The Hartford Business Insurance Review 2024

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In the Hartford Business Insurance Review, we will discuss Hartford business insurance plans, compare Next Insurance to Hartford, and more. You should know by the time you conclude whether or not Hartford Business Insurance Review is the best option for your company.

The Hartford Business Insurance Review 

Set up in 1810 with headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut, The Hartford Business Review is an investing and insurance corporation. The company provides insurance for homes, cars, and businesses of all sizes and in a wide variety of fields. When comparing business insurance providers, Hartford stands out due to the flexibility of their business owner’s coverage. Hartford allows you to add data breach and professional liability coverage as well, which simplifies your business insurance coverage even more than the standard balance of payment, which often includes general liability, business property, and business interruption insurance. When it comes to tailor-made insurance packages and easy online claim management, The Hartford Business Insurance Review is our top selection for business owners. 


  • The Hartford business insurance review offers a business owner’s insurance that includes cyber liability, professional liability, and business income for off-premises utility services.
  • A claim can be filed online or over the phone, and its progress is accessible in real time by a computer.
  • You can get a certificate of insurance and list someone else as an insured through the internet.


  • No coverage is available in Alaska or Hawaii.
  • According to NerdWallet’s data, the company has received more complaints than average for a business of its size over its general liability, commercial property, and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • All purchases need interaction with a salesperson.

Types of Coverage Offered by Hartford Business Insurance

Small-business owners can choose from the following policies provided by The Hartford:

  • Commercial insurance.
  • Insurance against general risks
  • Coverage against legal action for mistakes made in the workplace.
  • Compensation for injured employees.
  • Industrial property coverage.
  • Commercial income security.
  • Security breach coverage.
  • Commercial umbrella insurance.
  • Business auto coverage.

Beyond those core business insurance products, The Hartford Business Insurance Review also offers employment practices liability, multinational insurance, liquor liability coverage, and home-based business insurance, among other options. Hartford does business in every state except Alaska and Hawaii, though the availability of specific policy types varies by state. For example, business owner’s policies are not available in Michigan. The company offers coverage to businesses in more than 60 different industries.

How Much Does the Hartford Business Insurance Cost?

It is difficult to anticipate the cost of business insurance because prices vary greatly depending on coverage, location, business type, and associated risk factors, but The Hartford reports that in 2021 the average monthly cost of a balance payment was $261. You may obtain a business insurance quote from Hartford by providing a few facts, like your business name, physical address, and years in operation. You might also have to provide anticipated figures for earnings, payroll, and gross sales, however, this will vary by firm and policy.

Should You Purchase Business Insurance From Hartford?

You should consider Hartford for your company.

#1. You Need a Solid Policy for Your Firm. 

Coverage for cyber attacks and legal defense expenditures are two examples of what can be given to Hartford’s BOP. Adding one of these coverages to your BOP could save you money if your company requires it.

#2. You Need a Wide Variety of Coverages. 

Hartford offers practically every sort of business insurance, so most organizations should be able to secure whatever plans they need, though you might have to work with an agent to do so. 

#3. You Wish to Manage Your Policy Yourself Online. 

The Hartford allows policyholders to add new insureds, obtain certificates of insurance, and track claims online, which isn’t typically the case among longstanding insurance companies.

The Hartford Business Insurance Plans 

These are the Hartford business insurance plans

#1. Hartford General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance from the Hartford business insurance plans is available in amounts between $300,000 and $2 million. You can request a quote online, but you’ll need to buy the policy over the phone from an agent. The Hartford business insurance plan includes general liability insurance. Coverage typically extends to cover things like bodily injury, property damage, consumer injury, advertising injury, medical expenses, and legal defense costs. General liability insurance can assist in paying for court expenses and settlements if your organization is ever sued. Injuries resulting from employees or any other third party do not qualify for coverage by liability insurance. For instance, losses taken on due to burglary or vandalism are not dealt with.

#2. The Hartford Professional Liability Insurance

The Hartford business insurance plan, professional liability, is designed to protect organizations against actual or alleged errors and omissions in the professional services or advice they give. If you charge clients for your services, you might want to consider purchasing this insurance. Professional liability insurance coverage limits from The Hartford business insurance plan can be tailored to match the specific needs of your company and field, with options ranging from $250,000 to $2 million. Software copyright infringement coverage, for instance, may be necessary for a self-employed programmer but unnecessary for a salon owner.

The Hartford Professional Liability Insurance Covers:

  • Negligence, either real or imagined, includes misunderstanding directions, making mistakes, receiving incorrect advice, or not finishing a task.
  • Defense expenses in court.

#3. The Hartford Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When an employee has an injury or illness on the job, workers’ compensation will cover the associated medical costs. It can also insulate a corporation from employee lawsuits linked to those injuries. Having workers’ compensation insurance is a legal requirement in the majority of states. Hartford’s workers’ compensation insurance includes access to a network of more than 1 million doctors and hospitals as well as more than 65,000 pharmacies. When an employee is injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance pays for their medical bills and replaces some of their lost wages while they recover. It also covers burial costs and a portion of disability compensation. If an injured worker or their family sues your business, workers’ comp may pay for your legal defense costs.

Next Insurance vs Hartford

Next Insurance vs Hartford Insurance are popular commercial insurers. They are good commercial insurance options. Both companies insure their clients against legal actions, court costs, and property damage. these companies offer cyber liability coverage for data breaches, cyberattacks, and other internet security issues. Next Insurance outshines Hartford Business Insurance thanks to its extra offerings. Next Insurance offers instant rates on selected products and quick document filing. They also let firms pay monthly instead of annually. By offering 24/7 phone and email support and online tutorials, webinars, and seminars, Hartford Business Insurance provides excellent customer service. Customers comparing Next Insurance and The Hartford Business Insurance should consider which extra features best suit their needs and how competitively priced each company’s rates are. Comparison of plans from both organizations can reassure customers that they are choosing the best selection for their company at an affordable price.

Next Insurance Key Features

  • Next Insurance’s online application is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.
  • Next Insurance vs Hartford offers a wide range of coverage options, so policies can be specific to meet the particular needs of any organization.
  • Next Insurance vs Hartford is famous for its speedy claims processing, which will help your business get back up and running quickly after a calamity.
  • Next Insurance’s coverage options come at reasonable rates, making them a good bet for cash-strapped entrepreneurs.

Hartford Insurance’s Key Features

  • Hartford vs Next Insurance provides numerous risk management solutions, such as online training classes and safety checklists, to assist businesses in reducing the likelihood of injuries and accidents on the job.
  • Hartford vs Next insurance provides numerous types of insurance, such as those for buildings, vehicles, employees, and more. 
  • Hartford’s claims department is staffed by professionals who make it their mission to offer sympathetic help to policyholders at every stage of the claims procedure.
  • Having faith in The Hartford, a reputable insurance company with the means to manage claims and pay out benefits when necessary, can be a relief.

Is Hartford Good for Business Insurance? 

If you’re looking for a firm that puts customer service first, you might want to consider The Hartford. Hartford may not be the cheapest homeowner’s insurance provider based on average prices, but it has earned good rankings from J.D. Power in both customer satisfaction and property claims satisfaction.

Is the Hartford Insurance Company Still in Business? 

The transfer of ownership of the company to a consortium of investors was finalized on May 31st, resulting in Talcott Resolution’s establishment as an autonomous insurance provider. Consequently, the Hartford Life Insurance Company undergoes a renaming process and emerges as the Talcott Resolution Life Insurance Company.

Is Hartford Insurance Competitive? 

The list of competitors for Hartford comprises Travelers, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Allstate, State Farm Insurance, and Aetna.

What Is the Lawsuit Against Hartford Insurance? 

Here are a few examples of successful lawsuits filed against Hartford: In 2019, the Court ordered Hartford to pay LTD compensation and court fees after improperly refusing disability benefits. A BB&T worker filed a federal lawsuit against Hartford in 2016, claiming the company had unlawfully withheld the employee’s due disability compensation.

Why Does Hartford Have So Many Insurance Companies? 

River captains would often divide up the risks and rewards of a voyage amongst themselves when they met up at the wharves or in coffee bars. The Hartford insurance business emerged from these ad hoc arrangements and expanded beyond providing marine insurance.

Why Would Hartford Deny a Claim? 

They argue there is no objective evidence of your disability. Hartford incorrectly assessed the scope of your restrictions. Your job description and responsibilities should have been more accurate in Hartford. Hartford did not care about your doctor’s advice.

How Long Does It Take Hartford to Pay?

The platform provides round-the-clock availability for users to obtain billing information, facilitate payments, review and generate policy documents, request certificates of insurance, opt for electronic communication, initiate insurance claims, and perform additional functions.

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