Best Homeowners Insurance New Jersey 
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It is critical to protect your home from natural calamities. Obviously, this is why homeowner’s insurance is required. This coverage protects against fire, theft, and smoke damage. However, when selecting a home insurance provider in New Jersey, finding the right fit for your needs is critical. In addition, we will look at some of the best homeowners insurance in New Jersey in this post.

Best Homeowners Insurance New Jersey 

New Jersey residents have much to worry about when protecting their homes from the unexpected, from hurricanes to flooding to a few high-crime regions. Homeowners insurance can reduce stress by covering the cost of repairs or replacements to your home and its contents in case of a covered loss.

Getting the best rate on home insurance is essential. Therefore, it’s necessary to do your research before settling on a provider. According to the statistics, Liberty Mutual, Amica, and Allstate are some of the best homeowners insurance providers in New Jersey.

#1. Liberty Mutual

Indeed, Liberty Mutual Homeowners Insurance protects your home against some unforeseen events. Liberty Mutual covers anything from break-ins to natural disasters to emergency home repairs. They provide a 24-hour service that dispatches a technician to the situation so you can safely return home. For home insurance, Liberty Mutual offers reasonable prices and rebates.

Liberty, one of the nation’s largest homeowners insurance carriers, offers alternatives such as Preferred Risk, designed to lower your premium by ensuring you won’t need to file a claim before coverage begins.

#2. Allstate

Allstate is easily one of the most famous names in the insurance industry, with massive TV commercials running nationwide for years. However, you should not disregard Allstate as another insurance behemoth that will treat you as if you were a number. Allstate ranks highly in terms of coverage, convenience, and discounts. The actual value, however, is that Allstate has an excellent network of agents who understand the peculiarities of their areas and the coverage and service their customers require.

Customers love Allstate, especially its local agents, and J.D. Power and Associates highly rate the company. Like most major national insurance firms, Allstate has some advantages they may pass on to their customers, such as offering them various discounts they may be eligible for and assisting them in saving money on their premiums.

#3. Amica

Since 1907, Amica Insurance Company has provided dependable home insurance services. Optional housing replacement, autopay discounts, claims-free discounts, electronic billing discounts, and other benefits are widespread.

Customers prefer Amica because of its excellent customer service. You can contact an Amica representative via their website, email, or phone if you have any questions or issues. Amica does not use agents to market insurance so that you will receive accurate facts rather than fluff.

Top organizations and agencies like the Better Business Bureau, J.D. Power, and the American credit rating company A.M. Best give Amica high marks. Obtaining homeowner’s insurance may be an additional expense. However, it provides a safety net in the event of the unexpected. Amica does not have a loyalty program, but its courteous customer service keeps customers returning.

#4. Travelers

Because Travelers offers different deductible alternatives, homeowners may choose how much they wish to spend on premiums. If you select a $10,000 deductible rather than any other deductible amount the provider offers, your policy’s premium will be significantly lower. It also has the perk that, for every year you maintain your insurance, it lowers your deductible by $100 without increasing the cost of your insurance.

#5. Progressive

Though Progressive does not issue its own homeowners insurance policy, it does offer an online tool to help potential consumers locate the appropriate partner company. Progressive’s underwriting company, Homesite, gives out this sample price. The underwriting partnership may cause problems with customer service and claim processing. Still, for individuals with Progressive vehicle insurance coverage, it may be worth taking advantage of some of the best home-and-auto bundle savings and advantages.

#6. NJM

Until recently, only specific demographics qualified for New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance (NJM). NJM, on the other hand, expanded its services in 2018 to provide auto, renters, homeowners, and umbrella insurance to individuals living in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania without regard to membership.

Unlike traditional insurance businesses that sell policies through agents, NJM sells policies directly to customers via phone and web channels. NJM pays dividends and premium credits to New Jersey policyholders as a stock business. While these payments are not guaranteed, NJM has a solid financial base and a track record of paying both dividends and premium credits to its policyholders.

Furthermore, NJM provides more endorsements than most competitors, which gives additional coverage for New Jersey homeowners, such as water backup and sump pump failure, equipment breakdown, and identity theft. These endorsements allow clients to personalize their coverage and guarantee they have the necessary protection.

#7. USAA

Overall, USAA values America’s veterans and prioritizes safeguarding them and their families. USAA prioritizes the requirements of veterans because the company understands there may be subtle but important distinctions between veteran needs and civilian needs. USAA will work with you to tailor your coverage at an affordable price.

Most weather-related situations, liability, theft, and other things are covered. Although USAA does not provide as many discounts as its insurance competitors, its base coverage plan contains policies that would cost extra at other firms.

#8. Lemonade

Lemonade offers affordable policies, starting at $25 monthly for basic coverage. One of the reasons their rates are generally low is that they use artificial intelligence (AI), which pulls data from public insurance records and calculates the risk of a particular property and its area to generate a quote. Instead of using insurance agents, Lemonade customers can set up accounts, file claims, and change their policies through the Lemonade mobile app.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance New Jersey

Allstate provides the cheapest home insurance rates in New Jersey, with an average monthly premium of $61. Chubb comes in second at $76, and NJM is third at $81. Quadrant Information Services supplied non-binding estimates for the average rates. Your rates may differ.

#1. Allstate

Allstate has some of the most affordable insurance rates in New Jersey, starting at $1,025 per year or $85 per month. This is 25% less than the statewide average of $1,359 a year.

Flooding and wind damage from future hurricanes or marine storms concern coastal life. As a partner business with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), Allstate makes purchasing flood insurance coverage through an Allstate agent simple.

Similar policies, like Allstate home insurance, also cover damage from coastal storms caused by water, ice, lightning, power surges, wind, and hail.

The most noticeable disadvantage of Allstate is its lack of distinctive offers. The company provides primary insurance savings such as a loyalty discount, an early signing discount, and a multi-policy discount. Still, there are no other significant discounts that might help most homeowners.

#2. NJM

At $802 per year or $67 per month, NJM has the cheapest rate for average home insurance coverage. This is $557 less than the statewide average of $1,359 across all companies in New Jersey. The company has a perfect score of 0.07 on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Complaint Index, which means it receives almost no consumer complaints.

NJM provides a wide range of policy add-ons that other firms rarely offer, such as:

  • Mold protection
  • Property insurance for relatives in assisted care facilities
  • Earthquake coverage
  • HOA liability insurance
  • Coverage for precious things stored in a different facility

The company’s absence of discounts is its major disadvantage. NJM does, however, provide some unusual discounts, such as owning an automatic backup generator, being 65 or older, and installing impact-resistant windows.

#3. Chubb

Chubb is New Jersey’s top insurance company for high-net-worth households and high-value homes. The company provides higher coverage levels than competitors and a cash settlement alternative for homeowners who do not wish to fix their homes. Chubb’s average annual rate is $1,244 annually, $115 less than the statewide average.

The company’s regular package includes special coverages such as security risk assessment and cyber insurance. In addition to providing comprehensive coverage, Chubb is well-known for providing excellent customer service and a simple claims process. According to the NAIC Complaint Index, the company received 30% fewer consumer complaints than the average insurer of its size.

However, Chubb home insurance frequently mandates minimum coverage amounts much greater than the value of many properties. That means that if the worth of your home isn’t high, a basic policy may be more expensive than competitors.

What Is the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in NJ? 

New Jersey’s average annual home insurance premium is $1,299, or $108 monthly.

Is Home Owner Insurance Required in NJ? 

Home insurance is not required by law in New Jersey, but if you finance your home, your lender may demand you have one. The coverage in your insurance protects your property and assets.

What Is the Most Common Homeowner Insurance? 

Storm with gusts of wind and hail. Wind and hail are responsible for 45.5% of all homeowner insurance claims.

What Is the 80% Rule in Insurance? 

According to the 80% rule, homeowners’ insurance will only pay 100% of a home’s replacement cost if the policyholder has enough insurance to cover at least 80% of the building’s replacement cost.

What Is the Cheapest Homeowner Insurance in New Jersey? 

Allstate provides the cheapest home insurance rates in New Jersey, with an average monthly premium of $61. Chubb comes in second at $76, and NJM is third at $81. 

What Happens If You Don’t Get Home Insurance? 

You wouldn’t be able to file a claim if you didn’t have a policy, and you’d have to foot the expense yourself, which may be far more significant than the insurance cost. If you’re purchasing a home with a mortgage, your loan may be denied unless your bricks and mortar are insured.

Is NJM Good With Claims? 

In the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Car Claims Satisfaction Study, NJM placed second for consumer satisfaction with its car claims experience. NJM makes it simple to file a claim by using your online account or calling its 24-hour helpline.

What Is the Most Basic Homeowners Insurance Policy?


The HO-3 Special Form policy, which covers your home, personal property, liability, supplementary living expenses, and medical payments, is the most prevalent type of homeowners insurance.


In summary, homeowners insurance can protect you against specific types of weather, such as fire, lightning, wind, or hail, in addition to guarding against fallen trees and vandalism. Your homeowners’ insurance may cover meals and alternate accommodations if you cannot remain home due to covered damages. To find the best homeowners insurance in New Jersey, compare different companies.

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