VOIP PROVIDERS: 21+ Top Best Services For any Business in The UK (Free & Paid)

voIP Providers

VoIP Providers have a lot of benefits to add to your telecom business. So, allow your business to experience such benefits by applying this guide. Hence, what are Uk VoIP providers? Which are free and Business VoIP providers UK?. This article covers the above questions.

Uk VoIP Providers

To help you have a better understanding of what VoIP providers are. Let’s get to know what VoIP stands for!.

VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol.

VoIP Providers are companies that sell VoIP services to individuals or companies. Meanwhile, VoIP, or rather Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows IP networks to be used to execute telephony operations like making and receiving phone calls.

Meanwhile, here are the major VoIP providers UK which include:  BT, Virgin, Amvia, Surevoip, Skype, Vonage, Ring Central, 8×8, Mitel, Gradwell, Lily, Telappliant, Voip Studio, Voipfone, and Circle loop

Need for voIP Providers

Basically, You can request additional mobile handsets as well as other equipment from your supplier when using hosted VOIP. However, handsets can cost between £100 and £500, but most service providers give monthly rentals for their equipment (plus other fees you pay).

However, you do not need to order additional equipment to operate a VoIP system for your business.

For very small businesses that only require one or a few connections, VoIP providers adaptor can convert your existing analog lines into VoIP lines. Alternatively, you can connect a VoIP-enabled handset to a router.

Usually, for larger businesses that require multiple connections, you’ll need internet-connected windows machines or laptops loaded with the appropriate software, as well as a good headset to ensure high-quality sound and overall call clarity.

You can also add VoIP to your mobile phone; everything you need is your provider’s app, a stable Wi-Fi connection, and a VoIP account.

Finally, It is extremely crucial that you have a steady, strong, and dependable internet service with either option. Moreover, a  Skype or Google Voice VoIP discussion with a coworker in your workplace is an opportunity to test. If everything sounds clear, your current setup will most likely support VoIP.

Free voIP Providers UK

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions enables you to communicate with people all over the world even across state lines. They also make the distance seem shorter by highlighting the ease of communication, whether textual, audio, or video. Hence,  many businesses throughout the world use VoIP products to widen their horizons and boost accessibility. The following VoIP products are either free or provide a free trial on G2. Consumers who want to get a feel for a product before committing to a solution can benefit from the following free VoIP providers in the UK.

#1. Dialpad Talk free voIP providers UK

Dialpad Talk is a business phone system made solely on Google Cloud Service that offers unrivaled mobility, adaptability, and safety to more than 62,000 of the world’s most inventive enterprises. Moreover,  Dialpad Talk comes with natural Voice Intelligence features such as real-time transcription and post-call reports with highlighted action items. Additionally,  Dialpad interfaces easily with other mission-critical cloud services like G Suite, Salesforce, and Zendesk to maximize productivity and end-user efficiency.

#2. RingCentral free voIP providers UK

As a leading provider of cloud communications and contact center solutions for businesses. it is based on its sophisticated Message Video PhoneTM (MVPTM) global platform. RingCentral, which is more flexible and cost-effective than the legacy on-premises PBX and video conferencing systems it replaces, enables current mobile and dispersed workforces to interact, collaborate, and connect via any mode, device, or location.

#3. Aircall free voIP providers UK

Aircall is the preferred cloud-based phone system for modern businesses. We assist sales and support teams with 3+ users in communicating clearly and efficiently by easily integrating with the most common CRM and Helpdesk applications. However,  Admins may add instant numbers from over 100 countries, scale their staff based on seasonality, and obtain rich insights via real-time analytics. Hence, Aircall is trusted by over 7000 businesses globally and is available via desktop and mobile apps. Begin a risk-free trial to see how Aircall works.

#4. OpenPhone free voIP providers UK

OpenPhone is a modern commercial phone system. It includes sophisticated calling, texting, and a lightweight CRM. It’s ideal for both individuals and groups. It functions similarly to an inbox in that you can share a phone number with coworkers. Obtainable in the web, iOS, and Android.

#5. Switchvox free voIP providers UK

Switchvox is an award-winning business phone system solution based on Asterisk that has thousands of installations globally. Moreover, Switchvox allows you to implement your telecommunications network on a dedicated appliance, in a virtual environment, or in the cloud, depending on your business requirements. Therefore, the pairing of Switchvox and D-series phones offers a full (UC) solution for small and medium-sized organizations by integrating all of your workplace communications, including phone, fax, chat, and web conferencing, to let you have a personalized communications experience.

#6. 3CX free voIP providers UK

3CX is the creator of an open standards communications system that improves company connections and collaboration while replacing proprietary PBXs. However, the award-winning software allows businesses of all sizes to reduce telecommunications costs, increase employee productivity, and improve customer experience. Furthermore,   3CX provides a full communications package out of the box, with integrated WebRTC video conferencing, apps for Android, iOS, the web, and desktop, a full suite of collaboration functions, and website live chat. Simple to set up and manage Low purchase and maintenance costs On-premise

#7. Grasshopper free voIP providers UK

This service is the virtual phone system developed for entrepreneurs and small enterprises. That will help you sound more professional while keeping you connected. Grasshopper functions similarly to a typical phone system, yet requires no hardware, and its desktop and mobile apps enable you to connect from wherever business occurs.

Be it on your cell phone, in the office, or at home. However, you can choose from our local, toll-free, and vanity contact information to create the right number for your company’s identity. Importantly, You will be able to provide extensions for each department on your team, as well as transcribe voicemails and send them via email, if you have a full set of functions.

#8. CloudTalk freevoIP providers UK

CloudTalk is an easy-to-use cloud-based phone system for sales and support teams. It is also used to enhance consumer experiences and team success by startups, scale-ups, SMEs, and eCommerce. Moreover,  CloudTalk offers more than 50 sophisticated calling tools to accomplish this. Similarly, CloudTalk enables firms to create first-class client experiences, leading in profit growth, through seamless connection with favorite technologies.

#9. Ooma Office free voIp providers UK

Ooma Office is an award-winning, simple-to-use, and cost-effective corporate VoIP solution for any size company. Whether you have twenty, or two hundred employees, Ooma offers superior voice and collaboration features that are both adaptable and scalable. Meanwhile,  Customers save 50% on average when comparing to other providers’ monthly price per line with Ooma Office. Nevertheless, Ooma Office blends the potential to have an unlimited number of lines for your organization with a simple do-it-yourself setup that requires no long-term commitments. As a result, a small business can easily scale its office phone network using Ooma as it grows.

#10. GlobalMeet Collaboration free voIP providers UK

GlobalMeet Collaboration provides an exceptional gathering experience for one-on-one meetings, team check-ins, and more. Meanwhile,  Our complete virtual meeting software enables you to start online meetings with a single click and without the need for any downloads. Lastly, Video conferencing is rapid, free, and available from everywhere with GlobalMeet Collaboration.

#11. Bria free voIP providers UK

Bria (formerly X-Lite) is a virtual appliance solution hosted by CounterPath that extends the functionalities of your call server, VoIP service.  allowing you to take calls anyplace on both desktop and mobile devices, as well as augment your interactions with team messaging, HD video conferencing, and screen sharing capabilities.

Experience crystal clear audio and HD, and manage calls conveniently with call recording, songs on hold, and call transfer capabilities. Do you require more cooperation features? Bria Teams comes with team chat, multi-user, and HD video conferencing for up to 200 people!.  Bria also comes with an easy-to-use web management interface for centrally configuring calling accounts and team members. When established, all individuals need to do is log in to their apps with their email address and password to begin talking and working.

#12. Asterisk free voIP providers UK

As the world’s most widely used open-source communications software development framework. It makes it simple to create voice, video, and text applications. It is also a   platform for creating cutting-edge communication solutions. What’s more?  Asterisk comes with hundreds of pre-built components that manage the intricate, low-level intricacies of voice, video, and text interactions. Thus, Asterisk is used by programmers to construct unique communications solutions and novel communications products. So,  Learn how Asterisk can help you fuel your next-generation networking deployment.

#13. Kixie free voIP providers UK

It is a sales interaction technology for HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, and other leading CRMs.  the service enhances sales team efficiency with ultra-reliable, simple automated calling and texting. Kixie effortlessly and automatically links employees to prospects, reveals useful insights about interactions, and provides really reliable service. furthermore,  Power Call dialer and mobile apps, Automation, Analytics, and Contact Center are all part of the platform. Marketing departments may reach their most ambitious goals using Kixie. It’s improved sales made simple. Kixie is basically for salespeople: We’ve reinvented the way salespeople interact with prospects, keeping it automatic and natural.

#14. Monster free voIP providers UK

Monster VoIP provides a fully hosted Business Phone System with mobility, Texting, screen sharing, click-to-call, and CRM integrations.

#15. Ring4 freevolp providers UK

This is a cloud-based modern phone platform that provides remote work for startups, freelancers, and SMBs. Additionally,  It contains a web console and a phone app that enable members to have their business line on their personal cell phone and access the contact center functions from anywhere on the internet from their laptop.

#16. Toky free volp providers UK

Basically, Toky is a complete Business Telephone System that enables your customers and staff to interact smoothly via the internet. Importantly,  Open yourself up no matter where your firm is located by using virtual contact information from all around the world. Nonetheless,  Integrations with major CRM and other business tools will not only enable you to reach your contacts with a single click but will also record the details of each call you make. With a variety of functions such as call records, voicemails, and SMS.

Business VoIP Providers UK (Paid)

#1. 4com business voIP providers UK

This is a more traditional service that combines a reliable VoIP phone system with excellent customer care and training. Despite being considered a traditional provider, it’s here on the list due to a lot of great reviews on Google. And as far as rock-solid VoIP phone services go, they give excellent quality across the board.

4Com offers mobile apps, video conferencing, call recording, and reporting – all the features you’d expect. but perhaps not as many or as complex as some of the others on this list.

#2. Vonage business voIP providers UK

Vonage is a major Uk VoIP company that has been in business for over 15 years. Their VoIP service provides a good combination of technology and services, including desktop and mobile applications, video conferencing, and team collaborative effort. Meanwhile, they’ve integrated Amazon Chime, a collaboration tool package that operates similarly to Microsoft Teams, combining call, messaging, and video interactions.

They also offer a plethora of useful features such as call recording (both business-wide and on-demand), voicemail to email, virtual receptionist, stylish hold music, and so on. They also feature CRM connectors and connectivity to various cloud platforms such as Office 365 and GSuite, resulting in improved unified communications all round

#3. BT business voIP providers UK

No UK-centric VoIP review would be complete without discussing BT. Moreover, they have a big presence and are worth noting because they support a wide range of enterprises across the country. Furthermore, they have a really popular VoIP service with an excellent dashboard and decent call management capabilities, believe it or not (standard stuff like automatic call routing, hunt groups, voicemail to email, call forwarding, etc)

Because BT owns and runs the majority of the internet cabling networks in the UK, it is able to offer cost-effective call packages to larger enterprises that include VoIP phones/handsets and connectivity combined into one. Unfortunately, the disadvantage is that it usually implies a lengthy and bloated contract lasting three years or more, which is not appropriate for most small enterprises.

#4. Voxcloud business voIP providers UK

The Voxcloud team, based in the United Kingdom (Manchester), is very consumer-focused in the manner they deliver their service. You get all of the business VoIP functionalities you’d expect, such as ring groups (similar to the auto attendant, group calls)voicemail to email, virtual office manager, and an easy-to-use cloud portal where you can manage everything.

Their each user fee structure is intended to provide small businesses with a great deal of flexibility (as low as £5 per user per month) and competitive call bundles on a pay-as-you-go or per-month basis. Moreover, their premium subscription includes more additional features such as call recording and click to dial.

#5. Soho66 business voIP providers UK

It’s not a joke when I say they’re extremely affordable even though it’s a business VolP providers. Hence the pricing starts at £2.99 per user each month. Hence, all phone management options are provided, including one with a call director, hunt groups, hold music, voicemail to email, and a low-cost virtual receptionist service that can help clarify missed calls.

#6. Gradwell business voIP providers UK

Gradwell is the final company on our list, and they provide a variety of products. Moreover, their SME and startup solution (named Wave) is a highly economical business VoIP system with costs starting at £2 per user per month, and they do feature a fundamental level of connectivity with a simplistic mobile app.

However, the emphasis is on providing good assistance while offering all of the conventional business capabilities such as call recording, custom hold music, call routing, a virtual assistant to help answer missed calls, and voicemail to email.

Can I Use a Voip Service for Free?

Yes, is the answer. To make and receive calls—even video calls!—over the internet, you can use free VoIP software and tools. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo and Hangouts, Skype, and Viber are a few of the top free VoIP services available today.

Can I Make Voip Calls on My Regular Phone?

VoIP works best with IP phones, also referred to as SIP phones. These offer features and possibilities that regular alternative telephones do not have because they were created expressly to be used with VoIP. An IP phone performs both the functions of a telephone adaptor and an accessible phone.

Can Voip Be Used Without WI-FI?

There is no reason why you can’t make VoIP calls even without Wi-Fi as long as you have a strong signal. When you stop using Wi-Fi connections, there are a lot more factors to consider.

What Alternatives Are There to Voip?

Chalkboard provides a number of characteristics compared to Grasshopper or other virtual numbers developed to expand your company. Chalkboard is a wonderful VoIP option and a marketing tool for small businesses and startups thanks to all these capabilities and its reasonable costs.


Volp providers are companies or services that help you stay connected to people within and outside your region through telecommunication.


Which is the cheapest VoIP provider?

  • Best overall. 8×8. 4.0. Starting from. $12.00. …
  • for limited use. Phone.com. 4.0. Starting from. $9.99* …
  • Best per-extension cost. Grasshopper. 3.5. Starting from. $26.00* …
  • for solopreneuers. Google Voice. 4.0. Starting from. $0.00. …
  • Best for bigger teams. RingCentral. 4.5. Starting from.

Can you use VoIP without a provider?

 No, you do not need a computer for phone-based VoIP services. However, you do need an existing broadband Internet connection. … An ATA (sometimes provided free of charge through your VoIP provider) can be connected to your existing phone to a high-speed internet connection.

Is VoIP available in the UK?

The VOIP providers in the UK offer a range of voice-over IP telephony for businesses. Most providers have 3 types of VOIP packages, a light use low user package, an SME 5-10 user package, and a Premium higher usage package. The major UK VOIP providers are covered in detail here.

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