PERSONAL LOAN GUARANTEE: Meaning, Types, Considerations & Company Reviews

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A personal loan guarantee is a provision a lender puts in a business loan agreement that requires owners to be personally responsible for their company debt in case of default and allows them to take legal action against the guarantor. Lenders often ask for personal guarantees because they have concerns over the credit history, age, or financial stability of your business. Personal loan guarantee reviews help to lessen that risk. Signing or agreeing with a personal guarantee company may be the only way to get the business loan you need as it gives you an inflow of cash but comes with several disadvantages that you should understand before you sign. Stick around as I take you through the meaning and types of a personal loan guarantee. You’ll also about the considerations before applying for a personal loan guarantee for an LLC.

Understanding Personal Loan Guarantee

A personal guarantee is an individual’s binding legal commitment to recouping a loan made to a business in which they hold an executive or partnership position. If the company defaults on its obligation and the individual has signed a personal guarantee, then the individual is responsible for repaying the amount in full. Personal guarantees provide an extra level of protection to lenders who want to make sure they will be repaid. In other news, lenders can rest easier knowing they will be reimbursed with the help of a borrower’s personal loan guarantee.

Companies often employ personal guarantees to acquire lending arrangements and loans. They are utilized by start-ups and smaller enterprises that don’t yet have sufficient collateral or a long enough credit history to qualify for traditional forms of financing. A personal guarantee is an agreement by a firm’s principals to repay a debt from their own funds in the event that the company cannot. The owner or principal of the company will act as a cosigner on the loan. We will be discussing in detail personal guarantees for LLCs later in this piece, but here is a tip on how personal loan guarantee works.

Lenders may require business owners or executives to provide a personal guarantee in order to access credit if the company is too new or has a bad credit history. The business principal includes their own credit history and profile as part of the credit application which forms the primary basis for underwriting. When a personal guarantee is used, the applicant includes their Social Security Number (SSN) for a hard credit inquiry as well as details about the individual’s personal income. This information is in addition to the company’s employer identification number (EIN) and financial statements.

Types of Personal Guarantees

Now that we’re familiar with what a personal loan guarantee is, let’s take a look at the two types of personal guarantees: unlimited and limited guarantees.

#1. Limited guarantees:

It allows lenders to collect a certain amount of money or a certain percentage of the outstanding balance from a principal or business owner. These guarantees are common when multiple principals can pay a certain part of the debt. For instance, if a business backs out on its loan, the lender can go after each principal for 25% of the balance.

#2. Unlimited guarantees:

Unlimited personal guarantees require that the principal is accountable for the full outstanding balance. Personal guarantees required by the SBA are considered unlimited guarantees. If and when a business can’t fulfill its commitment on a loan, the lender can go after the principal to retrieve the full outstanding balance. If there are not enough liquid assets available—through checking and other similar accounts—the lender can lay hold of other assets such as real estate or vehicles.

Considerations Before Applying For Personal Loan Guarantee

Take the following into consideration before applying for a personal loan guarantee, whether as an individual or a company:

 #1. How much capital do you need?

The first step in applying for a personal loan guarantee is knowing how much you need. The smallest personal loan sizes begin at around $500 but most lenders offer a minimum of $1,000 to $2,000. So if you need less than $500, PenFed, a federal credit union provides a wide range of personal loan options where customers can borrow as little as $600 or as much as $50,000 or you can borrow money from a friend or family member if you’re in a tight corner.

#2. How do I want my lender to send the money?

A personal loan is sent directly to your checking account when you apply but if you’re using a loan for debt consolidation, a few lenders offer the option to send the funds directly to your other creditors and skip your bank account altogether or you prefer a hands-on approach using the money for something other than paying off existing debt, have the funds wired to your checking account.

#3. How much time do have to pay it back?

You’ll have to begin paying the loan company back in monthly installments within 30 days. Most lenders provide repayment terms between six months and seven years. The length of the loan you choose affects the interest and your monthly pay

#4. How much interest is added?

Your interest rate depends on several factors including your credit score, loan amount, and your term (length of time you’ll be paying the loan back). Interest rates can be as low as 5.99% and as high as 29.99% or more. Generally, you’ll get the lowest interest rate when you have a good or excellent credit score and you choose the shortest repayment term possible.

#5. What other options do I have?

If you’re looking to pay off debt, another option is a balance transfer card with a limited-time promotional 0% APR, a balance transfer card allows you to pay zero interest for up to 21 months saving you hundreds, and depending on your situation you may also be able to transfer more than one credit card balance to the new card (as long as the total doesn’t exceed your credit limit).In addition to balance transfers, 0% APR credit cards are also excellent for financing large purchases that you want to pay for over time. 

Personal Loan Guarantee For LLC

A personal loan guarantee for LLC means an agreement to be personally responsible if a  limited liability company lacks a credit history and wants the organization to be able to borrow funds. The managers and/or stockholders will be liable for the debt in case the organization fails to pay the debt. LLCs are a popular way for entrepreneurs to create and run a business, and Like many other types of organizations, they almost frequently need to borrow money to grow.

Fortunately, by taking a few simple steps you can boost your chances of being accepted for a personal loan guarantee for an LLC small business loan. Whether you have an established business or just recently filed for an LLC, it may be necessary to borrow startup funds, working capital, or other cash to expand or make large purchases. For businesses structured as LLCs, this type of fund is called an LLC loan.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that a personal loan guarantee for LLC is eventually the same as other small business loans.

How to Create a Personal Loan Guarantee for LLC

The process varies from state to state, but typically, you’ll need a few things on hand to create a personal loan guarantee for an LLC.

  • An official company name—Be sure to include some form of “LLC” or “Limited Company” in your business name.
  • A physical address—This can be your home address or an office location where you primarily do your business and can receive mail
  • Statement of purpose—This gives the state an idea of what to expect from your company. If you file as a clothing retailer and end up selling baked goods, you might have some complications.
  • Registration fee—Depending on where you live, this cost could be anywhere from $50 to $150, as well as a smaller annual fee to keep your business registered.

With this information, most states allow you to file an LLC in person or online. In fact, it might only take you a few minutes to become an officially registered company and become eligible for small business loans.

What Happens to your Limited Liability When You Sign a Personal Guarantee?

If you are transacting a Loan with a bank or a commercial lease with a landlord, you will get a demand for a personal guarantee of the obligation. In that case, the personal loan guarantee trumps the limited liability company and will be personally responsible for the obligation if your business does not pay. 

Why You Should Form an LLC

  • LLCs are a “separate legal entity” from you, which means they have their assets, liabilities, bank accounts, etc.
  • LLCs can reduce your liability to debts incurred by the LLC, although providing a personal guarantee to a lender Will remove this shield.
  • LLCs can have their credit histories and credit scores in addition to your personal history and score.
  • Taking the time to form an LLC shows that you’re serious about business and can help when it comes to getting customers, working with banks, and finding suppliers. 
  • In some cases, an LLC can provide tax advantages to the IRS.
  • Provide an extra level of protection to credit issuers who want to make sure they get repaid.

Types of Personal Loan Guarantee for LLC Loans

LLC provides several advantages to small business owners:

If you’re looking to get an LLC Loan, there are several types to choose from. The right one for you will depend on certain business factors like your credit score, amount of time in business, or how quickly you need funds.

  • Ondeck
  • Lendio
  • American Express
  • Business blueprint
  • National funding
  • Funfbox
  • Sba
  • TD bank
  • Biz2credit
  • Funding Circle

Personal Loan Guarantee Company

When shopping for a personal Loan guarantee company, your focus should be on interest rates, fees, and repayment terms but there’s one thing that’s more important than all of them — dealing with a legitimate company. A personal loan guarantee company, thus, provides an extra level of protection to credit issuers who want to make sure they are repaid, therefore when a personal loan guarantee review is given, the principals of the company pledge their assets and agree to repay a debt from personal capital in case the company defaults.

So far, the following lenders have proven to be the best and most legitimate as far as a personal guarantee goes:

#1. Sofi – best overall personal Loan

#2. Lightstream – best for low-interest rates

#3. Marcus – best for terms up to 72 months

#4. LendingPoint– best for fast funding & below-average credit

#5. Upgrade – best for bad credit

#6. Universal credit – best for comparing multiple offers

#7. Discover– best for no interest, if repaid within 30 days

#8. Upstart – best for loans as low as $1,000

#9. Avant – best for a range of repayment terms

How to Check If a Loan Company Is Legitimate

Running into any red flags can be scary, but your next immediate step should be checking the validity of the company. Here are a few steps you can follow: If you’re not careful, you might find yourself on the receiving end of a personal loan scam where you could potentially lose money. In other news, you can learn how to check if a loan company is legitimate and avoid being a victim of fraud.

#1. There are online reviews

Properly check the website of the lender for reviews because it can be fabricated if the lender is a fraudster. Use a Google search and check several different sites to see if there is a reputable lender behind the website. You can start with the lender’s better business bureau profile. Profiles often have reviews that are separate from complaints.

#2. Is the company registered?

All lenders need to be licensed and registered in the state they wish to conduct business. Individual state agencies will hold the information on lenders registered with the state. This is public information that anybody can search for. At this point, you should have more than enough information to look up the lender in various databases. If the business is legitimate, you should see an entry with lots of details like these:

  • Business ID number
  • Current status (Such as active or inactive)
  • Formation date
  • Other states the lender does business in
  • And other details about the business

If you don’t find an entry for your lender, it may be a loan scammer.

#3. The company’s website is secure

A simple, though not foolproof, double-check method is to look at the URL of the website and see if there is a locked padlock next to it. Additionally, check to ensure the website starts with “HTTPS” and not “HTTP.” The padlock and HTTPS indicate an encrypted and secure connection to the site. One of the first ways you can weed out loan scammers is by looking at a lender’s website and other web presence. Any reputable lender will have a website with its domain name.

#4. Accurate  contact details

Look up any physical address on Google maps and see if there is an actual location. Call associated phone numbers and ask questions to verify the credibility of the company.

#5. A legit company never calls or writes you

If you get a loan offer by phone, through the mail, or even through a door-to-door solicitation, be on your guard. According to the FTC, it’s illegal for companies to offer a Loan in the U.S. over the phone and ask you to pay before they deliver. It’s a violation of the telemarketing sales rule. Some companies go to great lengths to steal from consumers, including using a legitimate lender’s name.

#6. No pressure to act immediately

Don’t fall for the urgency plea. One of the signs of personal loan scams is giving you an immediate deadline to sign on for a loan because the offer expires quickly — within a day. Or the lender could communicate that something bad is about to happen, like revoking your driver’s license or a lawsuit filing. It could all be a ploy to get you to make a rash decision without having time to do your research to uncover the scam they’re running.

Personal Loan Guarantee Agreement

A personal loan guarantee agreement is a written contract between two parties — generally, a borrower and a lender that specifies how much money is borrowed and the conditions associated with paying the loan back and also helps to protect the parties if there’s a disagreement or dispute. Any personal loan guarantee agreement states the terms, rights, and obligations applying to the loan but different types of loans may require different specifications to meet local and national standard, so check with your local jurisdiction. Basically, it states (Among other things):

  • How much you’re borrowing
  • When yo promise to pay it back
  • Fees or penalties you have agreed to pay.

In addition, as a lender, a personal loan guarantee agreement gives you the leverage you need to take action against nonpayment. And if you’re a borrower, they assure you that, by law, there won’t need to pay back more than the agreed-upon amount.

What to Include in your Personal Loan Guarantee Agreement?

To create a personal loan guarantee agreement, the following information should be listed properly

  • Names and addresses of the lender and the borrower
  • Information about the Loan cosigner
  • Amount borrowed
  • Date the Loan was provided
  • Expected repayment date
  • Interest rate, if applicable
  • Annual percentage rate
  • Payment terms, including whether the loan will be paid on demand, in installments, or as a lump sum, and the amounts and dates of payments
  • Methods of payment, such as through a check or cash
  • Payment authorizations if required, such as for automatic withdrawals from a checking account
  • Information on how potential disputes Will be mediated and/Or settled
  • Consequences and penalties for late payments or nonpayment
  • Options to change the terms of the Loan
  • Penalties for paying back the loan late (Also known as prepayment penalties), if applicable
  • Signatures from both the lender and borrower, along with the date of signing

Personal Loan Guarantee  Reviews

The following reviews of personal loan guarantees from online sources:

Example #1 ( Personal Loan guarantee reviews)

I never knew there are still legit websites rendering personal Loan guarantees,  in my involvement with one of them I noticed that if they can’t find you a Loan you Will be refunded. I talked with consumerezcredit.Com and they refunded my verification fee immediately. No, I haven’t paid the referral fee but I Will next time I get a Chance. Yes, I have talked to a person who has received a Loan from a personal Loan guarantee com. If you are on the site, you know it’s the only place that Will consider you. Stop spreading false scam information or show the evidence!”

Example #2 ( Personal Loan guarantee reviews)

“Wells Fargo personal loans can have some benefits for borrowers including their relatively fast approvals and reductions rate for already existing customers. However, the company also has a reputation for being transparent with its clients”

Example #3 (Personal Loan guarantee reviews)

This is a basic guide for people unfamiliar with the process of getting a Loan. My Son got this book to learn more about paying for college, and while we didn’t find the magic answer for that, we did learn some new things that Will be used to repair our credit. And also found some tools that our Son can use to get himself started in the right direction.”

Example #4 ( Personal Loan guarantee reviews)

wow, such a wonderful experience! I applied for Loan, got approved, and got the money I needed without stress at least this Will help my car repairs very easily now. Decent APR they got too. Thank you very much for the recommendation.”

Example #5 ( Personal Loan guarantee reviews)

Had a lot of business ideas but no capital for startups, and was recommended to apply for loans. I did it because of testimonies I saw from reviews. Before I knew it got approved and in no time I got the money I needed. Thanks a lot for your competence.’


A personal guarantee is a document that a borrower signs vowing to repay the balance of a loan in the event of defaulting or if the property securing their loan decreases in value. Personal guarantees can be used for business or personal loans; but in both cases, these guarantees create broader liability for borrowers and co-signers to repay loans. Personal loan guarantees help businesses get credit when they aren’t as established or have an inadequate credit history to qualify on their own.


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