Does A Master’s Degree In Journalism Worth Opting For In India?

Does a master’s degree in journalism worth opting for in India

If you are longing to break into the media world, an MA mass communication could be an absolute asset. The media industry is expanding exponentially in this internet age, opening opportunities for individuals passionate about transforming the world. If truth be told, anyone can be a journalist and contribute to stories. Nevertheless, a master’s degree in journalism will provide you with a competitive edge along with a range of core journalistic skills to thrive in the media industry.

An Overview of the Media Industry In India

The media industry in India is making significant strides towards growth with rising consumer demand and enhancing advertising revenue. According to a FICCI-Ernst & Young (EY) report, the media and entertainment (M&E) business is projected to grow 25 percent by 2023 due to the acceleration of digital adoption among consumers across geographies.

The FICCI-EY report further suggests that the media and entertainment business market is set to increase at a CAGR of 17 percent between 2020 and 2023. In 2024, television will account for 40 percent followed by print media, 13 percent of the media market in India.

According to the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will approach the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to Fastrack recommendations on broadcasting in order to ameliorate reforms in the broadcasting industry. Thus, a master’s degree in mass communication will be your sure-fire way to enter the world of media.


Benefits of studying for a master’s in journalism

A master’s degree in mass communication offers a plethora of advantages to ambitious professionals. This blog will help you explore some top benefits of a mass communication degree in this digital age.

#1. A platform to express freely

The fundamental purpose of journalism is to educate and inform a larger mass of the population. Journalism stands for progressive social change. The master’s in mass communication course teaches the art of expressing views and communicating with people.

#2. Excellent creative writing skills

Besides core journalistic skills such as reporting, writing, and presenting, individuals learn to showcase their creativity. The creativity could be in the form of scriptwriting, screenplay, caricature making, graphic designing, etc.

#3. Outstanding research skills

As you will be presenting news to the world, the information must be authentic and credible. Besides having a nose for news, you must possess in-depth research skills to dig for the truth.

#4. Awareness of the latest media technologies

Well, mass communication is all about keeping yourself up to date with the technologies to gain a competitive edge. You must keep yourself well-versed with the trending technologies to reach your audience in this field.

#5. Competitive salary

The salary in the media industry dramatically varies depending on the type of profession. The average salary of a Public Relations Officer (PRO) is way more than a News Writer. Similarly, a News Anchor makes more than a Reporter.

Interested in pursuing a master’s degree in mass communication? Consider top-notch media schools in Dehradun for bridging the gap between your theoretical and practical knowledge.

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