Infinity Auto Insurance
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When it comes to car insurance policies, Infinity offers customers the opportunity to select from a range of three pre-defined coverage choices or tailor their coverage to align with their specific requirements and financial constraints. The primary objective of these resources is to assist prospects in identifying suitable auto insurance coverage options. Whether an individual’s financial resources are constrained and they are seeking to fulfill the minimum standards mandated by the state or they choose to obtain the most comprehensive level of protection available, Infinity Insurance is capable of accommodating their needs. This guide is an honest review of Infinity Auto Insurance and everything you need to know about it.

Infinity Car Insurance Company

Infinity Insurance is a nonstandard automobile insurance firm that may be a favorable option for individuals who have incurred many traffic tickets or have been declined coverage by other insurance providers. They offer insurance plans exclusively within the state of California. So if you or someone you know is unable to get insurance coverage with other companies because of one issue or another, Infinity car insurance will be of help. They have a robust online platform that prospects can use to get instant quotes, access an agent, or chat with their customer representatives. To get a quote, you only need to choose the kind of car in question, input your zip code, and get your quote in record time. Infinity Auto takes great pride in its bilingual customer service, ensuring that every page of its website is accessible in both English and Spanish.

Similar to numerous smaller insurance firms, Infinity Auto has its origins in a preexisting and more established company. The origins of Infinity Car Insurance may be traced back to the Dixie Insurance Company, which was established in 1955. In 1978, the organization underwent a name change to Infinity and then saw multiple ownership changes throughout the ensuing decades. Currently, Infinity Auto predominantly provides insurance coverage to urban drivers within Hispanic markets, specifically in cities such as Los Angeles and Miami. The company’s operations are limited to just five states, namely California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and Florida. I would like to request that you rewrite my text to reflect a more academic tone

What Does Infinity Car Insurance Cover?

Infinity Auto Insurance provides a range of insurance options, including liability protection, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, rental reimbursement, rideshare coverage, SR-22, and additional offerings.

What Does a Full Coverage Insurance Cover with Infinity?

Infinity full coverage usually includes comprehensive and collision insurance, as well as liability insurance and PIP if required by your state. You can also add additional coverage to your policy, such as gap insurance and rental reimbursement insurance.

Does Infinity Insurance Only Offer Car Coverage?

In recent years, Infinity has expanded its range of services beyond the provision of car insurance. Additionally, the Infinity brand provides a range of insurance options, including house, renters, flood, condo, business, and life insurance.

Infinity Auto Car Insurance Discounts

Infinity Auto offers a variety of discounts that various insurers frequently provide. These include the option to include several automobiles on your policy and maintain a safe driving record. It also extends to paying your premium in full, enrolling in automatic payment plans, and being a homeowner. Infinity Insurance also provides a 15% discount to policyholders who transition from their previous insurance provider.

Every policy that Infinity offers includes the provision of Driver Club roadside assistance. This gives members the right to use Infinity’s extensive network of service providers in the event of an automotive emergency. While the membership itself does not incur any fees, individuals are still responsible for covering the costs associated with each service utilized, such as towing, at the time of its usage. 

Pros of Infinity Car Insurance Coverage

The following are some of the pros of choosing an Infinity car insurance policy:

  • Live chat is available.
  • If you use a shop in the Kemper Repair Network, repairs completed as a result of a covered claim are guaranteed for as long as you own the car.
  • SR-22 filings are now available

Cons of Infinity Car Insurance Coverage

The following are some of the disadvantages of choosing Infinity for your car insurance:

  • There will be no forgiveness for accidents.
  • Customer service is not available around the clock.
  • Complaint Index with the NAIC that is higher than the average

How Do I Make a Claim with Infinity?

Policyholders have the option to initiate an Infinity auto insurance claim by either accessing their Infinity account online or contacting the 24/7 service number provided. To initiate third-party claims, it is necessary to submit all filings via the designated service number. To access your policy, obtain information regarding the progress of your current claim, or review past claim details, please log in to your Infinity account via the online platform.

Lastly, to report a new claim or accident or to inquire about the status of an existing claim, please contact the phone number 800-463-4648 (1-800-INFINITY).

Use the company’s mobile app to check the status of a claim when making one with your mobile device. Nevertheless, it is not possible to generate a novel assertion using the application.

How Much Does Infinity Insurance Cost?

The average monthly premium for Infinity auto insurance is $46, as observed for individuals with a pristine driving history. However, this is only for people who go for the minimal coverage plan. The quoted price falls within the typical range, and it is worth noting that a significant number of people may be able to secure more affordable premiums with alternative providers. On average, drivers who have received a speeding ticket incur a monthly expense of $58 for Infinity coverage. Conversely, following an accident, drivers experience an average monthly cost of $83.

How Do I Get an Infinity Quote?

Infinity offers a convenient method for obtaining a complimentary auto insurance estimate through their online platform. You can also contact their customer service hotline at 1-800-INFINITY. During the quotation process, it will be possible for you to personalize your automobile insurance coverage. Generally, this enables you to identify a premium that will effectively safeguard your vehicle while also aligning with your financial constraints. The following are some of the documents you’ll need in advance to finalize the quotation:

Driver: Infinity Insurance requires information on the individuals who will be authorized to operate your vehicle(s). It is advisable to collect pertinent details such as the driver’s name, date of birth, and license number in advance.

Car Info: Determine the year, make, model, or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle(s) you want to insure. The user’s text is already academic.­ Determine the year, make, model, or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle(s) for which insurance coverage is sought. The user’s text is already academic

Get a Quote: Once you are prepared, get your complimentary auto insurance quote through their online platform or contact us at 1-800-INFINITY.

Infinity Car Insurance Review 

Unfortunately, Infinity car insurance doesn’t have a good review across various platforms. On Trust Pilot, Infinity car insurance has just about a 1.2-star rating and less than a 3-star rating across other platforms. A.M. Best gives Infinity an A- for its financial stability, which is good but not as high as that of other significant corporations. You should probably shop around for better rates before purchasing high-risk auto insurance from Infinity because of the company’s high volume of customer complaints. 

Infinity Insurance is mostly suitable for motorists who possess suboptimal driving records and reside in a limited number of states where the company operates. The company has a good financial rating and offers pretty fair rates for people who are considered high-risk drivers. However, people who are thinking about buying from them should be aware of the high number of customer complaints and the limited coverage options and discounts.

Is Infinity a Good Insurance Company?

Infinity is a nonstandard insurance company that specializes in offering insurance policies to those who are considered high-risk drivers. They also cover those who are difficult to insure. The company does not consider a driver’s credit history when determining insurance rates. Instead, it focuses on high-risk drivers who encounter difficulties securing coverage from traditional insurers, regardless of the price.

Why is Infinity Insurance so High?

Infinity’s somewhat higher-than-average premiums could be due to the company’s focus on high-risk drivers in California, where the average cost is $2,291 for full coverage, which is more than the national average.

Is Kemper and Infinity the Same?

They are, indeed. Infinity Insurance was purchased by Kemper in 2018. 

Which Insurance Company is Most Expensive?

The Hanover Insurance Group frequently provides the most expensive vehicle insurance. The typical premiums for liability and full-coverage insurance for the company might be more than 400% higher than the national average.

What is Going on With Kemper Insurance?

Kemper Corporation has decided to discontinue its preferred personal insurance business to allocate additional resources toward its specialty auto and life insurance divisions. The insurer, headquartered in Illinois, has announced its intention to promptly initiate the process of non-renewing and canceling any policies that were issued under its Kemper Personal Insurance brand.

What Company owns Kemper?

In the year 2010, Unitrin acquired exclusive ownership of the Kemper name and subsequently commenced its activities as Kemper Corporation on August 25, 2011. The company’s shares were then listed for trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol KMPR. 

Final Thought

When considering Infinity Auto Insurance or any other insurer, it’s important to obtain quotes, read policy documents carefully, and compare coverage, deductibles, and premiums to ensure that the policy meets your specific needs and budget. Additionally, be sure to verify their coverage options and availability in your state, as insurance regulations and offerings can vary significantly from one state to another. Infinity car insurance is not for everyone, so if its coverage suits you, you can also get quotes online. 


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