Allstate Renters Insurance Review 2023: All to Know

Allstate Renters Insurance Review, Coverage, Cost, and Claims
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Allstate’s standard renters insurance coverage includes protection for your belongings, your liability in the event of an accident, and your medical expenses. You can get online claims, excellent service, flexible coverage options, and instant quotes with Allstate Renters Insurance to safeguard your most prized possessions at a cost-effective rate.

Allstate Renters Insurance

In all 50 states, Allstate offers renters insurance policies with limits of $100,000 for personal property and $300,000 for liability. Allstate provides senior discounts and multi-policy discounts. In addition to charging more than the market rate, the well-known insurer offers a few optional extras.

Allstate, a leading insurer in the United States, uses its nationwide network of independent agents. Allstate’s website does not list the specific limits of each type of coverage available. We suggest that you get in touch with Allstate if you want to compare coverage limits. The company’s premiums are also marginally higher than those of comparable businesses. You may want to look elsewhere for insurance coverage if cost is a primary concern. 

Allstate Renters Insurance Discounts

Discounts are harder to come by with Allstate, and even if you do, it may be difficult to qualify for them. However, if you are already an Allstate customer, you may be eligible for policy-wide savings as a reward for your continued business. Allstate provides renters with a small selection of discounts on insurance policies.

  • Multi-Policy: Allstate provides a wide variety of insurance policies to meet your needs, including those for your home, car, boat, motorcycle, and more. You can save money on both your renters insurance and your existing Allstate policy by bundling them together.
  • Seniors: If you are over 55 and retired, your premiums will be lower.
  • Autopay: You can save money on renters insurance by enrolling in automatic premium payments.

Allstate Renters Insurance Reviews

This company has received mostly positive feedback from customers. Allstate has been around for over 90 years, earning an A+ rating from the BBB at that time. While it is true that Allstate is a widely recognized insurer, the company has consistently received poor ratings from policyholders. Although some customers have had positive interactions with the company’s customer service team, the vast majority of reviews are critical. The majority of customer complaints involve claims and appeals that were denied.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

In their US Home Insurance Study for 2023, J.D. Power rated Allstate 835 out of 1000. The business scores lower than the industry average of 842 due to dissatisfied customers. J.D. Power looked at customer service, policy selection, cost, billing, policy details, and claim satisfaction to arrive at this final score.

Financial Stability Rating

The financial stability rating of an insurance provider is a crucial factor to take into account, as it indicates the probability of the provider honoring your claim. AM Best is a company that rates insurance companies based on its analysis of their financial stability. With an A+ AM Best rating, Allstate demonstrates a superior ability to fulfill its financial obligations.

If you have an Allstate policy, you can use their website or mobile app to submit and manage your claim quickly and easily.

Allstate Renters Insurance Coverage 

Allstate offers several coverage options in their standard renters insurance policies, just like the majority of other providers.

#1. Personal Property Damage

Personal property damage will cover the cost of repairing or replacing lost insurance-covered items. The personal property coverage that Allstate provides ranges from $15,000 to $100,000 in the majority of states.

#2. Loss of Use

If you are forced to live away from your home while it undergoes covered repairs, this benefit will pay for your hotel stays, meals at restaurants, and other incidental expenses. If damage renders your rental property uninhabitable, this coverage extends to cover things like hotel bills.

#3. Property Liability Coverage

If you cause damage to another person’s property and they decide to sue you for it, this will cover the costs of their legal defense and any judgments that are rendered against you. Depending on the policy, Allstate offers personal property liability coverage between $100,000 and $300,000 per incident.

#4. Medical Liability Coverage

If a visitor to your property sustains injuries and files a negligence suit, this insurance will pay for your legal defense and any settlements or judgments against you. Medical payment coverage from Allstate ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 per injured party. Renters who are found legally liable for damages may be required to pay for those damages out of their own pockets, but a personal umbrella policy could shield them from that financial burden. 

Additional Coverage

When you purchase renters insurance from Allstate, you can add on the following protections: 

  • Scheduled personal property insurance protects against the risk of loss for valuables that may not be adequately insured under a standard policy, such as jewelry and works of art. 
  • Identity theft restoration: This pays for charges that were made to your credit card or other costs that you had to pay after your identity was stolen.
  • Renters insurance from Allstate does not include coverage for flood damage, as is the case with all standard homeowner’s insurance policies. This add-on to your renters insurance policy protects you from financial loss due to water that has been allowed to pool outside your home. 

Allstate Renters Insurance cost

The monthly premium from Allstate ranges from $15 to $17. This is more expensive than the national average, which is $15 per month for renters insurance in the United States on average, though state-specific costs may differ.

If you want an accurate estimate of how much renter’s insurance will cost you, it is best to get in touch with a provider directly. The coverage limits you choose for your renters insurance policy will largely determine your premium. When you ask for an estimate from an insurance company, they will evaluate your coverage limit.

Many things affect how much Allstate renters insurance costs, such as the value of your belongings, your deductible, where you live, and your credit score.

Allstate Renters Insurance Claims

Allstate makes it simple and convenient to file a claim by allowing you to do so online via their mobile app or by logging into your online account from any computer with an internet connection.

The Allstate website or mobile app serves as a central hub for filing and monitoring renters insurance claims. You can also call 800-255-7828 or talk to a local agent if that is more convenient for you. After a major disaster, an Allstate mobile claims center may be set up where policyholders can submit claims in person.

It is easy to file a claim with Allstate, whether you call the company, access your account online, get in touch with your agent, or use the mobile app. Your claim’s complexity and the amount of damage affect how long it takes to be processed.

Allstate suggests consulting with an agent about securing personal property and locating emergency repair services. It is also wise to take pictures of the destruction and record the events in writing. Your agent is able to handle any inquiries or payments.

Allstate Renters Insurance Quote

You can reach Allstate’s helpful customer service staff via phone or email anytime, day or night. The online Help Center is a great resource, but you can also contact a local agent near you.

Allstate provides renters insurance quotes and policies that can be purchased online. Your name, birth date and the address of the property you wish to insure will be requested as the initial steps in the insurance application process. You will also be asked about your place of employment and any safety equipment you have set up at home.

You might also be asked specifics about your home and where you currently reside, such as whether or not you run a business from your residence or are a resident of an assisted living facility. Find an Allstate agent near you using the agent locator tool if you have any questions or want to talk to a real person about buying renters insurance.

Does Allstate Renters Insurance cover Fire Damage?

Yes, Allstate renters insurance policies cover fire damage. Renters insurance from Allstate will help cover the cost of replacing your belongings if they are damaged or destroyed in a covered event, such as a fire at your rental property. 

What other Types of Insurance does Allstate offer?

Allstate offers a wide variety of financial products, including auto, homeowners, condominium, and life insurance, in addition to renters insurance policies. In addition, Allstate partners with reputable outside companies to deliver pet insurance and event insurance to its customers.

Does Renters Insurance from Allstate cover Flooding?

Allstate’s standard renters insurance policies do not include coverage for flooding; however, if additional protection is desired, it can be obtained for a fee by purchasing a renters insurance policy endorsement.

How Can I Cancel My Allstate Renters Insurance?

Policyholders who wish to cancel their coverage should get in touch with either an agent or customer service.

Does Allstate Renters Insurance cover Mold?

In most cases, mold is covered, but it depends on what caused it. If the mold was caused by a peril specifically listed in your policy, you should receive compensation. If another factor—such as a flood or a lack of maintenance—was to blame for the damage, coverage is highly unlikely.

Does Allstate Renters Insurance automatically Renew?

Most renters insurance policies have a one-year duration. Your coverage will last for an extra number of days if you pay your premium by the due date. Allstate renters insurance policies are annually renewed unless the policyholder specifically cancels the renewal through their online account. 

How Much Personal Property Coverage Does Allstate Renters Insurance Have?

In most states, Allstate provides personal property insurance with limits between $15,000 and $100,000. Allstate renters insurance policies cover personal property damage for up to $15,000 to $100,000. 


Because Allstate has a solid reputation in the industry, renters insurance from them is a safe bet. Allstate’s pricing is higher than average and its policy options are less flexible than those offered by other startups like Lemonade. 

  2. ALLSTATE INSURANCE REVIEW 2023: Coverage, Cost & Quotes


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