Cheapest Pet Insurance Companies in 2023-2024

Cheapest Pet Insurance Companies
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Prioritizing the assurance of coverage for your pet and the speedy handling of claims is essential while looking for pet insurance. Based on our research, we know which companies provide the cheapest pet insurance for dogs and the cheapest pet insurance plans. However, in this study, we will list the lowest-ranked organizations, accompanied by a full explanation of the criteria that contributed to their selection. 

Cheapest Pet Insurance

The cheapest pet insurance company has an insurance policy designed to cover veterinary care costs in the event of an accident or illness for your pet. Also, depending on the policy’s coverage and limits, the cheapest pet insurance company may compensate you for some of your pet’s covered veterinarian expenses. We compared rates from 13 companies to find the ones below the cheapest overall.

#1. ManyPets

We found that ManyPets’ unlimited coverage with the cheapest pet insurance company was the most cost-effective overall. If you transfer over from another pet insurance company, the firm will shorten the waiting period for accidents and illnesses to just 24 hours.


  • The most affordable typical rates for unrestricted protection
  • Pays for emergency vet care or veterinary appointments due to illness or injury.


  • There is no telemedicine service available for pets around the clock.
  • Unlike many other policies, this particular one does not pay for behavioral or alternative treatments for your pet.

#2. Lemonade

Lemonade is an option to think about if you need cheap pet insurance. You’ll have the basics covered, but not the bells and whistles of more expensive options.


  • Prices for kittens and puppies were the lowest of all the plans we looked at.
  • There is only a 2-day lag time for accident coverage.


  • There is a 6-month deductible before cruciate ligament coverage kicks in.
  • There is no telemedicine service available for pets around the clock.
  • There is zero tolerance for alternative or behavioral treatments.

#3. Pets Best

In terms of deductible options, pet insurance is tops. It’s like having cheap, comprehensive health insurance for your pet. It offers flexible deductible options to help you plan ahead for any claims


  • A variety of deductible amounts are available.
  • The waiting period for accident coverage is a mere three days.
  • All additional pets receive a 5% discount.


  • There is a 6-month coverage gap for cruciate ligament injuries.
  • Alternative treatments are not included.

#4. Figo

Figo is great because there is no waiting period before accident coverage kicks in. It’s reasonably priced and facilitates clients’ connections with like-minded dog lovers


  • Totally reimbursable options are available.
  • Accident coverage is available after just one day’s waiting.


  • The cost of veterinary checkups is not included and must be added on.
  • There is a 6-month waiting time for knee injuries to be covered.

#5. Embrace

When you need the most comprehensive protection, choose Embrace. Furthermore, It takes care of vet checkup costs and offers a hotline to call for help with your pet at any time. If your veterinarian performs an orthopedic exam within 30 days after policy acquisition, the policy’s 6-month waiting period for orthopedic issues will be waived.


  • Pays for the cost of an emergency office visit to the veterinarian.
  • Includes a “diminishing deductible” that lowers the initial $500 deductible by $50 annually for not filing a claim.


  • Needs to be more flexible in terms of annual coverage and deductible amounts.
  • There is a 6-month waiting time before orthopedic conditions are covered; however, this can be bypassed with an orthopedic assessment for your pet after you enroll under the plan.

#6. Paw Protect

Instant payment for covered Vet Bills is available with Paw Protect. Similar to Embrace’s plan, it includes the same benefits and costs. Paw Protect additionally offers its policyholders a $5,000 interest-free, no-fee line of credit to use toward veterinary care costs. This credit line can be used to pay for veterinary care, saving you the hassle of fronting the entire amount before your insurance company reimburses you.


  • Pricing and coverage are identical to Embrace’s 4-star offering.
  • The cost of an emergency visit to the veterinarian is covered.
  • This policy has a “diminishing deductible” that will lower your annual deductible by $50 if you don’t file a claim for that year.


  • limited in terms of annual coverage and deductible amounts.
  • There is a 6-month waiting time before orthopaedic conditions are covered; however, this can be bypassed with an orthopaedic assessment for your pet after you enroll under the plan.

#7. Spot

Top Pick Among Annually Renewable Coverage Options You may tailor the policy’s benefits to your needs and spending, making it easier to include pet insurance in your monthly budget. Please be aware that this is the same plan provided by the ASPCA but with varying options for yearly limitations and deductibles.


  • Accessible with a low $100 deductible.
  • Microchips for animals are included.


  • There is a 14-day waiting time for accident coverage when some of our top competitors just demand 1 or 2 days.

#8. Trupanion

You’ll have the least amount of money out of pocket with Trupanion. It provides you with unlimited annual coverage, no deductible, and a variety of reimbursement choices to help you stay within your financial means. However, other insurers’ plans offer features like wellness coverage and a round-the-clock pet health line that are absent from this one.


  • There are no out-of-pocket costs.
  • Reimbursement percentages might range from 50% to 100%.
  • There is no age-related rise to your pet’s insurance premium.


  • Veterinary exam costs are not included.
  • Regular medical checkups are not covered.

Cheapest Pet Insurance Dogs 

Cheapest Pet insurance for dogs can help you pay for costly veterinary care if your pet is ever hurt or becomes ill. Plan prices differ by provider as well as by factors including your pet’s breed, age, and the type of coverage you opt for. In search of the cheapest dog insurance, consider: 

  • ManyPets is the cheapest pet insurance option for dogs, boasting an average monthly premium of $36, which provides unlimited coverage for a whole year.
  • According to research by Forbes Advisor, Pets Best offers the cheapest pet insurance plans, averaging $40 per month for $5,000 in yearly coverage for dogs.
In search of the cheapest cat insurance coverage, consider:
  • Lemonade is the most cost-effective cat insurance option, offering an annual coverage of $5,000. The average monthly premium for a 4-year-old cat is $16, while for an 8-year-old cat, it amounts to $31.
  • For cats aged four, Pets Best offers the most affordable pet insurance, with an average monthly premium of $21 for unlimited annual coverage.

How Much Does an Average Pet Insurance Policy Cost?

According to research by Forbes Advisor, the average cost of dog pet insurance is $44 per month for $5,000 in annual coverage with a $250 deductible and 80% reimbursement. Average monthly premiums for limitless coverage that carries a $500 deductible and 90% reimbursement rate come to $56. According to research by Forbes Advisor, the median yearly cost of cat insurance is $31, with the same $250 deductible and 90% deductible as the national average. In addition, on average, $42 is how much you’d pay monthly for unlimited coverage with a $250 deductible and 90% reimbursement. Your pet’s breed and age, among other criteria, will affect how much you pay for pet insurance. This is because different plans have different coverage limits, deductible amounts, and reimbursement percentages.

How Are Pet Insurance Costs Determined?

Insurance companies employ a diverse range of pricing elements to ascertain the costs of pet insurance, which encompasses:

  • The breed of the pet Specific breeds exhibit a predisposition to inherited ailments and conditions, resulting in elevated expenses associated with veterinary care.
  • The age of the pet. Based on our investigation, it was determined that the most favorable pricing was observed throughout the period following a pet’s initial year of existence until approximately the age of six. As pets age, the expenses associated with renewing a pet insurance policy may escalate.
  • Current geographical coordinates. The expenses associated with veterinary services exhibit regional disparities, resulting in corresponding variations in pet insurance premiums.
  • Annual limit, reimbursement level, and deductible Choosing a higher annual maximum, a lower reimbursement level, and a lower deductible will result in increased costs. As an example, a health insurance plan that covers all medical costs throughout the year reimburses 90% of those costs, and has a low deductible would have higher monthly costs because it gives out more money.

Cheapest Pet Insurance Plans 

The cheapest pet insurance plans provide coverage that encompasses a diverse range of issues. In the realm of pet insurance, it is common to encounter three distinct categories of plans.

#1. Accident and Illness Plan.

The aforementioned cheapest pet insurance plan is widely recognised as the most prevalent variant. This insurance policy provides coverage for veterinarian expenses incurred as a result of accidents, such as fractures, as well as illnesses, including ear infections and cancer.

#2. An Accident-Only Plan

Refers to insurance coverage that exclusively provides financial protection in the event of an accident. This policy exclusively encompasses veterinarian expenditures pertaining to accidental incidents, such as bite wounds or the ingestion of foreign items. An accident-only insurance plan does not provide coverage for veterinarian bills that are related to illnesses.

#3. A Wellness Plan.

A wellness plan encompasses regular veterinary expenditures, such as immunizations, measures to avoid infestations of fleas and ticks, and yearly examinations to assess overall health. Typically, wellness plans are not offered as independent policies; rather, certain pet insurance provides them as supplementary options to be added to an accident and illness plan.

How to Buy a Pet Insurance Plan

A Guide to Purchasing a Pet Insurance Plan. To obtain cost-effective pet insurance, it is advisable to engage in a comprehensive evaluation of pet insurance quotes from various insurance providers. 

The Process of Obtaining Complimentary Pet Insurance Quotations:

  • Through the Internet, it is typically possible to get complimentary pet insurance quotations on the official website of a pet insurance provider. Typically, a few fundamental inquiries regarding one’s pet are addressed. 
  • There are multiple communication channels available for anyone seeking to engage with a representative from a pet insurance company or an independent insurance agency, including phone, email, or in-person interactions.

Is It Really Worth It to Get Pet Insurance? 

Can you afford to settle the bill? If not, maybe you might look into getting pet insurance. With pet insurance, you won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for your pet’s medical care. Cancer treatments, hospitalizations, drugs, and surgical procedures are all covered.

Can You Negotiate With Pet Insurance?

Those who feel the price increase is unjustified need not give up hope. It’s possible you’ll want to look for a new insurer that can provide the level of coverage you need. if you locate a cheaper policy elsewhere, don’t be scared to approach your old insurer about making the transfer.

Does Pet Insurance Cover a Lot? 

In most cases, the finest low-cost pet insurance will pay for some percentage of your pet’s veterinarian care costs (generally 70%, 80%, or 90%). Like with many other forms of insurance, you’ll need to choose a deductible amount each year before your policy begins to pay out.

What Age Is Best to Get Pet Insurance? 

Puppies are the ideal age at which to enrol a dog in a pet insurance plan. Their health will worsen with age, making them a higher insurance risk. Insurance premiums, both on a monthly and yearly basis, will go up to compensate for the added risk.

How Do I Ask My Vet for a Discount?

Consult your pet’s vet. Vaccinations, preventative care, spay/neuter surgeries, and other treatments may be discounted when purchased as part of a membership package, as is the case at several clinics. 

Does Pet Insurance Cover Medication?

Medication for your pet is covered by insurance as long as the ailment for which it is prescribed falls within the policy’s coverage parameters.


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