Private label manufacturers

Many entrepreneurs dream of starting a private label business. The thrill of introducing your own product under your own brand name is at the heart of e-commerce firms.
But, if you want to start a private label business, the first thing you should do is identify the best private label manufacturers. This is where many firms spend the majority of their time.
That is why we have created this post to assist you in locating a manufacturer who specializes in private-label products. We will provide you with a list of leading manufacturers who provide private label services. You will also learn how to discover them and many principles for starting a successful private label business.

What is a Private Label?

A private label is a product sourcing approach in which you put your own brand (or label) on a product produced in bulk by a contract manufacturer.
The private label manufacturer is responsible for fabricating your goods using their own resources, including packing and labeling with your brand collateral.
For example, we sell cocktail napkins under our own private-label brand, Bumblebee Linens, yet our napkins are manufactured and packaged in China.
Even huge firms like Amazon, Target, and Walmart private label their own products for sale to maximize their profit potential.
In reality, Amazon is well-known for monitoring sales data and private labeling of the most profitable products sold on their marketplace.
Overall, private labeling of your own products to sell is preferable to buying and selling wholesale products since you have complete control over the brand, quality, and price.

What are Private Label Manufacturers?

Manufacturers who produce generic goods for resale under a different brand are known as private label manufacturers.
They manufacture all of their items from the ground up to your requirements and then offer them to you at wholesale costs.

You also have the opportunity to design your own packaging and labels. When you are ready to place your first bulk order, you can collaborate with your factory on box design and other design requirements like inserts, artwork, and so on.

However, keep in mind that you must purchase your things in quantity.
In general, every private label manufacturer will have their own MOQ or minimum order quantity, and you should anticipate purchasing at least a few hundred pieces depending on the size and cost of the product you intend to sell.

Examples of Private Label Manufacturers

You may not be aware of how many consumer products are manufactured by private label manufacturers. In fact, the private label approach is prevalent in many product categories, both online and in physical locations.
Product categories with a private label

  • Coffee.
  • Pet food
  • LED lighting
  • Phone accessories.
  • Apparel.
  • Smart backpacks.
  • Personal care items.

#1. Coffee.

On the internet, private-label coffee has exploded. Many of these coffee brands use coffee drop shippers, who deliver orders to customers as soon as they are placed.
Pet food Several pet retailers, particularly online pet stores, sell private-label food produced by large manufacturers who service a large number of customers.

#2. LED lighting

Internet marketplaces are brimming with private-label LED lights, each with a somewhat distinctive design but largely coming from a small number of manufacturers.

#3. Phone accessories.

Odds are, the third-party accessories you buy for your phone—chargers, cases, and so on—were created by a private label manufacturer and marketed under the brand name of another firm.

#4. Apparel.

For their shirts, dresses, skirts, shoes, handbags, and other items, many online apparel merchants use private-label garment manufacturers. Custom designs can be printed on garments by these manufacturers. They can also provide custom tailoring and leatherworking services.

#5. Smart backpacks.

Smart backpacks are becoming increasingly popular in the e-commerce business. These portable pouches are capable of charging electrical devices such as laptops and smartphones. Some have built-in loudspeakers that can play music. You might collaborate with a private label manufacturer to develop a customized smart backpack for your target market.

#6. Personal care items.

Many personal care goods, from mouthwash to makeup, are manufactured for private label sales by manufacturers. These goods’ formulations will be tailored to unique clients, but they are manufactured on the same lines.

Private Label Manufacturers Platforms

Let’s start by talking about some of the top venues for finding direct private-label manufacturers. They may sell part of their items on these platforms, but they are always willing to supply private-label products for your business.

#1. Alibaba

Alibaba is a paradise for online sellers and retailers. Due to its excellent products and services, it has assisted thousands of businesses in making millions of dollars.
Alibaba, fortunately, also hosts suppliers who provide private label services. It’s not like Alibaba provides these services. It features a selection of vendors who are eager to provide you with private-label services.

You just need to look hard for the perfect product source for that to happen. You must clearly ask the vendors if they provide private label services for the product you wish to sell.
If so, you simply need to give information about your business, and they will contact you with a proposal.

You should keep in mind that vendors will almost certainly require you to acquire a minimum amount for private label service to be practicable for them.

#2. AliExpress

AliExpress and internet commerce are nearly synonymous. As an online entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard of this massive Chinese e-commerce platform.
Because AliExpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba, the same procedure applies here as well. You must discuss the specifics of your business with the supplier, who will then make you an offer to private label the products for your firm.

#3. NicheDropshipping

NicheDropshipping offers the greatest private label services for businesses, allowing them to focus on other crucial aspects of their operations. They have a unique service that provides private-label solutions.

They work with the leading factories and manufacturers in China. You can approach them fast if you discuss your product requests and criteria.
Selecting NicheDropshipping for the private label can assist you in locating the top manufacturers, allowing you to obtain high-quality products at the most competitive costs.

#4. DHgate

This is another Chinese e-commerce platform that you might consider for your private label business. When you look at the product categories on this website, you might assume there isn’t anything this website doesn’t have.
But there’s a catch. The providers on this website, like those on other websites, do not provide private label services. So, what do you do?

An easy way to find private label suppliers on DHgate is to type “private label” into the search field. A list of vendors will emerge. You can create a shortlist of random providers and contact them to discuss your business in depth.
If you’ve already decided on a product or a niche, type the name of that product or specialty into the search field.

#5. Wonnda

Wonnda is a Berlin-based firm that was established in 2022. Its objective is to create a digital private label ecosystem in Europe that allows the next generation of consumer brands to source, launch, and expand consumer products from a trusted network of best-in-class European manufacturers.
Wonnda designed a collaboration tool on top of its marketplace to connect all project participants onto a centralized platform, making procedures more transparent, faster, and efficient.

Wonnda is your primary center for locating excellent suppliers, acquiring samples, tracking your projects, and monitoring your manufacturing progress with its project collaboration tool.
The company has its headquarters in Europe, and curates and verifies each manufacturer. The main product categories include cosmetics, supplements, fashion accessories, pet care, home & living, and food & beverage.

Private Label Manufacturers in the United States

Because the United States is the most important target market for selling private label items, we thought we’d highlight some of the greatest private label manufacturers in the country.
It is appropriately called the world’s largest buyer market due to its vast retail e-commerce sales of roughly $875 billion in 2022.

Partnering with these manufacturers will benefit you in a variety of ways.
In the United States, you can start your own private label business. You may potentially be eligible for next-day delivery within the United States. It will also assist you in registering your business on Amazon in order to begin Amazon drop shipping.
The following is a list of private label manufacturers in the United States.

#1. SupplyMeDirect

It’s like a miniature AliExpress website. Products from any category are available for purchase. This website includes a variety of products ranging from beauty to fashion to electronics that you may use to sell private label products.

A dedicated page on the website advertises private label services.
According to their website, they provide private label services for beauty and fabric products, but if you contact their customer care, you can almost certainly acquire private label services for any other type of product as well.

The best thing about this vendor is that they have dedicated apps and plugins to assist your online business in integrating with their products and services.
This has the potential to automate your internet business. You can also use this business and its services to experience automated drop shipping.

#2. Wordans

It is a clothing and apparel brand located in the United States. In addition to selling their own products, they also provide private label services.
With the help of this website, you can sell a wide range of clothing and accessories. This private label company offers athletic apparel, headwear, and workwear in addition to shirts and jackets.

As a result, you would have a lot of leeway with your target audience.
Bags, shorts, underwear, and other accessories are available. They feature several clothing items, such as shirts and hoodies, that you may have customized to your specifications.
The nicest thing about this store is that it offers fantastic things at reasonable costs.

#3. MANA Products

It is a fantastic US-based private label producer that provides its products and services to businesses all around the world. They mostly sell cosmetics and skincare products.
In addition to private labeling, they provide product development on demand for their clientele. As a result, this could be your next partner in launching your own beauty brand without having to manufacture things yourself.

They deal with hair care, skin care, and cosmetics.
The webpage provides the entire story. You would easily observe that they have built many private label brands by providing them with their sourcing services, particularly the private label ones.

Canadian Private Label Manufacturers

Canada is a massive internet-selling market that is continually expanding. The annual revenue from retail e-commerce in Canada is expected to be approximately $30 billion in 2020.
That is why we decided to share some of Canada’s top private label manufacturers.
If you want to create a private label business in Canada, you should look into these manufacturers. Even if you are starting a business in the United States, you need to think about them.
Here are some of Canada’s greatest private label manufacturers.

#1. Gertex

Gertex is a dropshipping company based in Canada. This website primarily sells personalized apparel. As a result, this presents an excellent chance for entrepreneurs to launch a private-label clothing business.

This website mostly sells stylish and branded apparel, as well as hosiery and textile. They have a huge clothes portfolio.
You can utilize this website as a private label business source to begin selling clothing items through your internet store.

#2. Oscardo

Oscardo is yet another outstanding Canadian provider. This provider sells a wide range of goods. This website offers products in the travel, home, cooking, and gifts areas, ranging from garments to fashion items.
They have a diverse product line. You must look into the “custom products” option on the internet if you want a to private label.
You may advertise the products notably in North America because you can promote them with the tag “Designed in Canada.”

#3. Bargains Group

It is impossible to discuss the private labeling of a business in Canada without mentioning the Bargains Group.
The phrase “bargains” encourages new business owners to haggle over prices. You can negotiate their costs and services directly with them. Discuss shipment schedules and minimum order quantities (MOQs) with them.

You can select from a large category list of products on the website. They also sell wholesale merchandise. That demonstrates how serious they are about their business. As a result, it might be a reliable supplier for a private business.
This website is perfect for private-label items connected to apparel, fashion, and associated accessories.

Private Label Manufacturers in Other Countries

Now, let’s look into some other countries for private label manufacturers so you don’t get stuck with regional providers. This list can assist you in locating foreign manufacturers.
The list of foreign manufacturers is below. The names of their countries are also listed beside the firm names for clarification.

#1. Clothes2Order – United Kingdom

This is an excellent website that specializes in private label services. With the assistance of this website, you can start your very own private-label apparel brand.
They sell a wide range of clothing and accessories, such as shirts, purses, coats, and hats. Their lightning bolt delivery mechanism is their finest feature.

They primarily provide two shipping choices. One is next-day delivery, and the other is rapid delivery, which arrives at the specified location within a few days.
They also provide free shipping on orders of £100 or more. You may even target businesses for their custom-made apparel. You may also use this website to run the POD (Print on Demand) business model.

Because t-shirts are constantly popular, you can start your own private label t-shirt business by sourcing from this website.

#2. Designer Perfume Manufacturer – France

This is an entry for the product for which France is best known. That is, in fact, perfume. This is a unique private-label brand that does not sell products directly on its website.
They have a simple interface where you can tell them what kind of scent you want. As a result, this is a fantastic opportunity to launch a private-label perfume business in France.
You can inquire with their team to see if they are willing to ship the products outside of France. In that case, you may begin targeting European countries as well.

#3. Vanilla Sugar – Australia

This is an excellent website for sourcing things from Australia. This website only sells private-label products. Unlike other websites that offer things directly, this website merely requests that you place bespoke orders.

That is the fundamental essence of the private label business. Instead of selling their products to themselves, a great private label company will simply focus on delivering private label services. Here is an example of such a webpage.
They claim to offer custom-made items to enterprises all over the world. As a result, they are not confined to Australia.

#4. Tonnie – Taiwan.

Were you surprised to see a Taiwanese entry? Don’t be like that. This is due to the fact that this is an excellent addition to the list of private-label manufacturers.
Since 1970, they have been in this business. As a result, you may rely on their products and services. They are noted for their innovative and attractive packaging in addition to their content. Sometimes attention is drawn to innovative packaging.

You are able to select a combination of products that are tailored to your specifications. As a result, this is an excellent option for meeting the needs of your private label business.
This website mostly sells personalized cosmetic goods. They provide a variety of skincare and beauty items.

This website is for you if you have an online store selling fashion, skincare, and beauty products.
This website is very useful for getting your private-label products transported to Taiwan and other regions of Asia. But, for cross-border shipping, you must contact this supplier.

#5. Intrepid Sourcing – Hong Kong

Intrepid Sourcing is a Hong Kong-based company that offers custom-made products in every sector. You can rely on this website because it has been in operation for a long time.
According to the website, they can work as a partner to develop and manufacture the products. As a result, it goes beyond the concept of private labels.

In private labels, you collaborate with a firm or a supplier to provide products under your own brand name. You may turn your product idea into a reality with Intrepid Sourcing. Incredible, huh?
This website allows you to go above and beyond your private-label rivals. You can share your product concept with them, and they will develop it.
Simply strive to make it sustainable by costing and budgeting ahead of time.

What To Look Out For In Private Label Manufacturers

Here’s what I look for in a private-label company. First and foremost, the manufacturer must be able to make whatever you want to sell EXACTLY to your requirements.
As a result, you should concentrate on private-label manufacturers who specialize in the products you intend to offer.

For example, if you discover a factory that manufactures both cell phone cases and t-shirts and textiles, that should raise a red flag.
In general, a good factory specializes in a single sort of product and only produces that type of product.

#1. Product Excellence

A good private manufacturer must be able to produce what you require while also producing high-quality products. Before placing a bulk order, you must obtain a sample.
A sample will cost substantially more than your final mass-produced product, but it will allow you to assess your supplier’s quality and manufacturing capability.
Unless you have a gold sample of your product, never buy in bulk. When you’re ready to place your first purchase, make sure you engage an inspector in China to oversee quality as products roll off the assembly line.
We utilize QIMA to inspect all of our shipments at the factory.

#2. Pricing

It makes no sense to market a product unless you can earn a profit. As a result, you should bargain with several private-label manufacturers to get the greatest pricing.
You should already know your price criteria and how much you are willing to pay before looking for private-label manufacturers.
For example, if you intend to sell on Amazon, make sure to examine the average selling price for your product to guarantee that you can obtain a profit margin of at least 66%.

#3. Reliability

Aside from quality and affordability, dependability is arguably the most crucial characteristic to seek in a private-label producer.
If your supplier does not react to your emails or completely avoids your questions, this is a warning that your manufacturer will be untrustworthy.
Before placing an order, inquire about delivery schedules and check their track record of on-time shipments with Alibaba (more on this later).

How To Screen Manufacturers Of Private Label

Before you work with any private label company, you should conduct some research. You can look at public reviews and ratings on Alibaba and other supplier directories.
As purchasing private-label goods for sale might be a major investment, you should study both favorable and negative evaluations.
This handkerchief supplier, for example, passes my initial screening because…

  • Alibaba Verified Supplier – Businesses can pay Alibaba to verify that they are legitimate businesses in China.
  • Quick Response Time – This organization responds to inquiries within 4 hours, which is quite quick.
  • 98.6% On-Time Delivery Rate – Anything above 95% is excellent.

I usually only work with factories that are more than 5 years old. 6 Years in Business with a 4.9 Star Rating.

If you look for any firm on Alibaba, you will uncover more information that may affect your selection.

For example, it’s crucial to find out if the manufacturer has ever interacted with clients in your native nation. In the above example, Juring Rongguang obtains 40% of its business from the United States, which is a positive sign.

Questions To Ask Private Label Manufacturers

After you’ve completed some basic research, it’s time to contact your private label manufacturer. The most critical question to ask is whether they offer private labeling at all:).
While practically every factory in China enables private labeling, several US suppliers do not. Regardless, asking this question ahead of time will save you time.
Once you’ve determined that you can use your brand on their products, the following questions can be adapted to your individual requirements.

  • What are your minimum order quantity (MOQ) and pricing? Private label manufacturers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some factories are accustomed to working with huge corporations such as Target or Walmart. Others cater to smaller vendors, and it’s critical to find out this information ahead of time to prevent wasting time. If the MOQ offered to you is far too large, the manufacturer is most certainly out of your league.
  • Can the product be modified? – The purpose of any private label business is to offer original products, and you should sell a better mousetrap than what is currently available. Create a list of the alterations and requirements for your items, and then ask the manufacturer if the manufacturer can make the necessary modifications.
  • Do you have any clients in your own country? – In general, you should never collaborate with a private label manufacturer unless they have clients in your country. If they employ unlawful or unlicensed materials during production, you might be in big trouble if they are unfamiliar with your country’s standards and regulations.
  • What is your preferred payment method? – Although most business is done via wire transfer, you may feel better at ease paying via Paypal. If this is your first purchase, you should consider using trade assurance, Alibaba’s escrow service. Not every supplier supports trade assurance, so it’s worth asking.
  • What are the production lead times? – Some factories may take many months to make your products. For example, one of our products takes 6 months to create because it is hand-sewn by Chinese artisans in rural China. Make sure to ask how long it will take for your things to be dispatched.
  • What are your shipping procedures and terms? – I normally ask this question when I’m ready to submit my first bulk purchase, but it’s useful to know whether or not you’ll need to engage a freight forwarder.

In general, you should avoid attempting to answer all of the following questions in a single email. Instead, go through the questions above in a logical, natural progression.

Final Words

Selecting the proper private label manufacturers is the basis of your private label supply chain. That is why we have provided a list of manufacturers who specialize in offering private-label products.
If you found this post useful, please let us know in the comments area. Please let us know if you believe any part of this topic still requires clarification or coverage.


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