HOW TO BECOME AN UBER DRIVER: Easy Way to Become an Uber Driver in 2023

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Uber driving is frequently promoted as a simple method to make money. Just sign up, then drive. The truth, however, is more complicated. Before you can start making money, you must be of a specific age, have the appropriate vehicle and insurance, and pass a background check, which might take a few weeks. Here are the requirements for an Uber driver in California with the application and conditions for those who have no car.

How to Become an Uber Driver 

Uber vehicles generally need to be in good operating order, have four doors, and adhere to state regulations, including passing a smog test or having current registration. Additional prerequisites consist of:

  • Meet inspection standards, which change according on the state and city.
  • Meets the state’s and city’s standards for vehicle age (typically 10 to 15 years old or newer).
  • Not listed as rebuilt or salvaged.
  • Absence of commercial branding.

Uber Driver Car Insurance Requirements

Uber drivers are required to carry automobile insurance. States have different minimum insurance standards, and some have unique requirements for drivers who participate in ridesharing services. When you accept a ride request, Uber also retains insurance coverage on your behalf. If your personal insurance doesn’t cover the occurrence, Uber insurance may also apply while you’re waiting for a request.

Before becoming a ride-sharing driver, speak with your insurance company; failing to report your new position could result in the cancellation of your coverage. You can also have coverage gaps under your individual policy. If it’s offered where you reside, you might want to buy rideshare insurance in that situation. Certain Uber drivers could be required to get a business auto policy.

How much do Uber Drivers Make?

According to, a review site for money-making services, drivers may anticipate earning between $5 and $20 per hour with Uber.

Your earnings as an Uber driver depend on the times, locations, and frequency of your trips as well as any tips or bonuses you might get. Keep in mind that drivers are responsible for covering their own tax obligations, gas costs, and vehicle maintenance.

How to maximize earnings as an Uber driver

Learn about the different ways to make money and receive bonuses. Look for local guaranteed-pay campaigns that, as long as you match specific criteria, will guarantee your weekly or hourly compensation. Use Uber surge pricing to profit from the busiest times of the day when there is a high demand for rides. After a significant event, you might need to wait for rides or make yourself accessible to drive during the early commute. Keeping a high rating can increase your income, so keep your car spotless, be sociable, and use a dependable GPS.

Uber Driver Car Requirements 

Is your car eligible to drive for Uber? Most four-door cars do, however, specifications vary depending on the car’s options. Moreover, if you don’t have a car, we can assist you in purchasing one.

Minimal Requirements for an Uber Car Driver

  • 15-year-old or newer vehicle
  • A four-door car
  • In good shape with no cosmetic issues
  • Commercial branding is absent
  • A successful car inspection

Cosmetic Requirements for an Uber Car Driver

Certain aesthetic features could disqualify a car. They consist of:

  • Commercials on full-body wraps or other prominent adverts
  • Holes on the outside
  • Taxi-style paint or taxi decals
  • Significant interior damage (torn seats, large permanent stains, strong permanent odors)
  • Oxidation of paint
  • Hoods and doors of various colors
  • Aftermarket improvements
  • Window tinting needs to comply with legal CA standards.

Insurance Requirements for an Uber Car Driver

All drivers are required by state and local regulations to maintain their own insurance coverage. Uber also keeps auto insurance on behalf of all US drivers.

The Vehicles Available in Los Angeles

#1. UberX

With UberX, the most popular vehicle choice for riders, the majority of newer automobiles are eligible to drive.

Added requirements

  • A four-door car with passenger doors that open separately
  • Five seats with seat belts that were factory installed
  • Air conditioning and functioning windows
  • No box trucks, vans, or other comparable vehicles
  • No taxis, official vehicles, or other branded vehicles
  • No rebuilt or salvaged vehicles
  • There are no installation of installed seats, seat belts, BedRyder systems, or any aftermarket seating modifications
  • In California, automobiles must be licensed and covered by insurance.

#2. UberXL

With your high-capacity car, you can accommodate more passengers and charge more fees.

Added requirements

  • A four-door car with passenger doors that open separately
  • Have 7 seats with seat belts that were factory installed
  • Air conditioning and functioning windows
  • No box trucks, vans, or other comparable vehicles
  • No taxis, official vehicles, or other branded vehicles
  • No rebuilt or salvaged vehicles
  • No installation of installed seats, seat belts, or BedRyder systems, or any aftermarket seating modifications
  • In California, automobiles must be licensed and covered by insurance.

#3. Uber Black

Provide the original Uber black car service, which offers upscale journeys.

Added requirements

  • Maintain a 4.85 or better star rating.
  • Business insurance
  • More documentation is needed

On vehicle specifications

  • 7 years or newer vehicle
  • Exterior: just black
  • Black leather or vegan leather only for the interior
  • seating for at least 4 passengers, plus the driver
  • No visible flaws or missing components
  • functional windows
  • No stains may be seen
  • functional a/c

#4. Uber Black SUV

With this upscale transportation service, you can accommodate the entire team. Vehicles must be black to qualify.

Added requirements

  • Maintain a 4.85 or better star rating.
  • Business Insurance
  • More documentation is needed

On vehicle specifications

  • 7 years or newer vehicle
  • Exterior: just black
  • Black leather or vegan leather only in the interior
  • seating for at least 6 passengers, not including the driver
  • No visible flaws or missing components
  • functional windows
  • No stains may be seen
  • functional a/c

#5. Comfort

Comfort was created to take full advantage of the Uber platform.

Added requirements

  • Save your eligibility for another Uber service like UberX, Select, UberXL, Uber Black, or Uber Black SUV.
  • Have at least 100 travels under your belt and a minimum star rating of 4.85
  • Drive a car with more space for your legs than the smallest, most compact vehicles that are available for UberX and that satisfy the minimum vehicle age criterion.

How to Become an Uber Driver Without a Car 

Many people are drawn to driving for Uber by the allure of being their own boss. Uber drivers have a great deal of freedom. You don’t report to anyone, have a boss, or punch a time clock. You can take time off whenever you want and drive whenever you want. In addition to these advantages, Uber drivers have access to up to five Quick Pay payments every day. Many drivers lack a car or don’t have a vehicle that satisfies Uber’s requirements. Without a car, I’ll demonstrate how to drive for Uber.

#1. Apply to Become an Uber Car Driver. 

On the Uber website, click “I need a car” when prompted to choose a vehicle type. You will be able to drive without a car. Once accepted, you are a legitimate Uber driver.

#2. Use Uber’s Vehicle Marketplace. 

In order to equip their drivers with vehicles, Uber has partnered with rental car businesses. Both weekly and hourly rentals are available for vehicles. Age restrictions apply and range from $150 to $295 for weekly rentals; these requirements depend on the Uber partner and are typically higher than 21 or 25.

#3. Use a Ridesharing Company.  

Uber drivers have the option to rent from a ridesharing firm as an alternative to weekly rentals. Rideshare drivers who require a vehicle to drive for Uber can hire personal vehicles through Getaround and HyreCar. Prices range from $5 to $8 per hour (Getaround). On their platform, Uber drivers register as drivers. Once you’ve been given the go-ahead to drive, you may use their applications to look for automobiles nearby. There are rideshare firms in the majority of big cities.

#4. “Drive” for Uber Eats. 

You don’t need to possess a car to use Uber Eats. For their food delivery service, you can choose a different mode of transportation, such as a bike, motorcycle, or scooter. Food delivery services grew well-liked and lucrative during the height of COVID.

Driving for Uber might be a good idea if you have some spare time and want to make some extra cash. But make sure the numbers add up before working as an Uber driver without a vehicle. This covers the price of your time spent picking up and returning the rental automobile.

How to Become an Uber Driver in California 

You won’t be picked up in a tiny, two-door vehicle when you call Uber for a journey. This is due to the fact that neither ridesharing provider permits drivers to operate two-door subcompact cars. Before being approved, everyone who wishes to drive for Uber must fulfill specific standards and pass a car check. The following are the minimal vehicle specifications for Uber driver in California:

  • The automobiles used by Uber must be 15 years old or newer.
  • There must be four doors on the car.
  • It needs to be in good shape with no obvious damage.
  • The car must have a license plate from California on it.
  • No vehicles with advertising, dark window tints, or salvage titles.
  • However, many subcompacts—even those with four doors—are prohibited.
  • Also, the Uber Corporation mandates that all vehicles undergo inspection. They require one after 50,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first.

Uber Car Driver Insurance Requirements in California

Uber not only mandates that all drivers have their own insurance but also offers supplementary insurance to drivers when they are using the app. A driver’s personal insurance would protect them in the event of an accident when they are not working for Uber. Uber’s policy is as follows while drivers are waiting for a ride on the app (but there is no passenger present):

  • $50,000 for each person’s physical harm
  • $100,000 for each accident’s physical harm
  • Property damage of $25,000 per incident

When a driver is traveling or on their route to pick up a passenger, Uber offers:

  • Third-party liability of $1,000,000
  • Injury caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver
  • Contingent collision and comprehensive

Hence, uber provides a $1,000 deductible to drivers.

Uber Driver Requirements in California

Uber does initial and yearly background checks as well as ongoing driver screenings. Continuous criminal background checks are necessary for Uber. This will be in addition to the drivers’ current yearly background checks.

In California, Uber driver requires the following things from its drivers:

  • Uber does not consider any driving experience gained abroad toward the three years of required domestic driving experience.
  • A copy of the motor vehicle report for the potential driver.
  • The prospective driver must go through a criminal history investigation.

Uber contracts with independent businesses to perform their criminal background checks instead of doing it itself. Both examine a person’s driving history and criminal history going back seven years. Nonetheless, a person may still be turned down if they have a history of major traffic offenses, such as a DUI or an older felony conviction.

Uber Driver Application

If you want to drive for Uber, you must be able to show that you have enough insurance to drive in your state and meet all other minimum requirements.

Minimum Qualifications to Drive for Uber

  • Have a minimum age of 21.
  • Possess at least one year of US-based, licensed driving experience (3 years if you are under 23 years old)
  • Own a current US driver’s license
  • Use a car with four doors.

Documents Needed for the Application Process

  • An authentic Social Security card
  • A document proving your locality in your town, state, or province (e.g., passport, current utility bill)
  • Evidence of a vehicle’s local registration. The title of the vehicle may belong to someone else.
  • If you intend to drive your own vehicle, you must provide proof of in-state car insurance 
  • A profile image
  1. The photograph must be taken with the driver’s complete face and shoulders visible, without sunglasses, and facing ahead.
  2. It cannot be a driver’s license photo or another printed photo; it must be a picture of just the driver, without any other subjects in the background, that is well-lit, and in focus.

Background Check and Online Screening to Drive for Uber

Your application must include a background check and an online driver screening. Your Social Security number is used to obtain your criminal history and driving record as part of the check. The following entails the necessary things needed on your background screening:

  • Checkr is a business that Uber uses for initial screening, routine background checks, and driving inspections.
  • Uber might conduct extra investigations if local laws change or if its requirements for conducting background checks alter. Uber covers the costs of driving records and criminal background checks.
  • Uber does not conduct credit checks on potential employees or drug screen its drivers.

How to Succeed in the Online Uber Screening

To succeed with the online uber screening, follow the list below:

  • A significant moving violation, such as “driving under the influence” (DUI), “driving while intoxicated” (DWI), or “reckless driving,” cannot have occurred within the previous seven years for applicants.
  • In the previous three years, applicants were only permitted to have three infractions, such as speeding fines or failing to respect traffic laws.
  • In the previous seven years, applicants cannot have been convicted of a felony, serious crime, or sexual offense.

Facts About Uber Employment: Uber Driver Application

The app links riders and drivers based on GPS locations and functions as a referral service. Depending on the neighboring driver’s experience, vehicle type, and licensure, Uber offers a variety of services. The majority of employees are eligible for standard driving privileges and do not require business insurance or licenses in order to work for the company. Vehicles must still adhere to some requirements, though.

Uber Black is mainly used by drivers who hold livery and other commercial permits. Although they are more expensive, these rides employ top-notch vehicles and experienced drivers. The more prevalent UberX works with regular drivers who want to perform a part-time job to supplement their income. The business also has Uber SUV and Uber LUX choices, which often cost customers extra.

Details on Jobs and Salaries at Uber

All applicants for Uber must successfully complete background checks and have spotless driving records. Also, applicants must be 21 years old, have three years of driving experience, and have a valid driver’s license for the state where they will be working. In order to qualify, vehicles must also pass a car inspection and satisfy a number of standards. They are:

  • Schedules for drivers are determined by their own availability.
  • The hourly wage for workers at the transportation firm ranges from $10.00 to $15.00 on average.
  • The number of riders picked up each day, as well as the city or region that employees are driving in, might have an impact on earnings.
  • Particularly for those working full-time hours, some drivers claim to make up to $25 per hour.

Advice on the Application of an Uber Driver

Candidates can apply online quickly and easily with the transportation company. In order to get started, prospective employees create profiles using their emails and phone numbers. Simple inquiries concerning the kind of vehicle that will be utilized will be made on the form. For background checks, applicants must also supply their social security numbers, valid driver’s licenses, and vehicle registrations. Have all of them prepared in advance to make the procedure move more quickly?

Availability Status Application of an Uber Driver

Most job applicants state that it takes one to two weeks for the firm to complete background checks before they are authorized to drive. Typically, applicants who have been convicted of DUI or other drug-related offenses are ineligible. Driving without a license, dangerous driving, and other offenses related to a criminal record are also prohibited.

How Much Does a Uber Driver Make? 

Uber drivers in the United States earn an average of $37,802 annually, according to

How Long Does it Take Uber to Approve You?

It could take up to 48 hours for your account to be evaluated and verified after you’ve uploaded the necessary papers and registered an account. 

How do I Join Uber With my Car? 

How to finish your profile to join Uber with your car:

  • Establish a profile.
  • Your documents are online.
  1. Provide a copy of your auto insurance.
  2. Submit the roadworthiness certificate for your car.
  3. Submit all of your car information and paperwork at
  • Your banking information.

Which Car is Suitable for Uber?

Audi, AM General, Acura, and Comfort Alfa Romeo are good for Uber


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