How to Write the Best Subtopics in an Essay

How to Write the Best Subtopics in an Essay

When you have an essay, your professor expects you to present a top-quality piece. That’s the only way to score high marks. One of the ways to write an excellent piece is to split your content into subtopics sections.

So, what is a subtopic in writing? It’s the sections of a topic that you discuss in your writing. In simple terms, essay subtopics are the specific aspects you intend to discuss concerning the subject matter.

You should identify the subtopics in an essay before you begin writing your paper. Take a case where you’re expected to write an essay on youth unemployment. Since this is a broad topic, you should split it into different issues under the same subject. Examples of subtopics in an essay for this type of topic include:

  • Global youth unemployment situation
  • Causes of youth unemployment
  • Social and economic effects on Youth
  • Effective Solutions for the global youth unemployment problem

All the subtopics above are addressing the same issue – youth unemployment. The subsections help in reducing the bulkiness of the text. At a glance, you can tell the issues the paper addresses.

What Is a Subtopic in Writing and What’s Its Importance?

Some people view essay subtopics as decorations. But that’s not the case. The subtopics in an essay play critical roles, including the following.

#1. Make It Easy to Understand Essay Content

Imagine a situation where you encounter a huge block of texts on a given subject. You can’t get the specific issue it addresses when you read it. The writer keeps moving from one issue to the next. Subtopics in an essay help solve such problems.

Subtopics in an essay are like the building structures of the paper. They help you to move from one stage to the next. Even a reader finds it easy to follow the ideas you’re discussing in your research paper. This coherence is a critical aspect of writing.

#2. Enhance Engagement

Want to buy an essay because you don’t know how to write an engaging one? Maybe writing subtopics in an essay is all you need to master. As much as you may be writing your essay for grading, you also have a target audience. For instance, a paper on climate change is for citizens and stakeholders handling this problem. Such people can’t engage with your paper if they don’t understand it.

Subtopics in an essay help exhaustively discuss the different aspects of the subject at hand. Readers can synthesize your ideas and determine if they’re unique or the same ones they’ve often encountered. Simply put, subtopics in an essay make readers engage with the subject matter.

#3. Provide Clarity on the Subject

Most academic subject matters are complex. For instance, a layperson can’t understand the complicated macroeconomic strategies for curbing inflation. It’s even more disturbing when you lump everything together. You should break these concepts and explain them one after the other – it’s here that subtopics in an essay come in.

You can delve into each issue individually as you break your content into subtopics in an essay. Break the complex terms and explain them so that even those not experts in that field can understand the discussion. With readable content, people can engage with your topic. They can then go ahead and take the desired action – adopt your recommendations and engage in more research on the issue at hand. 

#4. Boost Comprehension

Writing huge blocks of text could make you divert from the subject of discussion. You might also include unnecessary details or leave out vital ones. A haphazard and incomplete paper is difficult for you and your readers to comprehend.

Writing on that subject matter becomes easier when you include subtopics in an essay. Consequently, your arguments will flow logically. Readers will also comprehend what you’re addressing. The quality content increases your chances of obtaining a magnificent college grade.

Distinction Between Research Topic and Subtopic

What is a subtopic in writing, and how does it differ from a research topic? A research topic is a subject you intend to discuss in your academic piece. For instance, your professor may ask you to write an essay on the effects of global youth unemployment. You can then decide to subdivide the specific effects you intend to discuss. The subdivisions are the subtopics. You can settle on effects such as:

  • Youth unemployment increases mental health problems
  • Youth unemployment derails economic development
  • Youth unemployment and increase in crime rates/gun violence

All these subtopics are part of the main topic. You then discuss those issues separately to make your research paper more comprehensive. You can have a research topic without subtopics, but you can’t have subtopics in an essay without the main topic.

For a research topic to be considered good, it should meet certain characteristics, including the following.

#1. Specific

You don’t want a topic that is too broad. You may not cover it comprehensively and include irrelevant content in your essay. An example is a research topic like “Economic development.”

Your topic should be specific to help you develop good subtopics in an essay. For instance, you can define the above topic as “Factors that contribute to economic development.”

#2. Relevant

Writing content on a topic that no one is interested in is useless. Your topic should come from emerging issues that everyone is talking about. Subjects like artificial intelligence, climate change, and unemployment are trending. Creating subtopics in an essay becomes easy when you pick any of those topics.

#3. Engaging

Engaging research paper topics are exciting to write on and even read. While at it, come up with great subtopics to accompany them. With excellent subtopics in an essay, writing becomes easy.

Examples of Subtopics in an Essay and Subtopic Writing Tips

Your subtopics in an essay will depend on the subject matter being discussed. For instance, if you are writing about the advantages of electric vehicles, you could have the following subtopics:

  • Reduced emission
  • Lower running costs
  • Increased resale value
  • Better performance

Are you struggling with writing good subtopics in an essay? Here’re the top tips to help you develop perfect examples of subtopics in an essay.

#1. Comprehend the Essay Topic First

Some students begin writing subtopics even before they comprehend the prompt. If you do this, you will likely end up with the wrong subtopics in an essay. Read your topic carefully and understand the requirements before you develop your subtopics.

#2. Take Time to Brainstorm

Don’t just pick any random content and make them subtopics in an essay. Take time to think about the subtopics that are appropriate for your subject matter. Come up with many probable subtopics in an essay. Then assess them and pick the best from your list – those relevant to your chosen topic.

#3. Write Brief Subtopics in an Essay

Long subtopics in an essay are unclear and cumbersome to read. So, you should go for brief and clear subtopics in an essay. Besides, such subtopics make your essay more organized. Your goal is to write the best essay for your college professor.

#4. Check Examples of Subtopics in an Essay

Another way to get excellent subtopics is to check samples from reputable writers or a top essay writing service. The examples you check should be on topics similar to yours. However, you shouldn’t copy these subtopics – use them as inspiration.


Subtopics in an essay are the specific issues within the topic of discussion. They make the paper more understandable, organized, and engaging. To create the best subtopics in an essay, understand the topic, check examples, and brainstorm for excellent ideas.

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