EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION IDEAS: Best Ideas and Messages for Appreciating Employees

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Who will not enjoy the occasional “thank you” or “I appreciate you”? Words of thanks are always appreciated, whether you’re thanking someone for a present, a favor, or just for being a wonderful friend! But there are moments when it’s challenging to find the right words. Fortunately, we have your back. Read on to learn about ideas for employee appreciation days and the best appreciation words to use.

Employee Appreciation 

Employee appreciation is a company’s recognition of employees’ direct and indirect contributions. The simplest form is “Thank you.” Employee appreciation considers everything an employee encounters at work.

Employee Appreciation Strategies

The Five employee strategies include:

#1. Gamification to Boost Motivation and Rewards

Gamification brings gaming to work. This means giving task points, getting coworkers to compete in a healthy way, laying out the rules of the game (or job), and rewarding the winners or employees who reach these goals. Gamification also uses employees’ competitive nature to build an appreciation in the workplace.

#2. Fostering Daily Peer-To-Peer Appreciation

Peer-to-peer praise improves workplace connections and ensures staff harmony. It also shows that coworkers are paying attention. Thus, employees are more likely to perform well and seek favorable feedback from managers and coworkers. Start by having senior leaders recognize outstanding performance and encourage junior workers to do so.

#3. Recognizing Employees’ Efforts

An employee who goes above and beyond to fulfill a project deadline deserves praise and awards. This requires formal and informal routes. You can also sponsor a delicious meal for staff you ask to work weekends to fulfill that crucial deadline. Senior management must recognize major project wins. Hence, without this, employees won’t work hard, and performance will suffer.

#4. Encouraging Growth

Giving staff career progression opportunities shows you value their talent. A first-year hire who performs well may be promoted fast. This employee appreciation technique needs considerable consideration. Meanly, only those who wish to grow should be encouraged.

#5. Creating a Social Activity Out of Celebrating Accomplishments

An employee appreciated by a group is more likely to succeed. Social recognition platforms can acknowledge employee accomplishments. These can even include built-in gift vouchers to incentivize financial appreciation.

Take a look at some employee appreciation ideas now that you know the fundamental tactics for workplace appreciation. Employee appreciation doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. That is to say, small steps can make your employees feel valued every day.

Employee Appreciation Ideas 

According to a survey by Great Place to Work, employees are most inspired to produce excellent work when they feel valued. Giving your employees the accolades they deserve can boost employee engagement and help you retain talent by fostering a more engaged workforce. So what are some methods for expressing gratitude to your staff members? Read on to learn about the various employee appreciation ideas.

#1. Salute Those Who Have Birthdays

This is one of the best employee appreciation ideas. If your coworkers don’t mind, celebrate their birthdays (some employees may prefer to remain anonymous on their special day). So that everyone in the office may take part, have a catered meal, or get a cake. Give the employee a day off that they can use whenever they choose in the future. A day away from the sales floor is in order. What do your employees value the most on their birthdays?

#2. Gratitude From Peers

Make it simple for your staff to express gratitude to one another. The “unseen” efforts that go into daily tasks are apparent to coworkers. Also, give them a chance to draw attention to the admirable things others are doing so that you and everyone else will notice them.

#3. Find Out What Your Staff Members Want

Take a staff survey. As for how you should express your appreciation to them, ask them what they would like. The results might surprise you, but you can be sure you’re awarding your employees with something they’ll appreciate it.

#4. Have a Prize

This is also one of the best ideas for employee appreciation. The grand champion trophies in professional sports are passed from one year’s champion to the next. Create a form of a trophy that is known as a sign of staff gratitude (it can be a real trophy or something funnier) and give it to staff members who have done well in the office.

#5. Express Your Gratitude in a Very Public Way

You can show how much you appreciate your team by going above and beyond what is expected of you. Inform your customers by posting on social media or using signs. You can also take a picture and express how proud you are of what your team accomplished to receive this honor.

#6. The Winning Track Squad

Consider how charities might use a thermometer or another visual aid to demonstrate the steady rise in donations as they approach a target. You may do the same, whether you have a genuinely visual strategy or simply keep everyone informed during routine meetings.

#7. Honor the Preferences of Each Member of Your Crew

What perfectly conveys “I appreciate you”? expressing such gratitude in a way that is particular to each individual The best method to show someone how much you value them is to find out what they truly like, what they’d be interested in, their hobbies, or what they actually want. Sure, a basic blanket kind of reward works (and is required) in some instances.

#8. Include a Staff Page on Your Website

Check out your webpage. Is it merely boasting about the executive staff? Are there any employees there? There is a chance for customers to meet your employees before they arrive on the premises. Even though it might not be practical to list everyone on your website (particularly if you run a large firm or for privacy concerns), think about listing a good portion of your personnel and allowing them to create their biographies.

#9. Constantly Rejoice

Birthday celebrations were already stated as a method to show someone you care, so why not have a team-wide party for other significant occasions? Sometimes the celebration for a non-obvious reason is the most enjoyable, whether it be for holidays, reaching project or sales targets, Wednesdays, or simply because it’s five o’clock somewhere. However, in those situations, pick a time and day when the staff may be struggling to get through the week or day.

#10. Pick Inventive Prizes

Food, vacation time, bonuses, and promotions are all admirable but common rewards. Think of inventive ways to differentiate your prize so that it genuinely stands out as a distinctive element of your culture. In addition, when a staff member reaches a certain age, some startups and enterprises have their employees’ pictures painted, allowing the staff to express themselves creatively. Some people hire caricaturists.

Employee Appreciation Days 

In the US, Employee Appreciation Day is usually observed on the first Friday in March. That is to say, employee appreciation day will be observed on March 3rd, 2023. (On March 4, 2022, it fell on a Friday.) It’s never too early to begin your planning! So, if you want Employee Appreciation Day to be as useful as possible, you need to do more than just say thank you. You can do so by tying their efforts back to your company’s objective, you should aim to help your employees realize why you are grateful for them.

Ideas for Employee Appreciation Days

Prepare for March with the suggestions below. Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to use these ideas when one of your employees does something you want to praise and encourage.

#1. Organize a Happy Hour

At the conclusion of the workday, treat your staff to delicious drinks and perhaps some sophisticated nibbles. This time-tested concept can be enjoyed by just about anyone, from the intern to the seasoned board member, whether you entertain everyone at a neighborhood bar or transform your very own break room into a secret speakeasy.

Furthermore, the flow of thankfulness is always aided by good drinks and pleasant company. Because of this, a well-timed happy hour is the ideal setting for exchanging many smiles and expressions of gratitude. Also, give your employees City Brew Tours gift cards so they can select the brewery tours they want to take in any city they like.

#2. Give Them a Shout-Out on a Website or Program for Employee Recognition

Simply log on to your preferred platform, bestow some considerate rewards, and then sit back and watch the craze grow. Hence, with their social media-inspired feeds, recognition platforms mimic the commotion and teamwork of a bustling office.

#3. Show Them Some Love

Employ a masseuse or even give staff a free day at home and a DIY spa or self-care package to treat them to a wonderful day of indulgence. It transforms a noteworthy day in the calendar into a fantastic opportunity for refueling and rest, which is just what certain employees could need the most. This concept indicates a consideration for workers’ overall well-being, work-life balance, and the value of avoiding burnout.

#4. Go on a Field Trip

Take the workforce on a trip without using a yellow school bus. If everyone is present, you can go anywhere—a park, a yoga retreat, a farm—and yet be considered to be out of the office. Do you recall how much you treasured going on field trips when you were younger? So, if you provide your staff with a similar experience, they’ll immediately understand how much you value them.

#5. Take a Journey

Your staff members have never encountered anything like this before, and it utterly disrupts their normal daily activities in the most enjoyable and thrilling way conceivable. Consider high-stakes pursuits like zip lines, escape rooms, or even indoor skydiving facilities. Providing employees with adventure and excitement will energize them. You’ll have the opportunity to make them feel completely alive in addition to letting them know how much you value them.

#6. Order or Have a Delicious Business Lunch Catered

Share your love of good food and your appreciation for it worldwide. Order many pizzas and a dessert of cupcakes, doughnuts, and ice cream to keep things casual, or keep things elegant with a catered lunch. Together over a meal, people might ponder, converse, and simply enjoy each other’s company. Similar to a Thanksgiving dinner with family, an office lunch fosters a strong sense of cohesion and thankfulness.

Employee Appreciation Message 

A positive workplace culture must include employee recognition. It is a crucial factor in determining the expansion and productivity of a business. So, do you not apply it because you lack the necessary verbal skills? Or are you unsure of what to put in their cards or how to write it?

Words of Appreciation from Managers or Employers

Don’t pass up the opportunity to thank your staff at any event, whether it’s a town hall meeting or a spirit week celebration:

  • Your commitment played a part in our success. We appreciate your inspiration.
  • We were able to reach new heights thanks to every idea you offered and every opportunity you took. I applaud your efforts!
  • Your commitment is essential to the expansion of our business. I appreciate your work.
  • You probably haven’t considered that anyone would notice that you are working late at the office. I guess I was left out. I appreciate your work. With heartfelt regards,
  • A productive worker motivates their employer. I appreciate how you’ve inspired me.
  • Work ethic among employees is what drives a positive workplace culture. We appreciate you putting extra miles on ours.
  • The person who arrives early and leaves late is not the ideal employee. It is someone who gives their entire attention to their work. Bravo for your commitment!
  • You stand out more at work because of your attention to detail. Continue your wonderful work.
  • You and your work have consistently lived up to expectations and made a significant contribution to the development of the organization. We appreciate you being here and are happy for you.
  • You probably didn’t consider whether anyone was observing you when you put in those additional hours. You were mistaken, and for everything you have done thus far, I sincerely thank you. With heartfelt regards,

Words of Appreciation from Co-workers or Peers

Use these words of thanks to show your coworker the appreciation and support they deserve, whether it’s during a team meeting or Valentine’s Day.

But first, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Peer-to-peer acknowledgment outperforms just management words of appreciation. Then please feel free to read through to learn about how employee recognition affects businesses.

  • We consider it an honor to have you as a member of the team. I’m grateful.
  • You motivate us every day with your excellent job. Kudos!
  • You mean a lot to me as my colleague, I simply wanted to say that. I am most inspired by your work.
  • I appreciate how valuable you are to our staff. Your willingness to produce top-notch work is incredibly admirable. I’m grateful.
  • Our team values you greatly. And I want to use this chance to express my kindness to you.
  • The phrase “Employee of the Month” is rather brief. You are our team’s shining star, inspiring us each and every day.
  • You do excellent work, and I’m happy to have you as a coworker. I’m sending you my best wishes. With heartfelt regards,
  • Without you, it’s difficult to imagine our team. I’m grateful.
  • I must admit that I am jealous of your abilities. But it’s a privilege for me to work with you.
  • We appreciate you supporting us through all of the ups and downs. We are delighted to have you on board.
  • Dear mate: You matter a lot to our team, and I simply wanted to make that apparent. I appreciate all of your extra work.

What Are the Best Appreciation Words?

The best appreciation words are as follows:

#1. The Common Appreciation Words

These common words might help your words of appreciation feel more powerful if you want to express your gratitude in more than three or four words.

  • Without you, I’m not sure what I’d do, and I hope I never have to find out!
  • I can only hope that one day I’ll be able to repay you for all that you’ve done for me.
  • Although it doesn’t seem like enough, “thank you” accurately captures my feelings. I’m incredibly appreciative of what you did.
  • Your consideration was not overlooked. It will always be with me.
  • Someone like you, who is always there for others, is a gift to the world.
  • I hope that you will continue to feel my gratitude and appreciation long after I say “thank you.”
  • You should be commended for the generosity you’ve shown me.

#2. Words of Appreciation for Gifts

Once you take the time to thank someone for a gift, especially if they weren’t around to watch you open it, they always appreciate it. These words of appreciation for gifts include:

  • From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
  • One of the kindest persons I know is you.
  • Do you have any restrictions on your generosity?
  • You provide gifts with such kindness and generosity.
  • I appreciate the lovely present, so much.
  • Your present is exactly what I wanted, so you must have read my mind.
  • You chose the ideal present for me.
  • I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • I am really grateful for your gift.
  • You would see a grateful expression on my face if you could see it right now.
  • I appreciate the presents you gave me for the baby.
  • You contributed to the joy of my birthday.
  • I appreciate your kindness and mine.
  • I appreciate your kindness; it brightened my day.

#3. Words of Appreciation for Help & Support

A message of gratitude is a wonderful method to express your appreciation to someone who has supported you or given you encouragement during a trying moment.

  • How can we possibly express our gratitude for everything you’ve done? Forever appreciative
  • When I most needed assistance, you were there to aid.
  • You are the one who deserves to be thanked.
  • I sincerely appreciate your help with this.
  • You have given me a lot of encouragement at this trying time. Without you, I would not have been able to survive.
  • We must express our gratitude for your help at this time.
  • I want to express my gratitude for all of your help and care.
  • You were extremely gracious to say that. How could I possibly repay you?
  • You helped me become a stronger person, and I will always be appreciative.
  • I appreciate you being there for me at all times.
  • It was really thoughtful of you to take the time to assist me. Thanks a lot.
  • I appreciate you taking the time to be kind to me and keeping me in mind.
  • The most lovely and amazing thing that has ever occurred to me is you. I’m very blessed!

How Do You Appreciate a Hardworking Employee?

  • Your work is consistently impressive to me.
  • We appreciate you utilizing your extraordinary abilities and expertise to support our joint endeavors.
  • I’m impressed with how you continue to perform well despite adding extra work.

What Are Some Good Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day?

Ideas for employee appreciation days that will make your team smile include:

  • Memorial Videos.
  • Employee collaboration platforms get a shout-out.
  • Personalized Notes or Postcards can be sent.
  • Send Them a Special Present.
  • Start a program for employee recognition and rewards.
  • Provide Them with a Relaxing Spa Day with Packages

How Do You Professionally Express Appreciation?

Career-related and professional thank you notes include:

  • Thank you so much for your time.
  • I value the knowledge and suggestions you have provided.
  • I truly thank you for your help.
  • Thank you so much for your help.
  • Thank you so much for your time.
  • I appreciate you allowing me to connect.
  • I appreciate your reaching out to me.


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