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what is a freelance writer
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Freelance writers are independent contractors. Every freelance writing assignment has a specific goal, and it’s your responsibility to properly explain that goal to your client and decide how to accomplish it in a timely, original, and correct way. Below are clear details of what a freelance writer is.

Who is a Freelance Writer?

A writer who works for a company as a self-employed contractor, as opposed to a full- or part-time employee, is referred to as a freelance writer. Freelancers frequently perform simultaneous tasks for several clients. A freelance writer can be an expert in a certain type of writing or a generalist who writes for many different types of media, like websites and press releases. emails, newsletters, grant proposals, blog articles, internal company communications, or emails. Several independent writers decided to focus on a certain business or form of communication.

What Exactly Does a Freelance Writer do?


A freelance writer is a person who writes and speaks well and is knowledgeable about both traditional and digital platforms for content creation. They can build and maintain a brand’s tone and image because they can do research, write, edit, and proofread content. They are also familiar with standards and styles (AP Style, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.).

#2. Effectively Handles a Number of Projects

A freelance writer is an innovative problem solver with strong organizational abilities, the ability to work on numerous projects of varying complexity, the ability to work remotely within the constraints of a specified budget and timeline, and the ability to perform well under pressure.

#3. Skilled in Digital Measuring Measurements

A solid grasp of writing for digital mediums, including SEO, keyword research and placement, and user engagement metrics, is another quality of this type of specialist.

Freelance Writer Job 

#1. Feature/Article Writing

Article or feature writing comes to mind frequently when individuals consider writing for a living. Whether they are writing for print, the web, or a combination of both media, freelancers typically produce individual pieces.

#2. Writing Specialized in

A technical writer uses language that is easy to understand to explain, describe, and explain how to do complicated technical tasks. A technical writer’s job is to write user guides for computers, software, electronic gadgets, and high-tech fields like engineering, robotics, and aeronautics.

#3. Writing For Business

White papers, reports, articles, brochures, business proposals, and speeches are among the topics that business writers work with. Even write some advertising if you want.

#4. Ghostwriting

A ghostwriter is a person who produces writing for another person’s blog, article, book, or project. The employment of ghostwriters to create memoirs by politicians and celebrities is rather widespread.

#5. Magazines/Newspapers

The most conventional kind of freelance writing may be articles for magazines and newspapers. Although a lot of people think so, print journalism is not going away. Print magazines remain a huge source of success for independent writers. Magazines typically seek out a specialized or niche audience. As examples, consider the following:

  • Public-targeted publications known as popular or consumer magazines can be found in your neighborhood newsstand or supermarket.
  • Trade/industry periodicals: Tailored for a particular business or profession and available to subscribers
  • Bespoke publications: Magazines produced by firms as a part of their customer/client marketing strategy

Freelance Writer Job Description 

You may get a decent idea of what hiring managers are looking for by using this sample job description for a freelance writer. With this in mind, each employer will have distinct requirements when hiring for a freelance Writer position.

Job Description

To produce content for our blog, we need a freelance writer. In this job, you will get article assignments from our editor, do research on the topic, and write a good piece that follows basic SEO rules. You should be well organized and possess good time management skills for this position because meeting deadlines will be a big part of it. We will pay piecemeal-piece basis since this is a freelancing position. Our ideal candidate will have a long-writing resume and a portfolio that show how good they are at their job. If you have a bachelor’s degree in English or creative writing, that’s great, but it’s not required.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • The editor will send you article ideas
  • The subject of research
  • Choose SEO keywords
  • Draft the article before submitting it.
  • If necessary, fix any serious problems.

Conditions and Requirements

  • English or creative writing major at the undergraduate level (preferred)
  • Years of experience in writing
  • Work samples in a portfolio
  • Time management and planning abilities
  • Skill with computers
  • Simple SEO techniques

Freelance Writer Salary

In the United States, a freelance writer will get an average salary of $68,690 a year as of March 24, 2023. Just in case you need a quick pay calculator, that comes out to about $33.02 per hour. $1,320 per week or $5,724 per month is what this equates to.

The majority of freelance writers currently earn between $37,500 (the 25th percentile) and $78,000 (the 75th percentile) each year, with top earners (the 90th percentile) in the United States getting $123,000 yearly, although they see annual wages as high as $165,000 and as low as $11,000.

There may be several prospects for growth and greater pay dependent on skill level, location, and years of experience given the wide range of pay that a Freelance Writer may expect to earn on average (up to $40,500). Your neighborhood’s average yearly wage for freelance writers is $68,690, which is equal to the $68,690 national average. in terms of freelance writer salary, out of all 50 states, is number one.

How Do Freelance Writers Get Paid?

Clients have the option of paying by word or by piece for one article. If the work is a project, the client may choose to pay an hourly rate or a fixed fee for the entire undertaking. In other instances, the client can ask for you to operate on a retainer basis, supplying a set quantity of work each month.

How Do You Become a Freelance Writer? 

Steps to take to become a freelance writer. These are some broad principles, even though everyone has unique backgrounds and experiences.

#1. Establishing a System of Organization

Each person is different in how organized they are, but when it comes to freelancing, having a system will be very helpful. You should keep a record of information like pitches or emails you send to potential clients or collaborators, as well as any assignments you receive.

#2. Establishing a Freelancer Website

By building a freelance website, which will also demonstrate that you have an active presence online, you’ll want to showcase your prior work and your capabilities.

#3. A Specialty Should be Chosen

It’s crucial to decide what you want to write about, even if being a generalist when you’re first starting out can be advantageous. By doing so, you’ll be developing a specialty in what you excel at and a portfolio of pertinent work if you start receiving more freelancing projects.

#4. Finding a Job or a Freelance Writing Project

Getting a freelance writing job, at last, is the sensible next step. As indicated before, success at a freelance writing opportunity typically depends on the kind of writing that will be done.

#5. Deciding on a Rate

The need to set their rate is one thing that novice freelance writers are unaware of. Your amount of experience is typically the key element. You will probably be on the lower end if you are new to the field.

#6. Keep in Touch

It’s fundamental to be able to speak clearly when working as a freelancer, and maintaining communication with your employers and contacts is equally important.

How Do I Become a Freelance Writer with no Experience?

#1. Write Samples

The first thing I suggest whenever someone asks me how to start a freelance writing career is to compile a portfolio of writing samples. Whatever work you have available, such as scholarly articles, can be used to fill this out.

#2. To Assist you, Find a Writing Service.

The finest move I ever made as a freelance writer was to begin working through an agency; by doing so, I was able to sidestep a lot of the growing pains that new authors often experience when beginning their careers.

#3. Create a Blog.

Start a blog for your writing as a simple internet publishing method. This is an excellent chance to develop your understanding of and viewpoints on a subject that you’d like to write about professionally.

#4. Send Letters to Relatives and Friends.

Whatever you write will improve with practice, so always put effort into it. One of the easiest ways to improve your written communication skills is to start making things for the people around you.

#5. Get Contacts From Other Independent Writers.

It’s not about what you know, but who you know, as the saying goes. It has been estimated that networking helps people find jobs in up to 85% of cases. The freelance writing market is no different from other industries in that using your connections is crucial.

#6. Make Your Debut on a Content Network

The spread of content networks is one of the largest digital media revolutions we’ve recently witnessed. In a nutshell, these are big networks of websites that demand a lot of information on a wide variety of topics.

#7. Clean up and Update Your Grammar.

In contrast to the majority of text-based exchanges you have daily online, as a freelance writer, you’ll need to write with clarity and precision.

#8. Discover SEO

A working understanding of SEO will rank among the most employable skills you may possess in 2020 as a freelance writer (SEO). The skill of bringing any articles you create to the top of Google search results is essentially what this is.

#9. Greater Sites With a Cold Pitch

If you do your research in advance, you may find lucrative and intriguing prospects. Pitching well requires a solid awareness of a company’s content requirements.

#10. Choose a Reliable Job.

There’s little doubt that writing demands focus, even though everyone reacts to distractions differently. A key part of being a successful freelance writer is being able to work in an environment and with tools that help you get more done.

How Do I Sell Myself as a Freelance Writer?

The following are ways to attract clients and sell yourself as a freelance writer:

  • Choose a specialty.
  • Finish up your author bio.
  • Construct a website.
  • Employ your email signature.
  • Advertise your portfolio.
  • Improve your LinkedIn profile.
  • Publish a blog.
  • Get familiar with other writers.
  • Reach out to influencers and include them in your work.
  • Declare your intention to hunt for a job.


Reading this article and learning more about the industry will help you decide quickly if freelance writing is the perfect career for you. Freelance writing isn’t a lifestyle that fits all. Follow the simple methods we outlined above when pitching your first article for the best results. The greatest method to transform freelance writing from a tedious task into a fun endeavor that you are enthusiastic about succeeding at is to do it this way.


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