The Best Home Insurance in Oklahoma for 2023

Home Insurance in Oklahoma
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It can be hard to find good home insurance in Oklahoma because of the high costs that come with hurricanes, quakes, hail, and storms. The cost of home insurance is higher in Oklahoma than in any other state. So, when you’re looking for insurance, you should compare prices and benefits to make sure that the policy you choose will protect your finances. We looked at rates from Oklahoma insurance companies to find the best Oklahoma home insurance. So, read on to learn about the best mobile home insurance rates in Oklahoma.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required in Oklahoma?

While it is not mandatory by law, Oklahoma does not require homeowners to have home insurance. However, if you are financing your home, your lender may have a requirement for you to obtain a homeowners insurance policy.

Best Home Insurance Oklahoma 

The best home insurance in Oklahoma includes the following:

#1. USAA 

USAA only offers insurance and banking services to people who are in or have been in the military, along with their families. If that sounds like you, USAA might be the first place you go. The company is known for having great customer service (though J.D. Power doesn’t officially rank them), being financially stable, and offering insurance protection that is specifically designed to meet the needs of military families. USAA writes insurance for renters, cars, personal goods, condos, and more, in addition to home insurance. The average price for USAA is also less than the average premium for the state.

#2. Amica 

As an extra, Amica lets you cover your home-based business if you work from home. The insurance can pay to fix or replace broken office tools after a covered event. It can also cover some work-related liability, like when you have business visitors in your home. One great thing about Amica is that you can pick a policy that makes dividends, which means you can get back up to 20% of your yearly fee.

People who live in Oklahoma can get earthquake and flood insurance, but it’s a different policy. You can get extra coverage for things like identity theft and valuable items. If you insure a new or refurbished house, put in a security system, or don’t file a claim for three years, among other things, Amica will lower your homeowners insurance rate.

#3. Liberty Mutual

This is something that most home insurance companies do, but Liberty Mutual goes above and beyond by giving you almost a dozen ways to save. Liberty Mutual encourages you to save by taking steps to protect your home from damage or loss, like setting up autopay and keeping a security system in place. You might also be able to get a discount if you have a roof check that tells you how likely it is that wind damage will happen. You can quickly get a lot of these savings, which can help make home insurance less expensive.

Liberty Mutual’s home insurance also covers your things at replacement cost, which means it will pay you the cost of a new item instead of the value of your used item minus how much it has lost in value over time.

#4. State Farm

State Farm is a well-known brand name because it is a Fortune 500 business that has been writing insurance policies for more than 100 years. It has the best grade from AM Best and comes in sixth place out of 19 companies surveyed by J.D. Power in 2022 for customer satisfaction. State Farm has 85 million members, so you can be sure that it can pay big claims when they happen.

A network of independent workers across the country writes policies for the company. There are digital tools like an app and a web portal, but this insurance company is better for people who like to deal with things in a more personal way. While it doesn’t have as many discounts as some of its rivals, State Farm’s big discount for bundling can save you up to $1,127 a year.

#5. American Ranchers and Farmers

American Farmers & Ranchers (AFR) is Oklahoma’s best local home insurance business. The business has been helping people in Oklahoma for more than 100 years, and its “Fast and Fair Claim Service” is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, there are more than 160 independent dealers spread out across the state, making it easy and convenient to get in touch with one. The Oklahoma insurance company American Farmers & Ranchers has the highest customer satisfaction score. This means that almost no complaints are made about the company, which means that most customers are happy with their experience.

The worst thing about the company is that you have to be a member of the nearest AFR chapter to get an insurance contract. On the other hand, the annual fees are pretty low—about $35 on average. The company also doesn’t give many discounts. The only ones are standard ones, like a multipolicy discount when you combine your home and auto insurance or a claims-free discount after a certain amount of time.

#6. Allstate 

There are a few different types of home insurance from Allstate, which is one of the biggest insurance companies in the U.S. That’s why Allstate will put you in touch with a local agent who can help you file your claim and answer any questions you may have. In Oklahoma, you can get flood insurance, but not earthquake insurance.

After looking into it, we found that Oklahoma has the cheapest average yearly premium compared to the other states we looked at. You may be able to get savings from Allstate if you combine your policies, put in safety devices, pay your bills on time, or switch to Allstate after not having a claim for a certain amount of time.

#7. Shelter

In Oklahoma, Shelter is the best home insurance business for covering big storms. A regular home insurance plan costs $1,566 a year, which is $131 a month. That’s 31% less than the average rate in the state.

Oklahoma is at risk for many things, like hurricanes, wildfires, and thunderstorms in the summer. Shelter gives coverage that is especially useful for claims related to bad weather, such as paying to have the debris removed and paying back the costs of the fire department. Shelter also has great customer service, with a score of 0.25 on the NAIC complaint index. This means that 75% fewer comments are made about the company than about the average company of the same size. One prominent disadvantage is that the company doesn’t offer many special discounts. Shelter doesn’t offer as many discounts as some other companies, but you can still save if you bundle multiple policies, buy a new house, and put in fire or security alarms.

Mobile Home Insurance Oklahoma 

Mobile home insurance is comparable to homeowners insurance, with the key distinction being that it provides specialized coverage specifically tailored for factory-built homes in Oklahoma. If you require insurance for a manufactured home or a modular home, it is important to find a reliable provider who can tailor a policy to suit your property’s specific requirements.

Types of Mobile Home Insurance Oklahoma

The various types of mobile home insurance in Oklahoma include the following:

#1. Contents

Contents coverage will pay for your things that aren’t built into or connected to your home, like clothes, furniture, and other personal items.

#2. Some Other Structures

In Other Structures, you can list any extra buildings that aren’t connected to your house, like sheds, borders, farmhouses, detached cars, and so on.

#3. Loss Of Use

If you can’t live in your home because of a covered loss, loss of use benefits will help pay for other living costs.

#4. Personal Liability

If someone or something gets hurt in your home because of an accident, personal liability will be there for you. Personal liability can help pay for a number of losses that are covered.

#5. Dwelling

This insurance helps protect the structure of your house, built-in appliances, and entire wall carpet from damage.

#6. Earthquake Insurance

This earthquake insurance gives you extra protection in case of an earthquake and its harm. There may be a different deductible.

Home Insurance Oklahoma Rates

When considering homeowner’s insurance, it is important to be aware of the average cost across the nation. According to recent data, the average annual cost of homeowners insurance is approximately $1,428. This figure takes into account a dwelling coverage amount of $250,000. Understanding these average costs can provide homeowners with a benchmark to assess their own insurance needs and budget accordingly. In the state of Oklahoma, homeowners are required to pay an annual amount of $3,659 in order to maintain the same level of coverage for their properties. This translates to an approximate monthly cost of $305, which homeowners must allocate from their budgets to ensure the protection and security of their homes.

What Is the Most Common Type of Homeowners Insurance?

HO-3. The HO-3 Special Form policy is the most prevalent type of homeowner’s insurance. It covers your home, your belongings, your liability, extra living costs, and medical bills.

Why Is Oklahoma Home Insurance So Expensive?

Oklahoma residents face the second-highest home insurance rates in the U.S. due to the state’s location in Tornado Alley, a region known for its frequent tornado activity. The residents face an increased risk of wind, hail, and flood events, which in turn leads to higher home insurance premiums.

What Insurance Is Most Overlooked?

Umbrella liability insurance. Even though umbrella liability is helpful, a lot of people don’t get it because it’s too expensive or they think they don’t need it. Personal injury liability is the umbrella liability policy that people forget about the most.

What Is the Hardest Type of Insurance to Sell?

Life insurance. When purchasing a policy of life insurance, don’t assume you have a sure sale, even if the prospect seems like a sure thing. Selling life insurance is notoriously challenging. It’s a tough initial step just to get a prospect to admit and talk about the reality that they’re going to die.


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