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Although Cove is new to the home security market, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular security companies in the DIY home security systems business. The organization takes pride in the absence of long-term contracts and high-pressure salespeople. Choosing our security system was as simple as taking an online quiz, but how did the system perform? In this review, we tested out the Cove security system to see whether it was worth the money or not. You will also get to know how to install the Cove security system, where to buy it, and a good analysis of Cove Security System vs Simplisafe. Let’s get started!

How Much Does Cove Cost?

Cove is one of the most cost-effective home security options available. One of the company’s basic values is cost-effectiveness, and Cove succeeds on that front. There are no commitment obligations, and monthly monitoring is reasonably priced, even if you choose the more expensive Cove Plus Plan.

Cove monitoring costs $17.99 to $27.99 per month or about the same as a weekly splurge at Starbucks—and for a review, we think it’s worth it for a lifetime warranty and mobile access to your security system.

Cove also allows you to regulate your equipment costs. The majority of the equipment is sold separately, and a basic setup costing roughly $300 comprises the control panel, yard and window signage, a few window and door sensors, a motion sensor, and a (free) interior camera.

If you’re not sure what you need to adequately safeguard your home, Cove’s website provides a quick questionnaire that can help you figure out where to begin.

Compare Cove Monitoring Plans

The key distinction between Cove’s monitoring options is that the Basic plan does not offer mobile connectivity or video, but the Plus plan does.

All Cove home security packages include the following features:

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • DIY installation
  • No-contract options
  • Professional monitoring

Both monitoring services also contain three standout home security technologies: RapidSOS, InstaText, and LiveAssist.

Cove Security System Warranty Review

We like that Cove provides a lifetime warranty on its equipment, but it is only available with the more expensive monitoring package.

Cove isn’t the only home security provider that bundles a greater guarantee with a more expensive plan. The same is true with ADT’s Quality Service Plan, which is only available with higher-end products.

The Cove warranty is the better deal, and when we inquired how much trouble you have to go through to get a replacement door sensor if yours fails, they answered, “None.” Cove simply sends you a replacement without inquiry.

Cove Equipment and Prices

Based on our review, the Cove security system isn’t the most technologically advanced home security system on the market, but it does the job. Because the company is so new, the equipment available is restricted.

  • Cove Touch Panel, $249 ea.
  • Cove Indoor Camera, $99 ea.
  • Cove Outdoor Camera, $199 ea.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector, $55 ea.
  • Door sensor/window sensor, $15 ea.
  • Motion detector, $30 ea.
  • Security key fob (key remote), $25 ea.
  • Glass break detector, $35 ea.
  • Flood/freeze sensor, $20 ea.
  • Panic/medical button, $20 ea.
  • SkyBell Doorbell Camera, $189 ea.
  • Kami Doorbell Camera, $99 ea.

Cove Tech and Equipment Standouts

#1. Standout feature: Preconfigured equipment

Many home security systems advertise preprogrammed security equipment that is simple to install, but Cove security system is the most straightforward I’ve encountered. When you name a sensor (for example, back door), you’ll hear “back door” every time it’s activated. We appreciate that the only option isn’t a blaring, difficult-to-turn-off siren. We’ve had run-ins with those before (Ring), and it may be stressful.

#2. Newest equipment: Indoor and outdoor security cameras

We believe that having eyes on the outside of your home is critical to the safety of your property, people, and pets. Through a collaboration with Kami, the Cove system employs indoor and outdoor security cameras. It improved its cameras last year to integrate AI, allowing customers to lessen messages about things like trees moving in the wind.

We examined both of these cameras and found them to be excellent options for Cove customers looking for interaction with the Cove app. Otherwise, there isn’t much that sets them apart from the competitors.

How to Buy a Cove Security System

On its website, Cove security system sells customized hardware systems as well as monitoring subscriptions, and on Amazon, the company also sells a seven- or ten-piece hardware solution, which you can buy from the options. Every piece of hardware comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

To buy a Cove Security system:

  • Purchase hardware. Cove does not sell ready-made starter kits. Instead, you answer a series of questions about your house, and the website configures a system based on your answers. A yard sign and three window stickers are included in all equipment bundles.
  • Subscribe to professional monitoring. Because a Cove system cannot be self-monitored, you must choose either the Basic ($17.99) or Plus ($27.99) monthly professional monitoring package.
  • Install your Cove security system. You can either hire a professional installer or do it yourself.

How to Install Cove Security System

When you purchase a Cove home security system, you will receive everything you require in a single large box and for review purposes, it looked nice. The next thing to do with your Cove security system is to install it.

The Cove Touch Panel and two mounting options (one for flat surfaces and one for the wall) are included in the initial box. We appreciate that you have both alternatives for your home.

The remaining equipment is kept in the second box. Cove customizes each system for each customer, so yours may change slightly from ours, but here’s what we’ve got:

  • 2 security key remotes
  • 1 smoke and carbon monoxide detector
  • 3 contact sensors
  • 1 freeze and flood sensor
  • 1 panic and a medic alert button
  • 1-yard sign and
  • 4 window stickers

#1. Touch Panel and app

To begin, configure your Cove Touch Panel.

Plug it in and wait for it to turn on. The panel guides you through the majority of the installation procedure, which is similar to how many other DIY security systems are set up.

The Cove app:

Cove also offers a companion app for controlling the system, but it was not required for installation. You can arm and disable your system as well as check on any Cove cameras you’ve installed using the app.

Once your passcode is operational, you will install your sensors one by one. Because Cove systems are made to order, the more sensors you have in your kit, the longer this process may take.

#2. Motion sensors

The Cove Touch Panel will walk you through your system’s sensors. The motion sensors must first be installed.

Remove the sticky backing. Put it in place and ensure that it is secure.

#3. Door and window sensors

The door sensors are then installed. There are three sensors but only one main door, so you’ll have to get inventive. To activate the sensors, separate them. When you get it right, the panel will chime.

Then, take off the adhesive backing and adhere one half of the sensor to the moving section of the door and the other to the wall or door frame.

They don’t have to be completely aligned or together; just close enough.

#4. Smoke and CO detector

Install the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector next. Cove comes with screws or a wall-sticking adhesive. Choose how you want to position yours and place it.

#5. Flood and freeze sensor

The flood and freeze sensor is the final component. This device detects water from leaks or low temperatures that could cause pipe damage.

Listen for the tone from the panel by pressing the button on the back of the sensor. Put this gadget in any place there is a risk of a leak. We hid ours beneath the kitchen sink.

Testing the Cove system

Cove is unique to each person based on their home style and what they wish to guard against. In any case, the Touch Panel will guide you through the installation of all of your sensors.

You’ll need to test them once they’re in place. First, we put our motion sensor and three door sensors to the test. The key remotes, medical pendant, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors, and, of course, the flood and freeze sensor were then tested.

After you’ve installed and tested everything, the control panel will walk you through the settings. You’ll learn how to arm and disarm your system, as well as how to use the panel. Finally, it will connect you to the monitoring center to ensure that everything is in working order.

You’re finished configuring Cove once you’ve finished the call! Don’t forget about the yard sign or stickers.

Cove Customer Service and Support

Despite the fact that Cove is new to the market, the company has already received a large number of excellent consumer reviews. Our interactions with the company have been pleasant, responsive, and eager to please. The people that built Cove and work for the company clearly enjoy what they do and believe in their product.

Cove Security System vs Simplisafe Review

Cove Security System vs Simplisafe are two DIY security systems that are quite comparable. Both Cove Security System vs Simplisafe provide simple-to-install systems that even inexperienced users can handle.

  • Equipment. Cove is a DIY system that requires customers to select equipment after answering a series of questions about their homes. SimpliSafe takes a different approach, offering preconfigured home security solutions to accommodate a number of home sizes, while equipment can also be purchased separately. SimpliSafe’s hardware options also include smart home gear, such as smart locks, whereas Cove does not.
  • Pricing. Pricing is comparable between Cove Security System vs Simplisafe. SimpliSafe’s door and window sensors are $14.99, while Cove’s are $15.00. The outside camera from SimpliSafe costs $169.99, while the outdoor camera from Cove costs $199.00.

While both Cove’s and SimpliSafe’s inside cameras cost $99, Cove’s equipment is frequently discounted, and Cove frequently offers incentives such as a free indoor camera with any of its monitoring services.

  • Monitoring. SimpliSafe customers can self-monitor for no monthly price, whereas Cove customers must subscribe to one of two programs. Both firms charge $17.99 and $27.99 a month for their two-tiered monitoring services, however, SimpliSafe provides smartphone controls with its basic plan, whereas Cove only includes that option with its premium monitoring plan.
  • Verdict. Despite similarities, SimpliSafe is geared toward DIYers who desire more control over service customization and home automation integration.

Cove, on the other hand, may be suitable for individuals wishing to add a security system with a little initial expenditure.

Is Cove Security System Any Good

Yes. Cove is an excellent choice for both homeowners and renters. If you decide to relocate, all you have to do is pack up your Cove security equipment (and everything else), settle in, and reinstall.

How Reliable Is Cove Security?

Cove is one of the most cost-effective home security options available. One of the company’s basic values is cost-effectiveness, and Cove succeeds on that front.

Does Cove Security Have a Monthly Fee?

To put things into perspective, most home security systems, including Cove, charge a monthly monitoring cost.

How Much Is Cove Monitoring Per Month?

Cove charges a monthly fee of $17.99 or $27.99. Professional monitoring, text, phone, and live chat alerts, Smash and Grab protection, cellular backup, hourly automated system checks, 24-hour battery backup, and a one-year equipment warranty are all included in the $17.99 per month Cove Basic plan.

What Is the #1 Rated Home Security?

Vivint is our choice for the greatest all-around security system. Vivint’s system’s connectivity with many smart home items has earned it an average rating of 4.6 stars across numerous consumer review boards.

Does Cove Security Work if Power Goes Out?

Most power outages will not damage Cove’s sensors because they use batteries, and the backup battery in the control panel lasts up to 24 hours. Because the panel employs a cellular radio, it remains connected to the monitoring center until the battery dies or your electricity is restored.

Does Cove Work Without Internet?

Only Cove’s security cameras use Wi-Fi to relay video over the internet. Other Cove devices communicate with the Cove Panel, which communicates with the monitoring station via cellular connection and does not connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Can Cove Security System Be Hacked?

Cove Security, like any other home security system, can be hacked. An unsecured Wi-Fi network is the most common technique for hackers to gain access to a home security system.


Cove is a security supplier that homeowners should consider because of its positive customer evaluations and lack of a contract requirement. We also recommend exploring various home security companies to pick the finest system for your home.





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