REAL ESTATE HEADSHOTS: 11+ Effective Real Estate Agent Headshots Tips and Ideas

Professional Real Estate Headshots
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Real estate agents work with people; this much you probably already know. By using photography, you can showcase your face in relationship marketing campaigns. Professional real estate headshots are essential for anyone who wants to be noticed and hired. Having an excellent real estate agent headshot is essential for making a good first impression on these people. Doing so can significantly impact your career and sales numbers. No matter your financial situation or location, this guide will show you how to get professional headshots for real estate agents. 

Real Estate Headshots 

While it’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words, your online presence can make or break your company, potentially costing you thousands of dollars. Photographs and headshots are important. Realtor headshots are a specific kind of professional portrait image that is frequently used for LinkedIn profiles, business cards, press releases, and company websites. The three most popular places for realtors to display their professional headshots are their websites, lawn signs, and their LinkedIn profiles.

Real estate agents’ headshots place a strong emphasis on showcasing their skills, friendliness, and professionalism. A great headshot is the ideal starting point for creating a fantastic personal brand that will increase the number of listings you receive and the number of deals you close.  

Modern Real Estate Headshots 

When posing for a real estate agent headshot, there’s no need to go overboard. At the beginning of your practice session, you should warm up with straightforward poses. Simply remain motionless and beam. Later, maybe a few candid photos and some headshots with their arms crossed. The price of a real estate agent headshot can range from $89 to $1500 depending on the location, package, and photographer. Professional real estate headshots can now be created using a variety of contemporary methods. Every real estate agent’s marketing arsenal must include a headshot. A strong headshot will leave a positive first impression, highlight your special selling point, and promote your real estate brand. It’s crucial to invest time and energy into finding a seasoned photographer and getting ready for the shoot with the appropriate attire, attitude, pose, and smile.  

Tips for the Perfect Realtor Headshots

#1. View More Headshots of Realtors

If you’re not anticipating your photo shoot or are at a loss for ideas for your realtor headshot, you can find inspiration by browsing other agents’ real estate headshots. This aids in your planning for the background, posing, and hairdo you want for your photo. Also, Consider how your photos will be presented on your business cards, promotional items, and real estate agent website. By looking at how different agents approach their headshots, you can better understand how you want yours to appear for your specific brand.

#2. Dress to Impress

Before getting ready for your realtor headshot, it’s critical to dress in a way that exudes confidence and appeals to your target audience. Avoid busy patterns or bold colors that might be hard to capture on camera, and pay attention to what’s in your background. Try to avoid the following outfits:

  • Over-the-top accessories or jewelry
  • Wearing all black
  • Ultra-trendy clothes
  • Oversized or loose-fitting attire
  • Heavy makeup

The lesson here should be clear: smile for your best realtor headshots. Avoid wearing any jewelry at all, or keep it simple and minimal. The goal of your real estate headshot is to introduce you to potential clients. Ensure that nothing in your portraits breaks up that connection. Your headshot will probably be the first thing people see when they view your photography, which is a component of your branding.

#3. Do Your Makeup and Hair Properly

Your headshot as a real estate agent will be displayed at events and on social media in addition to being used for promotional materials like flyers and business cards. When getting ready for your professional realtor photos, think about getting your hair and makeup done to look your best. This is an additional strategy for boosting self-assurance and drawing leads who are drawn to your polished, businesslike appearance.

#4. Don’t Pose With Too Many Accessories

To portray themselves as professionals, modern real estate agents frequently put up headshots of themselves using their phones or computers. Regarding real estate headshots, technology is ineffective. It takes your attention away from the picture of you. You risk coming off as phony or untrustworthy if you look away from the camera instead of directly ahead. The best thing to do is smile and face the camera. 

#5. Select the Proper Location

The backdrop should not detract from clients’ ability to see you, as this is the most crucial consideration when choosing a location. One of the best backgrounds for headshots is pure white, which also has a big impact on the tiny profile pictures that are displayed online. White backgrounds have a light, airy, and organic feel that draws attention to you. If your real estate headshots aren’t too distracting or outrageous, it’s acceptable to use creative photography.

#6. Get High-Resolution Copies

Your headshot might be used primarily for your real estate bio, website, or printed materials. But you should make sure you get high-resolution copies so you can edit your marketing materials. In the future, you might need your headshot for print advertisements or other opportunities, and low-resolution photos can appear smudged and unprofessional.

#7. Take Care Not to Overedit Your Realtor Headshot

An integral part of the headshot procedure is light editing or retouching. It’s an additional strategy for assisting agents in projecting their most assured selves. It can be simple to overuse a retouching or editing tool, though, if you’re not a professional photographer. Photos that have been over-edited may appear awkward and unnatural. Additionally, it might have a halo effect or seem washed out.

Professional photographers often edit and retouch the images before giving you the photos. They eliminate imperfections, even out your skin tone, and lighten a background that is too dark or off-color. Don’t let them overedit you; keep your natural features and personality intact. People naturally have facial features and lines, despite how seductive it can be to want a flawless face in pictures. Airbrushing is acceptable as long as the final product still accurately represents you.

#8. Gather Opinions on Your Real Estate Headshots

Since it’s nearly impossible to evaluate your photo objectively, it’s a good idea to ask for other people’s opinions. Select a few of your favorite images after you receive your photos, then ask real estate colleagues, friends, and family members for feedback.

#9. Regularly Update Your Headshot

For some real estate agents, having a professional headshot is a once-in-a-lifetime requirement. In actuality, your physical attributes evolve with time, so your headshot ought to do the same. A fresh headshot should be taken about every two to three years as a general rule. 

Professional Real Estate Headshots

Key components of business profiles—and now more than ever—are professional headshots. Make sure your business headshots are as professional as possible given the growth of the internet and the sizable social media presence. A realtor’s headshot ought to demonstrate professionalism and dynamism. It should display the real estate agent’s face and convey their personality and assurance.

A good realtor headshot should also be able to attract potential clients’ attention right away when seen from a distance and inspire confidence in them as a person they can trust with one of the biggest decisions of their lives. 

What Should I Wear for Realtor Headshot? 

Although everyone has a different sense of style when it comes to clothing, following a few straightforward rules will make choosing an outfit a breeze. Select attire that will make you appear confident in your picture. Your facial expression can convey how you feel about your appearance when you are comfortable with it. Be sure to use solid colors and stay away from busy patterns or prints.

What Is a Good Professional Headshot? 

To promote the realtor’s name and image, a professional headshot or close-up photograph is typically used. A real estate agent’s headshot should demonstrate their professionalism and energy. It must depict the real estate agent’s face and personality while conveying their assurance. 

Should I Smile in Professional Headshot? 

Yes, you can smile in a professional headshot. There aren’t any rules, though. The answer depends on the aim of the photograph and the mood or vibe you’re going for. According to research, smiling in a headshot makes one appear more attractive and competent. A sincere smile can make you appear approachable to your audience. 

Are Professional Headshots Worth It? 

The success of your application for a dream job or client may depend entirely on your headshot. Although it might seem unnecessary to spend money on a professional photographer to take your headshot, it’s well worth it. In addition to improving your appearance, a good professional headshot will make people take notice of you.  


Good headshots are crucial for professionals, as everyone knows. Investing in professional real estate headshots is the first step in laying the groundwork for your brand. If done right, your headshot will establish your credibility as a real estate professional by displaying reliability and confidence to potential clients. In your promotional materials and on your business cards, your headshots should be visible. You’ll get a headshot that moves you one step closer to developing your brand, attracting clients, and expanding your business by using these suggestions.

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