Why Your Business Needs a HR Ticketing System

Why Your Business Needs a HR Ticketing System
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The human resources team of any business tends to be the unsung heroes that support almost every aspect of a company and its success. A strong and successful company is often based on a strong and successful HR team working hard in the background to keep everything running smoothly and issues running smoothly. When new hires are needed, HR team members work hard to find, interview, recruit, and train new staff. When issues arise and queries are raised, HR team members work hard to solve problems, support staff, and work towards solutions.

In many respects, the HR team can never sleep, take a day off, or stop working hard to support the company. With so much paperwork to complete, procedures to keep track of, support to organize, and training to arrange, it’s no surprise that many HR departments are struggling under the weight of it all.

As working models change, habits adapt, and expectations adjust, the HR team needs to always be alert and on their toes with every challenge that another year brings. As a new year approaches, have, you thought about what you can do to help your HR team do their job more efficiently and support them in their never-ending assignment?

With so much riding on the work of a human resources team, it’s only logical that you will need to employ new strategies and technologies to assist them in their role. Thanks to modern technology, there are various things you can implement to make the lives of HR teams that much easier. An example of this helpful technology is that of a human resources ticketing system. Could this be the lifeline that your HR team needs to keep functioning? In this article, we will learn more about what an HR ticketing system is, what it can do, and the benefits that implementing one can bring to a whole company.

What is an HR Ticketing System?

The idea of a ticketing system is not new, and there are not many tech-savvy people that haven’t used a ticketing system at some point in their life. If you have needed to raise an issue with an IT supplier, filed a complaint with a third party, or asked for support on a delivery issue, you likely used a ticketing system to launch your query and record your communication with a support agent.

An HR ticketing system works much the same way. It allows for the automation of employee requests so they are recorded, organized, and resolved in a timely manner. If an employee has an issue that they would like to raise with the HR team, they can submit a ticket to the system, perhaps about timekeeping, pay, benefits, or some other related query. This ticket is added to the queue, given priority, and assigned to the relevant staff member that can work to resolve it. It allows for an organized approach to the handling of issues which makes the life of an HR team member a lot less stressful while also giving the employee that created the ticket the ability to check its progress and receive communication in order to resolve it.

Additionally, reports can be generated so as to gain an understanding of the issues raised to see which kinds are brought to light more often. This allows for a long-range resolution to problems and gives business owners the ability to see how their HR team is doing with respect to resolving employee issues and responding to requests. The information gathered by a human resources ticketing system can prove to be invaluable in the growth and improvement of the company as a whole, particularly in the area of employee satisfaction.

Why Do You Need a HR Ticketing System?

#1. Improved communication

Without the help of a HR ticketing system, employees will try and grab a member of the team whenever and wherever they can, meaning that issues get forgotten, information gets lost, and problems don’t get resolved. Even if the employee manages to talk to a HR team member and they begin to work on the problem, the employee doesn’t know about the progress and can’t see any action being taken, leading them to believe that their issue has been neglected. On the other hand, a HR ticketing system provides a written record of the issue and allows the employee to see the progress being made on it.

#2. Enhanced productivity

Issues can be managed more effectively and resolved more quickly and easily with the application of a ticketing system. HR team members won’t have to waste time chasing up responses and following up with employees because the one who raised the issue will have full visibility into the progress of their ticket. The workload for HR teams is much more manageable as they have a clear to-do list in order of priority which allows them to deal with issues in a timely fashion and meet the needs of employees, preventing small issues from escalating into bigger ones.

#3. Reduced SLAs

The SLA is the service level agreement between a service provider and a service user, and a HR ticketing system ensures that requests are solved faster within the SLA. HR team members can work through requests in a logical way, taking into consideration the time the ticket has been open, and the severity of the issue.

#4. Higher employee satisfaction

Employees are going to be benefited greatly from the application of a HR ticketing system that allows them to take control of HR issues. They will be given a convenient way in which to raise issues, communicate throughout the resolution process, refer to the record of the interaction and thus enjoy an improved experience. With this enhanced employee experience comes an enhanced customer satisfaction. Their trust in the company and its commitment to their well-being will be strengthened, leading to improved productivity and higher retention rates throughout the organization. Evidently, a HR ticketing system is an investment you don’t want to neglect.

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