The Best Easy Low-Cost Start Up Business Ideas in 2023 (Updated)

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Aspiring entrepreneurs, do you want to start your own business but lack the necessary funds? Not to worry. Here is a plethora of low-cost start-up business ideas that you can implement right away. Some of the best easy low-cost start-up business ideas can be started for free (with no money)! Other business models can be started for as little as $25. The remaining new business ideas have startup costs of less than $100.

When compared to the average small business startup cost of around $3,000, these low startup costs are impressive! Office space, employees, materials, inventory, and marketing expenses are the most expensive startup investments (such as websites, business cards, and brochures). By avoiding these high-priced purchases, these simple best low-cost business ideas significantly reduce start-up costs.

The majority of these best low-cost start-up business ideas can be started and run from home. This eliminates the need to pay monthly rental fees for offices, warehouses, and storefronts. Reduce your startup costs even further by utilizing items you already own, such as your expert knowledge. Start a business on a shoestring budget by using what you have in your head, your garage, or other people’s tools, materials, and supplies.

How to Choose your Next Best Easy Low-Cost Start-up Business Ideas

The low-cost start-up business ideas presented here are just the tip of the iceberg. As you go over the examples and come up with your ideas, keep these tips in mind to keep your head on your shoulders.

  • Consider your abilities. If you build on your existing knowledge, you won’t need to invest in additional training to get started—and you’ll be able to start sooner with credentials.
  • Make use of your existing tools. You may not start with the best tools, but working with what you have until revenue flows makes it more accessible.
  • Adapt to your timetable. Some businesses (such as landscaping) can turn a profit relatively quickly, whereas others (such as a blog) will take time to gain traction.
  • Consider your income and lifestyle objectives. Do you want a full-time job or just some extra cash? Do you prefer to work during certain hours or seasons? Building a business takes time and effort, so make sure you choose a path that fits your goals.
  • Make certain that you have an audience. A company must exist at the crossroads of what it can offer and what customers want. Validate your business idea to ensure that enough people are willing to pay for your products or services to make it worthwhile.

Remember that because you’re starting a business with no money—or very little—the rest of the process will have to be much more strategic.

Low Cost Start Up Business Ideas

The key to starting a business on the cheap is to put in more effort and less money. Instead of spending money on expensive advertisements for your new business, make free phone calls or personally visit potential customers. This low-cost startup strategy is less expensive, more effective, and significantly more profitable.

Let’s get started – getting you started with your own simple best low-cost start-up business ideas.

Best Low Startup Cost Business Ideas: Startup Costs $0 – $25

#1. Music lessons & singing instruction – startup costs $0 – $25

Your musical abilities, whether you can play an instrument or sing, can earn you money. Because your students will bring their instruments to music lessons, your startup costs will be low. You’ll need to buy some sheet music or songbooks for different student levels. To get started on the cheap, buy them used on eBay.

Singing lessons for the voice are among the most profitable and lucrative. Promote your services to community theater groups and high schools in your area.

#2. Pet sitting – startup costs range from $0 to $25.

Every community, big or small, requires pet sitters. You have the option of charging $25 per visit and animal. Most clients will request that you come twice a day or stay overnight, for which you may charge $100 or more.

Aside from a cheaply printed business card or flyer (200 color cards for under $25), almost no start-up money is required. Your clients will provide you with all the food, leashes, and pet toys you will need while visiting their animals.

#3. Dog training – costs between $0 and $25 to get started.

If you know how to train dogs, you’re in a great position to make money. You can meet your clients’ dogs in local parks or at their homes to teach them basic commands like sit, down, and drop it.

Demonstrate your training abilities at a local pet store to gain new customers. Distribute your business cards to veterinary offices, dog daycares, and groomers in your area.

#4. Dog walking – startup costs $0 – $25

Continuing with dog business ideas, dog walking is a lucrative and low-cost start-up. You don’t have to be a certain age or have a license to start walking dogs for a living.

Distribute a flyer or low-cost business card to local veterinary offices, pet stores, and dog parks. Additionally, distribute your flyers to busy professionals in offices and apartment buildings. You’ll soon have a slew of barking customers.

#5. Sell used books – startup costs $0 – $20

Many types of used books are in high demand, particularly textbooks, classic literature, and foreign language books. It is a simple and low-cost business to establish. Almost every library, yard sale, and thrift shop has shelves full of cheap used books.

#6. Cleaning business – startup costs range from $0 to $25.

This is the best low-cost startup business idea because you can use all the supplies and materials you already have for cleaning your own homes, such as vacuums, mops, and brooms. Use a low-cost business card (200 color cards for $25) or flyers to promote your services. Begin by asking your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers for recommendations.

#7. Taxi service – startup costs range from $0 to $25.

Gone are the days when you had to save up and purchase an expensive taxi medallion to start giving people rides. With ride-sharing platforms like Uber (learn more about driver requirements here), you can start making money today by driving people to their destinations. There is virtually no start-up fee if you own a car. Your earnings will cover your gas expenses.

#8. Tax preparation – startup costs range from $0 to $20.

You can learn and earn at the same time here! HR Block, the leading tax preparation firm, will train you to prepare tax returns from the comfort of your own home or office (for free).

#9. Software trainer – startup costs $0 – $20

Do you understand how to use popular software like QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs? If so, that’s fantastic news because there’s a growing market for software training for both individuals and professionals.

Consider holding small group classes in your community. To save money on office rentals, you could hold training classes at your local library or community center. You could also offer private one-on-one sessions at your client’s offices or homes.

#10. Ebook author – startup costs range from $0 to $25.

Do you enjoy writing novels, short stories, or how-to guides? If so, you can self-publish them as an e-book in electronic format and sell them on Amazon’s Kindle. Begin self-publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

#11. Digital camera instructor – startup costs $0 – $25

Digital cameras are both costly and complicated. Beginner photographers want to know how to use their cameras to get the best results. If you are a photographer or a hobby photographer, you can share your expertise for a fee.

To attract customers, consider putting up a flyer in your local photo store, art frame store, art gallery, and school. Another option is to teach a class at your local community center and then provide additional one-on-one tutoring to your students.

#12. eBay sales – startup costs range from $0 to $25.

You can start selling products on eBay for free right now! You must purchase inventory. Begin by searching your home for items to sell. Go ahead and take pictures with your phone, create a listing, and start selling for cash.

You might be surprised at how many unwanted items you have and how much profit you can make. When you start making sales, you can use that money to buy items to resell.

Easy Low Startup Costs $0 – $50

#13. Event planning – startup costs $0 – $50

This is a great business idea for people who enjoy entertaining and are well-organized. You assist companies, brides, and families in planning special events such as retirement parties, weddings, and business networking.

Develop your skills by drawing on your personal experience planning large events such as family reunions or birthday parties. This experience will aid in the development of your vital vendor and venue contact list.

#14. Dropshipping – startup costs $10 – $50

This low-cost method of selling products online does not necessitate any initial investment in inventory. Upon ordering, your manufacturer vendor will ship products directly to your customers. Some vendors will even embroider your company’s logo on their products.

You can sell it on your website, like my eCommerce recommendation Shopify, or on auction sites like eBay.

I strongly advise you to conduct extensive research to ensure that you have found a trustworthy and proven company. Oberlo is the drop-shipping division of Shopify, the best eCommerce software for drop-shipping. They have a simple setup that allows you to connect your eCommerce website to their drop-shipping products with a single click.

#15. Etsy shop owner – startup costs $0 – $50

Online marketplaces like Etsy have made it simple for people to start their online stores. You can set up your shop and start selling items for less than $50.

These items could be your creations, the work of other artisans, art that you own, or even items purchased for resale. The simplest way to get started is to sell other people’s work and earn a commission. As your capital grows, you can buy supplies and make your handcrafted items to sell.

#16. Errand service – startup costs range from $0 to $50.

This low-cost start-up business idea focuses on assisting busy families and small businesses with errands. Your services could include grocery shopping, returning items to stores, mailing packages, and transporting children to appointments and animals to the veterinarian.

#17. Mobile phone and device training – startup costs $25 – $50

Many features of mobile phones are unknown to many users. People are fascinated by the amazing capabilities of their smartphones and tablets.

If you know the ins and outs of mobile devices, you can profit from sharing your knowledge. Seniors with mobile phones who are unsure how to use them are one of the fastest-growing markets for this training. You can train people in your town, but you can also train people all over the world using Skype (a free online chat service).

#18. Personal Chef – startup costs range from $0 to $50.

You will prepare meals for local clients, either individuals or small businesses.

Personal chef clients are typically busy professionals who want weekly or daily meals prepared specifically for their dietary requirements. Families who want to host parties and events and serve professionally prepared dishes with waiters are another type of customer. Furthermore, small businesses that host meetings and networking events want to purchase culinary services.

Consider expanding this business concept to include cooking classes. You could be hired by a local grocery store or farmers’ market to demonstrate recipes using their products.

You don’t need a storefront or a professional kitchen to be successful with these simple low-cost business ideas. A successful woman in my neighborhood runs cooking classes out of her home kitchen.

#19. Language translation service – startup costs range from $0 to $50.

This is a rapidly expanding industry that is expected to grow by 40% over the next decade. If you speak a foreign language fluently, you can earn money by translating written or spoken words from one language to another. Promote your services to corporations, schools, medical professionals, courtrooms, government offices, and event venues.

Business Low Startup Costs $0 – $75

#20. Virtual assistant – startup costs $0 – $75

You will need good organizational skills and an eye for detail to get started as a virtual assistant. It is advantageous to be familiar with popular software programs such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, Google Calendar, Doc, and Sheet.

This company assists business owners and professionals with administrative tasks such as meeting calendars, appointment scheduling, travel arrangements, market research, email correspondence, and data entry. All of these administrative tasks can be completed online, allowing you to assist businesses all over the world with their administrative needs.

#21. Personal assistant – startup costs range from $0 to $75.

This is a business idea you can start locally at any time for very little start-up cost. Assist with a variety of tasks such as correspondence, household organization, filing, appointment scheduling, and phone calls. It is similar to the previous business idea (virtual assistant), but it focuses on individuals who live locally.

#22. Social media consultant – startup costs $25 – $75

This is one of the most lucrative business ideas with a low initial investment. Many businesses hire outside consultants to manage their social media accounts, such as those on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you have experience creating compelling online content (written posts, images, and videos), you can charge a premium for your services.

For maximum brand exposure, your most expensive service packages can include marketing strategies such as posting schedules, editorial calendars, and post-type recommendations.

#23. E products and digital works – startup costs $0 – $75

Create a digital course and sell it online to teach others about fitness, health, sports, or business. For $49, you can open a vendor account with ClickBank, the largest online marketplace for digital products.

Startup Costs – Less than $100

#24. Tutor – startup costs $0 – $100

Tutoring is one of the simplest and least expensive businesses to start. This is because you already have subject knowledge and are selling it to your students.

You can start with one of the online platforms, such as This website focuses on traditional academic subjects like math, science, English, social studies, and SAT prep. Try this site if you want to tutor and teach people in a wider range of subjects.

#25. Transcription services – startup costs $10 – $100

The process of listening to audio or video and typing the text into a computer program is known as transcription. Legal and medical transcription services are in high demand.

All you need to get started is internet access, a computer, and a foot pedal that lets you stop and start the audio player while typing. These foot pedals can be purchased on Amazon for around $50.

#26. Scrap metal dealer – startup costs $50 – $100

Recycling scrap metal is a lucrative business. You may not need any money to get started because you may have metal in your home that you can sell to a scrap dealer.

Learn about the industry from industry experts on the Scrap Metal Forum. You can watch videos, ask questions, and communicate with professional scrap metal business owners on this site. To remove metal parts, you’ll need some basic tools and a vehicle to transport them to the dealers.

#27. Online courses – startup costs $50 – $100

Make your knowledge in your area of expertise available as an online course. People nowadays are accustomed to, and often prefer, the flexibility of online learning. Fitness classes, baking, embroidery, software usage, and business strategies are all possibilities for an offer. The list is nearly endless.

You can get started for free with a teaching software platform like Teachable for up to ten students. As your course attendance grows, you can upgrade to $39 per month plans.

#28. Painting contractor – startup costs $50 – $100

The majority of states do not require painting contractors to be licensed. You can reduce the amount of equipment required if you start your painting business with interior painting. Because you will not need to purchase expensive ladders or safety equipment.

You’ll only need a few paintbrushes, rollers, trays, and drop clothes to get started. All of these items could be purchased for less than $100. Request that your clients purchase the paint and primer for their projects.

#29. Window cleaning – startup costs $75 – $100

Residential cleaning supplies are reasonably priced at your local hardware store. There is no need to invest in costly ladders and safety equipment. Rent them instead with the money from your customer’s deposit or borrow them from friends, family, and contractors.

Increase your revenue by cleaning large retail store windows and restaurant storefronts. As your capital and experience grow, you can invest in large-format window equipment.

What is the cheapest business you can start?

If you want to start a low-cost business, these suggestions will help you get started.

  • Content creation.
  • Personal or virtual assistant.
  • Event planning services.
  • Errand/concierge service.
  • Professional reviewer.
  • Social media consultant.

What is the cheapest most profitable business to start?

To get you started, here are some low-cost business ideas with high-profit potential.

  1. Affiliate marketing.
  2. Virtual assistant service.
  3. Online influencer service.
  4. Social media marketing.
  5. Digital marketing.
  6. Business consulting.
  7. Recruiting.
  8. Ebook sales.

What type of business can I start with for $1000?

A business can be started for less than $1,000.

  • Tutor. Teach a skill if you have one.
  • Dog walker. Do you enjoy animals and getting some exercise?
  • Professional organizer. Why not try turning your talent for transforming clutter into cleanliness into money?
  • Fashion designer.
  • Translator.
  • Photographer.
  • Errand runner.
  • Transcriber

What is the easiest business to start with no money?

You Can Start a Business for Free:

  • Blogging.
  • Child care at home.
  • Dog care at home.
  • Pet services
  • Dog education.
  • Freelance writing.
  • Freelance editing.
  • Resume building.

Which business is best for beginners?

A list of profitable small business ideas for beginners is provided below.

  • Assistant Virtual.
  • E-commerce Shop
  • Create a blog.
  • Drop-shipping.
  • Catering services
  • Party Services.
  • Daycare services
  • T-Shirt Printing Company

What are 10 small businesses?

The Top Ten Most Popular Small Businesses (2022)

  • Healthcare and virtual medicine.
  • Accommodation and food services.
  • Arts, entertainment, and crafts.
  • Personal trainers (online)
  • Site building and web design.
  • Local auto repairs.
  • Secondhand (online) stores.
  • Pet service.
  • Dropshipping
  • Real estate

What are the 5 most profitable businesses?

Our list of the most profitable small businesses is as follows:

  • Food trucks
  • Car wash services
  • Auto repair.
  • Personal trainers
  • Services for newborns and women postpartum.

How do I get startup ideas?

How to Grow Your Startup Idea

  • Consider and analyze the relevant markets.
  • Make a note of your ideas and expand on them.
  • Conduct a competitive analysis.
  • Create a business model.
  • Create/design/sketch your mockup and then put it to the test.
  • Conduct a market survey.
  • Create your final product.

What business will grow in 2023?

In 2023, the following small businesses will be the fastest growing:

  • Residential renovation.
  • Home health care services.
  • Services and care for animals
  • Digital events
  • Wedding services.
  • Local or online nursery businesses
  • Tutoring and online education
  • Food delivery service.


Starting a business is difficult. Please be patient. It could take some time to gain traction and find your ideal clients. And if this is your first time starting a business, there are a few things you should be aware of.

To begin with, keep in mind that getting a business off the ground necessitates investing time that cannot be billed. Most people spend a significant amount of time looking for clients, handling administrative tasks, and communicating with clients.

Low Cost Start Up Business Ideas FAQs

Which is the easiest business to start?

Easy Businesses to Start:

  • Pet sitting.
  • Residential cleaning services.
  • Delivery services.
  • Grass cutting and snow removal services.
  • Scrapbooking.
  • Hauling services.
  • EBay selling.
  • Gutter and siding cleaning.

Which business profit is more?

Selling food online is one of the most lucrative businesses available. Anyone (including home cooks) can sell food online with relative ease thanks to social media and platforms like Swiggy and Zomato.

What business will always be needed?

Everyone still eats food, though it can be more processed than fresh. Here is the list:

  • Food.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Healthcare.
  • Education.
  • Sin industry.
  • Entertainment and media.
  • Professional services.
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