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What many know as Metlife Insurance Company is now presently owned by Farmers Insurance Company.  So if you are a policyholder with Metlife, your coverage is now being managed by a new company. Before Metlife was acquired by Farmers, it provided quality coverage for car owners, homeowners, businesses, and many more. Today we want to review their car insurance policy as well as everything you need to know about the Metlife auto insurance.

Overview of MetLife Insurance

MetLife was established in 1863 under the name National Life and Limb Insurance Co. The company’s primary focus was providing insurance coverage for Civil War sailors and soldiers, specifically targeting battlefield disabilities. Following a tumultuous beginning, the organization shifted its attention towards life insurance and subsequently underwent a name alteration to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife).

Currently, MetLife has established its presence in over 40 countries, solidifying its position as one of the most prominent and widely recognized entities within the insurance sector.

The Farmers Insurance Group has recently undertaken the acquisition of MetLife home and auto insurance coverage. Farmers have officially communicated that there are currently no imminent modifications anticipated for the prevailing MetLife automobile insurance, encompassing coverage and associated perks.

Is MetLife Car Insurance any Good?

MetLife car insurance reviews pointed to the company’s high costs and high volume of consumer complaints as reasons for its decision to stop selling plans to new clients. Farmers’ Auto Insurance, while also costing more than average, has a relatively low number of customer complaints. With Farmers Insurance taking charge of MetLife, we expect to see a transformation in their company.

Is MetLife Cheaper than Progressive?

If you have less than $580 in credit, MetLife has better rates than Progressive for drivers like you. People who drive and have great credit (800 or more) should favor MetLife. Read on to see what the average MetLife and Progressive insurance rates are by credit level. 

How Long Does It Take MetLife to Pay Out?

If MetLife agrees with your claim, they’ll send your payment through USPS within 5 business days. Please keep in mind that mail arrival times can change.

Is MetLife Cheaper than Geico?

Not entirely. People with credit scores lower than 580 can usually get better deals from GEICO than from MetLife. People with great credit (a score of 800 or more) should choose GEICO over MetLife because it usually saves them $229 per year. 

Where Does MetLife Rank?

It is the third-largest life insurance company in the US, with 7.18% of the market. It is better known as MetLife. MetLife has plans for unexpected death as well as term life, group universal life, and group variable universal life insurance.

Is MetLife good at Paying Claims?

MetLife is a trustworthy insurance company. It has good scores from S&P and Moody’s, as well as an A+ (superior) grade from AM Best, one of the best insurance rating agencies in the country. The good grades demonstrate MetLife’s sound financial position and ability to pay claims.

Can I Cash out my MetLife Insurance Policy?

As long as the insured person is alive, you can give up the insurance and get the cash surrender value. The cash return value will be based on the date we receive your written request. The rule will no longer be useful.

Does MetLife Do Direct Deposit?

Sure, you can. A direct deposit can be initiated or terminated at the discretion of the individual at any given point in time.

Metlife Car Insurance Review

Farmers Insurance recently bought MetLife Auto and Home. Farmers GroupSelect will handle your policies if you currently have MetLife auto or house insurance. The company says there will be no immediate changes to your policy, coverage, or perks. MetLife has the highest car insurance prices for good drivers among its major competitors. 

MetLife is most known for selling insurance coverage via businesses, but the company also provides individual auto, home, dental, and other types of insurance. A vast network of agents markets insurance policies.

MetLife provides many coverage choices for houses and automobiles that will pay the full cost of replacing damaged goods. Multiple policies can also share a single deductible.

Pros of Metlife Car Insurance

The following are some of the benefits of choosing MetLife car insurance:

  • In most states, the company provides the option to combine policies. Generally, this includes both house and auto insurance, allowing policyholders to benefit from a single deductible.
  • Existing policyholders of MetLife will not be subjected to immediate alterations in their insurance plans as a result of the acquisition by Farmers Insurance.

Cons of Metlife Car Insurance

The following are some of the disadvantages of using MetLife car insurance:

  • In comparison to leading competitors, auto insurance premiums are significantly higher.
  • Customer satisfaction for auto insurance shopping is below average.
  • The number of complaints regarding auto insurance policies filed against MetLife exceeded the average number of complaints across the sector.
  • MetLife received a C+ rating from automotive body repair professionals concerning its collision repair procedures.

Metlife Car Insurance Coverage

The first step to choosing the best coverage with MetLife is to assess your insurance needs. Aside from the minimum liability coverage for car owners in the United States, there’s a need to 

get an add-on that will give you the maximum protection you need for your driving journey. The following are some of the other coverages you can add to your car coverage:

#1. Major Parts Replacement

In the event of an accident, this particular alternative will provide coverage for the replacement of significant components such as tires and brakes, irrespective of their degree of deterioration. The availability of this product is not universal across all states.

#2. New Car Replacement

This particular alternative offers the service of repairing or substituting your automobile with a brand new one in the event of a total loss occurring within the initial 15,000 miles or the first year after its acquisition, whichever transpires earlier.

#3. Gap Insurance

In the event of a vehicular collision destroying the car, if the remaining balance on the loan or lease exceeds the appraised value of the vehicle, this particular policy compensates for the disparity.

#4. Deductible Savings Benefit 

Individuals have the opportunity to save a sum of $50 each year by refraining from filing an insurance claim, with a maximum potential accumulation of $250. This accumulated amount can subsequently be utilized to reduce the deductible if a claim is made. The availability of this service is limited to certain states, and drivers in New York are obligated to make an initial payment of a minimum deductible.

#5. Deductible-free Glass Repair

The aforementioned insurance policy provides an exemption from the requirement to pay a deductible for any necessary repairs if the windshield sustains damage in the form of a crack or chip.

#6. Usage-based Insurance

The My Journey initiative, which is currently accessible in 20 states, utilizes a tracking application to monitor and evaluate an individual’s driving behavior. Upon enrollment, a preliminary discount of up to 25% is provided. During the time of policy renewal, it is possible to obtain a discount of up to 30% based on one’s safe driving habits.

MetLife Car Insurance Discounts

Farmers Insurance has said that policyholders of MetLife vehicle insurance can anticipate that their plans will remain unchanged soon. The following is a selection of discounts that will be made accessible:

#1. Multi-policy Discount

The multi-policy discount refers to a reduction in insurance premiums that is offered to policyholders who have multiple insurance policies with the same insurance company. Farmers are currently engaged in efforts to establish a discounted pricing scheme for clients who possess an automotive insurance policy from both MetLife and Farmers Insurance. It is advisable to reach out to farmers to ascertain the possibility of obtaining a multi-policy discount within your respective state.

#2. Employment or Association Discounts

Farmers shall extend discounts and benefits to individuals who presently get auto insurance or house insurance discounts via their employment or association membership.

#3. MetLife Employee and Retiree Discounts

There will be no disruptions to the availability of group discounts for workers and retirees at MetLife.

Does MetLife Offer Only Car Insurance?

No. MetLife offers other insurance coverages, such as the following:

  • Life insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Pet insurance

Can I Save Money With MetLife Insurance?   

If you decide to get MetLife, or rather, Farmer’s Insurance coverage, you may be able to save money through any of the following:

  • Enrolling in a certified defensive driving course
  • Have a diverse range of insurance with MetLife.
  • Achieving the academic standards set by MetLife for being a proficient student
  • All drivers residing in your family have driving histories that are deemed “exceptional,” according to MetLife’s evaluation.
  • Maintaining a record of being free from claims and violations for a continuous period of five years

Metlife Insurance Reviews on BBB

MetLife Insurance has a 1.07-star rating on BBB. When you consider the fact that the highest star rating is 5 stars, 1.07 is relatively poor. Aside from the rating, a good number of the reviews available on BBB are negative. However, MetLife Insurance representatives responded to each of these grievances a bit to put their clients at ease.


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