Business Car Insurance: What Is It, How It Work & Best Optons

Business Car Insurance
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There is a prevalent misperception that standard personal automobile insurance policies extend coverage to include usage for business-related activities. Standard policies offer a lower level of protection compared to corporate car insurance. Continue reading to acquire further knowledge on the best business car insurance, its cost, and its comprehensive components.

Business Car Insurance 

A significant number of countries have enacted laws that require the procurement of business automobile insurance, also known as commercial vehicle insurance. Engaging in the operation of a motor vehicle, such as a car or van, for professional reasons serves as a means of safeguarding the individual.

Additionally, there is a commonly held misconception that typical personal automobile insurance policies provide coverage for business-related activities. Standard policies provide a somewhat reduced level of coverage in comparison to corporate automobile insurance.

Please continue with your reading to gain additional insights into the comprehensive elements of business insurance.

How Does Business Car Insurance work?

Similar to private auto insurance, commercial vehicle protection plans insure vehicles driven in the course of business. If you or a coworker are involved in an accident while driving a company car, this coverage will help pay for medical bills and other people’s property repairs.

Adding supplemental coverages like collision and comprehensive to your business auto insurance policy will help pay for the costs of fixing or replacing your company automobile in the event of an accident.

Types of Business Car Insurance

First-party coverage from commercial auto insurance protects your company from financial loss in the event of an auto accident. More so, third-party coverage, often known as liability, ensures that if an accident is caused by an insured party under your commercial policy, the other party’s property and medical bills will be covered.

First-party insurance, such as collision coverage, pays for damages to your commercial vehicle regardless of who was at fault in an accident. Also, the other primary form of first-party insurance covers losses to your commercial vehicle or fleet that are not the result of an accident, such as theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. Additional forms of commercial vehicle insurance include:

  • Liability insurance for vehicles that your company does not own or leases, in the event that an insured driver is at fault in an accident involving a rental or leased vehicle.
  • Regardless of who was at fault, coverage for physical damage to a rented or leased vehicle,
  • In the event of a collision, no matter who was at fault, medical payments insurance will take care of the costs associated with treating injured drivers and passengers.
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance covers property damage and medical costs incurred as a result of an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver.
  • In the event that a member of your team becomes stuck, roadside assistance coverage will pay for their towing, gas, tire change, and other mechanical needs.

Business Car Insurance costs 

The average annual cost for the most common business car insurance is as follows:

  • Budget between $600 and $2400 if you’re using a regular car for work.
  • From $4,000 to $8,000 for a limo
  • Van for transporting goods: $3300 – $6200
  • Cab fare: $2,500–$10,000
  • Owner-operator semi-truck costs can range from $8000 to $12,500.

Trusted Choice’s averages illustrate the broad variation in rates for commercial auto insurance.

The Cost Guys surveyed insurance agencies across the country to determine the typical yearly premium levels for commercial auto insurance, reporting the following figures:

  • From $574 to $1804 in California
  • From $2,562 to $3,370 in Florida
  • From $486 to $1,268 in Maine
  • From $5282 to $8,723 in Michigan
  • From $983 to $2271 in Minnesota
  • From $641 to $2,525 in Montana
  • $1136–$2205 in Oregon
  • State of Texas: $890 to $2594

It can be challenging to depend on these statistics because each firm needs a unique solution for commercial auto insurance. The Hartford found that the median premium for businesses across eight different industries was $55 per month or $662 per year.

Factors Affecting Commercial Auto Insurance Cost

Get a feel for the many factors that go into determining your auto insurance premium before you start shopping around.

  • Coverage is limited to a financial website. The Cost Guys point out that you may expect to pay more for your insurance if you need to insure more vehicles or more drivers for your company.
  • Coverage types and endorsements for commercial auto insurance can have a significant impact on your premium cost.
  • Increases in coverage limits reduce a company’s exposure to potential financial loss. However, the monthly or quarterly costs will increase with the addition of extra coverage.
  • A company’s claim history is a major factor in determining the cost of commercial auto insurance.
  • How much your fleet is worth: Your auto insurance premium will be lower if you only have one or two business vans to insure, as opposed to a fleet of 12 semi-trucks. Property damage coverage is often priced as a percentage of the total value of the fleet or vehicles insured under a commercial auto policy.
  • The size and kind of your commercial vehicles also play a role in determining how much you’ll pay for insurance. Large trucks are more capable of harm than regular delivery vehicles. According to Fit Small Business, commercial auto insurance premiums rise with increased mileage and interstate travel.
  • The location of the insured cars when parked is one factor that can affect commercial vehicle insurance rates. According to data compiled by The Hartford, insurance premiums for businesses located in high-crime, high-vandalism neighborhoods will be higher.
  • Insurance premiums can be kept to a minimum by selecting a greater deductible in the event of a claim.
  • Companies in higher-risk industries typically pay more for auto insurance than those in lower-risk industries.
  • Commercial auto insurance quotes can vary widely depending on a variety of factors, one of which is the total number of individuals on your payroll.

Best Business Car Insurance 

We rank the top commercial vehicle insurance providers for businesses of all sizes and in all industries, from sole proprietorships to construction firms. An explanation of how we selected and ranked these companies follows our ratings of the top business vehicle insurers. 

#1. Progressive

One of the best business truck insurance providers is Progressive, which also happens to be our top pick for commercial vehicle insurance. They offer discounts on several of their coverage types, help with filing claims by handling some of the paperwork for their clients, and provide a wide range of personalized customer care alternatives.


  • Costs can be lowered and safety levels raised with Progressive’s usage-based insurance scheme.
  • Provides one of the industry’s widest ranges of coverage options


  • A recent customer satisfaction study done during COVID found that they ranked slightly lower than competing insurers.
  • Standard coverages, including liability, physical vehicle damage, personal injury, medical costs, and uninsured or underinsured motorists, are all available through Progressive’s commercial auto policy options for a wide range of company vehicles. 

#2. NEXT

When looking for commercial auto insurance, Next Insurance is a more recent alternative. Next was established in 2015 with the intention of providing a more convenient and economical insurance solution for small businesses. Also, the company has earned the trust of over 300,000 small business customers in only a few short years and across all of its product lines.


  • Simplified online purchasing and administration of insurance policies
  • Affordable insurance packages are designed specifically for small enterprises.


  • Larger companies may outgrow the insurance policy’s restrictions on covered vehicles and drivers.
  • Unlike many of the industry’s top insurers, Next actually makes it fun and easy for people to buy insurance policies online. Customers can get an instant price from Next’s website after entering some basic information about their business and coverage requirements. 

#3.  biBERK

The Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group includes the internet insurance agency biBERK. The company, which has been operating since 2015, provides commercial clients with a range of insurance options, including commercial auto coverage.


  • Customers save money thanks to Biberk’s online business approach.
  • The A++ financial strength of Berkshire Hathaway Group backs its insurance products.


  • Neither rented nor owned automobiles are covered.
  • If your company has more intricate requirements, an online model may not be the best fit.
  • Bodily injury, property damage, medical payments, uninsured motorists, collisions, and comprehensive coverage are all available through biBERK for commercial cars. 

Why Do You Need Business Car Insurance?

Without commercial auto insurance, your firm could be held liable for any injuries or property damage caused by corporate vehicles. Also, without insurance, you could be responsible for costly medical care and legal representation in the event of an auto accident involving a company vehicle. If somebody in another car or on the property is hurt or sues you, you will have to foot the bill.

In the event of an accident, theft, vandalism, flood, fire, extreme weather, or animal contact while on the job, collision and comprehensive coverage from your business car insurance can assist in paying for repairs or a replacement vehicle.

Does Business Car Insurance Cover? 

Regular commuting to the same site is not covered by business car insurance, however driving to and from multiple offices or across the country for work is.

How Much Is Business Car Insurance per Month? 

The cost of business car insurance relies on a variety of variables, including the number of vehicles insured, their worth, and how they are put to use in the company’s operations. Commercial auto insurance for a small firm will cost roughly $147 per month or $1,762 per year.

How Can I Get Cheaper Business Car Insurance? 

Steps on how to reduce the cost of Business car insurance

  • Don’t go crazy with the insurance.
  • Invoice once a year
  • Raise the level of self-indulgence.
  • Accumulate a bonus for not filing claims.
  • Use caution when dealing with extras.
  • Put some more locks on your car.
  • Park in a safe, secure area.
  • Compare prices.

What Is the Difference Between Personal and Business Car Insurance? 

In most cases, business car insurance is more expensive than individual policies. That’s because, in the event of an accident, the limitations for commercial policies are typically much greater. Commercial insurance protects a company’s fleet of vehicles, while an individual policy covers only the driver.


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