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For you to be reading this piece right now, you must be wondering “what is work staffing?” After all, staffing and recruitment companies go hand in hand as they assist job seekers to discover fulfilling careers every day. Furthermore, having a 3rd party help you navigate a stressful job search might be precisely what you need.

Anyway, what are work staffing agencies exactly? The staffing procedure is the role of employee recruitment, screening, and selection conducted within a company or business to fill job openings. 

Basically, the objective of staffing is to simultaneously enable a job seeker to find a job, and find a competent candidate for an open position for a company. 

Well in this piece we would be discussing work staffing agencies and how they function. You had best find a comfortable spot to read this interesting article. 

What Does Staffing Mean?

Work staffing is the process of discovering the right worker with appropriate qualifications or background and enlisting them to fill a specific job position or role.

Through this process, organizations acquire, deploy, and secure a workforce of sufficient quantity and quality to create effective impacts on the organization’s cogency.

In administration, work staffing is an operation of hiring employees by evaluating their mastery and knowledge before recruiting them for special job roles accordingly.

For work staffing agencies and recruitment companies, staffing means the never-ending process of finding, choosing, analyzing, and developing a working relationship with current or future employees and employer clients.

These are some of the components of the staffing process. How is this different from standard internal recruitment? Well, the staffing and recruitment industry provides hiring solutions to employers who may not have the resources to do so.

A quality staffing agency gives quick access to highly skilled candidates you may not find on your own. Types of staffing include temporary/short-term staffing and seasonal, of course, but also full-time, temp-to-hire, contract, and project hire.

Do Staffing Agencies Really Work?

Yes, work staffing agencies do exist, and you can benefit greatly from using them. Let’s consider what work agencies are, their benefits, and how it works.

Think of work staffing agencies as real estate brokers. They work as middlemen between companies and job seekers, just like real estate brokers work between landlords and renters. 

Although real estate agents aren’t needed, their recommendations and mastery can help you find your desired apartment since they know how to navigate the market better.

Likewise, staffing agencies can use their contacts, networks, and expertise to get you placed in a job that’s the right fit for you.

Work Staffing Agencies Typically Work Based on Specializations. 

They’re experts in finding jobs that are tailor-made just for you. Going through work staffing agencies is a good way to get placed in an industry that you’re already working with, and are already familiar with.

On the other hand, you can use these staffing agencies and their connections to target a new industry and find a new job. There other benefits are as follows:

#1. They can provide answers.

 Staffing agencies can provide you with feedback on your resume, interview technique, or other job search-related skills. This additional help can be beneficial/valuable when it comes to finding a job.

#2. They can provide benefits. 

They can give benefits. Work staffing agencies generally provide extra benefits that you don’t get just by searching on your own. These work staffing agencies can also deliver benefits like health insurance or a retirement plan for their employees, which could be the icing on the cake for some job hunters.

#3. They are a reserve.

Work Staffing agencies are also tremendous resources for individuals seeking temporary or contract work. Different people refer to work staff agencies as temp agencies since they make it easier to land entry-level temporary work.

#4. They are a type of matchmaker between candidates and employers. 

Normally, work staffing agencies follow a procedure for matching candidates and employers. They mostly receive notifications of vacant jobs and write job descriptions for companies. 

Then, they wait for job seekers to find job postings, or they scan their database of resumes to find an idle match for the job.

Immediately the agency has a few applicants and cross-checks to ascertain they match the company’s requirements/demands, they will go ahead and interview the candidate. 

So, do you conduct a job search through a hiring agency? You must expect to do most of the initial application and interview with them. It could take a while before you communicate with someone at the organization you’re applying to. The agency will then proceed with any interviews and necessary tests on behalf of the company to make the final hiring decision.

#5. You’re an employee of the staffing agency. 

If you’re hired through work staffing agencies, it’s quite possible to continue to be an employee of theirs rather than an employee of the organization you work for. That is to say, the staffing agency will make your life easier and oversee any contracts and paperwork upfront and guarantee you have everything you need.

What Is Staffing In Construction? 

The idle work staffing strategy is very valuable for the profitable/successful completion of a construction project. The laborers/employees are deemed to be the greatest asset for a project. They can give an active edge to the business and help the company grow.

These laborers have to take care of the construction techniques, need to handle gears as well as ensure the safety of the workplace. 

This applies not only to workers/laborers but to directors and senior managers as well. You must note that in the construction sector, it is very crucial to have a skilled workforce beforehand to commence a construction project. 

A skilled crew that can finalize the project on time effectively is a great asset for a construction company. In the construction sector, the prosperity of an endeavor is determined on the ground of its immediate completion. It’s also determined through productive communication between the construction company and the client. 

So it must have not only well-trained construction workers/laborers but also proficient effective communicators at levels of executives and senior managers.

However on the other side construction staffing is a broad process, if carried out by a recruitment team within the company. It does not cease with the hiring of the staff. The new laborers must be trained on the gear being used in the company, construction methods, and processes. 

This imposes a great weight on the hiring team to ensure not only the selection of the right people for the job but also to ensure they are professionals at what they do and fitted out with the skills required for any particular construction project. 

Construction staffing goes way beyond how you supervise and maintain a skilled/capable and satisfied workforce. The human resource sector in most corporations must take care of the housing of these construction laborers, their medical health, health insurance, feeding provisions, etc. So it requires a high level of time and energy in hiring and preserving an effective workforce for construction companies.

To avoid all of these difficulties, hiring and supervising the construction workforce. Work staffing agencies have become a standard for most construction companies.

It’s not simply filling the positions, but it benefits leveraging the company’s output by concentrating on the key assignments and finalizing the projects rather than getting busy with hiring.

 It can be done in several ways, either you can hire complete staff on every new project basis. Besides, you can use some of your team members within the company and just add on the additional workforce through work staffing agencies.

How Do Staffing Agencies Get Clients?

#1. Influence Candidate Relationships

You can’t fulfill your customers’ hiring needs without qualified candidates. Similarly, establishing strong client relationships is tough if you haven’t built wonderful relationships with your candidates.  

As you begin to work with a new candidate, you must always ask if they have gone through a recruiter before and if a recruiter had ever set them at one of their previous positions. 

This can assist in a few ways: it forms the expectation of how your relationship will help them in their job search, and it will help you recognize businesses that work with staffing companies. 

If you realize that a candidate was placed at a particular company by a competing staffing firm, this gives you an insight into the new prospective client. You now understand they are open to working staffing agencies.

#2.  Job Boards

Job boards are not only for job seekers anymore.  They also help recruit and work staffing agencies to find new businesses.

When companies with vacant job positions on their sites or public job boards, they aren’t modifying the published job narrative very much. You must run a search on the entirety or a portion of a posting, and you might find results bringing you directly to the end client—a new potential lead for you! 

#3. Ask for Referrals

Your business can grow or die by your willingness to ask for referrals from previous clients. Don’t necessarily concentrate on the “successfully sold” customers you have in your Rolodex to ask for these referrals.

Think about prospects you have worked with who didn’t patronize you but with whom you had established a good relationship. These possible clients weren’t able to move forward just to timing, approvals, or budget.

You must consider points of contact who’ve recently transitioned to a new corporation but can deliver insight into the right person to contact at their new or previous company.

Imagine going old school and sending out warm handwritten thank-you notes to your clients with a few samples of your business card (one for them and one for a friend). These customized touches can go a long way in an increasingly digital world.

#4. Research  

You must study your competition. Look at their sites for reviews from past clients or brands of their partnerships. You must check out what makes them unique. 

 A handful of companies have restricted contracts with recruiting or work staffing agencies. These companies will proceed to sign numerous contracts to increase the likelihood of filling their vacancies. Although they may have an existing partnership with your competition, they may still be searching for further firms to work with.

#5. Networking

Influencing your network can be done through previous client relationships. It can also be done by contacts on LinkedIn, or even that dude you knew from your Senior Capstone project in college who just happens to work for ABC Company. These connections are always an outstanding aid for finding new business.

Distance is never a barrier, having a connection can be the discrepancy between getting hurled into the pile with the other 300 work staffing agencies and being put through to the COO.

How Do Staffing Companies Make Money?

When you contact a work staffing agency to fill a position in your company, you pay a price for its services. Different work staffing agencies have several fee patterns and methods, and standards for earning their money. 

Work staffing agencies also receive significantly different payments depending on the type of position filled, with administrative and niche placements commanding significantly higher pay than entry-level jobs. 

#1. Temporary employees

Many work staffing agencies make their money by taking a proportion based on the employee’s salary. A temp agency, for instance, charges your company per hour for the employee’s work. The company goes ahead to then reimburses the employee a considerably-lesser percentage. For this category of position, the hourly or salary fee you pay the agency comprises the agency’s percentage.

#2. Direct placement employees

When a work staffing agency posts an employee directly into your business rather than having the laborer for the agency itself, several agencies still receive an amount based on the employee’s pay. 

Instead of receiving payment on an ongoing basis, work staffing agencies that directly post employees generally demand a percentage of the amount the worker will earn during the first year.

#3. Flat fee staffing

Several work staffing agencies solely charge a flat fee for their assistance. These agencies normally work on a retainer basis, demanding a fixed monthly fee until the vacancy is filled. They frequently work in very specialized and niche sectors, and may be retained to specify and refer incredibly hard-to-find talent.

How Do I Grow My Staffing Business?

In the United States alone, there are 25,000 work staffing agencies presently operating. This means the competition is pretty high, and you’d have your work cut out for you. You must consider following these 8 tips to improve your chances of succeeding in the staffing industry.

#1. Choose an industry to focus on

Although a work staffing agency can serve more than one business sector or industry at a time, you must start by specializing in one niche. When you concentrate on one niche, you are better situated to have strong candidates to give to your clients.

#2. Identify your ideal clients

This next step is easy, you’d just have to identify your ideal clients. You can discern the ideal clients by studying factors like their locale, business size, and buyer and industrial demographics.

Observing your clients helps you know what they are in search of in work staffing agencies.

#3. Create repeatable techniques to bring in new clients and candidates

The lack of clients and potential candidates is a popular factor for the failure of many work staffing agencies. To avoid this, you need to create processes to persuade and satisfy both candidates and clients that you have what they need. To attract staffing candidates, endorse and fund community events where you can meet, interact and persuade them why you are the number one choice for their business.

#4. Establish a unique marketing plan

Marketing is key to improving brand awareness to both clients and candidates. Enforcing a creative and productive marketing strategy for your work staffing agency will enable you to stand out from the noisy crowd.

#5. Get Your Finances in Order

A steady cash flow considerably affects business growth, and work staffing agencies are no exemption. Hence, take a close look at your potential and financial resources to end firm you are on track.


There’s no particular secret that can help you take your work staffing agency to the next level. Rather, you must improve your clients or candidates. You need to have several right analytical techniques up your sleeves. 


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