Using Chat GPT to Write a Perfect Essay: Pro Tips

Using Chat GPT to Write a Perfect Essay

College essay writing can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Your instructor expects you to develop an apt topic, research extensively, and write an essay properly. Thus, if you write essays of mediocre quality, you end up with unimpressive college grades. Chat GPT eases things for you as it can write an essay fast and properly. You just give it the right prompt and have a rough draft within a few minutes.

You shouldn’t be worried if you haven’t used Chat GPT yet. Here’re the details you should know about the value it adds to your human writing.

Chat GPT: What Is It?

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence model that can produce content automatically. While this language model generates different types of content, this guide focuses on how it creates text. Whether it’s getting ideas, determining your assignment outline, or editing what you already have, Chat GPT does it all.

How do you get Chat GPT to write? You input the prompt, which it assesses to determine the type of content you’re looking for. As discussed below, you enjoy many advantages when you use it to write an essay.

#1. Quicker Writing

Traditionally, composing essays meant you had to spend several hours brainstorming and researching to obtain the best essay ideas. After you determine the outline, you develop your first draft. You then had to edit it before submission. Even after all this effort, you may still end up with the wrong piece. You’re saved from all this with artificial intelligence. The tool generates content quickly, which means you get an article in seconds.

#2. Enriched Quality of Your Writing

Sometimes, it’s hard to write essays that meet the quality standards specified by your professor. For instance, you may not know the content to include in your article. Fortunately, Chat GPT can help you to write an essay fast. The ideas it creates flow coherently, and you’ll have a composition that you confidently present for grading.

#3. Enhanced Level of Essay Writing Creativity

You need to be creative enough to develop the best ideas to write an essay worth scoring top marks. However, you might sometimes be tired and struggle to formulate ideas. Unfortunately, paper deadlines don’t wait. Chat GPT can act as your inspiration for the appropriate ideas to include in your composition.

#4. Personalized Paper

ChatGPT generates content depending on your input. Whether you want a composition written in a conversational or formal tone, the model produces it for you. Thanks to Chat GPT, you can have a perfect article with every input.

Limitations of Using Chat GPT to Write Academic Essays

Although Chat GPT is good, it also has its limitations. First, it can’t write in your voice or incorporate your opinion. So you have to do that yourself. It also has limited information and doesn’t have data past 2021. In some cases, it gives inaccurate information. So, you should be careful as you use it.

How to Properly Use Chat GPT to Write Assignments

ChatGPT is powerful and capable of producing different papers on the same topic. Thus, it makes work easy for you, and you might not even need to buy cheap essay. The procedure you should follow to generate text is outlined below.

#1. Access Chat GPT

The model is available on the OpenAI website. Open the site and register for a free account or subscribe to a premium account.

#2. Provide a Prompt

Chat GPT doesn’t work independently – you must feed it the prompt for the content you want it to generate. For instance, you should specify your essay topic, structure, and any other guideline you want it to adhere to. You can give it a prompt like, “Write a 5-paragraph paper on the effects of youth unemployment. Don’t include an introduction”.

Sometimes, the model may not generate the content you want on the first attempt. Input your assignment topic again until you have what suits you.

#3. Fine-Tune the Model

You’re the one to instruct Chat GPT. Just like other technological tools, the output you receive depends on your input. Instruct Chat GPT to produce content using different styles or adjust some paragraphs. Compare the content and determine what suits you.

#4. Generate Text in Small Blocks

At this point, you’re now ready to generate text. Give the model time to produce exactly what you want. It’s advisable to generate small blocks of text instead of huge chunks. Doing so allows you to assess the text easily.

#5. Edit and Revise the Generated Text

You should submit the essay generated as it is. It’s crucial to edit and ascertain it’s magnificent before you do so. The areas you should assess include:

  • Grammar and punctuation problems
  • Verify the factuality of the information
  • Ascertain that the structure is right

#6. Insert Your Own Thoughts

It’s important to note that the Chat GPT doesn’t know your personal experiences, opinions, or voice. Moreover, you should own the paper you generate. For these reasons, it’s crucial to incorporate your own thoughts into the ChatGPT essay before submitting it. Chat GPT doesn’t take up the entire role of writing your paper for you. It just assists you in coming up with content. So edit the boring sections of your paper and add relevant examples.

10 Pro Tips for Writing a Perfect Essay

It’s still vital to learn how to write an essay meticulously. The top tips that always come in handy include:

#1. Understand the Prompt

The first step in writing a magnificent paper is to read the topic of discussion. Read it carefully and internalize all the keywords.

#2. Follow the Specific Assignment Guidelines

Your paper instructions determine the type of content you should include. The instructions you should adhere to include the volume of content, the formatting style, and the sources to use, among others.

#3. Create a Writing Plan

When you already know the task, plan. Subdivide the work into different stages, from research to proofreading.

#4. Find Good Content Sources

The quality of your content determines the grade you receive. Obtain your content from journals, good books, and reputable online resources.

#5. Create a Perfect Outline

The content in your paper must flow seamlessly. Choose an outline that is excellent for the type of assignment you have, just like what you get when you use a reputable essay writing service.

#6. Use Simple Language

The goal of essay writing is to communicate your point of view. Use simple language that even someone who isn’t an expert in your field can understand.

#7. Get Someone to Read Your Paper for You

It’s easy to overlook some mistakes in your paper. Find a friend to read out your paper aloud. Take note of and correct all the mistakes.

#8. Start Writing Your Paper Early

Don’t wait until the paper’s submission deadline is too close. Begin working on it as soon as you receive it.

#9. Use Many Relevant Examples

When you have enough pieces of evidence, your paper is more comprehensive. Use as many examples as you can.

#10. Format Your Paper Appropriately

Adhere to all the formatting guidelines from your instructor. That way, you’ll have a good paper.

10 Best Ways for Personalizing Your Essay

Do you want to personalize your paper? Here’re the top strategies to use:

  • Add humor to your generated text
  • Incorporate your voice and natural language into the paper
  • The content should reflect your personality
  • Use examples you can identify with
  • Include your opinion on the subject in the generated text
  • Use vivid description
  • Polish the college essay to perfection
  • Include unique reflections
  • Read examples of personalized papers
  • Seek other people’s opinions

How Else Can ChatGPT Help When Writing Essays?

Besides generating content, ChatGPT can also be helpful in various ways. So how do you utilize it?

#1. Use ChatGPT to Generate Essay Ideas

If you can’t come up with ideas, Chat GPT can. It has unique ideas to help you to create a perfect piece.

#2. Use the Chatbot to Create an Outline

You need a perfect paper outline to guide you on what your essay should encompass. Instruct Chat GPT and let it generate one for you.

#3. Use ChatGPT to Find Sources

At times it’s difficult to find research sources. Chat GPT can assist in such instances by locating books, journals, and other useful sources for your paper.

#4. Use ChatGPT to Write a Sample Essay

Are you struggling with how to compose a high-quality essay? The model can generate good samples to guide you on how to write your assignment.

#5. Use ChatGPt to Co-Edit Your Paper

You should submit a perfect essay written in natural language. Chat GPT helps you attain that by eliminating mistakes from your paper.


Using Chat GPT to write assignments saves time, but there are things you should do to obtain a quality paper. Enter the right prompt, generate your text, and edit it to suit your writing style. Importantly, ensure the text generated is factual.

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