The Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah 2023

Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah
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The top vehicle insurance providers in Utah offer a comprehensive range of coverage options, supplementary policies to ensure peace of mind, a diverse array of discount chances, and cheap pricing. This article presents an analysis of the top cheap car insurance companies catering to drivers in the state of Utah. Throughout this analysis, we will delineate the industry’s reputation and the cheapest car insurance options for senior drivers in Utah.

Car Insurance in Utah 

Our top five recommended Utah auto insurance companies are detailed in the following sections: Each provider also provides a selection of supplemental insurance policies in addition to the mandatory minimums of liability insurance, collision and comprehensive coverage, PIP, MedPay, and uninsured motorist coverage.

#1 Geico: Affordable for Most Drivers

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Geico is the second-largest auto insurer in the United States. In 2021, the renowned firm generated over $37.4 billion in auto insurance premiums. Geico has a solid track record of customer satisfaction and offers competitive rates for a wide variety of drivers.


  • Typical drivers can get low rates
  • Increased coverage limits
  • BBB and AM Best’s highest possible ratings


  • Not many local agents
  • Rates go up for drivers who have had accidents or have a low credit score.

Geico provides services such as towing help, reimbursement for rental cars and ridesharing services around the clock. MBI is similar to an extended auto warranty in that it covers mechanical breakdowns and offers replacement parts. 

The state of Utah is one of the 33 that participate in Geico’s usage-based program called DriveEasy®. DriveEasy tracks your mileage, how often you brake harshly, how often you’re distracted, and how smoothly you accelerate. Those who practice safe driving while participating in the program can save a lot of money.

#2 USAA: Low Rates for Military

While USAA’s auto insurance prices are competitive, they are only accessible to current service members, veterans, and their families in the state of Utah. USAA is well-known for its competitive prices and reliable customer service.


  • Eligible applicants receive low rates
  • High ratings in customer surveys
  • AM Best has given us their highest possible rating of A++ for our fiscal stability.


  • Exclusively for service members and their families
  • High insurance premiums for drivers convicted of DUI

To complement their normal offerings, USAA provides additional coverage alternatives such as classic automobile insurance, rental car reimbursement, and accident forgiveness. The company’s usage-based SafePilot® program provides safe drivers with savings of up to 30%.

#3. Auto-Owners Insurance: Has Great Policies for New Drivers

Affordable prices are available from Auto-Owners Insurance for both minimum-liability and comprehensive auto coverage in the state of Utah. The company’s network of 48,000 local agents covers its coverage area, which includes all 50 states and Utah specifically.


  • Choices in insurance packages
  • Reasonable Costs
  • Numerous insurance brokers in the area


  • Numerous insurance brokers in the area
  • Auto-Owners Insurance provides additional coverage alternatives in addition to the mandatory state minimums. In the event of an accident, the value of your vehicle may drop significantly.
  • Coverage for the gap between the amount you owe on your automobile loan or lease and the amount your vehicle is worth in the case of a total loss
  • Extra money for things like a hotel stay or a meal if your car breaks down far from home
  • The Personal Automobile Plus Package from Auto-Owners Insurance includes more than ten different types of supplemental insurance for one low monthly premium. The program will pay for things like a new phone or reimbursement for identity theft losses.

#4. State Farm: Editor’s Pick

According to the NAIC, State Farm is the most often selected auto insurance company in the country, and we agree. Because its rates are slightly higher than those of some of its competitors in the Beehive State, it lands in the #4 spot on our list of the best car insurance in Utah.


  • Reasonable savings for new drivers
  • AM Best has given us their highest possible rating of A++ for our fiscal stability.
  • Lots of regional reps all around the US.


costs that are higher than those of Utah’s competitors

A wide range of optional extras, including rideshare insurance, trip interruption benefits, and many others, are available to supplement State Farm’s core motor coverage policies. The company’s usage-based program, Drive Safe & SaveTM, can help safe drivers save up to 30% on their rates upon policy renewal.

#5. Progressive: Discounts for High-Risk Drivers

If you believe the NAIC, Progressive is the third-largest auto insurance company in the country. The corporation has a 13.7 percent share of the vehicle insurance industry and wrote over $35.8 billion in premiums in 2021. Progressive customers gave the car insurance provider a solid 4.1 out of 5 stars in our national customer satisfaction survey. According to our data, Progressive is also one of the more affordable options for high-risk drivers, like those with several speeding tickets or a less-than-stellar credit history when it comes to car insurance.


  • Choices in insurance packages
  • AM Ranks Our Financial Stability As A Plus Finest Discounts for Usage-Based Plans


  • Feedback from customers is around average
  • Some motorists may face increased rates under a usage-based pricing scheme.

Increasing Protection

Progressive also offers a variety of supplemental policies in addition to their base auto insurance plans, including reimbursement for rental cars, rideshare insurance, loan/lease payback, and pet coverage. Small-accident forgiveness keeps rates constant for accident damage under $500 for new Progressive policyholders.

How To Find the Best Car Insurance in Utah

The ideal auto insurance policy for you will depend on several criteria. The following factors should be taken into account before comparing auto insurance quotes in Utah:

Minimum Insurance Coverage in Utah

The first step in researching vehicle insurance in Utah is to become familiar with the state’s minimum coverage requirements. Regardless of who is at fault in an accident, all drivers in the state of Utah are required by law to carry no-fault medical insurance. The minimum liability coverage necessary in the state of Utah is as follows:

  • Liability insurance for bodily harm: $25,000 per injured person and $65,000 per accident
  • Accidental property damage liability coverage of up to $15,000

If you cause injury to another person or damage their property, liability insurance will foot the bill. Collision and comprehensive automobile insurance are must-haves for your safety and the safety of your vehicle.

Conditions Set by Lenders

If you have a car loan or lease, you’ll probably need more insurance than the state requires. Full-coverage auto insurance policies, including collision and comprehensive coverage, are frequently required by lenders.

Coverage Requirements

Protecting multiple drivers in your family through auto insurance may be a very different purchase from protecting just yourself. Expect higher rates but more discount options if you add a senior or teenage driver to your coverage.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah 

The cheapest providers of minimal car insurance coverage in Utah are:

  • Insurance through the Farmers Union is $396 per year.
  • $433 annually across the country
  • Furthermore, State Farm’s $1,032 yearly minimum liability insurance coverage is the most expensive in the state.

Vehicle owners in Utah must carry at least the following levels of liability coverage: personal injury protection (PIP) per person, bodily injury liability (BI) per person, BI per accident, and PIP (property damage liability) per accident.

Utah’s Cheapest Priced Full-Coverage Car Insurance Premiums 

The following are the most cost-effective providers of comprehensive cheap car insurance in the state of Utah:

  • All of America: $725 annually
  • Auto-Owners: $774 Annually
  • Based on our research, we found that State Farm’s full-coverage insurance policy costs an average of $2,021.

Depending on the insurer and the amount of coverage desired, the average cost of adding comprehensive and collision insurance to a policy in Utah might vary. For instance, the price of Nationwide’s maximum coverage is $292 higher than that of its minimum coverage insurance.

Best Rates on Car Insurance in Utah (October 2023) for Teens 

According to MoneyGeek’s research, the following are the cheap car insurance in Utah for young drivers:

  • Teenage boys spend an average of $1,491 annually, while teenage girls spend an average of $1,332.
  • Teenage males pay $2,299 annually with Allstate, while teenage females pay $2,184.

The premium for an adolescent driver’s auto insurance decreases dramatically as they get older, so a 19-year-old will pay much less than a 16-year-old. Nationwide has the cheapest rate in Utah for male drivers aged 19 ($1,352 annually).

Kemper charges the highest premiums for teenagers and their families ($11,910 for male teenagers and $10,326 for female teenagers). In Utah, 16-year-olds who lives at home with their parents can save money on insurance by being added to the coverage rather than getting their own plan. In Utah, for instance, adding a 16-year-old to an existing policy can save $3,707 compared to buying a new policy for the same age group (roughly $7,489).

Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah for Seniors 

According to our research, the following car insurance providers in Utah provide the cheapest policies for senior citizens:

  • Common Annual Cost: $670
  • $777 yearly for car owners

State Farm has the highest premiums in Utah, at $1,868 per year for seniors. Insurance premiums for senior drivers are normally lower than those for drivers in the middle of the age range, though the actual amount varies by provider.

It’s around $55 cheaper for drivers over 60 than under 40. However, drivers who are 70 or older often face higher premiums. The reasoning behind this is that drivers over the age of 65 are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident due to age-related characteristics like slower reflexes and impaired vision.

Allstate, Farmers, and GEICO are just a few of the cheapest car insurance companies that offer savings to seniors in Utah. Inquire with your insurance company about any potential senior discounts. Some insurance companies even give you money if you take a defensive driving course or have a spotless driving record.

What Is the Average Price of Car Insurance in Utah?

The annual cost of a comprehensive auto insurance policy in Utah is $951. The average cost of a state minimum coverage policy is $517 per year. These are only averages; your individual cost may be more or less than these figures indicate. 

Who Has to Pay the Most for Car Insurance? 

Car insurance premiums tend to be higher for male drivers because they are more likely to be involved in serious accidents. However, the annual cost difference between male and female drivers is only about $51.

How Much Is Car Insurance for a 20-Year-Old Male in Utah

The cheapest Utah liability insurance for 20-year-old drivers. These firms often offer the cheapest prices in Utah for drivers who need only the minimum level of coverage required by law: QBE: $558 annually, or $47 monthly. Insurance through the ACCC would set you back $916 annually, or $72 monthly. 

Is Car Insurance High in Utah? 

Utah has lower auto insurance premiums than the rest of the country. This implies that you have a good shot at getting cheap and comprehensive auto insurance in Utah. In the following sections, we will examine the most affordable auto insurance companies and plans in the state.

Which Is the Most Expensive Form of Car Insurance? 

For premium vehicles like sports cars and luxury sedans, we discovered that full coverage insurance was the most costly option. Our research shows that the Dodge Charger is the most costly vehicle to insure, with a monthly premium of $354 and a yearly premium of $4,242.

What Is the Most Basic Car Insurance? 

There are six types of minimum vehicle insurance coverage required by most states.

  • Liability Insurance for Physical Harm 
  • Indemnification for Losses to Personal Property 
  • Coverage for medical expenses or Personal Injury Protection (PIP).
  • All bases are covered. 
  • Insurance for accidents 
  • Protection Against Drivers Who Neither Carry Nor Have Sufficient Insurance

Are American Cars Cheaper to Insure?

Due to the higher cost of replacement parts, insurance for imported vehicles may be more expensive than insurance for a domestic vehicle. Because of this, insurance premiums can go up to compensate. However, this is mostly relevant to niche automobiles.


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