What Are the Steps That Make up a Modern Resume?

Your resume is the first thing a recruiter will see. It is, therefore, normal to take care of it and ensure that its content is as complete as possible. The resume design does not only consist of filling it out; its content must be adapted to the position to be coveted and present the essentials that the recruiter needs to know. We take stock of how to create a modern and effective resume.

Define the Elements to Include in the Resume

A modern resume template should contain relevant elements about your professional and academic background. The list of information to put in a resume is not exhaustive. It is, therefore, necessary to go to the essentials so that the information you provide echoes the job description.

The objective is to seduce the recruiter so that he is quickly convinced that the position is made for you. If you have undergone training or if some of your experiences coincide with those mentioned for the profile you are looking for, you must highlight them while trying to be as precise and concise as possible.

Bet on a Simple but Relevant Resume

Once you have all the information you want to include in your resume, you can move on to the data layout. For the creation of the file, you have the word processing software Word.

To help you with your inspiration, you can also use online resume-building tools. A catalog is available to you so that you can choose a particular model for your modern resume. The site takes care of the layout of the latter, you just have to fill in the sections intended for information about you. The service is free and without obligation to help you obtain an attractive and effective resume.

Center Your Skills on One Page

This topic completes the first point we made earlier. If you have extremely long professional experience, you should stick to the basics. A modern resume contains the essential information for the position on a single page. If it is possible to synthesize some information, it should be done. Otherwise, just retain the information relating to the position to be filled.

To this, we can add the choice of font, which must have readable characters. This has a significant impact because if it is poorly selected, it can hinder the reading of the content of your resume. Font size also plays a role in how much information you can fit on a page. The standard size is a 12-point font; the reference below is too small and may make your resume difficult to read.

Use Colors Sparingly

Your choice of color helps to encourage the recruiter’s enthusiasm for your resume or rejection of it. It is, therefore, necessary to make good use of colors to draw attention to the content of your modern resume and make it pleasant to read. We opt for a maximum of 2 colors, beyond this number, your file may seem too extravagant. Neon colors and color framing are avoided unless you are applying for a position oriented towards graphic design or visual creativity.

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