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Technical Analyst
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In today’s world, information technology has taken a leading role in business operations, therefore there is a need for professionals who can definitely create a mutual understanding between the organization and the public. However, to ascertain this, Organizations look to professionals such as business technical analysts to help them update their processes, as well as adopting new technology for more efficiency in the sector. In this article, we shall discuss the FBI technical analyst, business analyst job description, salaries, and job opportunities for those with a mastery of technical analysis software, or with a valid license..

Technical Analyst

These are professionals with relevant skills to explore the financial market in deriving relevant temporal patterns that provide critical trading information. These professionals often work in financial institutions, brokerage houses, or in finance and investment organizations. Interestingly, they also predict future price movements and trading opportunities in financial markets using a price chart to confirm the hypothesis.

They use indicators such as strength index, Elliot waves, Fibonacci retracement, and other technical approaches as prediction tools. This enables them to scan the stock market and also search for significant hidden patterns. However, with relevant skills, they help investors make investment choices on price movements and chart histories,


  • In business, a technical analyst’s job description is to bridge the gap between businesses and technical coworkers.
  • They Communicate technical information. This means translating business requirements into technical plans as well as translating technical terms into business requirements.
  • The analyst assesses the business and aligns the technical requirements to business projects and goals.
  • Technical analysts use information technology applications to help businesses and other organizations perform more efficiently and effectively.
  • Another important job description of a technical analyst is designing computer systems for organizations. This is done by picking the hardware and software best suited to the organization’s needs. They maintain these resources and adapt existing resources to the needs of the organization.


The salary for a technical analyst can vary depending on states and years of experience that a person has attained. This can be calculated from the entry-level to the senior level. Howbeit, technical analysts in the United States often make an average salary of $83,434 yearly or $42.20 per hour. Although, People on the lower end of the bottom 10% to be make roughly $48,000 yearly, while the top 10% makes about $95,000. California, New Jersey, Washington, New York, and Rhode Island provide the highest technical analyst salaries.

Smiliarily, If you’re in an entry-level position, you canto move to San Francisco, CA where the average starting salary is about $61,000. Thus the highest paying states for technical analysts include California, New Jersey and Washington. Meanwhile, Other high-paying locations include Jersey City, NJ, Seattle, WA and New York, NY. while Arkansas, West Virginia, and Louisiana offer the lowest salaries.

Companies like Google and the Insurance Office of America can be a good bet if you want to earn more as a technical analyst. They have highly competitive wages for technical analysts. In addition, another paying agency is the Restoration Hardware or Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association of America.


The Intelligence Analysts are at the core heart of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s  (FBI). They gather pieces of information collected by the Bureau’s Special Agents and other intelligence professionals. This information helps them to make informed judgments and recommendations. The Analysts also draw on their knowledge of specific issues as well as the language, culture, and history of geographic regions to do their jobs.

The intelligence technical analyst at the FBI is mostly concerned with relieving and identifying threats. In order to understand or spot out a threat, they spend more time each day conducting research.

business technical analyst
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Apart from the few listed duties above, the FBI analysts also engage in work ranging from counterterrorism to organized crime and beyond. This is a career where self-starters thrive where continuously developing new knowledge is the most important task.


The FBI intelligence analyst salary range runs from the entry-level to the senior pay scales at the bureau.

However, the typical Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) technical Analyst salary is about $109,637.

FBI Intelligence Analyst Job Requirements

The FBI intelligence analyst has strict hiring requirements. Sometimes disqualifications have always been because of past felony convictions or failing a drug test. In addition, non-citizenship can also lead to disqualification. Therefore, the FBI adheres to strict appearance and grooming protocol as one of the jobsrequirements.

They also routinely hire analysts with educational qualifications and experience in science, law, technology, engineering, finance, as well as political science. Regardless of anything, having depth knowledge of other countries and cultures, such as foreign language expertise, is a great advantage.


Conversely, business analysts often work with business leaders or managers to help them make decisions on how to achieve business goals. Through this, they survey and assess long-term and short-term goals with appropriate communication strategies. Moreover, after determining the business’s objectives, the business technical analysts have their specific job description as listed below:

  • Help strategize plans by identifying operational and technological requirements,
  • They design solutions for potential problems and creating analyses. Throughout the process of implementing strategies in software or design projects, business analysts interact with business stakeholders, IT specialists, and executives.
  • The technical skills for business analysts play an important role in the day-to-day work associated with the position.
  • Business technical analysts use data analytics to evaluate and identify the organization’s business needs.

Technical Skills for Business Analysts

According to the IIBA some of the most important skills and experience for a business analyst Include:

  • Analytical thinking and problem solving
  • Being detail-oriented and capable of delivering a high level of accuracy
  • Organizational skills
  • Knowledge of the business structure
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Engineering skills
  • Costs benefit analysis
  • Processes modeling
  • Understanding of networks, databases, and other technology
  • Interpersonal and advisory skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Stakeholder analysis

As information technology evolves, technical skills for business analysts change as well and become more advanced. These essential technical skills given below are the core responsibilities of business analysts. They are great strategies to improve a company’s efficiency.

#1. Data Visualization

Information placed on graphs and charts through data visualization allows business analysts to see trends and patterns. This helps them identify the strategies that are effective and those that need to be revised. Data visualization allows stakeholders of an organization, to understand information regarding their business.

#2. Database Proficiency

This is an exceptional technical skill for business analysts. Being familiar with database design and programming methodology determines the best ways to organize and present information at scale. Most importantly, a knowledge of SQL allows business analysts to analyze and make changes in the structure of a database.

#3. Software Development

In addition, software development skills are the major essential key to most technical analysts in improving a company’s software and hardware. This process consists of planning, designing, and creating the elements that go into a system, program, or application. Therefore, business analysts often manage software development teams and report on their progress.

#4. Programming Languages

Having a solid foundation in programming languages is essential in the business sector. The scientific study Reports has showns that learning programming language can be compare to learning a natural language.


A technical analyst is a skilled specialist in evaluating investments using past performance and technical indicators. Also, they use technical analysis and its indicators to judge and predict price movements. To become a successful technical analyst, an individual is required to possess at least a degree in finance or economics, a valid license, and a mastery of technical analysis software.

finally, some places are better than others when it comes to starting a career as a technical analyst. Therefore, the best states you can choose are California, New Jersey, Washington, and New York. Conversely, technical analysts make the most in California with an average salary of $83,434. Whereas in New Jersey and Washington, they could earn an average of $80,254 and $80,175, respectively. Then, in New York they could only make an average of $77,920.

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