8 Steps In Choosing Photos For Your Pitch Deck

Steps In Choosing Photos For Your Pitch Deck

When you are creating a pitch deck, it is important to include visuals to help communicate your idea. However, not just any visuals will do. You need to select images that will help capture the attention of your audience and support your message. Here are some tips for choosing the right photos for your pitch deck:

#1. Choose Images That Are Relevant To Your Idea

When you create your sample pitch deck, the images that you choose will be seen by your audience as a representative of your product or service. The people who look at it will assume that what they see in the images represents the whole. This means that if some aspects of your business are not well represented, or if the images are not high quality, it can reflect poorly on your company. Make sure that the photos you choose accurately represent your product or service.

#2. Choose High-Quality Images

Your images will be one of the first things that people see when they look at your pitch deck design, so it is important to make sure they are high quality and professional looking. If the images are blurry, poorly lit, or have a poor colour scheme, it can give an impression that your product or service is also of low quality. When you choose photos for your pitch deck, make sure they are well taken care of to avoid any negative connotations from being associated with them.

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#3. Choose Photos That Are Relevant To Your Audience

The images you choose for your pitch deck should be pictures that will engage the audience who will look at them. For example, if you are pitching an idea to a group of children, choosing photos of baby animals or humorous cartoons might make them more engaged in what you have to say. If you are pitching it to a group of executives, you might want to use more serious photos. Also, if you’re pitching to a group of feet enthusiasts, choosing images like Pokimane Feet will go a long way to passing your message. When choosing images for your pitch deck, select pictures that will be relatable and relevant to your audience.

#4. Include Images That Tell A Story Or Support Your Message

Your viewer should feel like the image is representative of what they can expect to receive. Look at your photos as more than just images, but as images that will help tell the story of what you are offering. This means that if you plan on sending a photo of yourself or your employees, choose ones where you look professional and competent. If you are including photos of the product or service itself, make sure they show what the product or service actually looks like.

#5. Use Images To Help Explain Your Idea

The reason you use images is that instead of using words, they will help to illustrate what you are trying to say. For example, if you are pitching a new software program, you might include a screenshot of the program in action. This will help your audience better understand what you are trying to explain. When selecting images for your pitch deck, keep in mind the points you want to make and try to find corresponding images that will help illustrate them.

#6. Avoid Using Stock Photos

While it can be tempting to use a photo you find online in your pitch deck because it looks nice, it is important to remember that when people look at the photos you choose for your pitch deck, they will assume that what they see is representative of your entire business. If you present a high-quality image from another company’s website thinking that it will add to the quality of your presentation, you will be mistaken.

Using stock photos in your pitch deck examples can give a negative impression and make the audience think inauthentic and unprofessional. When choosing images for your pitch deck, choose ones that actually come from your own company or product.

#7. Get Feedback Before Presenting The Final Draft

Before you send your presentation out to anyone, get feedback on the images you have chosen for your pitch deck. Get an objective opinion about whether or not there is anything that could be improved upon. It is better to receive constructive criticism before presenting it than after if it can still be changed. If someone has any suggestions for how you can improve your pitch deck, listen and make the changes if you think they will make it better.

#8. Save Images In A Digital Format And Upload Them To The Cloud

When you use photos for your pitch deck slides, do not save them on a CD or flash drive. This is just an added expense that can easily be avoided by uploading everything directly from your computer to the cloud, allowing you to save on time and resources.

In Summary

By following these guidelines for choosing images for your pitch deck, you can ensure that the presentation is high-quality and effective. By using the right images in your pitch deck, you can put your best foot forward and present yourself as professional and polished. For more tips on how to create a great pitch deck, check out this comprehensive guide for more ideas on how to improve it.

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