How to Create an Elevator Pitch

How to Create an Elevator Pitch
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We live in an increasingly competitive environment where only the best talent and business can survive in the long term. When searching for a job or seeking a promotion, a good elevator pitch at job fairs, career expos, or on Linked In can boost your prospects. It is a good way to gain confidence when introducing yourself to company reps and hiring managers. 

Understand that the objective of an elevator pitch is to pique the interest of the audience and urge them act, Job seekers, project managers, and sales reps use elevator pitches to market themselves, their ideas, or products. This elevator pitch guide offers insights on how to create the best elevator pitch to impress your audience.  

What Is an Elevator Pitch?

First, what is elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a slang phrase used in a brief speech that outlines an idea, service, or product. The general rule is to keep the speech concise. In the financial world, the phrase elevator pitch is used by an entrepreneur or marketer to pique the curiosity of an investor or customer. This is generally a short and persuasive speech where the speaker introduces themselves, the product, or the company to explain a concept quickly and clearly.      

The goal of the elevator pitch outline is to explain in as few words as possible who you are and what you do. At maximum, your elevator pitch should last no longer than 30 seconds. This is short enough to articulate your message. Remember, the best way to get comfortable with creative and giving elevator pitches is through constant practice. A custom pitch deck design service can provide you with samples to guide you as you create your elevator speech.

So, what is a good elevator pitch? Simply put, an elevator pitch answers the question that seeks to know who you are and what you do. It is a short and sweet message that is so compelling that pushes the audience to want to hire you or want to know more. 

Here’s Why You Need an Elevator Pitch

Venture capitalists tend to use the elevator pitch to judge whether it is viable to take the next step towards investing in a startup.  Project managers, job seekers, and salespeople also use elevator pitches to market themselves and their ideas. 

When creating an elevator pitch deck, you should include information on why your idea or project is worth investing in. Your pitch deck should explain such aspects as benefits, cost savings, and benefits. 

Job seekers and entrepreneurs memorize and practice their elevator pitches in advance. According to a recent survey, more than 70% of jobs in the United States are found through networking. This means that job seekers need to create authentic relationships with professionals, uncovering impressive job opportunities 

How to Create a Good Elevator Pitch 

A good elevator pitch format communicates your brand and emphasizes what you want to be known for. It conveys your unique selling points and answers questions about what you do and what interests you. Before sitting down to write your pitch, try to think about what makes you unique and what you are looking to accomplish. What can you offer and what do you want your audience to remember you for? Follow these steps to create an impressive speech. 

Decide Your Goal 

The first thing to do when it comes to creating an elevator pitch is to decide your goal. Are you looking for a job with a specific company or are you searching for investment for your startup? Are you looking to land a strategic client for your business? Whatever the case, you need to craft your pitch to meet a specific goal. Check out a good elevator pitch example for inspiration. 

Record Your Experiences and Accomplishments 

When it comes to how to create an elevator pitch, deciding the goal is important. Once you have decided the goal for your pitch, it is time to write down what sets you apart. Spend some time thinking about and writing your top achievements and experience. Order these in terms of situation, task, action, and outcome, shortening each story into a sentence or two. 

Make Your Pitch Brief 

A good elevator pitch should be brief and clear. You don’t need to cover your entire work history or career objectives in this short document.  Minimize the contents of your pitch to only cover who you are and what you do. Your speech ought to be brief and restricted to about 30 seconds. Your elevator pitch should also be persuasive and should allow you to share your skills and abilities. It should emphasize who you are and what skills and qualifications set you apart. 

What to Say in an Elevator Pitch 

A crucial element of the elevator pitch definition is that it is a persuasive and concise introduction that offers the audience a solid idea of a person, business, or service. In a typical sense, it should last no more than two minutes and is mostly used when highlighting a person’s skills when interviewing for a job opportunity. Elevator pitches are also ideal in marketing. 

Understand that the material you include in an elevator pitch will vary depending on context. This means that what you are pitching and your intended outcome. For instance, if you intend to promote yourself for a job, your pitch should include your work and educational background, your accomplishments, and the value you add to the organization. When pitching a service or product, you need to mention how the service or product differs from others in the market. Your pitch should also include a call to action. 

How Long Should an Elevator Pitch Be?

On how long is elevator pitch, the general rule is to keep things short and sweet. A good pitch should be between 30 and 60 seconds long. When creating it, it is recommended that you only include the most vital points, enough to pique the audience’s curiosity. There will be time later to go into greater detail. 

The Bottom Line 

This article summarizes how to write an elevator pitch. A great elevator pitch is interesting, and engaging, and invites the audience to want to find out more. The delivery of your pitch should exude confidence and should get to the point as soon as possible. Remember the best pitch sets the stage for further action and should contain a clear call to action. 

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