5 Ways To Safeguard Crypto Investments

5 Ways To Safeguard Crypto Investments
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Your crypto holdings are valuable, but protecting them should be your priority. The hacking techniques used to steal digital cash are developing at the same dizzying speed as the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrencies are bearer assets with various degrees of anonymity. Thus security is of paramount importance when investing in them. Here are some of the best security measures for taking care of cryptocurrencies. 

1. Watch Out For Phishing Scams

Users must take care when clicking on advertising from unfamiliar sources. Hackers of today are more well-prepared than ever before. Cryptocurrency traders might benefit from looking for exchanges that prioritize safety and efficiency.  At Bitcode Method, you can rest easy knowing that they only partner with reputable, licensed brokers who have passed a rigorous screening process.

2. Keep Your Passwords Secure

Password-protecting your cryptocurrency wallet and other accounts is one of the most basic and effective methods to secure your holdings. Passwords that are lengthy and difficult to guess are tougher to break since most hackers use various methods. Remember these guidelines for creating secure passwords:

  • It should be at least 12 characters long.
  • Must  include a combination of uppercase and lowercase words, numerals, and special characters
  • Don’t reuse passwords across numerous sites.
  • After completing the transaction, you should always log out of your account
  • A password manager is a good option

3. The Key is Using a Cold Wallet

Many traders purchase and hold popular cryptocurrencies on an exchange. While digital exchanges do their best to avoid theft, even they may be hacked. Keeping your money safe in a locked wallet is a smart move. For maximum security, go with a cold wallet hardware device.

You may use these USB-shaped storage devices to hold tokens or coins physically. Since cold wallets are not online, they are immune to Internet hacking. A private key, like a password, is included with every hardware wallet to unlock its contents.

Hardware wallets are very good at preventing digital theft. However, they come with a new kind of vulnerability: If the password key is lost, the wallet’s contents are lost forever.

4. Implement a Two-Factor Login System

Two-factor authentication, often known as two-step verification, is an extra security measure commonly applied to many digital operations. With two-factor authentication, access to an app or website is restricted until the user completes two authentication processes.

The platform may also need you to enter an encrypted code sent to you via a text message, email, or push notification. Typically, these verification codes include a time limit preventing criminals from using them to access your account.

After setting up two-factor authentication, you must provide a one-time password whenever you access your account or make a significant transaction.

5. VPNs Are A Helpful Tool

Avoid using a public Wi-Fi network and instead use a private, secure internet connection while dealing with cryptocurrency investments. To mask one’s true location and Internet Protocol (IP) address, users may sign up for a virtual private network (VPN) service. Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a practical means to protect users’ privacy and anonymity online from prying eyes like hackers. 

Learn More About Crypto Investments

Due to its widespread potential for growth and substantial financial rewards, investing in cryptocurrency is well worth the risk. However, this might change with an increase in the number of hackers and crooks targeting the crypto area. It would be best if you always kept your crypto secure. It’s a good idea to practice regularly backing up your digital wallet and ensuring the safety of your digital valuables.




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