SALES TRAINING PROGRAM: Best Sales Training Programs 2023

Best Sales Training Program Software
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Businesses are using cloud-based solutions like sales training program software to boost productivity as they modernize their business processes. Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of online sales training programs and boot camps, which make it simpler, more affordable, and quicker for you to learn the skills you need to start your new career. 

To assist you in making a more informed choice, we will discuss what to look for in sales training software in this post and evaluate the top options available. The best sales training programs are covered in this article, along with advice on how to pick the one that is best for you.

Sales Training Program

Numerous sales organizations provide sales training programs that instruct students in fundamental sales concepts or a specific sales model.

Upon completion of many training programs, you will receive a certificate or other credential, which can assist you in developing the skills required to find employment or advance within your current organization. In addition to on-site training programs, many programs are offered entirely online. 

Best Sales Training Program 

A sales training program is a learning experience that offers instruction to advance the understanding, abilities, and traits required to become a more successful salesperson. A training program needs to give participants a way to alter their behavior and apply the concepts they have learned to everyday tasks if it is to be effective. Programs for sales training give salespeople insights into best practices and the abilities they need to close more deals. You can increase your chances of being a successful salesperson by finding the best sales training course for your requirements. 

#1. Richardson’s Consultative Selling Skills

Richardson’s Consultative Selling Skills might be a useful sales training program for you if one of your responsibilities in sales is to develop long-lasting relationships. Two days of this course are spent in in-person instruction, and the business’s online platform also offers additional support and content. The program’s instructors assist you in determining your client’s needs, communicating the worth of the products you sell, and utilizing excellence on a technical level. This sales training program has a range of costs.

#2. The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialization

The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialization may be helpful for new salespeople. This program is provided by Sales Engine and is accessible online. Over five weeks, you can anticipate working three to five hours per week. It offers a basic overview of selling principles and is targeted at salespeople just starting. These fundamentals include qualifying leads, prospecting, enquiring, creating proposals, forging connections, and forming relationships.

B2B and B2C salespeople can both benefit from the course. Reading assignments, exercises based on real-world work, and recorded lectures are also included. Although you do not have to pay anything to take the course, you will have to pay $95 to get a certificate at the end.

#3. RAIN Group – Insight Selling

The modular design of RAIN Group’s training courses enables your business to customize the curriculum to the requirements and objectives of your team. Through the RAIN program, you can look into training courses on ideas like virtual selling, consultative selling, and account management. Engineering, banking, and the pharmaceutical industries are just a few of the sectors that RAIN targets with specific training programs. Toyota Fleet Management, Chatham Financial, and WSP Global are some of the companies that RAIN serves as clients.

#4. Grant Cardone Sales Training University

There are many different sales training courses available at Grant Cardone Sales Training University. You may want to think about taking the following courses:

  • How to Make Sales Over the Phone During Recessions: In times of economic uncertainty, this course offers advice on how to fill your sales pipeline and boost your close rate.
  • Follow-Up: Students can learn how to take advantage of opportunities without hesitation and how to resurrect dormant leads. Additionally, Cardone explains his approach to customer follow-up.
  • Prospecting: This course aids salespeople in improving their selling methods. It has scripts that you can modify for outbound sales calls.

The majority of the courses are offered online, and more are frequently added. This is a good sales training program for a variety of individuals and businesses with different needs.

#5. Dale Carnegie Sales Training

An online course called “Winning with Relationship Selling” places a strong emphasis on the importance of developing relationships in sales. According to the Dale Carnegie methodology, success is guaranteed if you approach clients with the right mindset and concentrate on their success. Aiming to support sales representatives in developing sincere relationships based on trust and respect, this course aims to help them do so. 

Among the course’s goals is teaching students how to design and implement relationship-based sales strategies. creating a guide of the strategies that will help businesses connect with customers in a way that fosters trust, creating collaborative solutions for the client’s goals, and acquiring the skills necessary to close sales and promote customer loyalty

Software Sales Training Program 

You can create and deliver personalized training materials at scale for both new hires and seasoned employees with the aid of sales training software. Your reps’ performance will improve and they will stay with your company if you provide them with training materials that are good quality, useful, and easy to access.

Features to Look For in Sales Training Program Software

#1. Enables the Creation of Content

Fast-moving teams in the product, marketing, and sales industries face a lot of difficulty in implementing new updates to training material because it can seem like an endless process. To effectively train your sales team, you must make sure that your training materials are up to date with the most recent product updates and marketing techniques. 

Content authoring is a technique that can help with this problem. Anyone within your company can produce dynamic, user-friendly walkthroughs that are updated with the most recent information using content authoring. 

#2. Enables Just-In-Time Delivery

With just-in-time enablement, your business can avoid the forgetting curve by providing your sales representatives with pertinent data whenever they require it. 

Your team will be able to watch and learn more quickly and easily even during a busy workday thanks to just-in-time enablement, which enables you to divide your training into smaller, more focused lessons. 

#3. Integrates With Existing Tools

Even more of the work is done by sales training software that works with your favorite sales tools. Platforms with seamless integration with well-known tools like Salesforce and Outreach are what you should be looking for. Thus, you will not need any technical expertise to access your training materials from within the tool, and they will sync whenever you make any edits.  

#4. Accessible across Applications

Your sales team probably combines several websites and applications (such as a CRM, email platform, LinkedIn, HR software, etc.) to complete tasks. Making your training available across any web application using your web browser is possible with some sales platforms. The most pertinent training is available in addition to all of your sales team’s regular daily tools, which they can still use. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sales Training Program Software

#1. Budget

Solutions for sales training software range in cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per year. To avoid overspending, it is imperative to establish a budget before considering your options.

#2. Sales Team Requirements

The composition of every sales team varies. While some people might only need a simple training program, others might need something more involved. The sales training program that best suits your team’s requirements will win out in the end.

#3. The Elements You Require

Software tools for sales training have many features, including call recording, transcription, analysis, video training, and others. Select the application that has the features that will benefit your sales team the most.

#4. Usability

The user interface of sales training software should not be challenging. Look for software that is simple to use so that you can train your team more effectively and spend less time teaching them how to use it.

#5. Customer Support

You will require quick and dependable support from the provider if you experience any software-related problems. Choose a software program with a good track record of offering excellent customer service.

Best Sales Training Program Software

You will be better prepared to select the right platform for your team’s needs once you have a better understanding of what to consider when selecting an online sales training software platform. 

#1. Allego 

Allego provides a strong onboarding process for representatives as a virtual e-learning and sales enablement platform. Although any format can be used to create an online course. The primary objective of Allego is efficient sales training via videos. Additionally, Allego provides conversational analytics such as talking rate and speed. However, it does not provide emotional analytics such as speaker energy or a way to gauge how happy or uninterested a sales representative was while pitching. For sales organizations looking to use video at every stage of training reps to learn new skills, from onboarding to the entire coaching journey, Allego is a good option.

#2. Lessonly

This is a learning management system (LMS) made by Seismic. Employers can produce lessons with Lessonly and distribute them to students. Videos, documents, Q&As, and flip cards are all instructional formats that trainers can use. Role-plays and certification pathways are also used to keep learners interested 

Data on the most frequently searched terms by students is available to trainers. They can comprehend terms that yield “no results.” This aids businesses in developing content and online learning resources for salespeople that can meet learners’ needs, thereby improving their educational experiences. Additionally, it gauges “Learner Satisfaction,” which aids course designers in understanding how beneficial their materials are to salespeople.

#3. Gong 

Gong likewise provides sales teams with a conversation intelligence platform to track, evaluate, and enhance their sales calls. It accomplishes this by listening to and transcribing sales calls, picking out key takeaways, and making coaching suggestions.

The price of Gong is not made public, making it more expensive than other sales training software. Gong is reported to cost between $1,440 and $50,000 in additional license fees per user per year for 100 to 250 users.  

Call transcription and recording, Call analysis, Deal board, and Deal intelligence are some of the features that Gong offers for sales training and coaching.

#4. Brainshark 

This is a platform for sales enablement that aids in the creation, delivery, and tracking of sales content by sales teams. It offers resources for making and editing presentations, capturing and disseminating sales calls, and keeping track of sales. There is no set price for using Brainshark. Instead, it provides individualized pricing based on the number of users and the features needed. The features of Brainshark for sales training include content creation tools, call recording and sharing, sales performance tracking, coaching and feedback, and reporting and analytics. 

Benefits of Sales Training Program Software

Fundamentally, sales training software aids in the skill development of salespeople. The following are a few major advantages of purchasing sales training software: 

#1. Quicker Onboarding of Sales Representatives

Onboarding new employees takes time, and it can take even longer if you do not have resources that can be easily updated and accessed. 

By streamlining the onboarding procedure from day one with sales training software, you can help your reps become familiar with best practices much faster. Some platforms for sales training even provide access to training materials that have been written by experts, so you do not have to worry about creating your own.

#2. Boost Rep Productivity

The fact that investing in training boosts the effectiveness of your reps is another noteworthy advantage. Giving your representatives access to helpful resources when they need them most will enable them to complete more tasks and spend less time looking for information. 

#3. Boost Sales

Using sales training software will increase your win rate, which is the most obvious benefit. If your salespeople are more knowledgeable about the best strategies to use and at what times, they will be able to close more deals.  

#4. Increasing Rep Retention 

High turnover rates are common in the sales industry. By providing them with the confidence and inspiration they need to keep going, better training can enable your sales team to perform at their highest level. Your sales team will be less likely to defect if they believe they are prepared to handle the highs and lows of the job. 

#5. Boost Client Loyalty and Satisfaction

Give your sales representatives the tools they need to provide customers with value-added solutions and ensure their satisfaction. Training programs equip your staff with abilities like handling objections, negotiating deals, closing sales, and providing excellent after-sales support. These abilities help sales representatives interact with customers efficiently and professionally.  

#6. Boost Employee Engagement

Your sales team will benefit from a fun learning environment created by a sales training software solution. It increases the efficiency of learning and maintains team engagement.

It provides interactive exercises and interesting videos, such as one showing how to use the CRM system at your company, in place of dry manuals.

#7. Personalized Training

Keeping track of training activities, evaluating reps’ performances, identifying areas for improvement, and tracking advancement are all made easier with the aid of sales learning software. Based on this information, you can personalize training and share pertinent information and criticism with reps to help them advance.

What Should a Sales Training Program Include? 

  • Perspective on the History and Philosophy of Sales
  • Guidelines for presenting your business favorably
  • Advice on cultivating leads and engaging prospects
  • Knowledge of how to run and complete sales processes
  • The fundamentals of sales
  • The customer experience.
  • Your products and market

Steps in Training Your Salespeople

  • Set training goals for salespeople.
  • Establish learning targets for salespeople.
  • Make a list of potential problems with sales training. 
  • Choose the most efficient sales training technique.
  • Utilize cutting-edge sales training technology
  •  Develop sales training materials
  • Create assessments for sales training
  • Complete the sales training course.
  • Compile and evaluate trainee feedback.
  • Improve the method of sales training.

What Are the Five Methods of Sales Training?

Modern techniques for training salespeople include the following:

  • Training on the job
  • Lectures and seminars
  • Internship training
  • Correspondence training
  • Meetings and conferences 
  • Visual training


Software designed specifically for sales training supports the education and growth of sales professionals. They can perform better and develop their abilities. While some sales training courses are more general and give a rundown of selling tenets and best practices, others are more narrowly tailored to a particular field or sector of the market. Also, consider what kind of training you think you need, and look for a program that focuses on that area, when searching for a sales training program that will help you and help you achieve your sales goals. 

Through a variety of sales training tools, including training modules, simulations, assessments, and coaching, sales training software gives sales professionals a thorough and interactive learning experience.

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