BEST TRAVELING JOBS: How to Work and Travel the World At the Same

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It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to spend eight hours a day at a desk in front of a computer. Some people hope to make a career out of their enthusiasm for travel. Taking in sights around the country (or the globe) should not be limited to your vacation time. Many other types of employment may be done while traveling, allowing you to gain money and see new places. As a result, we’ve put together a list of the best traveling jobs without a degree or experience in this article.

Best Traveling Jobs

They include:

#1. Expat Traveling Jobs

Simply put, an expat is someone who lives and works overseas. This indicates that, although you were born a citizen of one country, you are now willingly residing and working in another. That is to say, you are not necessarily a traveler if you want to stay in one spot for months or even years (maybe on a remote worker visa).

#2. Actor

Actors play characters on stage, in movies, and on television, as well as in animation and radio via voice acting. They use their acting abilities to help communicate the tale of a play, musical, or novel adaptation. Their jobs need them to attend sets, which may require them to travel to another state, city, or country. Also, an actor may travel as a member of a tour company.

#3. English Teacher

This profession is also among the best traveling jobs. A teacher of English imparts knowledge of the English language and literature to their pupils. They design courses that teach students how to effectively communicate both orally and in writing, as well as the fundamentals of English grammar. They also provide lessons in language arts, such as writing and reading, with an emphasis on grammar and spelling. English teachers may find many different teaching positions in places all over the world, and this will allow them to see the world while making a living.

#4. Travel Blogging

Blogging while traveling frequently and generating money might appear to be an ideal career. Earning a living from a travel blog is difficult and may take several years. Nevertheless, a travel blog is not your only choice. Other examples are culinary bloggers, mother bloggers, fashion models, and leisure bloggers. Typically, income is derived through advertising, affiliate marketing, product sales, and influencer campaigns. But, you must first establish an audience!

#5. Archaeologists

Archaeology is also one of the best traveling jobs. They seek to provide information on the origins and development of human history. Archaeologists are historians and scientists who investigate the things left behind by former civilizations. Depending on the nature of their research, some archaeologists may find that substantial travel is required to collect the essential data. This is especially significant when the subject or site of the project is remote from the archaeologist’s typical location.

#6. Chef

A chef is an expert in the culinary arts who manages the kitchen at establishments like restaurants and hotels. A chef’s skills go beyond the kitchen and include things like customer service, safety, and staff management. Professional chefs may expect to find employment wherever they go, although those who work on cruise ships will be on the road more often than others.

#7. Yacht Sailing Jobs

Can you see yourself working your way around the world aboard a luxury sailing vessel owned by some wealthy individual? This is an amazing career, but it takes a lot of traveling. It’s an exciting and entertaining way to visit some far-flung places. In addition, both your lodging and your meals will be provided for you, which is an excellent way to save money.

You don’t need to have previous experience working on a yacht to get hired as a deckhand or steward(ess), because these are entry-level roles that pay very well. All you have to do is finish a short training program ahead of time and spend some time in a beautiful yachting spot while you look for a job.

How Do I Start a Career in Traveling?

  • Choose a job type.
  • Investigate career prerequisites.
  • Examine your educational possibilities.
  • Find an internship or a mentor.
  • Apply to positions at the entry level.
  • Network with travel industry experts.
  • Travel.
  • Develop your communication abilities

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Best Traveling Jobs Without a Degree

Do you know you can work and travel the world without ever needing a degree? For a while, it was, but with the growth of freelancing sites and remote jobs, it’s easier than ever to fly overseas and find work without a degree. Hence, we have compiled a list of the best traveling jobs without a degree.

#1. Photographer

This is one of the best traveling jobs without a degree unlike an Instagram influencer who snaps holiday photos. Photographers can work anywhere with a camera, equipment, and a laptop to edit and publish.

Furthermore, photographers without degrees can sell action photos to surf resort customers, operate as commercial photographers for small businesses, shoot weddings, and more.

#2. Flight Attendant 

A flight attendant is one of the best traveling jobs without a degree. It remains one of the most popular because it requires no degree and only a training period. The privileges include free or cheap flights, free lodging during layovers, and the opportunity to travel the world as part of one’s profession.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to have customer service expertise since we are all aware of how tough certain passengers can be.

#3. Sports Instructors

This is also one of the best traveling jobs for those without a degree, despite the seasonal nature of the employment. You can create a full-time, year-round routine by traveling between resorts. Typically, a one- or two-day course is adequate to get the fundamental teaching levels.

#4. Coders

Coding was one of the best traveling jobs for people who didn’t have a degree but still wanted to enjoy the freedom and convenience of working from home. Most programmers prefer the privacy of working from home or in a quiet office. As a result, they are perfectly capable of functioning independently in any location.

In other words, you can become a programmer with just a laptop and an internet connection. Since this is a remote position, most people who hold it work for a single employer rather than dabbling in freelancing. Degree not required, but relevant work experience is essential.

#5. Seasonal Staff 

I’ve touched on seasonal sports teachers who can travel with their chosen sport’s season, but even if you aren’t certified to teach, there are lots of other jobs you can do at these resorts.

Furthermore, being a chalet host at a ski resort is one of the most prevalent entry-level seasonal occupations. For a whole ski season, you’ll be responsible for the food, cleaning, and general well-being of a chalet’s visitors.

#6. Writer 

The vast majority of digital nomads hold a strong preference for this particular option. Writing for a living is something you can do as long as you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection (like WiFi).

There are so many jobs available for writers and editors with some experience, and a degree is not required for any of them. These jobs can be found on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, where you can work as a freelancer, or you can work in a content department for a remote firm.

What Is the Highest Paying Traveling Job?

  • Airline pilot: The national average wage is $44,761 annually.
  • Hotel manager:The national average wage is $51,151 annually.
  • Infection control specialist: The national average wage is $70,568 annually.
  • Geologist. 
  • Executive recruiter.
  • Marine biologist.
  • Senior auditor.
  • Marine engineer.

Best Traveling Jobs Without No Experience

Below are the best travelling jobs without no experience:

#1. Tour Guide

As a tour guide, you can make money in any city on Earth. You don’t even have to live in the city! Get to know your new neighborhood so that if you decide to move, you can start giving tours. There are so many different kinds of trips, like walking through museums, finding hidden gems, and trying new foods. So, you will get paid by the tour company, but you will also get tips from the tourists. Tour guides can make between $20,000 and $30,000 a year, which is about $13 an hour. But this doesn’t include tips, which, when added to the cost of VIP service on expensive trips, can boost your annual income by as much as $100,000.

This is one of the best traveling jobs without experience, and the salary is far higher than I expected! When deciding whether or not to take up a job, tips are a nice perk to think about. People have made businesses out of being tour guides that are very profitable even though they require a lot less work per week than traditional office jobs.

#2. Entertainer

If you have any talent or aptitude in the entertainment sector, this profession is recognized as one of the best traveling jobs for people with no experience since you can make a living and travel the world doing what you love.The cendlessre infinite, whether you want to perform hotel shows or backing dancing on tour. Making a living doing something entertaining is easy; simply focus on developing your skills in that area.

Furthermore, some forms of entertainment may command more fees than others, making it difficult to establish a standard rate of pay. Moreover, tipping may be permitted or forbidden depending on the setting. Talented people may earn a good living performing for only a few hours each night, and the pay is good. Participating in a national tour or production may necessitate travel for this position.

#3. Professional Nanny 

This profession can also be rated as one of the traveling jobs with no experience because the criteria for this position are higher than those of an au pair or babysitter. Almost all nanny jobs can only be found through agencies that do extensive background checks on applicants. In order to work for certain organizations, you need a college degree in an area connected to children. However, if you have expertise in the field and a genuine passion for working with kids, this may be a lucrative career path as well.

There is a median pay of about $35,000 USD, however if you have more experience and education, you may ask for more. As a professional nanny, you may make well over $100,000 USD per year, and much more if you work for affluent families.

#4. Blogger

Blogging is one of the best traveling jobs to make real money online with no experience nowadays. However, maintaining a blog requires significant effort. You need to have the ability to write, promote, and use social media in addition to having compelling material.

The blog must be unique in order to attract readers among the millions already available online. As soon as traffic to your site begins to increase, you can start monetizing it through the use of affiliate links and the sale of advertising space. Blogging, no matter what its focus, may be a lucrative side gig that doesn’t require a degree and gives you the freedom to see the world.

#5. House Sitter

In the United States, this is one of the best traveling jobs without experience that can be done for personal connections or strangers. House sitting simply entails keeping an eye on someone else’s property while its owners are gone. Gardening and garbage removal could also fall within your purview. In essence, all you’re getting is a free place to call home. You may do this in your town, or elsewhere in the globe to save money on lodging.

There are house sitters who don’t charge at all and are willing to labor for free in exchange for free housing, and there are also those that charge astronomical rates. How much money you can make depends on where you live.

#6. Consultants

If you have a skill set that you can provide to clients on a consulting basis, you are free to work from almost any location as long as you have access to WiFi. Suppose you host webinars about branding, social media, flipping properties, or anything else; you can do this from anywhere in the world.

There is no requirement for a degree or prior experience, but you will need a large number of clients working remotely.

In Conclusion

I hope this post was helpful; please let me know how good or bad your experience was in the comments below.


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