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Encompass Insurance
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Allstate Insurance, well known as the “good hands” firm, has a subsidiary called Encompass Insurance. Similar to Allstate, Encompass promotes its policies through a network of independent agents. In addition to their focus on home and auto insurance bundles, Encompass also offers auto, boat, RV, motorcycle, and home-based business insurance, as well as personal umbrella policies. In this article, we will discuss the full review of Encompass homeowner insurance, its cost, and its comparison with State Farm.

Encompass Insurance Overview: History

Encompass, like many other insurance companies, has a long history that gradually shifted to a focus on auto insurance. Originally established in New York City under the name “Caledonian Insurance Company” in 1897, Encompass Insurance has a long and storied history. In its early years, the company’s primary concentration was on providing fire insurance. As the use of automobiles became more widespread, Encompass diversified its offerings to include auto insurance.

In 1969, the then-powerful Continental Corporation purchased Caledonian Insurance. The Continental Corporation kept it alive as its own brand with its own line of goods.  The insurance and financial services firm CNA Financial bought out Continental Corporation. After the merger, CNA Financial rebranded all of its insurance operations under the CNA name. The company’s “Encompass Insurance” name was launched in 1999 after it merged with other insurance companies, such as the former Caledonian Insurance Company.

In the year 2000, Allstate, one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States, purchased the personal lines insurance division of CNA Financial, which included the Encompass Insurance brand. Allstate’s product lines and customer base grew thanks to the acquisition, and Encompass was absorbed into the company as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

How Does Encompass Insurance Company Work?

Encompass Insurance is a subsidiary of Allstate Corporation, one of the largest insurance providers in the United States. They specialize in providing personal insurance coverage, including auto, home, and umbrella policies. The company works by offering various insurance products tailored to individual needs.

Furthermore, customers can obtain insurance coverage by contacting Encompass directly or through licensed insurance agents. To begin, customers typically request a quote based on their specific requirements, such as the type of coverage needed, the value of their assets, and their personal information. Encompass assesses these details to determine the appropriate coverage and premium rates.

Once a policy is activated, customers pay regular premiums to maintain coverage. In the event of a covered loss, policyholders can file a claim with Encompass. The company’s claims department evaluates the claim, assesses the damages, and processes the payout based on the terms and conditions outlined in the policy.

Encompass also emphasizes customer service, providing assistance and guidance throughout the claims process. They aim to ensure their policyholders receive the support they need during challenging situations. Additionally, Encompass may offer discounts and incentives to policyholders, encouraging long-term customer relationships and loyalty. In addition, the company operates by balancing personalized customer service with sound insurance practices, aiming to protect its clients’ assets and provide financial security.

What Does Encompass Insurance Company Cover?

Encompass Insurance provides a range of coverage options to protect individuals and their assets. Their offerings include:

  • Auto Insurance: Encompass offers coverage for vehicles, protecting policyholders against damages, accidents, and liability. This can include collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, liability insurance, and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Home Insurance: Encompass provides homeowners insurance, covering the physical structure of the home, personal belongings, liability protection, and additional living expenses in case of temporary displacement. Home insurance policies can also cover other structures on the property, like garages or sheds.
  • Renters Insurance: For individuals renting a home or apartment, Encompass offers renters insurance, which protects personal belongings, liability, and additional living expenses in case of covered events.
  • Condo Insurance: Condo insurance is tailored for condominium owners, covering their personal property, the interior structure of their unit, liability, and additional living expenses in case of covered events.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Encompass offers umbrella insurance policies that provide additional liability coverage beyond the limits of other insurance policies, such as home or auto insurance. This extra protection is valuable in the event of a lawsuit or a major liability claim.
  • Valuable Items Coverage: Encompass may offer specialized coverage for high-value items such as jewelry, art, antiques, or collectibles, ensuring these items are adequately protected.

It’s important to note that the specific coverage options and policy details can vary based on the individual’s needs, the type of policy purchased, and applicable state laws and regulations. Therefore, it’s advisable for potential policyholders to consult with Encompass agents or representatives to customize their coverage according to their requirements.

Is Encompass a Sustainable Company?

Unfortunately, Encompass Insurance does not share any details about its internal sustainability initiatives. After acquiring CNA’s personal lines insurance business in 2000, Allstate Insurance Company rebranded the company as Encompass.

In 2021, Allstate employees and agents contributed over $44 million and over 92,000 volunteer hours to the Allstate Foundation. The organization’s goals include strengthening young people, ending cycles of abuse in relationships, promoting racial equality, and increasing the influence and capacity of organizations and community leaders. In 2021, Allstate donated more than $6 million to charitable organizations.

Encompass Insurance Cost

While the cost of premiums for certain of Encompass Insurance’s products may be high, the company does provide a diverse selection of coverage and inexpensive options for bundling.

The Encompass website does not have a price calculator. To acquire a price, prospective drivers and homeowners must get in touch with one of the company’s independent brokers. You can save money on auto insurance with Encompass by taking advantage of one of their many discounts, such as the resident student discount, new car discount, or safe driver bonus. Similar reductions may be available for homeowners who either install a security system or whose homes are younger than 49 years old.

If you bundle your auto and home insurance, for example, you may be eligible for discounts on both the prices and deductibles, in addition to other perks.

Encompass Discounts

Take a peek at these specials that Encompass has available on auto and home insurance.

  • Safe Driving Bonus: Encompass will automatically provide a 5% discount on your next insurance cost if no drivers on your policy have had any chargeable accidents for 12 consecutive months.   
  • Future Effective Date: Start a new plan earlier than seven days before it kicks in. 
  • Encompass Easy Pay: Set up automatic payments to cover your premiums. 
  • Good Payer Discount: If Encompass has not sent you a termination notice due to nonpayment within the past 12 months, you are automatically qualified and will continue to receive the discount. 
  • Anti-theft Device Discount: If your vehicle has been fitted with a certified anti-theft device, such as VIN etching or an alarm, you will be eligible for a reduction in your comprehensive insurance premiums. 
  • Good Student Discount: To be eligible, you must have a GPA of 3.0 (B) or higher. Also, an official transcript once a year is required as proof of the GPA.
  • Driver Training Discount: To qualify, drivers under 21 must have completed driver education and accrued a certain number of driving hours. 
  • EncompassOne Bundle: Combine your auto and homeowner’s insurance under one plan and save money on both premiums and deductibles. Also, there are three tiers of protection to pick from (Special, Deluxe, and Elite).
  • Homeowners Discount: Owning a single-family dwelling, multi-family dwelling, or mobile home qualifies you for the discount.

How to File a Claim with Encompass

Here are the steps to take while submitting a claim to Encompass Insurance:

Step 1

If you have suffered a loss, please contact Encompass Insurance at 1-800-588-7400. The time and nature of the occurrence, as well as any supporting paperwork, must be at hand.

Step 2

When you first contact the claims department after reporting a loss, a representative will get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have and figure out how to proceed.

Step 3

An Encompass adjuster will inspect the damage and determine how much it will cost to make the necessary repairs or replacements. However, in order to do this properly, it may be necessary to physically inspect the scene of the accident.

Step 4

Resolution through Dialogue: After the adjuster finishes their assessment, a member of the claims team will meet with you to go over the damage estimate and settlement. You can expect them to investigate the specifics of your policy in order to award you the benefits and compensation to which you are legally entitled.

Step 5

Once a damage assessment and settlement have been agreed upon, the appropriate paperwork must be completed and payment made. You should expect to get the paperwork required to file a claim from Encompass Insurance. This paperwork may include a release or a claim settlement form. They will also handle the settlement payment process if necessary. The claims department will now answer any remaining questions or address any remaining issues you have.

Overview of Encompass Insurance Homeowners

Although Encompass does provide more discounts for homeowners insurance than its competitors, the base costs are still higher than normal. Homeowners looking for less expensive insurance solutions may want to think about this.

Encompass provides homeowner’s insurance through its Encompass One coverage, which comes in three tiers: Special, Deluxe, and Elite. The coverage, savings, and maximum payouts vary widely amongst the various tiers. The Deluxe and Elite plans include 200% extended residence coverage, which offers extra security for homeowners.

Some homeowners may find the inability to file claims electronically a major drawback of Encompass home insurance, as highlighted in customer reviews. However, the company’s goal is to make filing claims as easy as possible with their helpful customer care staff.

Basic Encompass Homeowner Insurance: What It Covers

To safeguard your home, its valuables, and your legal interests, all Encompass plans come standard with the following six insurance types:

  • Personal property coverage: Pays to repair or replace your personal belongings after a covered loss, including furniture, clothing, tech gadgets, and other stuff you own.
  • Loss of use coverage: Pays for hotel stays, restaurant bills, pet boarding fees, and other temporary living expenses after a covered loss if you need to live elsewhere while your home is being rebuilt.
  • Medical payments coverage: Pays for small-dollar medical bills if someone is injured while at your home, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Dwelling coverage: Pays to repair or rebuild the structure of your home after a covered loss.
  • Personal liability coverage: Pays for legal and medical expenses if someone is injured or their belongings are damaged while at your home and you’re found legally responsible.
  • Other structure coverage: Pays to repair or rebuild other structures on your property not connected to your home, including detached garages, storage sheds, and fencing.

Additional Coverages Offered

The following coverages are either included or can be added to your Encompass homeowners insurance policy for an additional cost: 

  • Affordability assurance for your home’s replacement: Covers the total cost of repair or replacement of your house in the event of a covered loss, up to the policy maximum.
  • Extended price of replacement: Covers up to twice as much of your home’s value in repairs and rebuilding expenses should your standard policy limits be exhausted by a covered loss.  
  • Flood protection: Prevents flooding in the event of a sump pump failure or a backed-up sewer.
  • The use of more fur and jewelry: Provides up to $10,000 of coverage for jewelry and furs with no additional premiums, riders, or deductibles. Even if they are stolen or lost, they are protected, which is not the case with most homeowner’s policies.
  • Increased Miscellaneous Expenditures: In the event of a covered loss that forces you to temporarily relocate, your insurance will pay for your reasonable and necessary hotel, restaurant, and other living expenses, with no time or monetary limits.

How Much Does Encompass Homeowner Insurance Cost?

According to the rate statistics provided by Policygenius, the average annual cost of Encompass homeowner’s insurance for $300,000 in dwelling coverage is $2,420. That’s around 24% more than the average in the United States. Remember that your actual premiums will differ depending on criteria such as your location, policy limits, coverages, and claims history.

What to Expect With Encompass Homeowners Insurance

  • The Quote-Getting Process. Both Policygenius and your local Encompass agent can provide you with a quote for home insurance coverage.
  • Services option to customers. A customer support representative from Encompass can be reached via phone at 800-588-7400, via your online account, or via this online form.
  • Tips for Making a Claim. Make sure you have your policy number ready when you call 800-588-7400 to file a claim with Encompass Homeowners Insurance.
  • How to cancel your policy. You can cancel your Encompass homeowners insurance policy by contacting your local Encompass agent; their contact information should be on your home insurance policy’s declarations page.

Encompass Insurance Customer Service

Customers can count on nothing less than stellar service from Encompass Insurance. If you need help, have questions, or want to file a claim, you can do so using a number of different methods that they make available to you. The following is an outline of Encompass’s insurance customer service and how to contact them:

#1. Online Contact Form

To get in touch with Encompass Insurance, go to their website and use the online form there. Just let us know who you are, how to reach you, and what it is you want answered. Typically, you may expect a reply from Encompass within two to four business days.

#2. Encompass Independent Agents

If you have questions or concerns about your policy, an independent insurance agent from Encompass’s network can help. Throughout your life, your Encompass Independent Agent will be there to help you choose the most suitable insurance options for you and your family. If you don’t already have insurance through Encompass, you can use the company’s “agency locator” to find a local independent agent.

#3. MyEncompass Account

You can access your MyEncompass account 24/7 if you are a current policyholder with Encompass. You can use this hub to get in touch with Encompass support agents, view your policy details, and pay your premiums.

#4. Payments

Several payment methods are available through Encompass. You can send a check or money order to the address listed on their website. There is also the option of making payments online or setting up recurring charges on your credit card through your MyEncompass account.

Note that the contact choices and availability may differ depending on where you live; for the most up-to-date and correct contact information, please refer to your policy paperwork.

Overview of Encompass Auto Insurance

Encompass Auto Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for vehicles, safeguarding policyholders against a variety of risks on the road. Their auto insurance policies typically include:

  • Liability Coverage: Protects against bodily injury and property damage liability, covering medical expenses and property repair costs if the policyholder is at fault in an accident.
  • Collision Coverage: Pays for repairs to the policyholder’s vehicle in the event of a collision, regardless of fault. This coverage is particularly valuable for accidents involving other vehicles or objects.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers non-collision-related damages, such as theft, vandalism, natural disasters, or hitting an animal. It provides financial protection for a range of incidents that can damage the vehicle.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Protects the policyholder if involved in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have insurance or lacks sufficient coverage. This ensures that medical and repair expenses are covered even if the at-fault party is uninsured or underinsured.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Helps pay for medical expenses related to injuries sustained in an accident, regardless of fault. It can cover medical bills, hospital stays, and even funeral expenses in some cases.
  • Roadside Assistance: Many Encompass Auto Insurance policies offer optional roadside assistance, providing services like towing, fuel delivery, and locksmith services in case of emergencies.

Encompass emphasizes personalized customer service, guiding clients through the claims process efficiently and offering support when accidents occur. Their auto insurance policies are tailored to meet individual needs, providing peace of mind on the road.

Encompass Auto Insurance Pros and Cons

Those looking to combine auto and homeowner insurance under one policy will find the Encompass plan to be the most attractive option. The insurer’s auto insurance packages feature both universal and customizable coverage options. Despite the high cost of insurance, policyholders can save money by bundling their policies, switching to a safer driver, and so on.

Bundling home, auto, and moreNot available in some states
Numerous available discountsExpensive rates for some
Extensive coverage optionsRideshare insurance not offered

How Much Does Encompass Auto Insurance Cost Per Month?

The average annual premium for Encompass auto insurance is $2,640, or $220 per month. Rates for auto insurance policies vary widely from one person to the next from one state to the next and from one city to the next. Insurance costs more for drivers with a history of traffic violations or accidents.

What Auto Insurance Discounts Does Encompass Offer?

Encompass’s customers can save money in a number of ways, including discounts for bundling, safe drivers, and multiple policies. We provide a variety of discounts for things like safe driving, enrolling in Encompass Easy Pay®, buying a new car, being a homeowner, being a prompt or on-time payer, completing a defensive driving course, having antilock brakes, antitheft devices, passive restraints, being a good student, and more.

Encompass Insurance vs State Farm: Full Comparison

  • In comparison to Encompass, State Farm’s rates are far more reasonable.
  • The discounts offered by Encompass may be more beneficial than those of State Farm.
  • For drivers with less-than-perfect credit, State Farm is often a significantly more affordable option.

Here are the top comparisons between Encompass and State Farm:

#1. Encompass vs. State Farm: Which Company Has the Cheapest Car Insurance?

You’ve decided to look into switching to a new insurance provider. You’ve definitely seen advertising and billboards from firms promising significant savings, but how much money would you actually save if you switch?

You’ve done your research and think your top two choices are Encompass and State Farm, but which insurer will provide the greatest savings?

Encompass State Farm

When comparing rates across the country, State Farm is typically 65% less per month than Encompass.

But that doesn’t mean everyone can count on saving money by switching to State Farm. After all, insurance companies have considerable leeway in setting premiums for different drivers based on several rating elements, such as age, location, driving history, and credit score. As a result, there is a wide range in pricing from one provider to the next.

#2. Encompass vs. State Farm: Which is the Best Company For Young Drivers?

EncompassState Farm
18-year-old drivers$1,144$353
25-year-old drivers$373$142

Auto insurance premiums for young drivers, especially teenagers, are notoriously high. Teen drivers are statistically significantly more likely to cause collisions and other accidents that result in insurance claims, which is the reason for this.

However, there are methods for juvenile drivers to cut costs despite what may seem like exorbitant premiums. In the table above, State Farm’s rates for 18-year-old drivers are nearly 70 percent lower than Encompass’.

Nonetheless, once you hit 25, your rates will drop dramatically with both providers. To give just two examples, State Farm’s prices have gone down by more than $200 and the average premium paid by an Encompass customer has dropped by more than $500.

#3. Encompass vs. State Farm: Which is the Best Company for Retired Drivers?

EncompassState Farm
65+-year-old drivers$335$111

Drivers around retirement age pay some of the lowest premiums anywhere because of their years behind the wheel combined with their patience and experience.

Which firm, then, provides the greatest deals for retired motorists? State Farm has lower average monthly rates than Encompass does, at roughly $111 compared to $335.

#4. Encompass vs. State Farm: Discounts

No matter your motivation for shopping for new auto insurance, you should always prioritize minimizing your premium costs by qualifying for and making use of any available discounts.

However, it might be challenging to identify the carrier that offers the most discounts suitable to your individual driving profile and to locate all the reductions to which you are entitled.

To save you time, we compared the discounts offered by Encompass and State Farm to determine which company provides the best savings opportunities and to help you determine which of those savings opportunities may be applicable to you.

EncompassState Farm
ABS DiscountYesYes
Advance Quote DiscountNo Yes
Annual Mileage DiscountNoYes
Anti-Theft DiscountYesYes
Defensive Driver DiscountYesYes
Distant Student DiscountYesYes
Drive Safe & Save DiscountNoYes
Good Student DiscountYesYes
Goverment Employee DiscountNoYes
Group DiscountYesNo
Homeowner DiscountYesYes

When comparing the total number of discounts, Encompass comes out on top. 

Both organizations provide some discounts, but Encompass goes above and beyond by also providing early quotes, electronic funds transfers, employee discounts, and other specials.

State Farm, on the other hand, offers its own set of discounts, such as those for low mileage, safe driving, and farming.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, insuring your car, home, and belongings with Encompass Insurance is simple and cost-effective. If you need particular restrictions on each form of coverage they offer, they offer separate plans for each. Overall, if you’re looking to bundle your insurance products, we advise going with Encompass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Encompass a reputable company?

Encompass has an excellent reputation thanks to its A.M. Best and Better Business Bureau rankings. The insurance company has a low rate of customer complaints.

Who owns Encompass Insurance?

Allstate is the most prominent provider of house insurance in the USA, and Encompass is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Allstate. While its parent firm sells inexpensive plans for first-time purchasers, Encompass offers more individualized services.

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