MAKE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT: How to Create a PayPal Account( Definitive Guide)

How to Make a PayPal Account for Those Under 18 what do you need to without a phone number

Having a PayPal account is like acquiring a digital wallet that safeguards your information and gives you more control over your financial transactions. You can shop and pay without entering your credit card information every time, and your sensitive financial data will remain safe on the secured network. This article explains what you need to make a PayPal account and how to make one for those under 18. We also added some tips on how to make a PayPal account without a phone number. Enjoy the ride!

Make a PayPal Account

Thinking of how to make a PayPal account? Here are the steps to make one:

#1. Request to Sign Up for PayPal

To create a PayPal account, simply visit the website at and click the “Sign Up” button.

#2. Choose to Sign Up for a Personal PayPal Account

It is assumed that you will use PayPal to make purchases (both online and offline) and send money to others, rather than to collect payments from customers. In that case, click Create a Personal Account.

#3. Create Your Login Details

Click in each of the boxes highlighted here and select or type in, respectively:

  • the country in which you live
  • your email address
  • a password with which to protect your account
  • a copy of the password that you just entered

When you’re all set, click Continue.

#4. Provide Your Other Personal Information

Next, provide the information that PayPal needs to link your account to your chosen payment method (credit card, debit card, or bank account).

Click in each of the boxes highlighted here and select or type in, respectively:

  • your first name
  • your middle name (optional)
  • your last name
  • your date of birth (numeric day/month/year format)
  • your field of occupation
  • your social insurance number (optional)
  • your street address
  • your unit address (optional)
  • your area mailing code
  • the city in which you live
  • the state, province, or territory in which you live
  • your phone number (click the menu beside it to select Mobile or Home number)

Once everything has been filled in correctly, click Agree and Create Account.

You may avoid potential identity theft and save time when making online transactions by linking a credit or debit card to your PayPal account. As soon as you attach your credit or debit card, you can begin making purchases.

Click in each of the boxes highlighted here and type in:

  • your credit card number
  • your credit card’s expiration date (numerical month/year [last two digits of the year])
  • your credit card’s security code

You can skip this step if you want PayPal to use the personal address you entered in the previous one as the billing address for your credit card. If it isn’t, select Edit and enter the proper street name, unit number (if applicable), zip code, city, and country.

When you’ve filled in all of your information, click Link Card.

#6. Verify Your Mobile Phone Number

Verifying your cell phone number is an optional extra layer of protection.

#7. Verify Your Email Address

Your account won’t be fully functional until you’ve verified your email address, which is the last step in the setup process. You will be unable to access your PayPal account until you do so. Log in to your email account. Look for the email with the subject “Welcome to PayPal” from PayPal Service and open it. You can then proceed to click the blue In the email, click the “Yes, This is My Email Address” button.

If you have a PayPal account, you’ll need to enter your password to finish verifying your email address. To access your PayPal account, click the “Password” box and then enter the password you created for it. Next, choose the box labeled “Confirm My Email Address.”

How to Make a PayPal Account for Those Under 18

Due to PayPal’s age requirement of 18+, those under that age cannot create an account. For legal reasons, PayPal requires its users to be 18 or older in order to sign their user agreement. 
In general, it’s not a good idea to give kids unrestricted access to your PayPal account, as they might use it to buy things without your knowledge or consent. PayPal will terminate your teen’s account if they create one before they turn 18. Because PayPal is a financial service, and because you need to be of legal age to engage in contracts in order to use PayPal, minors are unable to use the service. In the United States, a person must be 18 years or older to engage in a legally binding contract.

Teens and young adults have access to a variety of alternative payment options. They can also request that a parent or legal guardian create a PayPal account on their behalf.

Alternatives of PayPal for Those Under 18

The following are the alternatives of PayPal for those under 18:

#1. Prepaid Debit Cards

Teens can shop online with greater peace of mind when using prepaid debit cards. Similar to a gift card, a prepaid debit card may be used in stores and online, and it can be linked to Apple Pay if your child is over 13 and Google Pay if they are over 16.
If you are concerned about giving your teen access to a debit card, a prepaid debit card is a simple and secure option. When the balance on the card is depleted, more money can be added to it. This prevents them from going into overdraft through careless spending.

#2. Online Bank Accounts for Kids and Teens

One more option for paying for things on the web is to use funds already in your bank account. While most financial institutions require account holders to be at least 13, others will accept 11- and 12-year-olds with parental consent. 

Another choice is to get your kid their own bank account. Savings accounts, immediate access accounts, Junior ISAs, and accounts with ATM and debit cards for those 11 and older are just some of the options for children’s accounts. 

#3. Payment Transfer Apps

A digital wallet or money transfer software is another option for making purchases online. You can use it to shop online or send money to loved ones by connecting it to your smartphone or other device.

You will need to sign up for and fill out an account with your financial data before you can use a digital wallet or money transfer app. After that, you can pay for items by scanning a QR code or entering the business’s email or phone number into your phone’s browser.

#4. Cash App

A cash app is a mobile payment application that enables instantaneous money transfers between users. Users in the US and UK can utilize Cash App, a mobile payment service that allows them to send and receive money using the app.

#5. Apple Wallet 

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system that allows users to store and use their credit, debit, and prepaid cards in a digital wallet app called Apple Wallet. Anyone over the age of 13 can use it, and it’s a quick and easy way to pay online or within apps. Your financial details and other sensitive documents can be safely stored there too. After adding your credit cards to Apple Pay, you may use it to make purchases online by selecting Apple Pay as your payment method and entering your Apple ID password to complete the transaction.

#6. Google Pay

Anyone over the age of 16 can use Google Pay to make in-store, online, and app purchases. To use Google Pay, you must first add a valid credit or debit card to your account. When you use Google Pay, your financial data is protected by encryption.

What Do You Need to Make a PayPal Account

In order to create a PayPal account, a wide variety of identification is accepted. Here are some things you need to make a PayPal account:

  • Social Security Number card
  • Letter from IRS assigning SSN or ITIN
  • 1099 Form (Dated within the last 12 months)
  • Employer-issued W2 (Dated within the last 12 months)
  • Paystub with complete SSN (Dated within the last 12 months)
  • 3rd party prepared tax documents (Dated within the last 12 months, and signed by 3rd party preparer)
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport or passport card
  • State or Government Issue ID
  • Utility bill (Dated within the last 12 months)
  • Cell or landline phone bill (Dated within the last 12 months)
  • Motor vehicle registration (Dated within the last 12 months)
  • 401k/Brokerage Statement (Dated within the last 12 months)
  • Copy of Grant Deed on Home or Lease Agreement for Home
  • Bank or credit card statement (Dated within the last 12 months)
  • Identity card or driver’s license with a physical address listed (must be current)

What Do You Need to Create a Personal PayPal Account

The following are things you need to create a personal PayPal account:

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail address
  • A Social Security number

What Do You Need to Create a Business PayPal Account

The following are things you need to create a business PayPal account:

  • An LLC or Corporation
  • A Company Phone Number
  • A Company Address
  • An EIN Number
  • A Social Security number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

How to Make a PayPal Account Without a Phone Number

PayPal is widely used as a convenient and secure online payment system. The fact that you need a working phone number to finish setting up your PayPal account is one of its few drawbacks. For people who don’t want to give out their phone numbers or don’t have one, this can be an inconvenience. There are a few workarounds you can try, such as getting a free number generated online, but the majority of them won’t be successful. If you use Text Verified, you can acquire a new phone number in just a few minutes. This strategy is successful for hundreds of other services, and it works 99% of the time. Here is how to make a PayPal account without a phone number:

#1. Sign Up for PayPal

Starting the PayPal sign-up procedure is the first step in opening a PayPal account without a phone number. Because the results from doing this on a mobile device can be unpredictable, we advise using a desktop computer instead. After registering for a PayPal account and entering your personal details, you will be prompted to enter your phone number. After it happens, you can move on to the next phase. 

#2. Verify your PayPal Email Address

If you don’t verify your PayPal email address, you’ll have to start the verification process all over again in the future. If you verify your new PayPal account, you’ll be able to avoid using SMS verification in the future and retrieve your account if you forget your password. You can start the registration process for Text Verified once your email address has been confirmed. 

#3. Sign Up For Text Verified  

To obtain phone numbers for SMS verification, you must first create an account on SMS Verified. Don’t worry, setting up an account is simple and quick, and you may reuse your Text Verified for all future verification needs. Creating an account requires nothing more than your name and email address. After you’ve signed up for Text Verified, you’ll need to confirm your account email. 

#4. Locate the Verifications Tab on Text Verified 

After you have confirmed your email address with Text Verified, go to the ‘Verifications’ section of the menu. Text Verified’s comprehensive list of services that support SMS verification may be accessed by clicking the “Text & SMS” option, which can be found under the “Verifications” menu. 

Text Verified’s search box can be used to find new or previously used phone numbers that meet PayPal’s requirements for SMS verification. Simply typing “PayPal” into the search field will return results for the service. 

Make sure that PayPal’s status shows “New” or “Used” so that US phone numbers can be used for verification purposes. If you have tried choosing ‘PayPal’ in the left column but been unable to progress, you may need to add funds to your account, which you may do by clicking in the upper right corner. One or two credits are usually all that’s needed to generate a phone number for SMS verification. 

#6. Generate A Phone Number

You’ll need to have your PayPal and Text Verified accounts set up and ready to go, as this process will be timed. Select ‘PayPal’ in the left-hand column when you’re ready to move forward, and you’ll be taken to a page where a unique phone number has been prepared for you. Please copy this number and enter it into the space provided for your phone number on the PayPal site. 

After doing so, the verification code needed to finish setting up your PayPal account will appear in the ‘Message’ column of Text Verified. If you copy this verification code and paste it into PayPal, you’ll be able to use your account immediately. 

Reasons to Make a PayPal Account

The following are the reasons why you need to make a PayPal account:

#1. Time

Tickets and other limited-time offers sell out quickly. It takes time and effort to type in your debit or credit card information. Using PayPal speeds up the purchasing process so you may make more purchases.

#2. Security

Your financial security is weakened with each new disclosure of sensitive information. When you use PayPal to make a purchase, your financial details are safer than they would be with the site itself.

#3. Reward Cards

With PayPal, you can save information for multiple cards in one location and use any of them to make purchases. You can still accumulate reward points as usual.

#4. Protected Purchases

Payment protection is provided, and shipping costs can be refunded if an item is returned and deemed acceptable.

#5. Foreign Currency Wallet

Since PayPal is accepted in over 200 different nations and regions, you may buy anything from any store in the world and pay in the currency of your choice.

#6. Put Your Account to Work for You

With an account, you can do a lot more than just send and receive payments. It doesn’t stop at the shops.

#7. Free

Yes, opening a PayPal account is totally free, and you can do it right this second! 

Do You Need a Bank Account For PAYPAL?

You don’t have to have a bank account to use PayPal or to have money deposited into your PayPal account. You need only give your name, address, phone number, and email address to start a personal account.

Can I Get Two PayPal Accounts?

A resounding “Yes” is the correct response. If you want to use PayPal for both personal and professional purposes, you can create multiple accounts; however, each account must use a unique email address and set of payment details. It’s possible to go from the free Personal plan to the paid Premier or Business plan.

Can I Delete My PayPal Account and Start Again?

If you delete your account, it will never be recoverable. According to PayPal, you can create a new account, but it won’t have access to your previous purchases.

Can I Use a Personal PayPal Account for Business?

It is feasible to use a personal PayPal account for commercial transactions. Payments from customers can be sent to you just as quickly as received. However, if you do this, you will lose access to PayPal’s business tools including loans, credit cards, and more.

Final Thoughts

Using PayPal to conduct financial transactions online is highly recommended. However, this only applies to those with valid U.S. Social Security Numbers for individual accounts, and valid SSNs or ITINs for company accounts. Why not follow the steps to make a PayPal account?


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