BUSINESS SECURITY SYSTEM: What It’s All About, Types and Cost

business security system
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Business security tools like smart locks and access control, business alarm systems, and surveillance cameras offer great protection for businesses. Aside from catching criminals, a business security system is the third eye that covers every aspect of your environment. For instance, sirens or bells can assist in preventing crime at the start of an intruder’s attempt. There’s always a security system for every small business, and this can be wired or wireless. Even though the cost of a business security system ranges from high to reasonable, the benefits it offers to your small business far outweigh the expenses. Consider the best security measures you can put in place to protect your business from this growing threat. The following is a list of recommendations for appropriate security measures.

Business Security System

Modern business security systems include a variety of security measures, including locks, motion detectors, and flood monitors. Some businesses offer equipment-specific solutions, such as tags, to deter theft. Most systems come with a smart app for managing and monitoring them, and some of them connect to Alexa or Google Home to control the alarm, set the thermostat, and turn on the lights.

How To Choose The Appropriate Security System For Your Business

Just like there isn’t a universally applicable solution for home security, there isn’t one for business security either. You must consider how much security your business needs. To do that, you must assess your budget, decide which kind of technology you need, and discover the security gaps in your current system. Below is a list of the factors we used to choose the best company security solutions.

#1. Equipment

For commercial security, the more equipment solutions available, the better. We focused on companies that offered a wide range of security tools when selecting our top choices. The best case scenario is:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Sensors for keeping an eye on the surroundings.
  • Fear buttons
  • Observational tools

#2. Technology

It’s essential to pick a security system that can work with the way your office is set up right now. Because the majority of businesses today have internet access and Wi-Fi, we decided to deploy security systems that communicate over the internet. Communication is crucial since the system will alert you or your alarm company in case of an emergency.

For instance, cellular chips built into hubs or control panels still allow security systems to alert you via cellphone signals if your internet goes down. Power backup is yet another crucial component of business security. Thanks to the use of batteries, which frequently last for up to a day on a single full charge, security systems can continue to provide protection during power outages.

#3. Monitoring

If you have security personnel on duty constantly, congrats. If not, alarm firms can monitor your company. Shoplifters and other thieves won’t be watching your security cameras around-the-clock, so you’ll still need to catch them.

#4. Installation 

Most of our top choices support installation by both amateurs and professionals. Professional installation is advised, especially for larger enterprises, even if the installation method is essentially a matter of preference.

Best Small Business Security System

For all types of small businesses, business security systems are becoming increasingly important. Regardless matter whether you own a restaurant, office, retail store, or even a home business, choosing the appropriate system may be challenging owing to the variety of possibilities. Our goal is to make your decision-making process easier. By comparing the best small business security systems currently on the market, we want to narrow down your search. Here are some of the best small business security systems you can opt for: 

#1. Vivint

Both households and businesses can choose from the alternatives offered by Vivint, which also provides a specialist installation that may be able to use any existing equipment you may already have and round-the-clock professional monitoring. Vivint offers smart locks, a smart control panel, environmental sensors for temperature or flooding, and smart thermostats. It also has wireless cameras. Even though it provides customized quotations for businesses, its home security prices are some of the lowest on our list. Home security monitoring ranges in price from $19.99 to $44.99 a month, with equipment sets starting at around $599.

#2. Tattletale

Tattletale’s business plan was largely developed to address the needs of large outdoor places, such as construction sites, utilities, recreation areas, businesses that deal with gardening or landscaping, schools, and churches. Features include an ultra-compact security system that can monitor 500 sensors and invisible fences. Tattletale’s home system is also available for small businesses to use, but you will have to purchase your own locks or access controls.

Tattletale’s website includes pricing information, unlike the websites of many commercial security systems. Costs for business plans with outdoor monitoring range from $40 to $70 per month. There are two options for home monitoring, which can be used in offices or retail establishments. For $33.95 a month, you can contact the police, fire, and medical services, while for $20.95 you just get SMS or email alerts.

#3. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a well-known security choice that has reasonable costs and straightforward hardware that you can install yourself. It’s the best choice for businesses with limited resources who need the most basic types of security, such as locks, cameras, and environmental sensors like flood and fire. Real-world users gave it positive reviews.

SimpliSafe scored 4.15 out of 5 in our evaluation. This household solution is not only cost-effective but can also be employed in businesses. It provides starter packages that include a selection of entry sensors, smoke detectors, motion sensors, smart locks, cameras, key fobs, and other gadgets in addition to the fundamental system and keypad. Additionally, you can make your own set. The cost of a single piece of equipment might range from $14.99 to $169.99.

#4. Cove

Although Cove’s main product is a home security system, the company also offers programs for small businesses at affordable prices. All of its plans come with professional monitoring, even though you can install your own system or hire someone to do it for you.

This method scored 3.83 out of 5 on our scale. Cove scored the greatest marks for its pricing, with plans starting at just $14.99 and reasonably priced equipment as well. It functions well overall, only losing marks for being incompatible with other devices and lacking hardware tailored to specific pieces of equipment. Additionally, in 2022, there were more consumer complaints, which lowered its rating. However, it’s easy to use and generally offers good value.

#5. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is a home security system that receives professional monitoring. You can purchase the required materials, install them on your own, and then get a monitoring plan. The purchase includes a 36-month, $50 monthly package that includes identity theft protection from Allstate Identity Insurance.

The system scored 3.65 out of 5 throughout our study. It did admirably in terms of general features, installation support (important for DIY installation alternatives), and value. It also obtained high scores for value, however, have some of the more specific features that some do, such as biometric locks and sensors designed for particular devices. After Cove, it has the best customer satisfaction rating and is an excellent system for most enterprises that only need basic location security.

Cost of Business Security System

The cost of business security systems varies on a variety of factors one of which is the system in question. Whether the security system is for a small or medium-sized business and how much protection the company requires will have a big impact on the price.

Irrespective of the cost factor, a business must invest money in high-quality security system hardware, nevertheless. The hardware, which includes the cameras, sensors, alarms, nuts, and bolts, can range in price from $1,000 to $3,000 or even up to $10,000, depending on the system.

#1. Monitoring Systems

If there is a crime or liability issue, a company can use surveillance cameras to watch and gather evidence. The size of the business, the number of cameras required to safeguard it, and whether or not the cameras will monitor both the interior and outside of the business all affect the cost of a CCTV system. The price of a surveillance system could often range from $300 to $500 depending on your security needs.

#2. Access Control System

An access control system is typically connected to an existing network or a special network is created for this purpose. Using an access control system, doors to businesses are electronically secured so that only those with a code, key card, smartphone, or even one that reads a user’s fingerprint can open them. Several access control systems also include cameras and recorders. An access control system normally requires installation expenses of around $1000 for each door.

#3. Environmental Monitoring Systems

As was already said, the aim of such a system is to assess the building’s quality across a number of dimensions. The system is equipped with sensors and panels, and its price ranges from $150 to $300. It can be used in a range of companies, though it is mostly used in IT facilities and warehouses.

#4. Cyber Security System

Both our daily lives and the growth and acclaim of enterprises are improved by technology. Unfortunately, thieves exploit technology to harm or steal from businesses, which is why cyber security is so important. It protects sensitive data, intellectual property, and private information. Between $100 and $2,000 may be required from small and medium-sized businesses each month for cybersecurity.

Installation and Activation Fees

The cost of installing security systems is significantly influenced by the size of the business. Installation costs for smaller enterprises with fewer than 85 employees run from $100 to $300 and from $200 to $600 for companies with more than 85 employees.

When evaluating the price of the installation fee for a security system, it’s critical to consider the type of system that will be installed as well as the size and complexity of the security system. The installation expenses of a basic CCTV surveillance system and a complex security system including fire alarms, CCTV, burglar alarms, and control panels on exit doors are not comparable.

Wireless Business Security System

A wireless security system commonly employs a wireless module to link to both a mobile application and a monitoring center when professional monitoring is offered. Its designs facilitate installation. The flexibility to upgrade your system whenever you choose, compatibility with virtual personal assistants, SMS alerts, and mobile apps are further benefits of the wireless business security system. The following are some of the best wireless security systems for your business.

# 1. ADT

The first on our top wireless security system for any business is ADT. ADT is the North American company with the most experience in home security. They installed and kept up hybrid, wired, and wireless alarm systems properly. Professional monitoring and mobile app home monitoring are also available from ADT Control. The ADT Control app has received more than 40,000 ratings from users, with an average rating of almost five stars.

ADT Control customers sign contracts for a 36-month duration of service. In addition to monthly payments that include professional monitoring, the equipment may be purchased over time. Prices vary according to the installed equipment. Every contract includes a $500 anti-theft insurance policy.

#2. Frontpoint

The second wireless business security system on our list is Frontpoint. Frontpoint is a top choice for wireless home security with do-it-yourself installation and expert monitoring. It is the best suggestion in terms of superb customer service, reliable contracts, and top-notch equipment. Customers searching for constant monitoring should definitely consider Frontpoint security. The shortest Frontpoint offer is a 36-month commitment, whereas the shortest professional monitoring contract is one year. Each contract has a start-to-finish 30-day money-back guarantee.

Frontpoint’s ideas have a single-tier structure. The good news is that everyone must purchase the $49.99 Ultimate plan, which includes all Frontpoint system features. It has video surveillance, professional surveillance, cloud storage, and home automation. Frontpoint’s wireless design enables you to expand your system even if you begin with a simple one.

#3. Cove

One of the key benefits of wireless home security is its simplicity of installation, which Cove was able to show. They had adhesives on the back of their sensors, so all we had to do to finish the job was stick them to our walls and doors.

Surprisingly, each of Cove’s wireless systems needs professional monitoring, which costs at least $17.99 per month. Remote control, Google, and Alexa interfaces cost an additional $27.99 per month. Self-monitoring is regrettably not an option, but if you are confident that you want professional monitoring, Cove might be a good fit.

#4. Abode

The last wireless business security system on our list is Abode. Modern home security systems are made by Abode, with no contracts required for DIY installation. It is one of the best solutions for contemporary home security. One appeal is its compatibility with the Google Home and Amazon Alexa personal assistant apps.

While Abode wireless home security can still work without paying for monitoring, in this scenario, your siren will sound and you will still get “chirp” entrance notifications. You are always able to add paid monitoring via the Abode security mobile app. A year costs $180, whereas three days cost $8. Paid options include expert 24/7 monitoring and cloud storage for security camera footage.

What is the Best Security System for Your Business?

A Comprehensive List of the Best Business Security Systems

  • ADT. Editors’ Choice
  • SimpliSafe. Editors’ Choice
  • Vivint.
  • Frontpoint 
  • Lorex.
  • Cove.

What is a Security System in Business?

A business security system is a collection of hardware and software that guards against theft, trespassers, and other hazards.

How Much Does a Security System Cost for a Small Business?

Three price factors can be used to analyze the overall cost of a business security system for a small or medium-sized organization:

  • Hardware for security: typically $1,000 to $2,500
  • Costs of installation and activation: typically $300 to $500
  • Alarm monitoring costs, on average, $40 to $120.

How Much Does ADT Business Cost?

The ADT Secure Home Package has a starting price range of $599 to $899 upfront plus $49.99 per month, or. $65 to $60.97 each month.

What are 4 Types of Security?

Debt securities, equity securities, derivative securities, and hybrid securities—a mix of debt and equity—are the four primary categories of security.

What are 3 Examples of a Security System?

Examples include the three perimeter locks and barriers mentioned above, as well as lighting systems for surveillance and to deter unauthorized entry.


Depending on the kind of business you do and the size of your business premise, you need to instill a business security system, whether wireless or not irrespective of the cost. This is because security cameras serve as the third eye and offer additional security to your business.

Business Security System FAQs

What makes an effective security system?

A good security system is easy to use, safe and doesn’t cost too much. It is also flexible and scalable, and it has better alarming and reporting features than other systems.

What are the three types of security system?

There are three main types of security controls, or areas. There are security controls for management, operations, and the building itself.

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