How To Sign A Document Electronically: A Step-By-Step Guide 

how to sign a document electronically
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Signing a document electronically automatically authenticates the document. At that point, it is safe to say that the contents of the document do not change after it has been signed. Here, we’ll take you through steps on how to sign a word document electronically using an adobe reader on your iPhone or Mac. 

What Is An Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is a symbol or other digital data that is attached to an electronic document and is accepted by the “signer” or recipient of the signature request. E-signatures are typically displayed as an image of a physical signature. Online electronic signatures are generated and applied to online documents. Instead of signing with a pen, you receive an email requesting your signature. The entire “signing” process takes place online.

How to Sign a Word Document Electronically

Organizations can reduce risk when using electronic transactions and streamlining paper processes for contracts or other agreements by including signature fields in Microsoft Office files. Digital signatures keep a record of what was signed and can be validated in the future.

Documents that have been signed have a Signatures button at the bottom. Furthermore, signature information appears in the Info section of signed documents, which can be accessed by clicking the File tab in Word.

To sign a word document electronically, do the following:

  • Open the document you want to sign in Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Place your cursor (pointer) in the word document or worksheet where you want the signature line to appear.
  • Select insert
  • On the Insert tab, in the Text section, click Signature Line > Microsoft Office Signature Line in the drop-down menu.

Depending on the intended use, there are two signature setup methods.

#1. Incorporating an Invisible Digital Signature

An invisible digital signature can be added to a Word document, Excel workbook, or PowerPoint presentation. This is not visible in the document, but a small signature icon appears at the bottom of the window to indicate that it has been signed. Recipients can view information about the signer by clicking the icon.

#2. Including a Clearly Visible Digital Signature

A visible digital signature can also be added to a Word document or an Excel workbook. To indicate that the document was signed, this signature appears in the document, along with a small signature icon at the bottom of the window. To learn more about the signer, recipients can double-click the signature or click the icon.

How to Use a Document Signing Certificate to Add a Digital Signature in Microsoft Windows

Follow these steps to electronically sign a document on Microsoft Windows using a Document Signing Certificate:

  • Open the document that requires a signature.
  • Insert the USB smart card token with the certificate into your computer’s USB port. Microsoft will copy the certificate to your computer’s cryptographic API (CAPI) certificate store automatically.
  • On the Tools pane, click More Tools. The Create & Edit page will appear.
  • Choose Certificates.
  • Select Digitally Sign from the Certificates toolbar. The Select Signature Area dialog box will appear.
  • In the Signature Area Selection dialog box, click OK.
  • Click and drag your mouse to draw the area where you want the signature to appear. The dialog box Sign with a Digital ID will appear.
  • Continue by clicking the button. The dialog box Sign as Your name> will appear.
  • Sign your name. The Windows Explorer dialog box appears.
  • Choose the location for the signed document.
  • Enter the title of the document.
  • Save the file. You’ll be asked to enter your PIN.
  • Enter your PIN and press the OK button. Your signature will be included in the document.

How Do Insert A Handwritten Signature On Word?

  • Write your signature on a piece of paper.
  • Scan the page and save it on your computer in a common file format: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, or .png.
  • Open the image file.
  • To crop the image, click it to open the Picture Tools Format tab, click Crop, and then crop the image.
  • Right-click the image, and then click Save as Picture to save the picture as a separate file.
  • To add the signature to a document, click Insert > Pictures.

How to Electronically Sign A PDF Document With Adobe Reader

  • To sign a document electronically with Adobe Reader, open the PDF file in the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC application first.
  • In the right pane, click the “Fill & Sign” button.
  • To add your signature to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, go to the toolbar and click the “Sign” button. 

A signature can be made in one of three ways.

Adobe Reader’s default setting is “Type,” which allows you to type your name and have it converted to a signature. You can choose from four different styles.

Another option is to sign by selecting “Draw” and then drawing your signature with your mouse or a touch screen.

You can also choose “Image” if you want to sign a piece of paper, scan it, and then enter your written signature into Adobe Reader. (Yes, scanning is required, but you only need to do it once, after which you can use that signature on any future documents you electronically sign.) After you’ve finished creating a signature, click “Apply” to add it to the document.

If you leave “Save Signature” checked, you will be able to quickly add this signature to other documents in the future. With your mouse, place your signature where you want it, and then click to apply it. If you choose to save your signature, it will be available in the “Sign” menu in the future.

To save your signed PDF document, go to File > Save and choose a location.

How to Sign A Document Electronically On Mac

The first step is to add your signature to your Mac, which you can do in Preview. To begin:

  • In Preview, open the document you want to sign.
  • Select the Markup icon.
  • Then, select the Signature option.
  • Choose Create Signature.

Apple will sync your signature with your iCloud account, making it available in Preview on any Mac that has been signed in with your Apple ID.

To create a digital version of your signature, you have three options:

Trackpad: Select this option if you want to use your finger to write your signature on your Mac’s trackpad.

Sign a piece of paper and then hold it up to the camera on your Mac. Preview will recognize and digitize your writing.

iPhone/iPad: Select this option to sign using a connected device.

How to Include Your Signature in a PDF

Now that you’ve completed the setup, your signature is in the system, and you’ll notice how quickly you can sign documents in Preview.

With your document open in Preview, repeat the previous steps, except after clicking on the signature button, click on your signature.

In the document, a small box with your signature will appear, which you can then drag around and resize. After you’ve lined up your signature, you can save and share the document.

How To Sign A Document Electronically On iPhone

It is critical to sign a document quickly in order to streamline your digital signage workflow. You may be required to deal with forms, contracts, and agreements that require your online signature.

We’ve outlined two methods for signing any type of document electronically from your iPhone below.

Use Markup for Apple

Markup is a feature on the iPhone that allows you to annotate and edit various documents such as PDFs, images, and screenshots. Markup allows you to add your online signature to a document.

The Markup function is simple to use. Simply follow these easy steps:

#1. Launch the Mail App.

Begin by opening the Mail app, as this is where the Markup feature will be used. It syncs directly into the email interface, so the process is simple.

#2. Select whether to respond to an email or compose a new one.

After opening the app, decide whether you’re responding to an email or sending a new one. Either way is fine because it’s simply a matter of attaching your document to the relevant email. You can use the Markup feature to add your digital signature to the document.

#3. Sign the document with your initials.

Begin by tapping the body of your email to add your digital signature to your document. After that, select “Insert Photo or Video Attachment” by tapping the cursor. Scroll through the options until you find the document button: locate and sign the PDF document you want to sign.

When you’ve found the PDF document, tap it and then the left arrow button. Then, press the plus symbol to add your digital signature to the document after tapping the “Markup” button.

You can choose whether to type or draw your signature. If the document requires it, you can also include additional information.

Use An Electronic Signature Software.

Another excellent method for signing documents online is to use “electronic signature software.” This app makes it simple to sign digital documents, streamlining your signage workflow.

If you frequently deal with large amounts of documents, an electronic signature tool is a great option. Because of the additional features, this may be a better option for larger businesses and organizations.

Signing a Word Document on an iPhone

Signing a Microsoft Word document can be difficult because you’re using an iPhone. You can’t use the Markup feature here, so an electronic signature tool is your best bet. Here’s how to use your iPhone to sign a Word document.

#1. Choose an Electronic Signature Tool

There are numerous excellent electronic signature tools at your disposal. These allow you to sign Microsoft Word documents from your iPhone.

#2. Include Your Signature in the Word Document

Once you’ve determined the best electronic signature solution for your needs, use it to add your digital signature to your Word document.

How to Sign a PDF Document Electronically on an iPhone

The majority of documents signed online will be in PDF format. Given this, you must be able to sign them as easily as possible. You don’t even have to leave your iPhone. In a nutshell, here’s how to sign a PDF on an iPhone.

#1. Open your PDF file

To begin, locate and open the PDF file of the document you wish to sign on your iPhone. This is possible in a variety of apps, including Files, iBooks, and Messages. You can use the Mail app to send the signed document as an email.

#2. Make use of the Markup Feature

Use the Markup feature after you’ve successfully identified and opened your PDF file. Add your signature by pressing the + symbol in the bottom right-hand corner. You can use an existing saved signature or create a new one.

Your iPhone’s PDF document should now have your signature.

How to Sign A Scanned Document on iPhone 

Did you know your iPhone has the ability to scan documents? It’s a function that allows you to quickly create a high-quality digital copy of a physical paper document. Not only that, but after scanning the document, you can easily sign it. We’ll show you how, from scanning to emailing to signing.

#1. Scan Your Paper

The first step is to use your iPhone’s scan feature, which is located within the “Notes” app. Begin by creating a new note, then press the camera button, followed by the scan documents icon.

After that, place your physical copy of the document within the iPhone’s camera. If you’re in auto mode, it should scan the document for you. If not, press the shutter button and play around with the cropping borders. This should result in the saving of a scanned image of your document.

#2. Sign Your Paperwork

Your scanned document should now appear in your Notes app as a note. Locate it, then click the share button and select the markup icon. You will then need to tap the add button, followed by the signature button.

On your iPhone, you’ll be able to create a new signature or add an existing one. Place it on the document as needed, and then press done.

In Conclusion,

With the steps listed above, you should be able to sign your document electronically on any device with ease. The most convenient way to sign documents is on your computer. All you have to do is download the appropriate document, sign it with your finger, and then email or print it. But with our guide, you should be able to sign your documents flawlessly on your Mac or iPhone.

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