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Renters insurance is a type of insurance that covers you and your possessions while you rent a home or apartment. Its narrow scope makes it quite affordable. If you need to know everything about renters insurance in Maryland, then this article is for you. I explained everything you need to know about it, including the cost. I also added a list of some of the cheap renters insurance companies you can opt for in Maryland. Enjoy the ride!

Renters Insurance in Maryland

It is recommended that renters in Maryland carry renters insurance. The value of your belongings and the level of coverage you want will determine how much your renters insurance will cost. This kind of insurance typically covers liabilities in the event that a guest is hurt on your property as well as losses resulting from theft, fire, or vandalism to your personal belongings.

Before investing in renters insurance, it is important to figure out how much your things are worth and how much coverage you need. You’ll be able to save money by doing this. Make sure the renters insurance policy you choose provides adequate coverage for your needs and is within your budget.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover in Maryland?

The typical renters insurance policy in Maryland includes coverage for medical expenses, loss of usage, liability, and theft. However, the standard policy remains unchanged from what it delivers, regardless of the state. The ability to customize your policy to meet your needs and add any endorsements or add-ons you may want to buy for extra coverage or protection is what sets basic insurance apart.

Thus, the typical coverage consists of:

#1. Liability Coverage

Liability shields you from claims from anyone who claims you or your family caused them property damage or bodily harm. Liability extends to your defense in court.

#2. Coverage for Personal Property

This reimburses for the cost of replacing or repairing lost or stolen items as well as damage from wind, fire, smoke, and other risks that your policy may cover. A basic policy’s theft coverage protects your belongings in more ways than just the event of a break-in or burglary. Coverage extends to the outdoors as well. You won’t have to worry if your laptop gets taken when you’re thousands of miles away on vacation.

#3. Loss of Use

This policy pays for essential living expenditures and short-term housing costs in the event that fire, smoke, or strong winds cause damage to your rental property that prevents you from residing there.

#4. Medical Claims

Regardless of fault, this coverage covers medical expenses in the event that someone is hurt physically while residing on your rental property.

Essentials of Renters Insurance Coverage

Before making a purchase, consider the following fundamental facts concerning renters insurance.

#1. Deductible

The amount you have to pay out-of-pocket before your insurance company will cover losses on your behalf is known as your deductible. You have the option of selecting a deductible.

#2. Cash Value Or Replacement Cost

Generally, insurance policies offer replacement cost and cash value coverage. The amount of money your belongings would genuinely bring in if you sold them in the state they are in is what cash value coverage provides. You can replace the products with a new item of comparable style and quality by purchasing replacement cost coverage, which provides you with that amount of money. You’ll have to figure out the specifics of your policy’s layout to ensure it provides the level of protection you require.

#3. Examine the fine print

It’s also critical that you understand the events that your renters insurance policy covers, just like you should with any contract. For example, certain insurance excludes coverage for sewer backups and floods. Before deciding to buy insurance, be sure you understand exactly what each one covers.

The next section will provide you with information on the top renters insurance providers so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Best Renters Insurance Companies in Maryland

The following are the best renters insurance companies in Maryland:

#1. Lemonade 

Lemonade uses just AI, so all of its services, such as getting quotes, purchasing insurance, and filing claims, can be done instantly through the website or mobile app. Lemonade is a great option for residents of Maryland because of its user-friendly website and its FAQ section, which answers many of the issues you might have before registering.

Lemonade provides a range of insurance at starting monthly rates, starting at $5. The coverage you select will determine how much the plan will cost overall, so before enrolling, think about what is most appropriate for you. The streamlined Android and iOS app from Lemonade is the most convenient method to submit a claim whenever it’s most convenient for you, eliminating wasted time. According to Lemonade, it instantly handles 30% of claims.

#2. Erie 

When it comes to full coverage insurance in Maryland, Erie Insurance is one of the top choices. There are three distinct bundles available that provide great customization options along with numerous opportunities to save money through discounts and bundling.

The ErieSecure Tenant is the name of Erie’s fundamental policy. This provides peace of mind for globetrotters by covering their possessions anywhere in the world. The enhanced liability protection that shields you against cyberbullying, discrimination, and slander is also standard.


GEICO renters insurance products encompass both standard rental insurance and optional coverages, including medical and legal support in the event that a visitor sustains injuries on your premises. If you unintentionally harm someone else’s property, it will also protect you. They also provide extra coverage for valuables.

#4. Allstate

Allstate, well-known for its auto insurance, is a fantastic resource for finding renters insurance. For more individualized assistance, customers can engage with a local Allstate representative or obtain online insurance rate quotations. If you are already a customer or if you want to save money by bundling coverages, Allstate is a wonderful place to purchase renter’s insurance because they offer so many different kinds of insurance.

In addition to providing additional liability protections and covering personal property, Allstate also provides add-ons to expand coverage as needed. Allstate provides reasonably priced insurance as well as all other necessities for renters.

#5. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is one of the best options if you want reasonably priced renters insurance to protect your personal items. However, compared to State Farm and Travelers, the average monthly cost of a Liberty Mutual renters insurance policy is $16.

With Liberty Mutual’s low minimum property requirements and discounts, young people can get coverage for as little as $16 per month.

#6. USAA

Renters insurance from USAA is available for as little as $10 per month. This service is only available to current and former members of the United States armed forces, as well as certain members of their families and other qualified individuals who have joined the USAA as members.

Its baseline coverage includes features that other insurance companies frequently charge more for as add-ons, but it does so without charging extra. Flood and earthquake coverage are both included in standard USAA policy. Families in the military are usually on the go. You can store your belongings anywhere in the world with USAA and still have coverage.

Similar to other organizations on this list, USAA provides insurance coverage bundle discounts. Liability and personal property protection are included in the standard policy, which can be tailored to meet individual needs. For military personnel and their families, USAA is an excellent choice. 

#7. Nationwide

Another resource for high-quality renters insurance is nationwide. You can get a quote over the phone, online, or from a nearby Nationwide representative. Because insurance coverage is tailored to your individual requirements, you don’t have to pay more for unnecessary coverage.

Standard coverage includes loss of use, personal property, payments for third-party medical care, liability, and certain fraudulent credit card transactions. For further security, you can select optional measures from Nationwide. Damage to home additions or fixtures you put in yourself may also be covered under this policy’s optional supplemental coverage. To learn more, speak with a Nationwide representative.

Nationwide offers savings for combining insurance policies and provides more than simply renter’s insurance, just like other insurance on the list.

#8. Progressive

With locations in most states, Progressive has grown to become one of the biggest insurance companies in the US since it was formed in 1937. Like other businesses, they have a loss of use coverage, which will cover living costs in the event that the rental becomes unusable for any reason—such as needing repairs. When you’re away from home, this coverage covers expenses over and beyond what you would typically have to pay.

They do not cover flooding, but they do cover water damage from things like burst pipes and broken appliances. If you would like to add flood insurance, it is available as an add-on coverage. Another optional coverage option is legal coverage for injuries sustained by visitors. Before buying insurance, it’s important to read the policy’s fine print.

#9. Travelers 

Customers prefer Travelers because it offers more coverage options than other, companies. You can tailor your insurance to meet your needs by adding extra coverage or features. It enables you to increase the coverage limits on your renters insurance policy so that, in the event that your policy limit falls below the $10,000 minimum provided by a basic renters policy, your personal property will be protected. Another notable quality of Travelers is its reasonable policy.

#10. State Farm

Established in 1922, State Farm is a sizable insurance provider offering renter insurance. Online rate quotes are available, and getting one just takes a few minutes. Your policy will be tailored to meet your individual requirements. State Farm offers add-on choices including identity restoration, earthquake, and supplementary liability coverage if you need more coverage. Consumers can use the convenient State Farm mobile app or file claims online. 

You can save money by bundling your car insurance with renters insurance from State Farm. State Farm offers consistently cheap prices and top-notch customer service, making it one of the great choices for renters insurance in Maryland.

#11. Farmers

Renters insurance from Farmers can extend beyond the fundamentals by covering things like hotel bills if you have to move out temporarily because of damage to your rental property. Therefore, Farmers will pay for your temporary housing costs if a burst pipe forces you to relocate while repairs are made. You can upgrade your plan to include the cost of upgrading obsolete electronic devices to newer models. Identity theft protection is also available as an add-on to your renter’s insurance policy. 

Renters Insurance Cost in Maryland

The cost of renters insurance in Maryland varies based on a number of variables, such as the coverage level, insurance provider, and specific situation. However, the average cost of renters insurance in Maryland is $256 per year, or $21 monthly, with $300,000 in liability coverage, $40,000 in personal property coverage, and a $1000 deductible. The real premium expenses may be different from these typical rates.

Elements that Affect the Cost of Renters Insurance in Maryland

The following are the things that affect the cost of renters insurance in Maryland:

#1. Floods

The risk of flooding from hurricanes and other severe weather events will result in a higher premium for you.

#2. Crime Rate

If the crime rate in your city or suburb is high, you might expect to pay extra as well.

#3. Safe Neighborhood

If your property is close to a fire hydrant and the neighborhood is safe, you’ll pay less. You will also pay even less if any or all of the following apply to your circumstances:

  • If the property you rent is inside a gated neighborhood with security personnel on duty or entry via a key code.
  • When you rent a place on a high floor.
  • If you have several locks on your doors, window guards, and a smoke detector.
  • If there are security cameras and other equipment in the lobby or outside the front door of your apartment building.
  • If there are doormen in your apartment building, especially if they work around the clock.

#4. History of Claims

You will pay less if, for an extended period of time, your insurer determines that you have not filed a claim.

#5. Deductible

Your rate will go down if you increase your deductible.

Reasons an Insurance Company Might Deny Renters Insurance Application in Maryland

The following are the reasons why an insurance company might deny renters insurance application in Maryland:

#1. Geographical concerns

The likelihood of damage from weather events varies depending on where a house or apartment is located. When calculating premiums, renters insurance providers consider the possibility of various natural calamities. In terms of homeowners insurance, this is also true. It’s more likely that the insurance company will have to pay out a claim in a higher-risk place, so the policy costs more. Furthermore, the insurer may completely decline to underwrite the insurance if the risk is too great.

#2. Past claims made by rental insurance

Like with any insurance, a policyholder’s premium will increase in proportion to the number of claims they have previously filed. They can also have trouble obtaining coverage at all if they make too many claims. Within a few years, a number of claims made by rental insurance companies imply that the renter may not be at fault or that they incur unwarranted risks.

Most of the time, insurance providers will request a claims history for the preceding three to five years on an application for renters insurance. Depending on the insurance company and the state, specific criteria could change. In most cases, the insurance company will want to know what kind of claim the applicant made, when they submitted it, and how serious the incident was.

#3. Home hazards

Certain objects might increase the cost of insurance because they are deemed safety hazards, such as trampolines and pools. If the landlord manages the community pool, a renter might not find it problematic. Insurance companies, however, may become concerned if someone is renting a private residence with a swimming pool.

A visitor who hurts oneself while at the tenant’s house may file a lawsuit against the renter. The tenant would then have to rely on the liability coverage of their renters insurance, which might result in a sizable claim.

#4. Pets

Pet owners need to get permission from more people than just their landlord. Typically, insurance companies also want to know about them. It’s well known that some dog breeds are more inclined than others to bite people and to be violent. Another circumstance that can result in significant liability claims against the insurance provider is this one.

A possible workaround offered by certain businesses is renters insurance which excludes damages caused by dogs. This implies that while the corporation will settle other types of liability claims, it will not settle claims pertaining to dog bites.

#5. Extended coverage

Renters who had renters insurance in the past but let it lapse can find it difficult to get fresh coverage. A lapsed insurance raises questions about the policyholder’s potential for irresponsibility and future financial difficulties. For insurance firms, who take every precaution to reduce risk to themselves, this is a serious red sign.

Why Is Your Maryland Renters Insurance Rate Not Determined by Your Credit Score?

Maryland law prohibits insurance firms from using your credit score to determine your renters insurance premium or to refuse coverage. Maryland is one of the few places that doesn’t let you do this.

Is Renters Insurance Necessary?

Yes, it is very necessary. Homeowners insurance is a requirement for owning a property. This insurance protects both the building and everything you own. This kind of insurance is something that the owner of your apartment building or rental house should have, but it only covers the owner’s belongings, not yours. 

In a rental arrangement, the majority of homeowners insurance policies do not cover the property and personal possessions of the tenant. You must therefore obtain your own renters insurance coverage.

If you don’t have one, you might have to spend cash on replacements for everything you possess. Furthermore, all of this stuff may be worth tens of thousands of dollars. It is crucial to not cut corners when it comes to renters insurance.

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Which Threats Should I Be Aware of in Maryland as a Tenant?

Tenants in Maryland are susceptible to natural disasters like flooding, hurricanes, and snowfall. Nevertheless, the majority of renters insurance policies don’t cover earthquake or flood-related damage to your personal belongings. Thus, it’s a good idea to find out more about what policies cover these particular calamities by speaking with your insurance agent.

Today’s digital world makes it more likely that personal information will be leaked on the Internet, so it’s also important to make sure that your renter’s insurance covers identity theft.

What Drawbacks Are There to Having Renters Insurance?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that renters insurance may have limits and limitations, even though it might be a fantastic way to safeguard your belongings and get liability coverage. Many people who are thinking about getting renters insurance might not want to do this.

Is Buying Renters Insurance a Wise Decision?

Renters insurance guards your possessions against theft, damage, or destruction as a result of covered calamities such as tornadoes, fires, and burglaries. Having renters insurance also shields you from financial loss should a visitor to your rented property sustain bodily harm.

How Important is Renters Insurance?

If you lose valuables to theft or various forms of damage, renters insurance can assist you in replacing or repairing them. It may also offer coverage in the event of an accident at home. Annual premiums for policies are often quite low. Be aware that your possessions are not covered by your landlord’s property insurance.

Why Is Renters Insurance Necessary for You?

It is not legally necessary for tenants to get renters insurance in Maryland, but landlords and apartment buildings frequently insist on it before a tenant signs a lease. Your renters insurance will safeguard your things in the event of a fire, theft, or injury, as the landlord’s policy only covers the building itself.

Final Thoughts

Protecting one’s financial stability is a top priority for everyone who leases a home or apartment, making renters insurance a must in Maryland. Renters insurance is a need, much like vehicle and other types of insurance, and should not be skipped unless you are independently wealthy.


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