HOW TO WRITE A BUSINESS LETTER: Examples, a Guide to Writing Proposal, Complaint & Introduction

How to write business letter
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Whether you are sending in a sales pitch or following up on a job interview, knowing the best format to write a business letter is a very good skill one can have. This article will explore every piece of information you need to know and how to write a good business letter, a business proposal, and how to write a business letter of introduction, and complaint. Let’s move to the next phase.

What is a Business Proposal Letter?

A business proposal letter is a document that individuals use in making an invitation for corporations between companies. In addition, it is a form of agreement made by either an individual or a company to another company to supply and sell a particular product or service to them with some benefits well outlined and met.

A business proposals letter can be used to:

  • Provide organizations with marketing services
  • Make inquiries and ask for sponsorship
  • To propose a partnership
  • To propose internal collaboration between companies.
  • To provide organizations with solutions in the form of goods and services.

 How to Write a Business Letter

How to write a good business letter is one great skill most people don’t have. A good business letter presents your message in a well-polished style. Furthermore, a business letter is used for official requests, cover letters, and a lot more to convey people’s ideas about their businesses. Depict the formality attached in a business letter, it can still be conveyed and written in a friendly tone because they include short introductions before driving to the main reason of the letter. Here are the steps and how your business letter should be structured to enhance readability for your recipients.

How do you Write a Business Letter Step by Step?

  • Opening: include your address and the date. Also, ensure to add the name address, company, and the name of the recipient. Ensure not to add your address if you use letterhead that already has your name on it.
  • Salutation: If you have no clue what the gender of the recipients is, use their full name, such as “Dear Favour agu.” Lastly, add a colon to the end of your salutation.
  • Body: The first thing you must do in your paragraph is to introduce yourself and state clearly the main point of writing the letter. 
  • Closing: Close your letters using the recommended formal conclusion which includes “yours truly” “Sincerely” or “best regards.” choose a professional closing format.
  • Signatures: make sure you skip four lines after you might have closed and type your name. Also, ensure to skip another line and then type the title of your job and the name of your company.
  • Enclosures: Lastly make sure you list and attach every document you want to attach to your letter. End your letter with a very strong and powerful call to action.

What are the 3 Formats of a Business Letter?

It is not just about writing different letters but also about how we convey our emotions and relationships in our pieces of writing. Whether you are writing a business letter of proposal, complaints, or introduction, here are the three formats of business letters you must know and how to write them well. These are:

  • Full Block: A full block-style business letter can be used in both formal and also be used in informal business situations. Examples of full-block format business letter templates are Your name, your address, phone, today’s date, and the recipient’s name, company, and address.
  • Semi-blocks: This format is less formal than the full-block style and is similar to the modified block format. In essence, it can be used in almost all situations and is the best format to use if you find other formats confusing or when you don’t know the one to use.
  • Modified blocks: The modified block format business letter is less formal than the full block style business letter. This style is the best business letter to use for someone you have a good working relationship with.

What are the 7 Parts of a Business Letter?

A business letter is a formal letter written to organizations either by an individual or by an organization. These are the seven parts contained in a business letter and there are:

  • The heading: This contains the return address with the appropriate date attached to it on the line. Sometimes, it is very important to add a line before the date accompanied by a phone number or an email address.
  • The address of the recipient: Make sure to add the address of the person you are sending your letter. Always ensure to add their title names if you know them.

Salutation(greetings): Ensure to make your letter very formal. If you are very unsure of the names of the title to use or their genders, then go ahead and use their first names but in a formal manner.

  • Body: The body of the letter is the most crucial part of every business letter. So, make it concise and crystal clear.
  • Complimentary close: This is a very short remark that ends your letter. The most used complimentary close is “Yours sincerely” “Yours faithfully” etc.
  • Signature
  • Enclosures: This shows the documents accompanied by the letter. The document can be anything like an invoice, draft, cheque, or receipt.

What is the Simplest Business Letter?

The easiest business letter is the full-block format. In the full-block business letter, everything starts at the left margin. Additionally, this format is very effective and businesslike. 

How do you Format a Business Letter in Canada?

A business letter in Canada is formatted in such a way that readers can make sure the letter goes to the proper person. 

  • Write the date, month, and year.
  • The contact information of the recipients.
  • Add the recipient’s name, job title, company, and company address below the details

Things you Must Avoid in business letters?

Little mistakes people make while writing a formal letter and these things are what every individual must avoid at all costs. There are:

  • Usage of slang
  • Abbreviations
  • Non-standard words 
  • Use of the wrong punctuation marks

How to Write a Business Letter Proposal

To ensure that you format your business proposal letter appropriately, here are steps on how to write it properly.

#1. Create a good business header

Make sure to write a piece of proper contact information at the top of your letter followed by the date. Also, ensure to add the recipient’s contact information. Beware, if you are sending a proposal through email, use a subject line with your name and the general purpose instead of using a business header.

#2. Address your recipient in a proper manner

To write and make the best business proposal letter, make sure to include a formal salutation using the appropriate title for the recipient, such as,” Dr”  “Mr” and “Ms” 

#3. Include the background details

Make sure to include the subject of your proposal in your first paragraph, and give a good explanation of the event or the project you are working on.

#4. The purpose of your letter should be properly stated.

The purpose of your letter should be carefully and clearly written in your next paragraph, give your reasons for your proposal and demonstrate your claim.

#5. A request for a follow-up should be included 

State the benefits your recipient stands to gain from your products or service with a specific time for further contact.

#6. Close your letter

This is the second to the last part of your letter so you must thank your recipient and invite a contact to answer questions. Also, make sure to close in the most formal manner using “Regards” or “sincerely”.followed by a comma, your signature, and your name printed below.

#7. Include a support

Make sure to add additional information about your business(goods and services) and what they tend to gain from it. Attach any sales record.

 How to Write a Business Letter of Introduction

A business introduction letter is a way through which organizations introduce themselves to the best clients, investors, or other organizations and individuals to describe the kind of services they render and the goods they offer.

In addition, a business letter introduction can be best described as a business-to-business platform, where an organization writes to another business, and from business to customers. There are proper ways how to write a good business letter of introduction which you must follow to give the best to your recipient. Also, it ensures readability. Here are tips on how to write a business letter of introduction and There are:

  • Determine every information and intent of your letter.
  • Make a proper survey of the market or company before communicating or writing to them.
  • Identify in your writings your recipient needs and why they need your service or product.
  • Endeavor to start your letter with a strong and powerful statement. A man’s heart reflects in his words. So, make sure to start with catching words because this is where you gain the attention of the reader.
  • Add details that are relevant and informative.
  • Keep your letter simple and void of jargon. It must be short and clear to readers to enhance readability.
  • Before you close your letter, create a means like a call to action through which people can get back to you after reading your letter.
  • Close your letter.
  • After you must have done writing and closing your letter, make sure to proofread it. Check for errors. Also, make sure to spell the name of your recipient very well.
  • Lastly, send your letter to the recipients. 

Examples of how to write a business letter

Here is a perfect example of how to write a good and readable business letter.

  • Whether it’s at the top of your business letter or on the letterhead of your template, make sure to include your name, position, organization, address, mobile number, and email address.
  • Ensure to add a date at the top of your correspondence.
  • Also, add the recipient’s contact information
  • Begin your letter with a salutation like”dear Mr/Ms/Dr”. (last name).
  • After your salutation, craft the body of your business or any other formal letter using single-spaced lines.
  • Ensure to end your letter with a formal closing and signatures.

How to Write a Business Letter of Complaint?

A business complaint letter explains the challenge one may be facing and the proper ways how you want the organization to handle it. While writing your complaints, ensure to be clear and more detailed. Here are some tips on how to write a business letter of complaint.   

  • Give the basics of complaints, from the very least to the end. In addition, be specific.
  • Tell your story. Also, avoid writing a threatening and angry letter.
  • Make a proper statement to the organization on how you want your problem to be tackled.
  • Be sensitive and very reasonable. 
  • File for complaints.
  • Ensure to write your address in your letter.
  • Add the city where you live, and include both your state and email address if you are sending your letter through email.
  • Also, add a date.


In summary, there is no need to scratch your head any more about what to write in a business letter because we have done justice to that in this article. To write a perfect business letter, you must bear this in mind. Know the right format to use, the right paper to use, the right words, information, date, etc 

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