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Onboarding Software
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A series of articles have been written about software tools and it’s just amazing how easy they make things. You can’t help but enjoy the swiftness in carrying out certain tasks effectively and efficietly. Spaking of tasks, Onboarding is quite “tasking” and is very neccessary when dealing with customers and employees. In this article, we listed the best onboarding software tools Human Resource and business owners use on their employees and clients respectively.

What is Onboarding?

Simply put, onboarding is the process of bringing the new hires up to speed. During the onboarding process, workers learn more about what their job entails, who they work with, and what the company as a whole stands for. Also, during the hiring process, new workers can get access to the tools they’ll be using and learn how to use them. They’ll also be able to ask important questions and get used to the way things work at the company.

Just as there are employee onboarding software solution for human resource managers, there are also one for customers. With customer onboarding software, business owners tend to bring their clients upto speed on new products, services and development.

What is Onboarding Software?

Onboarding software is a human resource platform that helps automate the new employee onboarding process, from sending an offer letter to submitting tax forms and establishing access to internal software. Using a software solution to arrange everything gives your new employees a better employment experience..

As a human resource manager, you may construct onboarding checklists and give due dates to specific tasks or internal training using onboarding software. You may also include links to other supporting documents to assist your new employees in becoming familiar with your organization. They are an important aspect of making a good first impression for anyone beginning a new job.

What Makes the Best Employee and Customer Onboarding Software?

An efficient onboarding process is critical for preparing new employees. While onboarding may be done manually, many teams are turning to onboarding tools. However, there are certain characteristics that make up the best onboarding software for employees and customers.

Onboarding Software Features

  • User-friendly– Whether you’re onboarding one or hundreds of new employees, the onboarding tool must be user-friendly. It should help to streamline and simplify your process rather than introduce confusing procedures, uncomfortable navigation, or difficult processes.
  • Culture and involvement– Going through the process of onboarding could make you feel alone. This is why you need to look out for onboarding software that has elements such as presentations, quizzes, and status updates that might be used to bring some aspect of a company’s culture to life.
  • Self-service options– Your new employees and customers should be able to discover and upload documents quickly and simply. Applications with self-service features assist individuals to learn about your business and through the onboarding process effortlessly.
  • Automated processes and workflows– By automating parts or all of your employee and customer onboarding procedures, the human resource and business owners save time and ensure that everyone receives the same top-notch experience. Look for onboarding software that can assist you in creating a system or routine that you can reuse.
  • Personalization features– Processes are wonderful, but you should also look for methods to make the experience seem more unique. These applications provide some wonderful methods to create an impact through customization, from uploading photographs to personalizing your dashboard.
  • Automatic reminders– During their initial days on the job, new workers sometimes forget to fulfill administrative responsibilities. Instead of an HR team person needing to contact them, onboarding software automatically reminds them.
  • E-signature: This feature expedites onboarding by allowing new workers to view, sign, and submit needed papers straight from the onboarding platform. This removes the need to print, scan, and email documents.

Best Employee and Customer Onboarding Software

In this chapter, we have provided you with a brief summary of each onboarding software solution as well as an explanation of what each performs well to assist you in finding the system that is most suitable for your needs.

#1. Connecteam

Best onboarding software for managing the employee lifecycle beginning from day one. Connecteam is a remote worker and deskless team-friendly employee onboarding software solution. The software’s dynamic HR center is designed to enable human resource departments to give comprehensive yet simple onboarding experiences to their whole workforce.

The platform’s onboarding features can extend beyond employee training. For example, it has a document function that assures complete compliance from the start of each new hire’s employment path.

Here’s the interesting part, recruiters and HR teams can simply track each employee’s growth during their employment by leveraging data from departments, milestones, and position changes. Through its communications center, the software provides all of the necessary capabilities for optimizing each employee’s onboarding process. For example, HR can welcome each new employee by simply announcing their arrival with status updates on the platform’s social feed. Furthermore, Users who wish to locate other employees in the organization can utilize the employee directory, and they can contact with them directly using the team chat app.

Connecteam works with the majority of payroll software suppliers. Visit their website for pricing information.

#2. SkyPrep

SkyPrep is a comprehensive onboarding software that assists organizations in streamlining their onboarding operations. Managers may rapidly assign staff necessary papers, evaluate and approve documents, record crucial dates such as employee start dates, and offer access to training courses.

SkyPrep’s user-friendly interface and extensive functionality make it simple for firms to set up new staff and swiftly bring them up to speed. Users could conveniently save employees’ data in one place and track changes over time. They can also utilize the document management system to store crucial papers relevant to the onboarding process, such as contracts or legal forms, and they can set automatic emails and reminders for various phases of the onboarding process.

Furthermore, SkyPrep offers analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing customers to monitor progress across an entire enterprise. Businesses can simply monitor employee performance and compliance levels in real-time, identify areas where employees require more coaching or training, and even compare performance to industry standards. This enables managers to have a better understanding of how well their team is performing and potential areas for future growth.

SkyPrep is the best software for speeding up the employee and customer onboarding procedure. Visit their website for pricing information

#3. Enboarder

Enboarder is a cloud-based onboarding tool that streamlines onboarding, reboarding, and offboarding processes. This software solution enables human resource managers and teams to design more tailored onboarding programs for new employees, including remote workers. HR professionals may design individualized digital workflows for employees, whether they are joining the team, going on leave or returning to work, changing jobs, or departing the organization.

The virtual onboarding solution is experience-driven, focusing on human interactions and preparing new recruits for success. With introduction videos, coffee catch-up conversations, and a buddy system, the HR team can build virtual places for new employees and their teams to get to know one another and bond.

One of the product’s most notable advantages is its built-in coaching for hiring managers, which ensures that new team members are properly guided toward success. HR directors may also keep an eye on the onboarding process by conducting surveys and compiling reports on the new employee experience.

Enboarder onboarding software integrates with other platforms like Adobe Sign, BambooHR, DocuSign, Microsoft Teams, etc.

#4. Trakstar

Best for creating onboarding programs that are linked to learning routes. Trakstar Learn is a cloud-based employee onboarding platform that allows companies to manage the onboarding process through an LMS fast and effectively. By automating numerous administrative activities connected with onboarding, it helps to ease the process of bringing new recruits into a business.

The LMS is adaptable, allowing you to develop courses that your new workers may access on demand. Real-time statistics, customizable forms, and automatic reminders are also included in the platform to guarantee that all essential tasks are done on time and without mistakes. The simplified UI of Trakstar makes it simple to go through the various steps of the onboarding process. Users may also configure their dashboard so that they only see the information that is important to them. This allows users to easily discover what they need without having to navigate through several menus or tabs.

Trakstar’s integration with other leading HR technologies provides organizations with access to additional analytics functions such as predictive HR forecasting and custom-built dashboards, assisting organizations in creating more cohesive work environments by integrating data from multiple sources into a single holistic performance measure.

#5. Deel

Deel is a full-service HR platform that takes a worldwide strategy to onboard, allowing HR managers to give a consistent and smooth experience to every employee, regardless of location. It provides organizations with a safe and compliant solution for managing employee data, automating operations, and setting up local benefits and payroll.

Deel provides an easy-to-use interface that walks users through the process of drafting contracts, as well as a library of templates and clauses from which users can create their contracts. Users can also add new workers to the system and watch their progress through the onboarding process using its employee onboarding tracker. Deel maintains track of all papers and forms that need to be completed automatically and allows users to securely sign and retain compliance materials.

This onboarding solution has a feature known as the Employer of Record service, which allows you to hire and onboard personnel utilizing one of their 100+ local companies in an easy and compliant manner. It also has contractor management service feature which assists you in collecting relevant compliance documentation and generating localized contractor agreements. Finally, Deel’s HR capabilities make it simple to provide tool access, distribute business equipment, and begin background checks.

#6. Wrike

Wrike is a project management software that may assist businesses in streamlining their onboarding process. It offers a consolidated platform for handling onboarding duties such as granting access to corporate systems, appointing mentors, and scheduling training sessions.

Employers may monitor the progress of each work allocated to each new recruit and receive alerts when tasks are finished or delayed. This tool allows businesses to keep on top of their onboarding program without having to continually monitor each task. There are also templates for creating an onboarding pipeline, which streamlines the process of organizing a new employee’s first few weeks with the necessary information and meetings.

The cloud-based collaboration software enables many users, including human resource managers, and new employees, to communicate in real-time on onboarding duties. This feature enables all parties involved to readily share information while keeping track of the project’s progress at all times, making it easier for employees and managers to communicate inside the platform, where they may discuss specific issues if necessary.

#7. Monday.com

Monday.com markets itself primarily as a workflow solution for expanding a company, but it also has a number of HR capabilities, notably ones for onboarding. Although not entirely an HR tool, it is a handy tool that covers many of the fundamentals. Hiring managers may use Monday.com to arrange the process from candidate discovery through onboarding and training, as well as record progress updates for each stage of the new employee’s lifetime.

Monday.com is ideal for developing collaborative onboarding processes that outline the interviewing and recruiting process, keep various parties informed of events and future stages, and allow for discussion and job assigning along the process. To help you get started, they provide a new employee onboarding template.

Monday.com has a monthly fee of $8 per user and a free trial period. They have a freemium plan that allows up to two users.

#8. ClearCompany

ClearCompany assists you in managing compliance while providing new workers with a high-quality onboarding experience. The software simplifies paperless onboarding by automating the distribution, tracking, collecting, and storage of all forms and documentation online. ClearCompany’s smart forms, which eliminate duplicate data entry by pre-filling previously supplied information and evaluating data for formatting and accuracy, may save you time and money while reducing errors.

ClearCompany interfaces with tools for performance evaluations, background checks, calendars, job listings, payroll and benefits, and SSO.

Visit their website for pricing details.

Are There Any Free Onboarding Software?

Paycor, Freshteam, Zenefits, BambooHR, and numerous other market providers on this list give free trials of their onboarding software but do not provide free onboarding software for life.

Why is Onboarding Important?

Onboarding is important because it leaves a lasting impact on new workers and influences their confidence and passion for their new position. It ensures that a new employee is familiar with the company’s policies and culture, is set up with basic employment circumstances such as payroll and benefits, and has all of the tools necessary to thrive in their new work. Employee engagement, retention, and time to productivity may all be influenced by the onboarding process.

How Do You Onboard Remote Workers?

Onboarding remote workers could have been a hard one sine they work from home. But with the help of onboarding softwrae tools, you can swiftly do so by doing the following:

  • Begin early, through a preboarding process, to iron out any glitches 
  • Send a welcome email or message
  • Deliver tech resources to their house, such as a laptop
  • Give them access to job-related applications and tools, such as email and social collaboration platforms.
  • Encourage them to begin experimenting with the technical tools they’ll be using on the job 
  • Send them the employee handbook for review at any time 
  • Pair them with an onboarding buddy who’s been with the company for at least three months and is aware of how and how often to engage with the new employee.

How Long is Due For Onboarding Process

There is no definite time allocated to onboarding. As a matter of fact, the longer it takes, the more supported a new employee will feel in their work and the more likely the organization will keep them long-term so don’t think of onboarding as being mutually exclusive of job performance and productivity. Long-term onboarding, on the other hand, can actually improve work performance and productivity.

What Are The Top Features of Onboarding Software?

Automated workflows, background checks, and employment compliance are all features of good onboarding software. It also provides progress reports that allows employers and new employees to be aware of where they are in the process.

Final Words

When shopping forr the best employee and customer onboarding software, consider characteristics such as cost, versatility, and customization. Your preferred software should make it simple to implement best practices for onboarding each time you recruit a new employee. Think about which characteristics are most important to you, and then use this guide to help you locate the one that works best for your team.

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