User Acquisition: Strategies & How It Works (Detailed Guide)

User Acquisition

When it comes to marketing strategies, one of the most underappreciated steps is user acquisition. However, it is equally important for the growth of your business as the others. Some individuals don’t know how to grow their businesses, but this article will tell you one that will help yours. This article talks about user acquisition strategies for apps, mobile, and mobile gaming.

What Is User Acquisition?

User acquisition, also known as UA, is the process of attracting users to a business platform. It is the method by which a company employs marketing strategies to entice users to download their app or visit their website. User acquisition campaigns can assist in identifying potential users by creating target audiences who are more likely to know what a company has to offer.

How Does User Acquisition Work?

Developers can launch a UA campaign using any number of supplier partners and any number of underlying technologies or creatives they choose.

Mobile ad networks are typically used for UA since they permit marketers to serve in-app advertisements on other developers’ apps as well as cross-promote their own apps and games.

The focus is on the data. Considerations like the apps being advertised in, the cost per acquisition, and the LTV and ARPDAU of the people acquired are integral to a well-thought-out UA strategy.

User Acquisition Strategy

By constantly improving your user acquisition strategy, you will be able to improve the performance of your content marketing strategy as well as the revenue generated from sales. The following are some user acquisition strategies:

#1. Repurpose Old Content for Better SEO

Once published, content can be easily repurposed with updated SEO elements on a regular basis to become quality content. With search engine optimization content, your pages will rank higher on Google and thus be accessible by more users. Before sharing your blog posts on social media and mailing lists, you can update them with new search keywords, hyperlinks, and multimedia.

#2. Add Products/Services to Content

You can incorporate your brand’s business portfolio into marketing-related content. This is known as a native advertisement,” and it can significantly improve your user acquisition efforts.

#3. Work Together on Guest Posts and Social Proof

Social proof is the act of convincing customers to write about or review your product or service so that other users can see that it is worthwhile investing in. Due to newly-established trust, social proof, as well as guest posts written by other professionals in your field, can significantly improve your user acquisition efforts.

Inviting reputable industry professionals to write blog posts for your website can significantly improve the image of your brand. Interviews with prominent industry representatives or satisfied clients can also increase the perceived value of your brand in the eyes of potential users.

#4. Establish an Affiliate Program

Users will be more likely to convert into customers if they can anticipate long-term benefits. However, these incentives may include branded goods and apparel, free products, discount codes, and other mutually beneficial benefits.

Provide your users with compelling reasons to stick with your brand, and they will be more likely to spread positive word of mouth about your company.

#5. Regular Sales & Discounts

As a general rule, you should lower the entry price for your products and services on a regular basis to encourage conversion. You can also share discount codes with your followers so they can share them with their friends and family. Themed sales centered on holidays, seasons, and other times of the year when people are more generous with their money can work in your favor.

#6. Billboards, Banners, and Stickers

You can also promote your startup using banners and billboards. They are difficult to track, but they are excellent for raising awareness and building credibility. Most digital companies rely on offline marketing to build credibility and trust among their users.

User Acquisition Strategies for Apps

User acquisition necessitates ongoing marketing efforts, just as attracting customers does for any other business. Here are some strategies to consider for user acquisition apps:

#1. Early Sign-Up Pages & Teasers

Increasing awareness of your product ahead of its release can generate excitement and anticipation, especially when you add a sense of exclusivity to the mix, such as having people sign up for a closed beta list to receive early access to the beta version as soon as it becomes available.

#2. Collateral & Press Kits

Determine what distinguishes your app and capitalize on those features with press coverage such as teaser trailers, interviews, and a press release. Prior to the launch of your product, you should have press kits and other necessary collateral ready. Making sure your app’s press kit is ready gives them a centralized location to find everything they need, making their job easier. Screenshots, review guides, promotional videos, press releases, and other materials may be included in press kits.

#3. Sites for Product Curation

There are a number of websites that curate new products and startups and can assist you in creating some buzz. Many sites, such as Product Hunt, have an upvote/downvote or review section, so make sure you have at least a minimally viable product ready when this type of rating system is in place. Here is a list of such websites that you should look into:

  • Product Search
  • The Beta List
  • Y Combinator – Hacker News
  • CrunchBase

#4. Rate of Retention

It is critical to acquire users prior to launch, but it is also critical to observe what keeps them coming back to your app after the initial installation. Downloads are good indicators of success, but the retention rate is a more valuable metric that will determine how successful your app is in the market over time.

#5. Revenue Per User on Average (ARPU)

ARPU compares the actual cost of acquiring each new user to their overall lifetime value.

User Acquisition Strategies

User acquisition (UA) is the process of acquiring new users for an app, platform, or other services. Meanwhile, on mobile, user acquisition is a strategy that focuses on generating installs, which are typically achieved through advertising campaigns and promotional offers. Here are some strategies to consider:

#1. Increase Your Reviews and Ratings

Most users read the reviews and rate the apps before downloading them. Reviews help new users understand what to expect from an app. To increase app user acquisition, it is therefore critical to have as many reviews and ratings as possible for your app. It is also critical to include a feedback section where users can express their thoughts on your app before leaving reviews.

#2. Improve Campaigns

A boost campaign is a strategy that produces results quickly. A boost campaign allows your app to rank first in a specific category in order to gain organic users. This also increases the visibility of your app, resulting in more organic downloads. If users like your app, it has a good chance of staying at the top of the category rankings after an effective boost campaign.

#3. Advertisement Network

Online advertising networks connect marketers with potential customers. However, you can use such mobile app marketing platforms to increase the number of users for your app. Popular ad networks include AdMob, Media.Net, and StartApp, to name a few.

#4. Lifetime Worth (LTV)

This is the revenue that a user generates for your app. It is also an important metric that displays the monetary value of your app in relation to the estimated value of each user. However, you can accurately measure app user acquisition with LTV. Meanwhile, the acquisition metric displays the total number of people who have downloaded your app via the various app user acquisition strategies.

Mobile User Acquisition

The process of marketing a product or service in the hope of acquiring new users is known as mobile user acquisition (UA). Any strategy that is specifically designed to generate app installs is referred to as “mobile app user acquisition.” Here are some examples of mobile user acquisition.

#1. Utilize Organic Channels

It is critical to use the organic channels that are available to you. After testing all of the organic channels, you can determine which one was the most effective for future UA efforts.

#2. Social Marketing

One of the most effective tools for your user acquisition strategy is Facebook mobile app download ads. Although YouTube video ads and Twitter ads will be beneficial, Facebook is the world’s largest social network and should be considered the primary channel for your app’s promotion. While Twitter has a character limit of 140 characters, which forces your message to be brief and to the point, Instagram promotes itself through creative graphics and short videos. If you want to use paid advertising, make sure you spend your money on the best ad formats for your target audience in order to maximize your ROI.

#3. Email Promotion

Email marketing can be used to promote your brand’s content, share product updates, provide discounts, and publicize upcoming events. It is also an excellent way to connect with your audience on a more personal level, whether it’s a “happy birthday” email, a customized offer, or a personalized content recommendation.

Mobile Gaming User Acquisition

User acquisition for mobile gaming is an important component of any game app’s marketing strategy, as it is used to entice consumers to download and interact with your mobile game. However, getting new user acquisition strategies for mobile gaming apps can be accomplished through social advertising and mobile ad networks. Meanwhile, the following are the strategies to take for acquiring mobile gaming user acquisition apps below;

  • Completing the mobile game user acquisition strategy.
  • Examine the effectiveness of your mobile game user acquisition strategy.
  • Use creative trends.
  • Determine your game’s target audience.
  • Consider the player’s motives. It is also one of the ways to get user acquisition for mobile gaming apps.

What Is User Acquisition Data?

The process of acquiring users through data-driven mobile ad campaigns is also known as “user acquisition.” It is used to increase app, platform, or service awareness and attract new users. User acquisition campaigns, as opposed to traditional advertising or campaigns that nurture leads at various stages, are designed to convert immediately.

Why Is User Acquisition Important?

They are;

  • User acquisition is critical because it allows businesses to determine which marketing strategies are most effective at attracting users to their apps.
  • Brands can use UA to see how well their ad campaigns convert to app downloads.
  • Businesses can maximize their marketing budgets by becoming familiar with these strategies and either reducing unnecessary spending or increasing spending in areas where advertising appears to be most beneficial.
  • Understanding user acquisition can also help businesses differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • A company that has a better understanding of its user acquisition strategy can plan its marketing efforts based on the results of its UA campaigns. This can increase traffic to their platforms and potentially increase profits.

What Is a Customer Acquisition Example?

A customer acquisition strategy can be implemented in a number of ways. SEO optimization, content marketing, affiliate marketing, digital advertising, and traditional advertising (print, TV, and radio) are a few examples. Trade shows, direct mail, email, and/or social media campaigns are also options.

How Do You Make User Acquisition?

They are;

  • Concentrate on app store optimization.
  • Request feedback from your most devoted customers.
  • Make use of paid advertising.
  • Use referral marketing to capitalize on word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Make the most of social media and content marketing.
  • Provide a freemium or demo model.

What Are the Strategies Used for User Acquisition?

Consider the following seven customer acquisition techniques as you begin to develop your strategy. They will help you get your products in front of more prospective customers.

  • Marketing through content.
  • Search engine marketing (SEO).
  • Mobile advertising.
  • Social networking sites.
  • Email promotion.
  • Program for referring others.
  • promotion.

What Is the Acquisition Strategy?

The acquisition strategy is a comprehensive, integrated plan that describes the business, technical, product support, security, and supportability strategies that the PM intends to use to manage program risks and meet program objectives.

The important aim of an acquisition strategy is to record the variables, approaches, and assumptions that will direct investment acquisition decisions. The creation of an acquisition strategy allows for the identification of risks as well as the consideration of tradeoffs required to mitigate those risks.

What Is a Good Customer Acquisition?

Typically, businesses will compare their customer acquisition cost to their customer lifetime value. A CAC to LTV ratio of 1:3 is generally considered a good ratio, though it varies greatly depending on the business.

The process of convincing potential customers to buy your products is known as “customer acquisition.” A consistent customer acquisition strategy draws leads, cultivates them until they are revenue, and transforms them into clients. The total cost of these steps is known as your customer acquisition cost (CAC).

What Does a User Acquisition Specialist Do?

However, marketing and other strategies are used by user acquisition managers to add new users to a product or service, typically a mobile application such as a game. They are in charge of budget management and ensure that strategies produce an adequate return on investment (ROI).

Where to Acquire New Users?

  • Search (Google Search, Bing Search, Google Play Search ads & Apple Search ads)
  • Social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Snapchat)
  • Video (Youtube, AdMob Video ads)
  • Display (Google Display, AdMob Display & Yahoo Gemini)

The campaigns are reviewed and improved upon once they have been created. The point is to figure out what really works.

Spending more time with your attribution data will help you scale organic and non-organic traffic, even on a tight budget. In this way, you can rest assured that your marketing dollars will yield stable returns.

What Are the Common Challenges of User Acquisition?

While progress in the technological realm is unstoppable, it is important to keep in mind that the pace of change may have an adverse effect on your efforts to attract new users. The following issues have arisen in today’s UA:

  • Mobile ad fraud
  • Ambiguous advertising costs
  • Global markets
  • Organic traffic


As more new businesses come out, they become more competitive and need to grow. There are many strategies that can help grow your business. This article teaches about “user acquisition.” Having knowledge of it will help your business grow.

User Acquisition FAQs

Why do companies do acquisitions?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are the actions of combining firms or assets with the goal of boosting growth, gaining competitive advantages, expanding market share, or impacting supply chains.

What makes a successful acquisition?

To begin, you must be willing to make investments early, long before your competitors or the market see the potential of the industry or firm. Second, you must place many bets and expect some of them to fail. Third, you must have the knowledge and patience to grow the purchased firms.

What is the difference between merger and an acquisition?

A merger occurs when two independent organizations join forces to form a new, united entity. Meanwhile, an acquisition is the purchase of one entity by another. Mergers and acquisitions can be done in order to broaden a company’s reach or obtain market share in order to increase shareholder value.

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