Routine Care Pet Insurance
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You can be sure that your pets will get the care they need without going broke if you have pet insurance. Going to the vet often can get pricey, but pet health plans and insurance that cover preventive care can help. Regular checkups can help pets live longer and better lives, just like they can help people. This article talks about what the best and cheapest routine pet care insurance with wellness is all about.

What Is Routine Care Pet Insurance?

Most wellness plans for pets include repayment from the insurance company. Before you can file a claim with your insurance company, you will need to pay for the vet visit in full. You will get paid up to the maximum that your plan allows. You will have to pay the difference between your plan’s limit and what you actually spent.

The care you give your pet on a daily basis is called “Routine Care,” and it is very important for their health. Desexing, microchipping, and immunizations are all preventative care that your pet should get from a very young age. People who buy pets are expected to think about these continuing costs along with the initial cost of buying a pet.

Setting aside money in your budget for regular vet care for your pet, like spaying or neutering, is a good idea. Pet insurance usually covers regular care, but if your pet needs a one-time surgery or procedure, it may mean that your monthly costs will be higher. 

When it comes to regular care, the extra premiums paid over time cancel out the one-time benefits. However, this is not the case with emergency care. It only charges one-time fees that are as little as $25 for its services. Some insurance companies may add as much as $10 a month, which can add up to a lot of money over the care of your routine pet. This is especially true when you think about how treatments like desexing and microchipping only need to be done once and cost a lot less than what you think you’ll pay altogether.

Tips for Purchasing Pet Health Insurance

It might be easier than you think to get insurance for your pet. Most of the time, customers can finish the whole buying process online. To obtain the right coverage, compare quotes from several insurance companies before buying. Some insurance providers cover boarding bills and pet-caused house damage in addition to their standard plans.

Once you know which coverage is most important to you, it’s time to start looking for the best deal. All of the companies on the list of the best pet insurance companies for 2023 offer online quotes to make the process easier for people who want to buy their plans.

To get a price, you’ll need to give some basic details about yourself and your pet, like what kind of pet it is, where it lives, and its health history. If the insurance company gives you more than one choice, you’ll have to pick one and provide information about it, like how much you want to pay in deductibles each year, how much you want to be reimbursed, and how much coverage you want.

It’s not always the same way for pet insurance companies to keep track of a pet’s medical background. When you sign up for routine care insurance, the company may or may not ask for your pet’s medical papers. If you ever need to make a claim, they will want it.

It is important that you carefully read your insurance policy and its rules, especially the ones that deal with your routine care pet’s medical background. Conditions that existed before an insurance contract was bought are called preexisting conditions.

Best Routine Care Pet Insurance

It’s only worth it to buy a pet health plan if you plan to file claims and get the most money back from the plan. Think about the costs you’ll have to pay out of pocket, the money you could save over the course of a year, and the cost of a health plan each year.

Before buying pet insurance, it’s important to know about all of your choices. As the name suggests, one common type of insurance only pays for new injuries your pet gets in an accident. A policy that only covers accidents is similar to a policy that only covers illnesses, but it also covers any new sicknesses your pet may get.

Health checks once a year, dental care, microchipping, shots, and even some diagnostic tests are all covered by pet insurance that covers overall or regular care. Even though these costs are usually planned for, a wellness add-on like cat insurance premiums can help make them easier to handle by spreading them out over the year. Here is a list of the best pet insurance for daily trips to the vet.

#1. Pets Best

Pets Best wellness insurance plans cover most exam fees, and you may choose deductibles, reimbursement limitations, and the per-year maximum to meet your needs and budget. The company’s BBB page indicates it has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates. For multi-pet insurance, it offers 5% off. Pets Best is a terrific option for older dogs who need pet insurance because there is no age limit.

#2. Lemonade 

Lemonade is very flexible because you can pick and choose which coverages to add or remove. It has two different plans for preventative care, called Preventative and Preventative+. Since Lemonade Insurance’s renters’ and homeowners’ insurance are top-rated, its pet insurance policies are affordable. You can save up to 10% by bundling your insurance. You can also save another 5% by paying yearly or getting a discount for having more than one pet.

#3. The MetLife Pet Plan

MetLife Pet’s wellness plan supplement can help pay for shots and spay or neuter surgeries. The preventive care supplement, on the other hand, covers regular vet visits and the avoidance of parasites. The insurance company handles most cases in 10 business days, and there are methods to save. While other insurance requires a considerable wait, MetLife’s accident coverage begins at midnight on the day the policy was purchased. Most of the time, insurance will pay for illnesses that happen after 14 days.

#4. Spot Pet Insurance

Spot Pet Insurance is great for older cats because you can sign them up at any age. The policy’s yearly maximum coverage, deductible, and reimbursement amounts are all flexible to match your needs. Spot’s preventative care plan includes spaying or neutering (with the Platinum Preventative add-on). The insurance company also has a great rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for customer happiness.

#5. CarePlus by Chewy

With CarePlus by Chewy, you can get insurance plans from Trupanion and Lemonade, respectively. If you want to pay your vet directly, you can buy Trupanion’s wellness plan on its own. CarePlus can also pay for preventative care like flea, tick, and heartworm medicines and vaccines.

Pet Wellness Insurance

Plans are different, but most of them cover things like yearly checkups, vaccinations, preventative care, spaying or neutering, and regular dental care. For an extra fee, some pet insurance companies offer wellness add-ons. Also, many veterinary hospitals charge extra for wellness plans that can only be used at that hospital or within a network of vet hospitals.

Pet wellness programs promote preventative treatment, while pet insurance covers unexpected accidents and diseases. While a yearly or biannual appointment requires payment for all preventive care, a wellness plan doesn’t. Your payments will decrease over the years. Based on how much medical care your pet needs in a year, a wellness plan may cost the same or more than paying for each service separately.

A pet health plan can be added to your current insurance or you can buy one just for your pet. These policies cover the prices of basic medical needs like checkups, prescriptions, and lab tests. Wellness awards are a nice addition to pet insurance plans that only pay out for bad things that happen, like accidents and illnesses. Wellness coverage is usually only available when you buy a regular pet insurance policy. However, some veterinary hospitals and other businesses offer wellness plans on their own.

More Information 

You may be wondering if pet insurance would cover the costs of shots and spaying or neutering. If that’s the case, you might want to think about getting health insurance for your pet. The point of a well-being plan is to make it easy and affordable for your pet to get regular and preventative medical care. Because these services are planned and regular, most of the things they offer are things your pet needs. The following types of services may be part of a health plan:

  • Health check-ups.
  • Spay and neuter surgery.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Normal blood workups.
  • Making microchips.
  • Cleaning up.
  • medicated hair washes.
  • Cutting nails.
  • Expression of the anal gland.
  • Pet activity monitors.
  • X-rays.
  • Teeth cleaning.

What pet wellness plans cover and don’t cover can be very different from one provider to the next, so it’s important to always check with your present or potential provider.

Cheapest Pet Insurance with Wellness

As part of their regular care, cat wellness plans cover things like a yearly checkup, lab work, blood tests, immunizations, dental care, physical exams, and more. To keep your pet healthy, it needs to be treated and checked on a routine basis. Most companies that offer the cheapest pet insurance call their wellness plans “preventive care plans” because they only cover regular checkups and vaccinations and not sudden medical needs. 

As long as you take your pet for regular checks, a wellness plan can also help you keep an eye on their health. If you want to add a health plan to your pet’s insurance, you should think about how much basic pet care costs each year. The following companies below can offer you the cheapest wellness insurance for your pet.

#1. ManyPets

There are a lot of different types of pet insurance, but the Accident and Illness Plan from ManyPets covers almost everything that could go wrong with your pet. It is also possible to buy extra health protection. There is no accident-only coverage through ManyPets. If you move from another pet insurance company to ManyPets, you only have to wait 24 hours before they will cover accidents and illnesses. If you can find it in your area, you should check it out because it’s not too expensive. ManyPets basic insurance covers accidents and illnesses, but not the care that keeps them healthy. But for an extra fee, plans can be made to cover more medical services, like preventative care and regular checkups.

#2. Figo

One of the most famous and complete types of pet insurance is the accident and illness plan, which Figo also offers. Extras like preventative care, test fees, and other costs are also covered if you choose to. Figo does not offer security for just accidents. The flexible coverage, reimbursement, and deductible choices available with Figo make it easy to manage costs. You only have to wait one day before you can get accident coverage. The Figo sickness waiting period is 14 days, which is the normal amount of time for pet insurance.

#3. The Trupanion

There is a plan through Trupanion that covers more than just injuries. There are extra riders that can help pay for things like funeral and burial bills, counseling, and medical care for injuries. The Trupanion fitness plan does not include regular checkups or care to keep you healthy. Trupanion pet insurance covers your pet for a year without a copayment, and there are several payment arrangements. Trupanion’s software will pay your vet immediately, but it doesn’t provide wellness care or a 24/7 pet health line.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Routine Checkups?

Most pet insurance policies don’t cover things like yearly checkups, shots, and other preventative care, but a separate pet health plan will often cover these things. Some insurance companies may cover your pet’s health care costs as part of your regular coverage.

Why Doesn’t Pet Insurance Cover Routine Care?

That’s because most pet insurance plans focus on paying for instant medical care, like treating injuries or illnesses that happen quickly. If you don’t want to spend all of your money on preventative care for your pet, you should get a pet health plan.

Should I Add Preventative Care to Pet Insurance?

If you include preventative care coverage in your plan, you can save money on the yearly checkups, shots, feces tests, and blood work that your pet will need.

Who Has the Best Pet Wellness Plan?

The best pet health plan from Lemonade comes with two more preventative care packages, and the whole thing costs less than $27 a month.

Should I Get Pet Insurance Before Going to the Vet?

Before you bring your pet in for a checkup, you should check into getting pet insurance. When it comes to treatment choices, pet owners with insurance are more likely to look at the expected outcome than the cost of the procedure.

What Are the 4 Types of Pet Insurance?

The following are:

  • Lifetime. 
  • Time-limited.
  • Accident-only. 
  • Maximum gain.

Does Pet Insurance Cover MRI?

A full-coverage pet insurance policy will usually pay for diagnostic tests like MRIs and CT scans that look for brain or musculoskeletal diseases. The policy paperwork tells you everything you need to know about the tests and things that are covered.

What Voids Pet Insurance?

Most of the time, insurance companies won’t pay for medicine for health problems your pet had before the coverage started. These are conditions that might come back or show up in other parts of your pet’s body.

Are Vet Memberships Worth It?

You can feel good about taking your pet to the vet for regular checkups because a health plan will pay for some of the costs. The best part is that you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your pet will get the regular medical care it needs to do well.


If you’ve looked into pet insurance, you know that many plans will cover expensive sicknesses and accidents. If you’re worried about how to pay for your pet’s normal vet visits, treatments, and upkeep, you’re not the only one. The good news is that some insurance companies that offer pet insurance also offer wellness rewards (reimbursement) as an extra to cover regular checkups and treatments for all pet owners, even those whose pets are older or have diseases that run in their family.

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