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employee engagement tools
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Employee engagement tools are open-source, apps, or methods used by companies to increase employee happiness and engagement. It focuses on improving employee relationships and assisting employees in assimilating into a business culture. Generally, the digital age has made it much simpler to track and boost employee engagement with free tools. However, there are a variety of employee engagement tools, software, and platforms to keep track of your small business workforce. We’ve compiled the best free digital tools you can use to improve your employee engagement and incorporate your company’s strategies into your business.

What Is an Employee Engagement Tool?

Employee engagement software enables any small business to connect with its employees more effectively. It is a cloud-based tool that allows companies to unite with their employees via various channels such as email, social media, and instant messaging. For example, a corporation that wants to break down communication boundaries might implement an internal chat tool like Slack.

Human resources are usually in charge of introducing an employee engagement platform. They can also encourage the use of a new tool or software. Furthermore, they can incorporate it into new employee onboarding. Finally, the appropriate tools can become an integral part of a company, increasing involvement, contentment, and morale.

The best employee engagement applications & software, a subset of HR software, may combine the most helpful components of survey, task management, gamification, and data analytics tools to provide managers with insight into how to retain employees and keep them highly interested in their work. Employee engagement capabilities are included in certain HRIS systems or performance management software platforms, but organizations can also purchase employee engagement technologies as stand-alone solutions.

Furthermore, software with the correct features can assist your firm in learning how to recognize an engaged employee, increasing employee performance across departments, and deepening your company’s employee feedback culture. Employee engagement tools use gamification, employee feedback, and data analytics to increase employee morale, performance, and retention in the workplace.

What Is the Strongest Predictor of Employee Engagement?

The research indicates that team membership is the biggest predictor of complete engagement. There are others, including the fact that being new to an organization is quite strong and logical.

What Increases Employee Engagement?

Leaders boost engagement by establishing a compelling company vision. They hire and grow managers emotionally committed in the organization’s mission and vision and offer them the resources to build outstanding teams with the appropriate people in the right roles. 

Free Employee Engagement Tools

Employee engagement tools are valuable free investments for any small business. Through exciting features like gamified training, reward systems, and so much more, you can build good business culture, stimulate cooperation, and foster an environment of learning. The free employee engagement tools listed below are:

#1. Learn Amp

Learn Amp is an all-in-one staff development platform for people and leaders that combines Learning Experience features with LMS tools. It also enables you to construct learning pathways and playlists that will guide your staff to the compliance learning and development courses that are most relevant to them. Learn Amp contains polls and surveys for gathering feedback, which may also be used to assess staff engagement. Employees can also develop social profiles to showcase their interests and expertise, as well as network with their peers. To access this web-based training platform, however, you must pay a monthly fee, which is divided into three categories.

#2. EdApp

EdApp is a well-known SAAS employee engagement product noted for its cutting-edge blended learning capabilities. It combines several gamification features to assist you to enhance employee retention and training compliance – all while ensuring that your staff have fun and are completely engaged in their training.

#3. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a colorful and visually appealing employee engagement solution that will undoubtedly engage your disengaged employees. The concept is to produce “kahoots,” which are template-based quizzes, polls, riddles, and presentations, as an online quiz creator. These kahoots can also be shown on a shared screen or remotely on employees’ personal devices using any video conferencing platform. Team areas can also be built to promote collaboration within a particular department. Kahoot! delivers reporting to identify knowledge gaps and provide feedback to inspire discussions.

#4. The HR Cloud

HR Cloud comes with recognition and incentives software, which is an excellent feature for an employee engagement solution. It also offers a kudos feature, which allows employees to digitally high-five and thank colleagues for their efforts and accomplishments. Employees can however turn their accolades into points and use them to redeem real-world prizes that your organization can set up. This cloud-based human resources application may also send out pulse surveys, which are ideal for getting to know the personnel.

#5. Kazoo

Kazoo is a platform for employee engagement that focuses on the employee experience. They offer several characteristics that can be utilized to bridge the engagement gap, such as goals and OKRs, feedback, recognition, incentives, and dialogues. It is also easy to establish the department and business goals so that employees understand the significance of their job. Continuous interactions and feedback, on the other hand, ensure that everyone has a voice. Points can be redeemed for fully customizable rewards and incentives. You may connect external apps to Kazoo, just like Google Classroom, to eliminate the need for back and forth when sharing existing files.

Employee Engagement Companies

Employee engagement companies that are industry trailblazers did not achieve success overnight. They needed to put together winning squads. All market leaders have one thing in common: the capacity to attract and retain motivated, innovative, and, also most importantly, engaged personnel. However, the following companies provide employee engagement services:

#1. Salesforce Inc

Salesforce understands that in order to attract personnel who will move the company forward, it must first engage its top brand advocates—employees. It has concentrated its efforts to engage employees by providing distinctive and competitive benefits and also work perks.

#2. Cisco systems

Cisco has been able to engage people across departments, borders, and time zones as a worldwide technology firm. A compelling brand vision, clear workplace norms, employee recognition, and constant employee feedback are their success strategies.

#3. Travel Counsellors Ltd.

This worldwide travel agency and ContactMonkey customer successfully engages 1,900 travel business partners and 200 associates. However, they did it in the midst of a global pandemic to put huge pressure on the travel sector.

#4. Nvidia

Nvidia is a multinational technology business that creates cutting-edge graphics processing units and computer chips. Aside from its value proposition, Nvidia is a global leader in employee engagement.

#5. Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc., also known as Google’s parent firm, has little trouble hiring elite personnel. Generally, employee engagement is prioritized by the software ringleader. And isn’t afraid to be the first to test out new techniques to boost employee engagement.

Digital Tools for Employee Engagement

Monitoring and improving employee engagement tools is easier in the digital era. However, to maintain track of your workforce engagement, you can use a variety of employee engagement tools, software, and platforms. Here are a few digital ways to boost your employee engagement tools

#1. Assist Them in Upskilling

Another excellent technique that firms frequently overlook when considering ways to digitally engage employees is to assist them in reshaping their present skill set. Technology has made learning accessible to everyone, and as a responsible employer, you can use it to assist your staff in upskilling. You can also do this by partnering with multiple online course providers and allowing your staff to learn whatever they want at their own pace.

#2. Organize Virtual Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises are an essential component of every employee engagement program. These events, therefore, allow you to bring your staff together and inspire them to work together to achieve their goals.

#3. Appreciation in Real Time

With the influx of tech-savvy millennials and Gen Zs into the workforce, the demand for rapid gratification is increasing. These employee groups are continually connected to the internet, which also allows them to meet their goals more quickly. This agitation is also shown in their desire to be recognized for their efforts.

Employee Engagement Software for Small Business

Products in the general employee engagement category are comparable in many ways and assist businesses of all sizes in solving business difficulties. However, the features, pricing, setup, and installation of small businesses differ from those of larger firms, which is why we connect buyers to the best Small Business Employee Engagement for their needs. Below are some of the best employee engagement software you can get for your small business.

#1. HelloTeam

HelloTeam is the top employee engagement and Performance Management platform, including goals, 360-degree performance evaluations, one-on-ones for real-time feedback, surveys, virtual recognition, and more. HelloTeam’s user-friendly platform offers interactive capabilities that both HR and employees require. HelloTeam is the ideal instrument for creating a winning culture due to its holistic approach to performance management and employee engagement.

#2. Lattice

Lattice is the Individuals Success Platform that combines all of the tools, procedures, and data required to assist business leaders in developing engaged, high-performing workers and winning cultures. It also assists HR, People, and Operations teams in developing insights that build enviable cultures and drive impactful business outcomes by combining continuous performance management, goal-setting, employee engagement, compensation management, career advancement, and advanced analytics as one unified solution.

#3. Block Survey

BlockSurvey is end-to-end encrypted survey software that assists people in conducting sensitive surveys in fields such as mental health, sexual health, reproductive health, activism, and protests, to mention a few. It is a platform that prioritizes privacy. There are no advertisements or trackers. With BlockSurvey, you can protect your respondents’ data and privacy.

#4. Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf is an automated, individualized coaching software that has assisted over 20,000 teams and nearly 1 million users in working more effectively together. It automates team coaching by utilizing exams such as the 16-Types, Enneagram, and DISC, and sending insights to work for teams via email, calendar, and messaging apps. Cloverleaf makes it possible for teams to enjoy working together.

#5. Perkbox

Perkbox is a global benefits and incentives platform that assists businesses in caring for, connecting with, and celebrating their employees regardless of where they are or what they want. The Perkbox platform provides perks and advantages to teams, as well as a tailored recognition and reward mechanism, carefully curated well-being content, and an entertaining approach to promote business culture.

Which Are the Five Employee Engagement Components?

The five components include:

  • Recognition.
  • Rewards.
  • Culture.
  • Purpose.
  • Autonomy.

What Makes Good Employee Engagement Software?

For the best outcomes from employee engagement initiatives, invest in software that includes: instant messaging, a secure means for employees to provide feedback, recognition for awards, and a social component to promote business culture and establish relationships across departments.

What Are Examples of Employee Engagement?

Employees who arrive at work with a sense of purpose, a deep commitment to the organization, a desire to perform well, a collaborative attitude, good communication with coworkers and executives, and the capacity to provide and receive positive feedback are good examples of employee engagement.

How Do You Build Employee Engagement?

To build employee engagement you must:

  • Provide the necessary tools.
  • Individualize your attention.
  • Training and coaching are available.
  • Employees should be listened to.
  • Make Friends.
  • Help Others.
  • Proudly and loudly acknowledge.


Workers who believe they are valued and appreciated are more dedicated to their jobs. Companies can truly boost their employee engagement digitally with consistent support from top leadership and proper use of available software tools. However, the employee engagement tools you choose help to improve the work environment and increase employee satisfaction, which in turn keeps workers committed to the company.

Employee Engagement Tools FAQs

What is the most commonly used tool to measure the employee engagement?

Employee engagement surveys are the most commonly used tool for gathering feedback on employee feelings and attitudes. However, anonymous surveys increase participation rates and allow employees to be more honest. 

What is a KPI for employee engagement?

An Employee Engagement Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a tool for measuring employee engagement and analyzing how well companies meet their objectives. Firms also use KPIs at various levels to evaluate their success.

How can employee performance tools be used to improve engagement?

An employee performance tool provides useful portals for managers and employees to interact with one another. The software also generates evidence to back up claims about an employee’s performance.


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