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Nearly $299.1 billion was transacted online for retail, or 16% of total retail sales in the United States. By delivering items promptly and affordably, shipping companies can assist small businesses in preserving positive relationships with their customers. Some of them even help companies with inventory and logistics management. Read on to see some of the cheap international shipping companies that will make your delivery process easy and stress-free. We also added some cheap international shipping rates to make you navigate through the options carefully. Enjoy the ride!

Cheap International Shipping Companies

Yes, there are some cheap international shipping companies you can make use of to deliver goods to your customers. The following are some cheap international shipping companies that you can opt for:

#1. United States Postal Service (USPS)

The United States Postal Service has been providing cheap international shipping services for decades. Having persisted since 1775, its continued existence seems certain. The US Postal Service has different cheap international shipping rates depending on the weight, dimensions, and destination of your shipment. The retail price of a small flat-rate Priority Mail box mailed within the United States with one- to three-business-day delivery begins at $9.35. Discounts and credits for repeat business are also available to companies.

By using USPS’s Click-N-Ship online service, for instance, businesses can accumulate shipping credits proportional to their shipping expenditures. The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides free APIs that make it simple for small businesses to integrate shipping features into their own websites. In the most populous areas of the United States, you can even pay extra to have your order delivered on a Sunday or holiday.


  • Longevity in the shipping business
  • Volume-based discounts and loyalty credits are available
  • Shipping usually takes two to eight days, but varies with the mail type
  • Free APIs are available to integrate shipping tools into small business websites


  • Deliveries on Sundays and holidays typically come with an added cost

#2. Sendle

Sendle has proved useful to small businesses since it simplifies and improves the reliability of shipping services while keeping costs low. It promises to be cheaper than shipping with major carriers for packages up to 20 pounds. It is one of the best cheap international shipping companies you can go for. They also provides nationwide shipping services. Sendle’s base delivery rate for every item is $8.29. They also provide price breaks for purchasing in bulk.

It is a customer-focused, award-winning firm that aspires to provide superior shipping options for its customers. Orders are typically delivered within one to four business days. When you use Sendle, your shipments are completely carbon neutral and eco-friendly. Having dependable and reasonably priced delivery services is a boon to small businesses.


  • Sendle doesn’t charge any subscription fees or compel customers to sign any contracts before making shipments.
  • The shipping services are 100% carbon neutral.
  • The guarantee of prices is available.
  • The firm is certified and provides seamless shipping services to inaccessible locations.


  • International shipping services are not available at Sendle.
  • Packages to be delivered should not weigh more than 20 pounds.

#3. UPS 

UPS’s retail price for sending a large flat-rate box within the United States begins at $21.05 (exact rates depend on shipping speed). If you want to buy a large USPS flat-rate box at the post office or online, you’ll have to shell out $22.80. Having a UPS account can save small businesses as much as 50% on shipping costs. UPS is one of the cheap international shipping companies you can opt for.

However, UPS also provides other services that are more suited to local businesses, like APIs that may be utilized on customer-facing websites. Tools developed specifically for e-commerce enterprises and dashboards that show the current location of your shipments are included in these services. UPS is one of the top large package cheap international shipping services for small businesses due to their affordable prices, extensive shipping tools, and helpful shipping tips. They come with detailed instructions on how to palletize them. The organization is well-known and respected, and it offers helpful resources tailored to the needs of smaller enterprises.


  • Retail cost of a large flat-rate box starts at a low rate of $21.05
  • Tools designed specifically for small businesses are available
  • Same-day delivery available in some cases


  • Some APIs can’t be used on customer-facing websites

#4. DHL Express

If you own a small business anywhere in the world, DHL Express is one of the best cheap international shipping companies you can go for. The company started in 1969. DHL Express can assist with both increasing the efficiency of shipments and entering new markets. When it comes to international shipping, they are first in the industry. DHL Express has been successfully transporting parcels all over the world for many years. They also supply a number of useful tools and resources for SMBs to expand.

The main office of the corporation is located in Germany. They provide clients with an introduction to export and import procedures. Package weight and dimensions determine the shipping rate. The shipment time is also affected by the information provided by the customer.


  • DHL Express has expertise in international shipping services.
  • They have widespread resources to help various businesses ship easily internationally.
  • They also provide a rate catalog with the details of their services.


  • However, they charge many optional service fees.

#5. ShipBob 

ShipBob is fantastic for e-commerce companies, especially those who require logistical assistance. A one-time implementation fee is required to join ShipBob after receiving an estimate. ShipBob also charges for receiving inventory ($25 per person per hour for the first two hours), storing inventory ($5 per bin a month), and shipping orders (discounted carrier rates, free packing after the first five orders). Packing materials are provided at no cost.

All orders placed before noon are processed and sent the same day, with two-day shipping options. Orders placed after 12 p.m. will be shipped the following business day. When it comes to domestic and international shipping, ShipBob may be able to save you money by taking advantage of the bulk rates. ShipBob also provides a quote from all the main carriers for each order, making it simpler to find the most affordable option. It is one of the cheap international shipping companies you can go for.


  • Includes a full suite of fulfillment services
  • Provides bulk shipping discounts from the four major carriers

#6. FedEx

FedEx’s shipping, transportation, and e-commerce offerings bring people together all over the world. They are the most reputable companies in the world, and they provide software solutions for running businesses. They provide cheap international shipping services while adhering to safety and moral guidelines. With over 5 lakh employees across 200 countries, FedEx consistently provides outstanding service to its customers.

FedEx is one of  the most convenient cheap international shipping options for small businesses because it offers fast shipping both during the week and on the weekends. It offers package delivery to every country in the world and to every state in the USA. FedEx’s standard one- to five-business-day domestic ground shipping time frame applies. They work together through running firms to supply a wide range of commercial applications.


  • Reasonable shipping services across the globe.
  • It prints the shipping labels.
  • FedEx is a fully automated mode for shipping your precious orders.


  • Shipments are expensive when they are compact and are of small size.

#7. EasyPost 

EasyPost’s APIs are simple to set up and integrate, and creating an account is completely free. However, in order to use the API, you will need to create an integration. It is also one of the best cheap international shipping options. The EasyPost Developer package is a free service that includes tools for comparing costs, analyzing transit times, printing labels, and monitoring delivery status for up to 120,000 items each year. You should request a price for EasyPost’s Enterprise plan if your shipment volume is above the average. However, for most start-ups, the developer package’s allotted storage space will be more than enough. 


  • Free API for up to 120,000 shipments per year
  • Ability to shop prices with 100+ carriers
  • Helps simplify, automate, and control the shipping process


  • Doesn’t directly ship goods
  • Quote required for 120,000+ shipments

 #8. Spee-Dee

Spee-Dee’s distribution infrastructure serves over 10,000 shippers in the Upper Midwest, and it does it at a price that won’t break the bank. Which makes it one of the best cheap international shipping companies you can go for. It was founded in 1978. When choosing a Spee-Dee Walk-in shipping center, customers can choose between two different price structures.

They provide tools to determine delivery costs. Spee-Dee also makes it simpler to keep tabs on your package’s progress. They provide costumers with overnight delivery services that are dependable, affordable, and convenient.

#9. LaserShip 

LaserShip’s cheap international shipping services provide crucial benefits in the marketplace. It was founded in 1986. They offer last-mile delivery services that help small businesses and retailers save money and gain client trust. They provide specialized services for delivery to homes, urgent international shipping, and international shipping.

When it comes to expedited shipping and supply chain adaptability, they have shown themselves to be industry leaders. More than three decades have passed since LaserShip first began helping those in need.

#10. ShippingEasy 

When it comes to internet delivery platforms that cater to small enterprises, ShippingEasy is among the best. Also, it was founded in 2011. Shipping labels and pricing for providers other than USPS and UPS can be accessed and printed in a matter of seconds. With ShippingEasy, online retailers and marketplaces alike may speed up the shipping process for their customers. The ShippingEasy platform allows for the quick and simple addition of new products.

Workflows that don’t need technical assistance can be automated. If you need help getting started or expanding your business, our shipping professionals are here to help. It is also one of the best cheap international shipping options available.

Cheap International Shipping Rates

Has the international shipping rates being affecting you or your business? Worry no more! Here are some cheap international shipping rates:

#1. USPS Cheap International Shipping Rates

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers excellent international shipping options. They offer a wide variety of choices with just three services, ranging from slow and inexpensive to rapid and premium. 

USPS First Class International: If you have a few small parcels to send overseas, consider using First-Class Mail International® (FCMI). When shipping letters, large envelopes, and packages to over 180 countries with a weight of less than 4.4 lbs, First-Class Mail International is the most cost-effective option. Remember that First Class International doesn’t guarantee a specific arrival date, so please allow a few weeks for the package to arrive. FCMI packages are not automatically insured, however, you can get them if you want. These parcels can be insured for up to $400. If the value of the package you are mailing is greater than this amount, you should consider using Priority Mail.

USPS Priority Mail International: Priority Mail International (PMI) from the United States Postal Service can reach over 180 nations in an estimated 6-10 days. Priority Mail allows packages to have a maximum combined length and width of 108 inches and a maximum weight of 70 pounds. Parcel protection insurance (PMI) shipments sent via USPS are covered up to $5,000.

USPS Priority Mail Express International: The United States Postal Service’s (USPS) fastest and most reliable overseas shipping option is Priority Mail Express. It includes international flat rate packing and a delivery duration of three to five days to more than 180 countries.

#2. UPS Cheap International Shipping Rates

UPS operates a wide range of hubs across the globe. Because of this, UPS reduces the cost and time involved in shipping internationally. UPS’s top-rated international shipping options and prices are detailed below.

UPS Worldwide Saver®: UPS’s cheap international option, which guarantees arrival by the end of the delivery date in the following window of time: Delivery the following business day in Canada. Document packages can be delivered to Mexico the following working day. Packages can be expected to arrive in Europe and Latin America within 2 business days. And all packages will arrive in Asia in just three business days.

UPS® Standard: UPS’s cross-border shipping time to Canada and Mexico is 1-5 business days. This is the least expensive UPS shipping option to Canada. They also provide expedited shipping solutions for those that require it.

UPS Worldwide Expedited®: With this service, you may send packages to the most populous regions of Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America in as little as three days. 

UPS Worldwide Express®: With UPS’s Worldwide Express® service, you may send packages to the Middle East in 3 days or more, while they arrive in Latin America and Europe in just 2 days.   

#3. DHL Express Cheap International Shipping Rates 

Also, DHL Express is still at the forefront of international shipping because of its prompt service to countries throughout the world. 

DHL Express Worldwide: They offer a next-day service called Express Worldwide that guarantees next-business-day (after shipment) delivery before the end of the day. They also offers Express 9:00, 10:30, and 12:00 services, all of which guarantee next-business-day delivery by the stated hour. 

#4. FedEx Cheap International Shipping Rates

FedEx is well-known because of its worldwide express international service alternatives. It is one of the best international shipping companies because of its flexible service options (from three days to the next). 

FedEx International Economy®: This worldwide service requires two to five days for final delivery to the world’s most important markets. 

FedEx International Priority®: A low-cost method of sending packages internationally; ultimate delivery can take anywhere from one to three business days.

FedEx International First®: Shipping internationally with FedEx’s fastest guaranteed next-day service. Final delivery takes place in a few European countries by 9:00 a.m. and in Latin American cities by 10:00 a.m. in two days. Deliveries to major cities in Asia and Australia typically take three days and will have to be completed by 10 a.m.

*Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time.

Tips to Help You Get Cheap International Shipping Rates

The following are tips to help you get cheap international shipping rates:

#1. Discuss Rates With Transport Companies

Aim to have a seat at the bargaining table if you ship in large quantities. This is the best strategy to get the lowest available bundle prices. Don’t just accept the high shipping costs; negotiate a lower rate so you can put that money to better use in your company. Knowing what reasonable rates to ask for can make the carrier more amenable to your demands, as they will fear losing your business to a competitor offering the same terms.

#2. Use Lighter And Smaller Packaging Boxes

The shipping cost increases with the package’s weight and dimensions. This is due to the fact that a truck’s capacity is limited, and only so many large, heavy boxes may be transported at once. Therefore, your carrier must charge you extra in order to turn a profit. Reduce the size and weight of the packaging without affecting the quality of the product. Skip the box and packing paper and use a padded envelope instead if it will keep your package safe in transit. In the long term, this will help you save a lot of money.

#3. Get a Fulfillment Warehouse

Having a local distribution hub is made possible through the establishment of warehouses in the nations where the target market resides. This not only broadens your company’s horizons to include the rest of the world, but it also helps you save money on transportation and shorten your delivery times.

If you regularly send packages from A to B, it stands to reason that you could save money on shipping by locating closer to B. However, companies that export a lot of products should know that renting a warehouse is a practical option. This is due to the fact that warehouses might be an unnecessary expense for small firms. 

#4. Use Third-Party Insurance

The risk of loss or damage to your shipment increases if it must be delivered via more than one method of transport. This implies there is a better probability of receiving a refund, replacement, or repair. It also implies that shipping fees will have to be covered twice. While it’s true that the majority of service providers offer some level of coverage at no extra cost, this is not the same thing as insurance. You can only do so much.

If your shipment is damaged or lost, don’t worry about the cost because insurance will cover it in full. Having no shipping charges to worry about is a huge relief. The ability to deliver excellent service to customers is another benefit.

#5. Choose The Right Shipping Carrier

It goes without saying that selecting reliable carriers is crucial to the success of your company. Your wares could be of high quality. It’s possible that the packaging is likewise of high quality. However, it can be very expensive to pick the wrong service provider. The wrong shipping company is the one that doesn’t value your custom. And the ideal carrier is the one that fully grasps your requirements and works tirelessly to meet them.

#6. Cost and Service

Even if it’s tempting to choose the least expensive alternative. Cheap isn’t always better. Instead, you should evaluate the value you’re getting for the money. If the price is right, but the service is subpar, then it’s a lousy deal. Don’t stop to think, just run. Your online shop will suffer as a result of using such services. Having multiple options allows you to fulfill your immediate shipping requirements.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to be everywhere at once, though. It’s best to have two or three choices. If you’re a devoted customer, you’ll have more leverage when haggling over rates. Find out if any international shipping companies offer any discounts or special programs. International shipping companies can save money and time by joining a carrier’s loyalty program. Good for you if your service provider already provides these conveniences.

Still, it doesn’t harm to see what alternatives service providers have to offer. In doing so, you will be able to spot larger chances that will help your company save a lot of money on shipping.

#7. Maximize Use Of Shipping Account Number

You may choose to have your domestic suppliers utilize your account number while sending you shipments if you plan on exporting products purchased from them. By doing so, you can improve your company’s shipment volume and take advantage of bulk discounts. Providers appreciate it when customers use their services. The greater your shipping needs, the more likely they are to provide you with a discount.

Is UPS or FedEx Better for a Small Business?

Small businesses may really save money by shipping via the United States Postal Service. However, UPS and FedEx may be able to deliver your packages more quickly (at a cost).

What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship for a Small Business?

The US Postal Service has reasonable shipping rates. EasyPost, on the other hand, is appealing to small businesses because it allows users to evaluate carrier costs and choose the one that best suits their needs.

Which Company Has the Cheapest International Shipping Rates?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the most cost-effective option for sending packages internationally; FedEx has the quickest transit time; and UPS has the widest reach.

How Can I Save on International Shipping?

  • Do Your Research.
  • Stick with the Same Company.
  • Value Your Products Accurately.
  • Use Eco-Friendly Packaging.
  • Pack Items Together When Possible.
  • Work with a Logistics Company.
  • Ship Smarter.

Final Thoughts

Customers all around the world can benefit from the information we provided in this post on the most reliable and cost-effective shipping providers for small enterprises. These shipping companies offer a range of services, including same-day delivery, overnight delivery, package tracking, shipping, transportation, and international trade.

Customers looking for dependable and low-cost shipping options for their small businesses can find what they need in this article. We’ve listed some of the cheap international shipping companies you can go for. So, why not pick from them?


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