HOW TO CONFERENCE CALL: Easy Guide and Steps To Take

How to Conference Call
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There are several ways to conference a call, including virtual meetings and continuously monitored phone calls. There are also numerous providers to choose from. However, you’ll find that many operators will charge for the service, require registration, or both. By doing so, they will gain access to your data and may even sell it to other parties who will then reply you with emails and calls for other services.

People can now do an expanding number of tasks remotely as technology gets better. No matter where they are, off-site personnel must effectively communicate to further business objectives. If you frequently use your smartphone for work, it can be beneficial to learn how to conduct conference calls effectively and professionally. This definitive article will act as a guide to show you how to conference call and easy steps to take.

How To Conference Call

A conference call, which is usually referred to as a teleconference, is a phone call where callers can speak to multiple persons at once. A conference call can be set up so that participants can speak during the session or that callers can simply listen in. A conference call is one that you proactively make, as opposed to someone interrupting you by making an incoming call. Three (or more) individuals can speak at once when you place a call and then add a second call to it. The moment you tap an icon on the phone’s touchscreen, everyone starts speaking. It’s crucial to get ready for a conference call, especially if you intend to use your smartphone to participate. Before you join the call, keep the following in mind:

If you anticipate having more than five individuals, think about employing a landline or a hosting service. No fewer than fifty persons can participate in a conference call using certain types of telecommunications software. Other choices Landlines, which frequently provide superior sound quality and a more stable environment, should be considered as alternative call choices. More software is now accessible, enabling landlines to manage larger-scale conference calls.

Infrastructure is necessary: When audio cannot convey information well, various forms of technology are needed for the call. Thus take into account using a hosting platform that supports video conferencing.

How To Conference Call with Android

By dialing the first person on the list and then hitting the Add Call button once the call is connected, you may also hold a conference call directly from an Android device. Then, dial the second person and select the icon for merging calls. For each participant, repeat this.


Dial a number.

Once connected, select “Add Call” from the menu. The image shows a person with a plus sign (+) next to it.

The phone puts the first person on hold once you click the symbol.

Make a call to the second party and listen for their response.

Click the “Merge” button. This looks like two arrows coming together.

Once you hit this, the calls join, and the screen says “Conference Call.”

How to Conference Call With iPhones

In a conference call, you should conduct yourself professionally and formally, just as you would in a business meeting. When you use your IOS devices to join a conference call, bear the following in mind:


These five easy steps will show you how to hold a conference call on an iPhone:

1. Call the first person you wish to reach by dialing their number.

2. Press the “Add Call Plus” button when the call connects.

3. After that, call the second person’s phone and wait for the connection.

4. The call will change to a conference call when you click the merge calls option.

How to Activate Conference Call Settings

Whenever there is a strong mobile signal or an internet connection, smartphones running a recent version of Android can be used to host free conference calls. Your mobile device is still a fantastic way to communicate with small teams or a few members of your remote workforce in an emergency, even though it’s unlikely to be able to completely replace a unified business phone system or compete with one of the related business phone apps created for Android.

Steps to Activating Conference Call Settings

  1. While on call, tap Accept call to receive
  2. To make a conference call, while on call, tap Dialpad
  3. Tap the call icon 
  4. To switch between calls, tap swap
  5. With both calls on-going, tap the menu icon
  6. Tap “Merge calls.”
  7. Tap conference call
  8. Tap private to make a call private.
  9. Tap exclude to end a call
  10. Tap End call to disconnect both calls

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How to Conference Call On Whatsapp

Hosting conference calls is a fantastic method to bring your team together no matter how far apart they are around the world. Conference calls are an essential component of connecting with your team members, even though the definition of what you technically call a conference call has become somewhat muddled as the workplace has changed and other communication channels have emerged.

If you’re planning to use WhatsApp for conference calls, try these simple suggestions. Remember that you can only use it for conference calls with no more than eight participants. The fact that it is free to use and simple to set up is a plus.

Go to the “Create Group” and include each member to create a conference call on WhatsApp. Simply tap the phone icon, add all the people you wish to call from that group, and then press the phone icon to make a voice-only call or the video icon to make a video call.

Follow these procedures to add a contact one at a time to your Android device:

On your Android device, launch WhatsApp.

Simply tap the green “new message” symbol.

Choose New Contact from the Contact Screen menu.

Enter the contact’s name and phone number, then click Save.

To connect WhatsApp to all of your Android contacts:

Choose Applications & Notifications from the Settings menu by going to Settings.

Choose WhatsApp from the list of apps by scrolling through it.

Click on Contacts after Permissions.

To give WhatsApp permission to access your phone’s contacts, select Allow.

To add one contact at a time to an iPhone, follow these steps:

On your iPhone, launch WhatsApp.

In the upper right corner of the screen, click the blue plus (+) sign.

Click Done after entering the person’s name and phone number.

To sync every contact on your iPhone with WhatsApp:

Choose Privacy from the settings menu after first going to Settings.

Flip the switch next to WhatsApp to on (green) by tapping Contacts.

To see if your correspondences are synced, use the WhatsApp plugin.

How to Set up a Conference Call

Sign up with a conferencing service provider you can trust. For instance, RingCentral, a best-in-class product provides your business with a single dial-in phone number that is accessible around the clock (yes, this is a reservation-less service). Nevertheless, you must first set up a teleconferencing account in order to participate in any conference call.

Simply choose your credentials to register (email address and password). The dashboard for your account ought to then appear. 

You can access the teleconferencing feature by logging into your account.

Decide on the dial-in number for attendees. You must select the proper local toll-free dial-in numbers for participants from abroad.

Invite attendees to meetings by text or email. To begin the meeting right now, select “Start Conference.”

How Do You Do a 3-Way Call?

Call the first contact number and hold until the call is answered.

Click the “Add Call Plus” button. +

Wait for the call to connect before making the second call.

Click the “Merge Calls” button.

A conference call is formed from the two calls. Repeat steps 2-4 to include more people. The number of participants for your carrier may have been reached if you don’t see the option to add another call. The only person who can see the names of all participants is the one who initiated the conference call. But, if a participant adds someone, they can see both the name of the person they added and the call’s initiator. Your carrier might not support the combined call option if you don’t see it. Phone your carrier for more info.

How Do I Do a Conference Call on This Phone?

The steps in doing a teleconference are the same for both android users and ios users. It doesn’t matter the kind of phone you are using, just set the configuration for your teleconference and do whatever you want to do, regardless of your smartphone.

How Do You Do Conference Calls on Android?

Teleconferencing or conference calls on android. Follow these steps to set up a conference call on an Android device:

Put a call in.

Once connected, select “Add Call” from the menu. The image shows a person with a plus sign (+) next to it.

The phone puts the first person on hold once you click the symbol.

Make a call to the second party and listen for their response.

Click the “Merge” button. This looks like two arrows coming together.

After you tap it, the calls connect, and “Conference Call” appears on the screen.

How Do You Make a 3 Way Call on Android?

By dialing the first person on the list and selecting the Add Call button once the call is connected, you may also hold a conference call directly from an android device. Then, dial the second person and select the icon for merging calls. For each participant, repeat this.

The 8300 shortcode, which may link up to 100 participants on a single call on any mobile device or smartphone powered by Android, iOS, Windows, or any other operating system, makes using conference calls much simpler.

How Do You Start a Conference Call Example?

  • Greetings to all. Before we begin, let me take a straw poll.
  • Hello, everybody. If it’s okay, let’s start the meeting with a straw poll.
  • I believe we can begin now that we are all present.
  • Everyone is now connected, in my opinion. Let’s get going.
  • I’d like to extend a warm greeting to everyone present.
  • describing processes How do you establish ground rules at the start of a call?
  • I’d like to ask that before you speak, each of you state your name clearly.
  • Please remember to identify the office or department you represent so that we can properly record your name in the minutes.
  • Please feel free to ask questions as we go along because this is a working session.
  • We’d really appreciate it if everyone else kept quiet when someone is talking

The Bottom Line

During a meeting, conference calls make it simpler for the participants to exchange information and cooperate. By including video in your talks, you may, if necessary, boost collaboration and communication. You can now utilize additional productivity tools, including screen sharing and annotation.

They can also arrange their day by establishing a time limit and informing everyone who will be participating in the conference call ahead. They can participate more actively and be more prepared if they are aware of how much time they will need to set aside for your teleconference.

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