DOCUMENT TRACKING: Definition, Services, and Guide

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We all use the same document tracking system to keep track of our files. Whether you are a lawyer, a doctor, or even an accountant, it is important to know what kinds of services are available in your area. The best way to find out about them is by visiting your local library or asking someone who works in this field. However, I have delivered everything you need to know and get simple document tracking with systems, software, and Davao City Portal Document Tracking 2. Read on.

What Is Document Tracking?

Document tracking is the process of keeping track of the documents and files that are shared with other users. It can be done by using a document tracking system or a file tracking tool.

The main benefit of document tracking is to keep track of all the documents that have been shared with other users so that you know what’s theirs and what’s yours.

Document Tracking Services

Document tracking is a service that enables you to track the progress of documents through the system. You can achieve this with any type of documents, such as emails, files, and messages.

Document tracking is different from file management in that it provides more information about each original document than just a reference number. In some cases, this includes metadata attached to each file such as its creation date or size at upload time so that you know how long it took to go through your workflow process before being archived or deleted by another team member.

Document tracking is important for businesses that need to process and keep track of a lot of documents. This can include medical offices, government agencies, law firms, and more. Document tracking lets everyone on the team see where each document is in the workflow process, so they know when it will be ready for someone else to look at or access.

How Does the Document Tracking System Work?

A software program, the document tracking system, is useful for keeping track of paper trails. Institutions and corporations can use this to store and distribute documents, files, and other data.

You may ask yourself why you would need a document tracking system. The answer is simple: if you want your company’s employees or customers to be able to access their work product on any device anywhere in the world at any time; then this type of technology makes sense for your needs.

Document Tracking Systems

Document tracking systems are used to track documents. They can be used to track documents that have been shared with other users and also for keeping track of changes made to the document.

This system also allows you to keep tabs on where a file or database was last saved, who made changes, when those changes were made, and what version of the document was last saved or opened.

What Are File Tracking Tools?

Sharing files with other people? Use a file monitoring tool to keep tabs on what everyone else is doing with them. It is a great way to keep track of the files that you are sharing with other users. You can use it to track the file which you are sharing with other users.

Document Tracking Software

Document tracking software is a piece of software that helps to track the documents that I am sharing with other users. It is used to keep track of documents in the office and also in business organizations.

Document tracking software can be used for different purposes such as:

  • Tracking documents during their use by different people or departments within an organization. For example, if you are using Word template XYZ and you need to change some text on it, then you can easily track this change by using document tracking software because it will show all changes made on this file automatically after saving it once again. This way every time someone makes any changes to your document(s) then he/she will know about those changes too without having access to them himself/herself!

Which Solution Helps to Track the Document I Am Sharing With the Other Users?

There are various solutions to track the document which you are sharing with others.

Document Tracking System (DTS) is a type of software that helps with tracking your documents and storing them in a database. Multiple users can access the system concurrently without fear of data loss. Businesses often choose this option because it is easy to use and doesn’t cost much.

Free Online Document Tracking System

Document tracking is the process of tracking documents as they move through an organization or company. It involves the collection, storage, and management of relevant data related to documents, such as their creation date, ownership details, author information, etc. This tracking software also helps you easily keep track of your files so that you can monitor them at any time.

There are various types of document tracking systems available for purchase on the market today:

#1. Deluxe Edition:

This version comes with extra features such as unlimited email alerts when new documents are added or modified in the system; easy access from anywhere via a web browser (no need for apps); automatic backup every hour; and the ability to sync between devices using cloud storage (Dropbox/Google Drive).

#2. Standard Edition:

Includes all basic features mentioned above plus support for multiple users with shared folder permissions so that everyone shares access over different devices without worrying about who gets what when!

#3. Advanced Edition:

This version comes with a built-in calendar, user analytics, and more. All in all, document tracking software is a great tool to have when you need to keep track of important files such as contracts, purchase orders, or invoices.

Davao City Portal Document Tracking 2

To keep tabs on paper trails, employ the “Davao City Portal Document Tracking 2.” It gives complete details of all the users who have accessed the document.

Many companies and organizations use document tracking systems for their business purposes, such as tracking orders, invoices, etc., so that they can get an idea about how much time was consumed by them in doing their tasks or how many times someone has viewed their website or even visited it from their local area’s IP address (Internet Protocol).

Why Is Tracking Useful?

Tracking is useful because it helps you to know who has the file, where it is, and when it was last modified. If your computer fails or gets stolen and you need to recover the data, tracking will help you find it in seconds.

If your employee uses an old version of a program on his computer but doesn’t want to upgrade just yet (or ever), then he can use this feature as well. This way, he won’t lose access during the upgrading process but still have all his files saved in one place instead of storing them individually from different places around his PC or laptop.

How Do I Track a File?

You can track a file by uploading it on the portal and sending it to the recipient directly or via email.

#1. File Upload:

Upload your files into your account and they will be visible in the File History section.

#2. Direct Send:

This option allows you to send an attachment from within Gmail’s compose window (or other applications). Any application except Gmail that opens this link will send the attachment to the sender.

#3. Email:

If you have an email account associated with your Google account, use this method to send attachments.

#4. WhatsApp:

If someone has shared their WhatsApp number with you as part of their relationship with us (and therefore also has access), then we recommend using WhatsApp for sending attachments because there’s no need for them to ever see emails from us again.


In this article, we have discussed document tracking in detail. It is a service that enables people to share files or documents with other users. The best part is that it helps to keep a record of all the files and documents in your system so that you can easily find them again when needed.

Document Tracking FAQs

What must the document tracking system do?

Automates the process of accessing, searching, and editing documents and enables you to control who views or edits a document.

How do you define document management?

A system or process used to capture, track and store electronic documents such as PDFs, word processing files, and digital images of paper-based content.


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