DIRECT MAILING SERVICE: Top Best Direct Mail Services for Businesses in 2023

Best Direct Mail Service
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A cost-efficient and efficient way to increase brand awareness and produce new leads is through a direct mailing service. The top direct mail companies provide all the services required for direct mailer campaigns, including mailing lists, printing, and design. It’s not exactly apples to apples, though; some provide inexpensive printing or quick delivery, while others focus on multichannel marketing or automation. Read on to find out everything about direct mailing service and how to use it to drive sales for your business.

Direct Mailing Service 

Sending printed marketing materials via postal mail right to customers’ mailboxes is known as direct mailing. This written communication is meant to whet consumers’ appetites for buying goods or services from the associated business. A targeted demographic can be reached by direct mail marketing for goods and services. The majority of direct mail pieces contain a call to action (CTA) with contact or order details to help readers take the next step. 

When a company decides to take part in a direct mail marketing campaign, it chooses the neighborhood or zip code it wants to target. After deciding on the target area, they use a direct mailing service to deliver the print advertisement to customers’ or businesses’ mailboxes through the Postal Service.

The type of business sending the mail and the goal of the marketing strategy can have a big impact on direct mailing services. Postcards, flyers, magnets, coupons, and free samples of merchandise are examples of common direct mail items.

Pros of Using a Direct Mailing Service

#1. Dual Marketing Strategy

Providing your target audience with a dual marketing strategy proves to yield greater results. Incorporate direct mailing services into your social media marketing campaigns as a way to reach a greater audience.

#2. Degree of Rivalry 

Send customers physical advertisements instead of only using digital ones, as most companies do. In comparison to the alternatives, especially the digital one, they are inadequate. 

#3. Reaching Out to Consumers

The ability to reach customers where they are is among the biggest benefits of direct mail marketing. The likelihood that potential customers will think about the good or service rises when they don’t have to exert any effort to learn about current discounts or offerings.

#4. Degree of Originality

The use of direct mail marketing by businesses is another creative strategy for reaching customers. Personalized printing will help you stand out from the crowd.

Cons of Using a Direct Mail Service

#1. Printing Costs 

As marketing materials are printed, the cost of direct mailing programs rises. Even though printing is frequently available through the service provider, the marketing budget might not be able to cover this additional expense.

#2. Ability to Monitor Progress

Determining how much time a customer actually spent reading a print advertisement can be challenging. QR codes, promo codes, and keywords can be used to determine whether a print ad sparked interest, but it is not always possible to determine whether a customer showed any interest.

How To Choose the Best Direct Mail Service for Your Business

#1. Your Audience

Identifying your target audience and the best method of communication for them is the first and most important step in creating any marketing campaign. These elements have an impact on your capacity for connecting with people and the best communication tools. 

#2. Establish Your Budget

The success of the program depends on setting a budget for direct mail marketing and adhering to it. Consider your options, the price of each program, and its inclusions before deciding. Consider using a more straightforward program or mailing if your budget prevents you from reaching your target audience. You might also be able to stay within your spending limits by using a service that includes printed materials in the fee.

#3. Your Message

It will be easier to choose the right service if you are aware of the message you want to deliver to consumers, whether that message is one of FOMO, humor, or a current crisis. Full-service direct mail providers can assist you in designing the ideal advertisement for your business that will attract the interest of your target market.

Best Direct Mailing Service 

#1. PostcardMania 

This is excellent for high-volume postcard direct mail due to its excellent bulk discounts. Additionally, it’s a fantastic choice if you want to include direct mail as one of your marketing channels. Businesses that want to combine direct mail with digital marketing channels or who simply want to place large orders should consider PostcardMania as a viable option. Some of the lowest piece rates in the market are available from them. Overnight Prints will be a better choice, though, if you’re in a hurry. The absence of DIY design software, however, is a deal-breaker for small businesses.

This multi-channel marketing campaign also uses direct mail. Along with mail, call tracking, Instagram ads, Google follow-ups, and specifically targeted Facebook follow-up ads will all be profitable for you. PostcardMania offers the following services:

  • Printing postcards
  • Designing postcards
  • Using direct mail
  • A mass mailing
  • A mailing list
  • Every door direct mail (EDDM)

PostcardMania uses digital advertising channels to specifically target customers who receive your mail-order promotions. In order to generate leads and raise brand awareness, it combines several campaigns.


  • Cheapest EDDM service
  • For lead generation, combine digital ads with mailings.
  • Postcards for Shopify’s abandoned cart
  • Send postcards to any visitors to your website who identify themselves as anonymous.
  • Unlimited revisions available for internal design services
  • Mailers are sent automatically for New In Town
  • A sophisticated campaign tracking system
  • Specialized services for realtors, dentists, charities, and political campaigns


  • It doesn’t offer printing for catalogs or booklets
  • There is a 90-day limit on how many times residential mailing lists may be used.
  • Neither templates nor editors are present.

#2. VistaPrint

No matter how big or small your company is, VistaPrint is the best direct mailing service for your postcard marketing campaigns. It offers everything you require in a single location, including mailing lists and design services, for a reasonable cost and with postage savings. Additionally, it is perfect for creating and printing other kinds of materials, including flyers, catalogs, business cards, and branded promotional items.


  • There are countless premade templates for different direct mail pieces.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive, yet powerful design editing tools
  • Free QR code maker
  • Design services available
  • Acquisition of specific mailing lists
  • Regular sales and exclusive promotions
  • Low required minimums


  • Whereas PsPrint, PostGrid, and Smartpress do not, VistaPrint provides postcard-only mailing services
  • No EDDM services are available; you must provide or purchase a mailing list.

#3. PsPrint

PsPrint guarantees prompt service and top-notch goods. You can choose the production speed with PsPrint, and it can mail items other than postcards to your mailing list, setting it apart from other commercial printers in these two ways. As with Overnight Prints, prices rise with speed, so if you need a rush order, be prepared to pay more. Additionally, you can only use direct mail if you buy at least 500 postcards, making it an unsuitable option for smaller projects. 

PsPrint offers EDDM direct mail services for seven different types of products, making it a great choice for small businesses that require the sending of marketing materials other than postcards. A mailing list you purchase from PsPrint, your own mailing list, or EDDM mailing services are all examples of mail services. Printing and mailing through these channels is called direct mail. 

  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Greeting cards, such as corporate holiday cards
  • Invitations
  • Booklets
  • Catalogs
  • Newsletters

The design editor in PsPrint is simple to use and provides lots of customization possibilities. You have two options for the design of your direct mail pieces: you can upload your own design or select a template and use PsPrint’s design tools to modify it for your project.


  • Postcards, brochures, cards, catalogs, newsletters, and invitations are just a few examples of the many different direct mail formats.
  • EDDM services combined with low printing costs make it possible to location-target mailers
  • It provides targeted mailing list services
  • Delivers extras to you for free
  • Most products come in a variety of sizes.
  • Quick solutions (1-5 business days)


  • Postcard printing minimums that are excessive
  • A constrained design environment with basic templates
  • No design templates or editing tools

#4. Overnight Prints

Even if tomorrow is the deadline, Overnight Prints will work with you to make sure you receive your order on time. Through this business, direct mailing options only include oversized mailers and postcards. The design editor in Overnight Prints is user-friendly. Overnight Prints can print and deliver superior direct mail marketing materials the following day if you urgently need them. Additionally, it provides more than two dozen different types of printed marketing materials, such as macarons and sugar cookies, for a genuinely distinctive marketing effort. 


  • The quickest turnaround is the following day.
  • Low minimum purchase (25)
  • There are over 20 different printed items.
  • Numerous templates


  • Postcards measuring 6″ by 11″ in size, both regular and jumbo
  • More expensive than 48HourPrint and VistaPrint
  • No upscale or luxurious options
  • Several business-specific templates are lacking

#5. PostGrid

Our recommendation for the best direct mail service provider is PostGrid if automating or streamlining direct mail for your company is a top priority. Custom mailers are personalized, printed, and delivered automatically to guarantee prompt and accurate mailing every time. The best features on this list in terms of tracking and analytics belong to it. There aren’t many options for designs or other printable goods, though.

The design editor in PostGrid is surprisingly good considering its limited set of templates and custom design services. A drag-and-drop interface, adequate customization options, and stock photo options integrated through Unsplash are available. The QR code generator feature offered by Overnight Prints and VistaPrint is absent from it, though.

Unfortunately, PostGrid can only produce and send checks, postcards, and letters. 


  • Complete automation of direct mail procedures
  • Perfect for transactional mailers, including welcome, new resident, invoicing, and billing
  • Improved address verification to cut down on wasteful spending
  • Sophisticated analytics dashboard
  • Minimal required quantity


  • Fewer template options and no options tailored to particular industries
  • There are only two plans: Starter and Enterprise, with 500 monthly mailings as the maximum for the Starter plan.
  • They offer the fewest options on this list for mailing: letters, postcards, and checks.

#6. Smartpress

Use Smartpress to give your direct mail campaigns the most personalized appearance possible. Other services cannot compare to Canva’s comprehensive editing capabilities using its cutting-edge graphic design tools. However, keep in mind that Canva might not have a template or editing tool available for your project, depending on its size or orientation.

The capabilities and features of the editor will be immediately recognizable to Smartpress customers who are also Canva users. You can start from scratch and design your own or use one of the free templates. Additionally, this direct mail printing service allows you to upload your own fonts. The Smartpress website includes Canva’s design tools, making it simple to create a unique direct mailer and have your campaign mailed to your list. 


  • The platform includes Canva design templates and tools.
  • Following approval of the proof, mail campaigns are ready in 2 to 3 days.
  • Create print marketing materials, such as direct mailers, quickly and professionally.
  • Easy customization for your brand thanks to template color variations
  • Numerous types of direct mailers
  • Publish your own unique fonts


  • Even though it’s more expensive than the majority of the other items on this list
  • For new users, it will take some practice to become proficient with Canva’s design tools and select the appropriate templates to use first.
  • No built-in QR code generator  QR code maker

#7. 48HourPrint

For your company, 48HourPrint may be the best option if you have an immediate direct mail need and require an extremely quick turnaround. Your direct mail printing jobs could be completed in as little as 24 hours, according to the direct mail company.


  • 24 Hour And 48 Hour Turnarounds
  • Printing at a High Volume
  • Fast Turnaround Without Additional Fees Or Hidden Costs


  • Products of Average Quality
  • The majority of basic orders can have quick turnaround times.

#8. FCL Graphics

One of the most well-known direct mail marketing companies on the market right now is FCL Graphics. Due to their capacity to adapt to changing marketing requirements, businesses favor them greatly. FCL Graphics is able to adapt to changes and fulfill a variety of client requirements because of the variety of printing processes it offers.


  • Having access to various types of presses
  • Wide-ranging Bindery And Mailing Capabilities
  • Multiple Direct Mail Services


  • Possible Slow Printing
  • A Little Expensive

What Is a Direct Mailing Service? 

Direct mailing service is a type of advertising where printed materials like letters, postcards, brochures, and catalogs are mailed to potential customers. It’s a type of outbound marketing that gives companies the opportunity to communicate with a wide audience while also tailoring their messages to particular demographics.

What Is an Example of Direct Mailing? 

A postcard or flyer mailed to a prospective customer is an example of direct mail. In addition to information about a good or service, the postcard or flyer may also have a coupon or discount code.

What Companies Still Use Direct Mail? What Type of Direct Mail Works Best? 

Postcards. Postcards are among the most widely used direct mail formats. For sending out brief messages, coupon codes, announcements of sales, or notices of special events, choose postcards. You can effectively communicate with the users using these mail assets because they are presented in a concise format, preventing them from becoming overburdened.

The best way to advertise discount codes to potential clients or even brand-new clients is through postcards. Utilizing postcards will help you quickly grab your audience’s attention. 

What Is a Major Disadvantage of Direct Mail? 

The disadvantages of direct mail advertising. It takes time to market via direct mail. Unlike digital marketing, direct mail campaigns take time to take effect. No way to track or confirm delivery Advertising through direct mail can be costly.

How Much Should I Spend on Direct Mail?

Direct mail pieces can be as inexpensive as 30 cents or as expensive as $10 per piece, depending on the cost of the design, copywriting, mailing lists, printing, and distribution. Often, this type of work is done internally, and the organization only has to pay for printing and mailing.


Direct mailing services allow businesses to reach a wider audience, foster creativity, and pique the interest of customers in ways that digital marketing cannot. Take into account your target market, establish your spending limit, and choose your message before choosing a direct mailing service. The service you should select and how it can benefit your business will be clear to you once you are aware of these strategies. 

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