthcare, restaurant, retail, technology, financial services, staffing, construction, and landscaping industries.

Why Use HR Cloud?

HR Cloud offers a smart solution for onboarding, personnel management, and recruiting for startups, SMBs, and high-growth businesses. It streamlines operations to save time and money, allowing businesses to develop without hindrance or distraction. Without being bogged down by repeated administrative activities, HR teams can focus on enhancing employee morale, supporting business growth, and hiring the appropriate individuals.

What is Cloud-Based HR System Software?

There’s a strong possibility you’ve heard the phrase Cloud, and you may even have a good concept of what it is.

But what exactly is the cloud in the context of a human resource management system?

Human resource management is more important than ever to the success of a firm. So, HR Operations must be as efficient and successful as possible.

What is Cloud System Software?

To begin, it helps to understand what cloud software is if you are unfamiliar. A cloud software is basically a system that is housed on the system provider’s servers and can be accessed by you and other customers on any device, from anywhere. In contrast to traditional software or on-premise systems, which must be installed on a device in order to be accessible, a cloud system is your one-stop shop for everything that system has to offer. Instead of costly software costs such as computer infrastructure and maintenance, you can pay for the service monthly or annually.

It’s no surprise that cloud technology has exploded in popularity, thanks to considerable benefits for both organizations and individuals.

What is Cloud-based HR Software?

A cloud HR system consolidates data into a centralized platform for better, faster, and easier HR management.

You can find cloud-based HR management system software that provides specialized HR capabilities, such as payroll or recruitment systems, but a cloud-based HR system that handles all areas of HR is by far the best option. These tools enable you to manage everything from payroll to training in one location, saving you time and energy.

Modern HR responsibilities are continually increasing as the workforce and external factors such as legal obligations continue to alter on a regular basis. Top management is also putting pressure on HR operations, as major cost loss is ascribed to human resources, such as absenteeism and skill shortfalls. Many firms today prioritize human resources in order to achieve considerable cost reductions and success. Employees, being the single most powerful driving force in the organization, must be properly and efficiently managed to get the greatest potential results. This is where sophisticated cloud-based HR systems, such as SAP Success Factors, come into play.

What to Expect From A Cloud-based HR System

The SAP Success Factors Suite is one of the most comprehensive cloud-based systems available, and it is a fantastic illustration of what an HRMS might and should provide. SAP Success Factors Onboarding and SAP Success Factors Payroll are included in the package to address the needs of even the most demanding HR departments.

You could notice the following benefits for your department, employees, and business if you use a cloud-based system like SAP SuccessFactors.

HR Administration

There’s no need to look at numerous disparate systems or be confined to your workstation with a complete cloud-based HRMS. Human resource management may be made quick and straightforward by unifying all of your data and operations.

You’ll also receive improved functionality to traditional software, which can encourage better plans and processes for everyone. HRM simply makes sense in terms of wasting less time and saving money.

Employee encounters

From onboarding to succession, cloud-based tools enable Human Resources to use data to make better decisions about employee experiences and to provide those experiences more efficiently.

Refine your recruitment process and learn from prior failures and achievements to ensure you always acquire the best employees.

Redesign your training process and provide employees with remote access to videos, data, and all of the training materials they need to perform at their best from day one.

Allow employees to use blogs, self-service portals, chat rooms, and workplace social networks to improve collaboration.

Identify your top performers and reward them appropriately to create a pay system that encourages future performance.

Using integrated web applications to recruit internally, identify skill gaps and fill unfilled positions as rapidly as possible.

Employees should be guided in their succession duties, and resources to aid others should be created, such as training materials, films, ideas, and other information.

Engaging your employees and providing these types of experiences results in a happier and more productive staff, which can only be beneficial for your company.

Your team cannot operate more effectively or perform better if you do not provide them with the necessary tools.

Decisions in business

A cloud-based HMRS, such as SAP Success Factors, unlocks all of your data and allows you to access it in one place for enhanced insight. Take a comprehensive and in-depth look at employee performance and find trends for problems and opportunities across all of your HR activities. You can guarantee that everything is aligned with and on pace to achieve overall business goals, from personnel performance to department performance. This can also help identify cost drains and improve cost management.

Future expansion

Businesses today must remain adaptable, but the nature of growth makes this difficult, resulting in clumsy, disjointed operations. With a cloud-based system, everything can scale to meet your company’s needs and even operate on a global scale while serving local needs. Employees and upper management may access all necessary data from any location, at any time, and on any device with complete freedom.

Best Human Resources System

If you are the CEO of a small or large company, consider SAP SuccessFactors because its modules such as Employee Central, Recruitment, Onboarding, Learning, and others are the step forward that your company needs to take to compete in the market by digitizing internal work processes.

The Advantages of Using Cloud-Based HR Tools

If the study results are any indication, cloud-based human resource planning automation will be prominent in 2019 and the years following.

More and more businesses are realising the advantages of automated HR processes. Human resource planning can be complicated, and automation decreases the chance of human error while allowing professionals to focus on the most difficult areas of their job. Cloud-based automation pushes the trend even farther and opens up new options.

Web-based human resource planning tools provide numerous significant benefits. Some of the most important advantages they provide to the daily HRM process are:

  • Access to human resource planning tools from any location over the internet – this trend benefits businesses that want to give their employees some leeway.
  • Effortless scalability: HRM operations in the cloud can grow with the firm (new apps can be simply added, storage capacity can be increased or decreased, new forms and workflow automation processes can be put up in the blink of an eye, and so on).
  • Elimination of paper clutter and waste, two major issues with traditional human resource planning.
  • Better human resource planning and 24/7 access to key data ensure increased staff retention and productivity.
  • Increased information security, particularly for critical company data.
  • Efficient integration with other solutions and software programs on which the organization relies (for example, payroll software integration).
  • There is no need for expensive maintenance or upgrades, and there are no additional installation charges or the requirement to purchase expensive hardware for support.
  • Regulations for archive development and maintenance must be followed.
  • Simple user interface, especially for those who have never worked with human resource planning software

What Is An Example Of Cloud Based HR Software?

Zoho People is a cloud-based human resources management solution that aids in the simplification of HR processes and the employee experience. Their personnel database is easily scalable and is used in more than 45 countries.

In Summary

With HR Cloud, you can automate manual operations, more easily onboard new personnel, and elevate communication, collaboration, and engagement to new heights.

With so many advantages that cloud HR software provides, updating your human resource planning process won’t break the bank. It is the future since it is simple, inexpensive, offers access from numerous devices, and integrates well with other solutions.

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