BRANCH LOAN: Easy guide to start up & how it works (+ quick review)

Branch loan

Branch loan Nigeria, how it works, login, application online, payment and defaulters, how to pay, review, and customer care.


This is the leading instant online loan in Nigeria. The platform gives loans to borrowers through online services. Although the platform uses data to increase access to financial services for millions of Nigerians. The company doesn’t only operate in Nigeria, it also cuts across Kenya, India, and, Tanzania.

The online money lender branch loans Nigeria, provide installment loans, single payment loans, and also payrolls for borrowers. The minimum amount for branch loans in Nigeria is N1, 500 and its upper limit for a new customer is N150,000. Interests of branch loans in Nigeria are on a number of factors which also include your repayment history and branch cost of lending too.

Amounts that borrowers borrow from the branch loans Nigeria are deducted from your account on the agreed date. Branch loans currently only support these banks. Zenith Bank, Union bank, united bank for Africa, GT bank, and Skye Bank, FCMB and, Access bank.

Most loans from money lenders are short-term to tide you over to the next payday. If you’re looking for loans that are unsecured consumer loans, student loans, or even people ineligible for typical bank loans. Maybe due to thin credit files, then branch loans in Nigeria is definitely an option.


The branch loan platform is self-explanatory. Therefore, you don’t have to stress about how to branch loan works because it’s actually easy. You should know that branch loan works with products like business, education, and, rent. How branch loan works should be easy if you’re able to reach their requirements which include a phone number or Facebook account, bank verification number, and bank account number.

While some of their pros include a choice of repayment scheme and a high maximum loan. And cons include as easy as downloading the branch app which is a requirement. As well as a bank account with any other specific banks required.

How branch loan works include its feature to meet individuals anywhere they are at meaning little to no credit history or savings. The platform uses the permission of its customers to analyze Smartphone data making it easy to determine loan eligibility. They process thousands of data points to create personalized loan options at a go.

As stated above, branch loans work easily and fast, and here is how. Download the branch app, create an account following easy steps, apply for the loans that meet your needs, and finally receive the loans in your account.


The branch loan login takes only less than 30 seconds. You need to be aware of a few things about the branch loan login before proceeding.

Firstly you need to have an account with the branch loans so if not, get signed up on their official website to get started. There are steps to help you get signed up on the branch loans login website with every click till you are signed up.

Also, a phone number is a requirement. And also a sim, particularly a SIM that receives SMS text messages. So you could receive important information or requirements from the platform. If you have also made changes to your phone number since you got signed to the platform, you would as well notify them as they make the option available for you.

Login to the branch loan platform is easy and quick. If you already have an account with them, all you need to do is put in your login details in the space provided. You’re going to go. But if you are new and don’t have an account yet? Download the branch loans app at the google play store, open the app and tap the log-in option. Then follow the instructions above to get an account and get started.


Branch loan application online is also as easy as their login. That the branch loan wants to offer financial services across emerging markets so as to spur human potential. Their recent objective is to build a new frontier of finance where banks are not physical, paperwork is obsolete and possibility is the end game.

You should know that with branch loans everything is possible especially because all works are 100% Smartphone involve. Branch loan application online provides access to money and the freedom to use it whenever and wherever they chose.

With the borrower’s approval, branch credit asses credit on Smartphone data. This makes their approval for a loan quick giving people the opportunity to build credit regardless of their banking history.

Application for the branch online loan the platform focus on some expert of the borrower which includes handset details, SMS logs, repayment history, contact lists, and also GPS data. They are not exposed to these personal details to the public at any point of transaction with the branch loan.

These are some of the requirements the platform will require from you. After, you can download the branch app, create your account, apply for the loan that you need, and lastly get the loan within a few minutes. The branch loan lasts for 4-40weeks and has a 15-34% interest while monthly interest at 3-21%. There are no late rollover fees and 33-261% is the equivalent APR. And loan for N1, 000-N200, 000 although this differs from one country to another.

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Payment of branch loans is easy and quick as well as long as you have the branch loans app. You will always need the app for any transaction with a branch loans so you should get the app now on the google play store. There are several ways to pay for branch loans which include debit cards, cash at the GT bank branch, bank transfers, USSD as long as you have a GTB, sterling, UBA, and Zenith bank connected with the branch loans.

Any of the above methods of payment are available and steps to achieve your payment as well provided in the branch loans app. Branch loans payment and defaulters are one of the most asked questions on the platform. After going through this post the branch loans payment and defaulters would not be a stress to you again.

Payments can be made with any of the methods and the platform even guides you with steps on every click. Just in case there is difficulty in achieving this, you can chat with them online or call their contact which is available on their website.


In the case of defaulters which is the opposite of branch loan payments. Branch loan has specified how to go about defaulters on their terms on conditions. Because most people don’t ever read the terms and conditions, they always fall victim to these defaulting groups.

Some of their defaulter’s protocol come to effect when you engage in any event of default that includes

#1 Failure to pay the sum payable for a loan has been granted under the terms and conditions for a period of 90 consecutive days unless failure to pay is caused solely by an administrative error or technical problem. As well as maybe declared bankrupt.

#2 supplying information in the case of an event of default to credit reference bureaus. A copy of any adverse information concerning you sent to a credit reference bureau shall be made available to you upon request.

#3 at any point in time after an event of default has taken place or continuing the law may without prejudice to any other right or remedy granted to it under any law.

#4 terminates this agreement in accordance with clause 12 below

#5 declares the loan of all accrued interest and all other amounts outstanding under this agreement is immediately due and payable, whereas they shall become immediately due and payable.


How to pay a branch loan is an easy one if you have the branch app. You would notice that most transaction of this loan is done on the platform. This enables the handlers to serve you better as well as create familiarity between borrowers and lenders.

Paying for your branch loan, or the whole process of how to go about it. Could be a stress if firstly you don’t have the platform and secondly you don’t follow instructions. We will look at some easy steps you make on how to pay your branch loan.

The steps include;

  1. Download the branch loan application if you don’t have it on your phone
  2. Navigate to MPesa in your Safaricom menu on your phone
  3. The select lipana M-PESA
  4. Here chose the pay bill option
  5. Enter the pay bill number 998608 in this step
  6. For the option of account number enter your MPesa number which you received from the branch loan
  7. Enter the repayment amount of your loan
  8. Put in your M-PESA pin
  9. Confirm the details you have input is accurate and then press the ‘OK’ button.  

These are the simple easy 9 steps on how to pay your branch loan quite easy right? There are other payment options you would see on the branch loan app while going through these steps like a monthly repayment plan, the payment didn’t reflect, one repayment at the end of the loan term, and even overpayment.

People get confused on these above about the branch loan so they tend to ask questions. Whichever, your question is you will find answers and steps on how to go about payment of the branch loan in the platform.


Branch loan review establishment was for the purpose of comprehensive financial wellness of hourly workers who suffer from financial exclusion. And also, from the rigors of living from paycheck to paycheck always. Using the work schedules of saving, budgeting, and borrowing when funds run low.

Branch loan review allows everyone to use the service and the fact that are there no fees or interest rather makes it a compelling facility.

Branch loan review will not be pleasing to one who is not employed or whose employer has not expressed interest in the app. This branch loan review will be a bit challenging to access services. However, other than that, it is a great service that gets our full recommendation.

The review of branch loans gets up to 3.7 out of 5 for all performance in services. Sometimes the ratings of these loans will be determined by taking into consideration accounting prices, discounts. And also, ease of use/filing a claim, website transparency, app store data, financial strength, and complaint data from social media.

Does branch still give loans?

Branch International, a microfinance lending company with operations in Kenya and other nations, produces Branch Loan. Downloading and using the Branch Loan Application is simple.

Does Branch give instant loan?

Many people may now access a variety of high-quality digital banking products for the first time thanks to Branch, including instant loans, money transfers, bill payment, high yield investments, and savings.

How long does Branch take to approve a loan?

How much time does the application procedure require? We strive to process every loan within a day. We aim to process loans in a matter of minutes rather than the usual less than three hours.

Does a branch loan require BVN?

What is necessary to be eligible for a Branch loan? The only requirements are your phone number or Facebook account, bank account number, and bank verification number (BVN).

Which bank is best for a quick loan?

Depending on your needs, Axis Bank 24×7 Loans provide you with a fully digital, quick, and straightforward approach to obtaining loans.

Which bank gives the fastest loan?

Customers can apply for pre-approved loans from HDFC Bank in less than 10 seconds*. Loans can be obtained in 4 hours for non-HDFC Bank clients. You no longer need to worry about how to obtain a fast loan.

How good is a branch loan?

The branch loan’s overall performance is rated 4.0 out of 5. To apply for a loan, all you need is a smartphone with internet access, a Facebook account, BVN, the app, and accurate bank information.


The branch loans customer care is a contact you should make if you experience any difficulty using the branch loans app. All companies, organizations, institutions and cooperate affairs have customer cares to aid serve customers better.

In the case of branch loans customer care, they are intact in their platform. The branch loan customer care is on their application as live chat or even calls to reach out to if you experience stress using the branch loan application. Branch loan base their customer care reach out solely on their app, so in case you need to reach out to them, simply download the app first. 


Branch loans is an online platform that brings available to borrowers within minutes of a few clicks. It is fast, eligible, effective, and time-saving. This loan requirement is just a few because it includes just your FB account, BVN, and phone number.  

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