5 Skills Finance Managers Must Hone to Survive in The Industry

Financial managers

Finance managers are like substructures of all businesses. They play an integral role in decision-making and are capable of determining the success of organizations. Whether heading a multinational company or a small-scale charity, you will need eligible finance managers to provide financial guidance and support to clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.

However, in today’s fast-evolving workplace, finance officers’ roles include much more than money management. They are responsible for preparing analytical reports, financial statements, budget analysis, supervising staff, developing external relationships, and so much more. Of course, these tasks come with a handful of challenges like data protection, security, regulations, and compliance. But there also comes a series of benefits, including flexible working hours, job satisfaction, and a generous salary.

A qualifying accounting degree

Before we jump on the list of essential skills, it is crucial to stress the need for impressive academic credentials. A good reference or a spectacular resume isn’t enough to land you a glorifying job in finance. The competition is drastically high in the accounting and finance field. Hence, to increase your chances of employment and reach the top, a formal qualification is necessary.

You need to pass specific standard examinations and undergo a period of training to qualify as an accountant/finance professional. Fortunately, one can complete the professional accounting training on the job and sit for exams part-time. However, many employers encourage getting higher, relevant qualifications and are even willing to bear all the expenses. Juggling studies and work might seem challenging, but it can become manageable if you opt for an online master of accounting degree. You can conveniently take classes from home or during work and also submit assignments with flexible deadlines. And still, get the same high-end education you would get in a physical setting with the ease of eLearning.

Finance managers are a vital part of organizations. They must possess specific hard and soft skills to ensure the success of businesses. Below, we have mentioned a few skillsets a good finance manager must hone.

Basic financial statement preparation

All finance managers and accountants should know how to make and analyze financial statement. That is the most fundamental part of their job. Although the prepared remarks are for external clients, the accuracy and representation of relevant data are crucial.

Making financial statements require a significant deal of effort, attention, and carefulness. Managers must ensure no errors since these statements represent the company’s financial standings and are essential for decision-making.

Finance employees can consider taking online courses to strengthen their financial management skills further. These courses can help one understand the basics of financial statement assessment, terminology, and comprehension.

Budget preparation

Another essential requirement from finance managers is budget preparation. Budgeting is necessary; it helps not to overspend, keep track of all the company’s expenses, and prepare for emergencies. Additionally, strategic budget maintenance plays a crucial role in reaching future goals and saving money. Hence, all finance officers need to know everything about budget preparation and satisfy all investors’, leaders’, and senior management’s demands.

Having a strategic mindset is vital for budgeting. You must make sure to take the most beneficial and resourceful decisions for your business and play safe with money.

Interpersonal skills

For every finance and accounting professional, the capability of building and retaining successful client relationships is crucial. It restores the client’s trust in your services and attracts more traffic.

Every finance manager must have interpersonal skills for several reasons. They increase your likeability and approachability amongst other employees. Managers with strong interpersonal skills act as inspiration for their staff and encourage them to perform better. Moreover, people with better interpersonal skills are likely to possess good team management skills and secure meaningful relationships.

Communication skills

Effective communication is essential amongst all leaders and not just finance officers. Finance managers who possess strong communication skills to experience increased morale, productivity, and commitment amongst their employees.

Communication is highly advantageous for businesses. When employees are comfortable speaking up and sharing their opinions, more innovative ideas come to the table. Furthermore, open communication also teaches employees about mutual corporation and strengthens their team-building skills. But most importantly, effective communication ensures that management and employees are on the same page about critical business decisions.

Being tech-savvy

The last but perhaps most essential skill needed in a finance manager is adaptability to technology. Technology is altering business operations significantly, including many financial and accounting-related tasks. Most of the organizational work is now online and through multiple software. There are software and systems available that can prepare all kinds of financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and all other documents, in a matter of minutes. Even clients no longer have to physically visit to collect their records since they can easily access everything online.

Therefore, every finance manager and accountant should have a firm grasp and knowledge of all such software.


A finance manager’s job is exciting yet daunting. There is so much required from them with utmost accuracy that it might seem impossible to some. However, with all these challenges comes several benefits as well. But one can only acquire these benefits if they possess all the relevant skills mentioned above.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to choose a career in finance, you should know you are on your way to a tricky but lucrative journey.

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