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Homeowners in Oklahoma deal with a variety of difficulties all year. For instance, weather-related damage is widespread since tornadoes appear in the spring, thunder, lightning, and hail storms appear in the summer, and snow, frozen pipes, and ice dams appear in the winter (particularly in the northern Panhandle). The good news is homeowners in Oklahoma can choose from various house insurance packages specifically designed to meet their needs. So, in this article, we’ve come up with the best options and costs for Oklahoma homeowners.

Homeowners Insurance Overview

Your house is where you should start protecting what is most important; therefore, having reliable homeowners insurance is essential. Whether you recently closed on your dream home in Edmund or reside in the center of Oklahoma City, there’s a homeowners insurance policy to match your needs at a price that fits your budget. 

How to Save Money on Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance 

There are a few savings that large insurance providers often provide. Common examples include a discount if you combine two policies, such as your auto and homeowners insurance, if your house is newer, if you’ve gone a certain amount of time without filing a claim, or if you’ve had a long-standing policy with the insurance provider. By putting in things like deadbolts, a burglar alarm, or a smoke detector, you can also reduce the cost of your policy.

Depending on the insurance company, some offer less frequent savings, such as a falling deductible or a discount for military service.

Options for Home Insurance Coverage in Oklahoma

Homeowners in Oklahoma may want to take into consideration extra coverage alternatives to safeguard themselves and their belongings in addition to the typical coverage types provided on home insurance policies:

#1. Flood Insurance

Typical homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage. For protection, you must purchase a flood insurance policy. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and a few commercial insurance companies both offer policies.

#2. Earthquake Coverage

As Oklahoma experiences more earthquakes, consider adding an earthquake endorsement to your policy. Most businesses provide this endorsement, which you may add to your homeowners’ policy for extra security. You could require different coverage if you live in a particularly high-risk location.

#3. Sewer Backup

Although sewer backup coverage on house insurance is optional, agents frequently recommend it strongly. If you encounter a backup of water or sewage in a drain line that results in water damage, the endorsement offers coverage. Although it can occur in any sewage or drain line, this damage is frequently found in basements or crawl spaces.

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Coverage Cost in Oklahoma?

The following are the typical coverages that come with your home insurance policy:

#1. Dwelling Coverage

Your home and any attached structures can be rebuilt with dwelling coverage. This covers protection for:

  • Walls
  • Stairs
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • And air conditioning is among the features to consider.

#2. Other Structures Coverage

Other structures are protected, which aids in safeguarding detached constructions on your land. This coverage could assist in covering the cost of fixing your backyard fence if a storm causes damage to it.

#3. Personal Property Insurance 

Personal property insurance can help safeguard your home’s possessions. Consider adding a valuable object blanket for your expensive or unique collectibles.

#4. Loss of Use Insurance

Loss of use insurance can assist in paying your temporary living costs if damage from an insured loss renders your home uninhabitable.** For instance, if a tornado damages a portion of your home, this will help cover the cost of hotel accommodations while the damage is being fixed.

#5. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance will aid in covering your legal defense costs and court verdicts while you’re being sued. For instance, if your pet bites a neighbor and sues you, this coverage may assist in paying for your legal costs.

#6. Medical Payment Insurance

If someone is hurt on your property, medical payment coverage will cover their immediate medical costs. For instance, this coverage could assist in protecting the guest’s medical costs if they get hurt while tripping down your steps and sue you.

The average yearly cost of OK home insurance, per the Insurance Information Institute (III), is about $1,885. However, there are a variety of elements that impact the price of your coverage, including:

  • Claims history
  • Pets
  • Kind of home
  • Credit score

Best Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance Companies

Here is the list of the best Oklahoma homeowners insurance you can use:

#1. Lemonade

Everything with Lemonade can be done online, including requesting coverage and making a claim. Lemonade’s certification as a B-Corp and the fact that policyholders can select a charity through its Giveback Program make it stand out in our ratings. This program will donate unclaimed money from you and other policyholders who selected your cause.

You can be eligible for a discount if you combine multiple Lemonade insurance products (for example, homeowners insurance with pet insurance) if you’ve been a customer for a long time, and if you’ve installed safety features like a deadbolt, home security system, or smoke detector in your house. Lemonade does not provide flooding and earthquake coverage in Oklahoma.

#2. Amica

Amica offers home business coverage as an add-on for people who operate from home. After a qualifying occurrence, this coverage may pay for the repair or replacement of office equipment in addition to offering specific work-related liability protection, like when inviting clients over for a meeting at your house. One of Amica’s unique advantages is the ability to select a dividend policy, allowing you to recoup up to 20% of your yearly premium.

Residents of Oklahoma can purchase earthquake and flood insurance, but it is a different policy. Additional coverage options include covering for valuables and identity theft. When you insure a new or renovated house, install a safety system, or go three years without making a claim, among other things, Amica offers savings on its homeowners insurance.

#3. USAA

Veterans, members of the military who are currently serving, and their families can get homeowners insurance from USAA. Identity theft is covered by USDA’s regular homeowners insurance, not as an add-on, which may please those wanting to sign up for homeowners insurance coverage in Oklahoma. In the state of Oklahoma, coverage for flooding and earthquakes is offered.

Discounts can be obtained by combining multiple insurance policies with USAA, installing security equipment, being a devoted client, going an extended period without filing a claim, and being a military member.

#4. Chubb 

Chubb’s Masterpiece Homes Coverage standard home insurance policy includes extended replacement costs, no-cost property appraisals, and water backup. Other noteworthy additions include HomeScan, which may help you find problems in your house, like damaged electrical wiring, and lock replacement if your keys are taken.

Chubb provides earthquake and flood insurance in Oklahoma. You can save money by combining your auto and house insurance policies. It should be noted that getting a quote requires speaking with an agent; online estimates are not offered.

#5. State Farm

Notably, among the businesses we looked at, State Farm had the most expensive average yearly rate for homeowners insurance in Oklahoma. Discounts are offered to lower the cost of a policy, such as for bundling your homes and vehicle insurance. In Oklahoma, having an impact-resistant roof also qualifies you for a discount.

While Oklahoma residents cannot purchase flood insurance, they can purchase earthquake coverage at an additional cost. The National Flood Insurance Program offers flood insurance to residents of Oklahoma. Additionally, coverage via State Farm may be offered if you’re looking for particular possessions or special items, such as objects connected to your hobbies, keepsakes, and your home and garden.

#6. Liberty Mutual

The homeowner insurance and coverage options provided by Liberty Mutual are very basic. You can choose replacement cost coverage for your possessions, which will reimburse the real cash value of your valuables if they are damaged or stolen.

Quite a few discounts are available in Oklahoma, such as reductions for new homes, claims-free, and several policies. By going paperless and setting up automated payments, you can reduce the cost of your insurance. Liberty Mutual offers earthquake and flood insurance to homeowners in Oklahoma.

#7. Nationwide 

Nationwide’s regular homeowner’s insurance policy includes credit card coverage, which covers up to a specified amount of fraudulent debit card or credit card transactions. Additionally, if a covered loss results in the option for Better Roof Replacement and Brand New Belongings coverage, you can have your home’s personal belongings restored or replaced with less depreciation if they are destroyed or stolen.

In Oklahoma, Nationwide provides coverage for earthquakes but not floods. However, other insurance choices in Oklahoma include extended replacement costs, water backup, identity theft, and high-value possessions coverage.

#8. Allstate

Homeowners insurance from Allstate, one of the biggest insurers in the U.S., offers a variety of options. Allstate will pair you up with a local agent who will guide you through the stages and address any questions you might have to make the claim filing process easier. While Oklahoma does offer flood insurance, it does not offer earthquake insurance.

Our data shows Oklahoma has the least expensive average yearly premium compared to its rival states. Combine your policies, install security measures, have a history of timely payments, or transfer to Allstate after a specific amount of time has passed without a claim. You may be eligible for one of the discounts offered by Allstate.

#9. Travellers

Your primary residence, any structures on your property, and personal property are all covered by traveller home insurance coverage. Additionally, coverage can be increased for expensive items like jewellery, and there are options for separate identity theft loss insurance policies. Travellers also cover the damage caused by earthquakes and floods. However, flood insurance is usually offered as a different policy.

Additionally, Travelers provides its customers with a variety of premium discount options. Discounts are available for bundling multiple policies, having a claim-free history for a predetermined amount of time, and installing safety measures like smoke alarms and home security systems.

How to Get the Cheapest Home Insurance Possible in Oklahoma

Even though home insurance in Oklahoma is not mandated by law like auto insurance is, you can still need a policy if your mortgage lender demands it. However, even if you own your house, most experts would advise buying enough coverage to safeguard your investment in a catastrophe.

It’s not hard to find the most significant house insurance in Oklahoma at a fair price. The following actions you can do while looking can help you get a policy at a price that works for you:

#1. Think About Your Needs

What factors are most significant to you while buying insurance? Low cost? High-quality client service? The option to modify your policy? Before shopping, a clear idea of what you want will help you select the business that will most meet your demands.

#2. Calculate the Price Tag if You Need to Rebuild

There is a replacement cost for your home, which is unlikely the same as what you paid. When comparing prices, knowing how much coverage you require is critical. If you’re unsure, an insurance representative can assist you in determining this sum.

#3. Consider Liability

 If someone is wounded while on your property, your policy will pay their medical and legal expenses. You should consider boosting your liability coverage if your house has a pool, trampoline, or other potentially dangerous structure.

#4. Examine the Companies that are Providing Oklahomans with the Best House Insurance Coverage

The insurance experts have assembled several companies that can write substantial policies, often affordable, providing additional advantages like outstanding customer service and strong financial standing. Even more, insurers might be discovered if you do your study.

#5. Get Estimates

Ask for quotations from several companies you’ve investigated online, over the phone, or in person. See who has the best rates by comparing pricing. To compare apples to apples, be sure you are asking for the same level of coverage from each firm.

#6. Benefit From all the Exclusive Offers Available to you

Every insurance provider provides a variety of discounts. You might qualify for some of the savings, but you might not for others. By chatting with your agent and carefully examining the discounts provided on the carrier’s website, you may maximise your savings the most. Bundling various policies, such as vehicle and home insurance, and improving your property’s safety can result in reductions.

#7. Take Action to Raise Your Credit Rating

If your credit score is low, your insurer will probably give you a higher quotation. Any action you take to raise it, such as paying off unpaid debt, may result in a higher rate. After gathering rates and selecting an insurer, you must complete an application form and establish your payment method. If you agree to have your payments automatically withdrawn from your account each month, some insurers will give you a discount. However, if you have a mortgage, your payments might be deducted from your escrow fund.

How Much Does Oklahoma Homeowner’s Insurance Cost?

In Oklahoma, homeowners insurance typically costs between $3,400 and $4,200 a year, according to our most recent analysis. Based on $100,000 in liability insurance and $200,000 in dwelling coverage. Your premiums, however, can change if your property is worth significantly more or less than $200,000 in value. In Oklahoma, for instance, our study indicates that $500,000 in dwelling coverage will typically cost between $6,400 and $10,000 a year.

The following factors, in addition to the value of the home, might influence the annual cost of home insurance:

  • How old your house is: The insurance cost is often lower for newly built residences.
  • The home’s construction style: Homes with wood frames often cost more to insure than those made of brick or stone.
  • Your history of claims:  Your rates will usually be higher if you’ve made a home insurance claim during the last three to five years.
  • Your financial history: Your premiums may also rise if you have terrible credit.
  • The property’s lost history: Your insurance premiums may increase if you recently bought your house and the previous owner made a claim against it during the last three to five years.

What is the Average Cost of up homeowners insurance in Oklahoma?

For a policy that covers $300,000 in dwelling value, homeowners insurance in Oklahoma costs, on average, $4,161 a year.

Has Homeowners Insurance Gone Up in Oklahoma?

According to the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner, customers’ premiums have climbed by 10 to 30 per cent, with some even higher.

Does Oklahoma Require Homeowners Insurance?

Home insurance is not required by law in Oklahoma, but if you finance your home, your lender may need you to have a homeowners insurance policy in place. The coverages in your policy are intended to protect your property and assets.

Why is Home Insurance so High in Oklahoma?

Factors Influencing Rising Premiums: “We’ve had some rough years in terms of weather, and we’ve had that in Oklahoma as well as some other states.” You also had supply chain concerns, inflation, and the like.

What is the Most Basic Insurance Policy?

A primary automobile insurance policy provides liability coverage. It assists in covering any harm you may do to other individuals or their property. Medical expenditures, property repair or replacement, and legal ramifications can involve this. Almost every state requires basic auto insurance coverage for all drivers.


Many homeowners place a high value on finding affordable home insurance. Comparison shopping is an excellent technique to obtain the coverage you require at the most affordable price by requesting numerous quotes from different insurers. To assist you in locating Oklahoma’s top homeowner’s insurance, we looked at typical prices.


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