PRIVATE LABELING MANUFACTURERS: The Top 15 picks to kickstart your brand

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Private labeling manufacturers are companies that produce generic products to be sold under a different brand. Private labeling enables business owners to create a brand without having to start from scratch. Furthermore, it spares you from worrying about producing your goods.

Private Labeling Manufacturers

The task of producing your item under their brand, including the packaging and labeling with your logo on them, falls to the private label manufacturer. A reliable private label manufacturer will ensure product quality and control production costs. Before providing them to you at a discount, they produce entirely each of their products from scratch following your specifications.

Even though many private label suppliers might appear similar, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate them to find the one that works for your online business both now and in the future. You need to think about the kinds of products you want to create and sell, the markets you want to serve with your products, and the maximum price you can charge.

Typically, every private label manufacturer will have their minimum order quantity (MOQ), and depending on the size and cost of the product you intend to sell, you should anticipate purchasing at least a few hundred units.

Benefits of Private Labeling Manufacturers

#1. Brand Recognition. 

By adding your label to an existing product, you can quickly expand the reach of your brand. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on research and development, you can easily and affordably add a desirable product to your core offerings.

#2. Control of marketing and price. 

Private label manufacturing, which gives the manufacturer total control over product design and production, enables you to concentrate on the marketing and expanding your clientele. Without incurring the additional expense of creating an original product, you can adjust your pricing and marketing tactics to maintain a competitive edge. 

#3. High-Profit Margins. 

You increase profits because your manufacturing partner has established procedures, tools, and supply chain management and because product development is already complete. Additionally, since you are using your brand, you are not paying more to buy from another person.

#4. Market stability.

 Brands typically offer private-label goods at lower costs without compromising quality. During a recession, your clientele holds steady or even grows as customers seek out more affordable options. You can effectively change your production volumes, branding, and product lines with private labeling.

Disadvantages of Private Label Manufacturers

#1. Low Operation Control. 

Although some aspects are adjustable, the manufacturer typically has complete production and design control.

#2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). 

It can be difficult if you need to test a new product from these manufacturers because they frequently require a minimum order.

#3. Production Dependence. 

Since they produce their goods under your label, private label manufacturers are necessary. Your product will change if your manufacturers change, and this will affect your current customer base. 

Example of Private Labeling Manufacturers

#1. Alanic 

In the USA, Alanic is one of the best private-labeling manufacturers of premium clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Although they specialize in selling sportswear, they also sell other types of clothing, such as t-shirts, zippers, hoodies, and other items. 

By using their state-of-the-art manufacturing resources, you can launch a clothing line that is tailored to your exact requirements. Every item of clothing has your logo on it and is labeled exactly how you want.

#2. Denim Manufacturing 

They are a manufacturer of private-label apparel with a focus on denim materials. Denim Manufacturing can assist you in starting your own private late denim line without any prior experience by receiving an existing garment or a drawing of your clothing design.

#3. Wordans

A well-known clothing wholesaler in the USA is called Wordans. It is an American clothing and apparel company. If you own a business, are an embroiderer, or operate a clothing print shop, they specialize in offering blank clothing that you can use to produce your private label designs. The best feature of this website is that it provides incredible goods at reasonable prices.

#4. MANA 

MANA is a private-label producer of skincare and cosmetics. They are one of the top private labeling manufacturers is based in the US and provides its goods and services to companies all over the world. MANA offers customizable, pure vegan skincare formulas that can be sold under your brand. They produce a variety of goods, such as cosmetics, skincare, and hair care. Every MANA product is made in the USA and adheres to FDA regulations.

#6. Max Private Label 

This company produces hair care items under its brand, including shampoos, conditioners, and styling creams for humans, animals, and pets. They provide unique private-label services for cosmetic products.

Additionally, Max Private Label provides packaging and filling services for all varieties of liquid and ointment products, including hot fills, gels, and products with alcohol as an ingredient.

#6. Gertex Hosiery

This is a private label producer of apparel and accessories with a focus on creating fashionable apparel, hats, jewelry, and home decor. Gertex works with a variety of suppliers and factories while adhering to all legal testing requirements. Canada serves as the base for all warehousing and distribution operations. This website mainly deals in custom clothing. In light of this, entrepreneurs have a fantastic opportunity to launch a private-label clothing business.

#7. Vox Nutrition

In the US, Vox is an example of one of the best private-labeling manufacturers of vitamins and supplements. If you want to sell dietary supplements under your private label, Vox can help with custom formulations, bottling, package design, drop shipping, and fulfillment.

#8. Tex Bev 

A private-label producer of beverages is called Tex Bev. They are specialists in full-service manufacturing and co-packing and help brands create their distinctive beverages and distribution. A US-based company called Tex Bev makes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and offers a selection of label and packaging design options.

#9. Hawthorn

Located in the UK, Hawthorn is a private-label manufacturer of apparel and accessories. The fact that Hawthorn offers low MOQs sets them apart from other factories. Most designs have a 50-piece minimum order requirement. Each garment is made to order and is completely customizable in any quantity. As a result, Hawthorn is the ideal private label producer for small clothing brands.

#10. Best Shoe Factory 

China’s Wenzhou is home to the Best Shoe Factory, which also maintains a presence in New York City. They are a private label manufacturer of shoes. If you send Best Shoe Factory your design, materials, quantity, and sketches, they will respond to your inquiry within 12 hours. They will create a sample for you within two weeks of selecting a design. Best shoe factory is one of the top private labeling manufacturers of shoes

#11. Manufactured 

Manufactured, a full-service private label manufacturer with offices in Culver City can assist you in creating a product from scratch. It produces electronics and portable gadgets. They help you with prototyping, production, quality control, and shipping, as well as product design and sourcing. The Manufactured will handle every step of the process, from design to delivery.

#12. Qalara

This company produces furniture, kitchen and dining sets, home decor, and home furnishings under its private label. Delivery times for custom private label designs, which frequently require a sampling procedure, can range from 60 to 90 days.

#13. Oscardo 

Another excellent Canadian supplier is Oscardo. This supplier offers a wide range of goods. This website provides goods in the travel, home, kitchen, and gifts niches, starting with clothing and fashion accessories. They have an extensive portfolio of products. You must search for the “custom products” option on the website if you want to use private labeling. 

#14. Bargains Group 

This is a Canadian private labeling company. The word “bargains” encourages new business owners to haggle over prices. You can directly negotiate with them about their services, prices, shipping requirements, and MOQs. The best place to buy private-label clothing, fashion, and accessory products is on this website. 

#15. Clothes2Order 

This is an excellent website that focuses on private-label services. By using this website, you can start your very own private-label clothing line. They deal in a wide variety of clothing and accessories, such as shirts, bags, jackets, hats, and more. Their quick delivery system is their best feature. They provide two shipping choices. The first is next-day delivery, and the second is express delivery, which gets to the desired location in a short amount of time.

What are the Cons of Private Labeling? 

  • Higher investment. 
  • Higher MOQs.
  • Difficult to find the right manufacturers. 

What do you Look For In Private Label Manufacturers?

To begin with, the manufacturer needs to be able to produce whatever you want to sell according to your EXACT specifications. You ought to concentrate your efforts on private-label producers who are experts in the products you intend to sell.

#2. Product Quality

A good private manufacturer must be able to produce what you need in addition to producing high-quality goods. You must order a sample before making any bulk purchases.

#3. Pricing

Selling a product without the ability to make a profit is not rational. As a result, to get the best deal, you should bargain with a variety of private-label producers.

#4. Reliability

Reliability is likely the most crucial quality to look for in a private label manufacturer, after quality and cost. You can tell your manufacturer is going to be unreliable if you discover that your supplier ignores your emails or calls you out on them.

What is Private Labeling?

When one company manufactures a product and another company brands, markets, and sells it, the arrangement is known as a “private label.”. Although the product is sold under a private label, the manufacturer makes it and controls quality, not the private label seller.

How Much Does It Cost for Private Labeling?

To get your private labeling business off the ground, you will need at least $1,000 to $1,500. The setup of your business’s logistics, such as your website, payment processing, and order fulfillment, will be where you’ll incur the majority of your costs.

Is Private Labeling Profitable?

Yes, you can profit from private labeling as long as you’re selling the right goods and have found the right wholesaler. Because they do not have to pay the middleman fee to bring them to the retailer’s store or the branding costs associated with national brands, private-label brands are more profitable.

Is Amazon’s Private Label Still Profitable?

Amazon’s private label is still profitable because an existing customer will be much more likely to find you to make a similar purchase in the future when your product, packaging, and Amazon store all work together.

Private-Label Products to Sell

  • Private label cosmetics
  • Private-label skincare
  • Private label candles
  • Private-label hair extensions
  • Private label clothing


The foundation of your private label supply chain is finding the appropriate private label manufacturers. Because of this, we have provided a list of manufacturers who concentrate on selling products under private labels. 

Private Labeling Manufacturers FAQs

Who Is A Private Labeling Manufacturer?

A reliable private-label manufacturer will ensure product quality and control production costs following your specifications.

WhatAre The Private-Label Products to Sell?

  • Private label cosmetics
  • Private-label skincare
  • Private label candles

Who Is An Example of A Private Labeling Manufacturer?

  • Alanic
  • Wordans
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